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Monday, January 22, 2024

Global US Military Operation #STORM reality in 2024

In the year 2023, it has become evident that the Covid PsyOp was meticulously planned and executed long before its implementation. From 2020 until the present day, influential Traitors and Demociders such as Fauci, Biden, the WHO, the WEF, Gavi, Bill Gates, Swiss Health Minister and President Alain Berset, Emmanuel Macron, Lula of Brasil, Von der Leyen, Lauterbach, Drosten, Trudeau, and numerous other individuals in positions of power within governments, supranational organizations, NGOs, military factions, and the medical field, have actively worked against the welfare of humanity. They have committed a Democide and High Treason of unprecedented proportions, surpassing even the most devastating events described in biblical texts.

The motive behind their actions becomes clear when we examine their unified support for the injection of a Bioweapon disguised as an experimental mRNA Gene-altering substance into over 5.7 billion individuals worldwide. This coordinated effort, known as Lockstep or Gleichschritt, draws disturbing parallels to Nazi terminology.

To further their agenda, these malevolent actors have colluded with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna, who have profited immensely from unconstitutional and discriminatory apartheid-like regimes. These regimes were established under the guise of Covid laws, which were based on a fraudulent and ineffective PCR test. The government and mass media, acting as accomplices, have manipulated public opinion by disseminating false narratives and discrediting esteemed institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, along with the top scientists who had warned against the dangers of these lethal and harmful shots.

In a shocking display of authoritarianism, the unvaccinated have been labeled as enemies of the “Collective,” a term reminiscent of the Nazi regime’s rhetoric. This demonization has coerced innocent families and their children into succumbing to unconstitutional restrictions and public shaming, ultimately leading them to flock to vaccination centers in large numbers.

The year 2023 has brought to light the sinister machinations of those in power, who have callously disregarded the well-being of their own people and violated the very constitutions they were entrusted to uphold. The consequences of their actions will forever be etched in history as a dark chapter of betrayal and deception. 

Humanity was compelled to receive an injection of a state-sponsored substance that was marketed as safe, tested, and effective against the Corona PsyOp Virus, which has never been isolated in any laboratory on Earth. My mother and I, along with countless others, were coerced into getting the jabs, which is when force is used to make someone do something they do not want to do. The same rogue executors who subjected us to this are now claiming, with the support of unreliable Federal and Civil Justice Judges, that they did not use force. However, coercion is a form of psychological force and is considered the use of force under the law. All of this was done under unconstitutional circumstances, including the Swiss Constitution, which sounded not too bad until the Covid Injection Democide occurred.

Art 8.

Every person is equal before the law. No person may be discriminated against, in particular on grounds of origin, race, gender, age, language, social position, way of life, religious, ideological, or political convictions, or because of a physical, mental or psychological disability.

The Swiss Government’s violation of Article 8 has resulted in the establishment of a QR Code separated society. This has been followed by the implementation of illegal lockdowns and mask mandates, even affecting children. These actions have personally affected me and my beloved mother, Heidi, who is a descendant of Rudolf Minger, a renowned farmer and former President of the Swiss Federal Council. Minger dedicated himself to the well-being of his people, particularly during the horrific times of World War II, a devastating conflict that caused immense loss of life and injuries to millions of individuals.

Regrettably, we, along with 5.7 billion other individuals, have been deceived into receiving vaccinations. The majority of the Divine Human Species, including ourselves, fell victim to the lies and manipulation orchestrated by our respective governments. These governments, entrusted with upholding and defending our Constitution, as well as safeguarding our interests as We The People, have failed us. It is now scientifically evident that Pfizer and Moderna were fully aware of the involvement of rogue US Military elements in engineering this Bioweapon, with the assistance of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues in Wuhan, during the Bioweapons embargo on the USA and Canada from 2012 to 2014.

These malevolent entities not only deceived and manipulated the then-President and Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump, during his first term, but also colluded with the World Health Organization (WHO), which enjoys Diplomatic Immunity in Geneva, Switzerland. Their objective was to orchestrate the first-ever Democide in the history of mankind, targeting the divine Human species. Shockingly, they even exploited Pope Francis, using the name of Jesus Christ and God Almighty to promote the injections into humans, all in the name of faith. The extent of these events is beyond imagination, yet they have all occurred and are well-documented.

And they all had a much more sinister plan for us Humans. It involved a prolonged and unrelenting lockdown that would span over two consecutive years. This diabolical scheme was set in motion with the alleged outbreak of the Wuhan surprise, a novel and highly contagious virus known as CoronaVirus. Dr. Fauci and his cohorts, including Tedros, Gates, Schwab, and others, deceived President Trump into signing emergency documents, which were carefully crafted to support their web of lies.

However, their carefully constructed house of cards began to crumble when President Putin unveiled the non-harmful Sputnik V vaccine, claiming it to be the first effective solution against this orchestrated PsyOp orchestrated by Fauci and his associates. To everyone’s astonishment, President Trump unexpectedly disrupted the Deep State’s plans by announcing the availability of a viable vaccine. This unexpected move was the first card he played, causing the Cabal’s house of cards to slowly collapse, thwarting their intentions to confine us for an extended period.

Their objective was not only to decimate the global middle class and commerce through these draconian measures but also to manipulate the human psyche into accepting any injected substance as a means to regain freedom of movement. Can you imagine spending two years confined indoors? Most of us would have become mere automatons, desperately in need of financial assistance. This is where the Federal Reserve (FED), the European Central Bank (ECB), and other insolvent central banks would step in, offering a universal state salary of USD 3,000 to every individual worldwide. However, this financial aid would come at a price – the acceptance of a world health pass combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) wallet, which would grant mobility.

Under this dystopian regime, private property and personal vehicles would become obsolete, replaced by the concept of 15 Minute Cities, where everything one needed would be within a short distance. The control mechanisms were meticulously designed, with the CBDC having an expiration date, ensuring compliance and dependence on the system.

This was a feature emphasizing the importance of collective care and economic recovery following a prolonged two-year lockdown enforced by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO, unopposed by any of the 194 rogue government entities, some of which were influenced by neo-fascist and communist ideologies propagated by Klaus Schwab and the Globalist WEF club, sought to establish a Pandemic Treaty. This treaty aimed to grant the WHO unrestricted authority over our respective Constitutions, including all legislative, executive, and military branches, enabling them to utilize force in administering vaccinations to 70% of the population and detaining unwilling or allegedly infected individuals in re-education camps fortified with barbed wire.

However, the patriot protector, not only of the US Constitution but also of global interests, recognized the need to take action in the spirit of the 1776 Constitution and humanity. A decision was made to dismantle the global deep state through a strategic alliance known as the War Generals Alliance, consisting of 33 nations’ militaries operating under the leadership of the US Space Force, commanded by CIC and Wartime President Donald J. Trump. This operation was initiated following a well-coordinated Helsinki Summit in the summer of 2018, where President Trump and President Putin of the Russian Federation jointly agreed to proceed. The memorable Helsinki Summit Press Conference witnessed President Putin presenting a football as a gift to President Trump, exchanging meaningful glances and smiles, symbolizing their shared understanding. In a paraphrased statement, President Putin handed the ball to President Trump, stating, “Dear Mr. President, I present this football to you,” as he passed it over. President Trump accepted the ball, signifying his acceptance of the challenge, while Putin concluded by saying, “…and now the ball is in your court.”

This marks the undeniable commencement of the Deep State’s decline, with President Trump assuming the role of the unwavering WarTime President and Commander in Chief of the United States Military since 2020. The US Space Force, as the central command and control of the largest global military operation in history, surpasses any previous military endeavor. More than 200 esteemed war time Generals from over 33 nations tirelessly dedicate themselves to active duty under the operation commonly referred to as Operation Storm. President Trump’s resolute declaration, “The Storm is now upon us,” remains etched in our collective memory.

As a victim of three Pfizer Bioweapon mRNA shots, which unleashed an overwhelming number of toxic Nano Lipids into my body, resulting in the destruction of billions of Mitochondria, I took decisive action. Seeking justice, I approached the Swiss Police and filed Criminal Charges against a Health Minister whom I believed to be acting outside the bounds of the law. Granting Swiss Justice the benefit of doubt, I also filed criminal charges against the two doctors responsible for administering the shots without obtaining the legally required informed consent, which necessitated my signed approval prior to the injection. Regrettably, the responses from the courts in all three cases echoed a similar miscarriage of justice, asserting that force was not employed and that I should have educated myself about the potential dangers. Consequently, they deemed the injections non-poisonous, thereby negating the need for informed consent procedures.

This firsthand experience unequivocally confirms that our current Government, the majority of medical professionals, the prosecution, the courts, and their judges have converged into a single entity, one that is unreliable. They have forsaken their duty to safeguard and uphold the Swiss Constitution, as well as to serve and protect the very citizens who finance their livelihoods, nourish their families, and provide education for their children.

They all demonstrated a lack of reliability in relation to the constitution and us, the Humans. However, they diligently fulfilled their respective duties in an attempt to safeguard the unreliable elements within our government. This was particularly evident in my cases, as ruling in accordance with the written laws would have undoubtedly sparked a massive outcry from approximately 5 million Swiss individuals who had been injected into the country, demanding immediate retribution. Such a scenario had the potential to destabilize the rogue government elements, leading to a mass exodus of officials resigning from their positions. Naturally, this outcome could not be permitted, prompting them to resort to attempts to make me disappear.

Unfortunately for them, this proved to be a grave error, as they all fell into the trap of my deception, our deception. I now rightfully align myself with my fellow Human Guardian, President Trump, and assert that our justice system and judges are entirely unreliable.

In instances where the Federal Civil Courts and their judges prove to be unreliable in upholding the constitution due to a series of failures, alternative measures must be taken to rectify such catastrophic circumstances in the best interest of the Humans, the Sovereign, and the countless victims who have suffered injury or loss of life.

What makes this situation even more remarkable is that on the opposing side, they are fully aware that I am aware of their awareness, thus confirming that the era of contradictory court proceedings and civil arguments has come to an end. There is no longer a phase of warning in this process. No, the time for dialogue has concluded. The Light, in its entirety, is now taking charge. The exact moment of this Shock remains a tightly protected Military Secret, as I am not involved in this unstoppable military operation, and any individual who possesses such knowledge, including those key figures I am acquainted with, would never commit the act of high treason by divulging even the slightest detail to me.

All Humans reading this disclosure should be prepared for an unprecedented shock period. It is crucial to trust our military, as they are now the Guardians tasked with restoring law and order and protecting our respective Constitutions. The aftermath of this Democide will bring about a completely new way of life, for which words fail to adequately describe the magnitude. However, the film produced and released on October 19th, in collaboration with Dr. Astrid St├╝ckelberger, a loyal compatriot and friend from Switzerland, has become one of the fastest-growing Documentary shorts in terms of view count. Since its release, it has garnered over 500 million views, a testament to its impact.

The professional production team, separate from us, made the decision to dedicate this masterpiece, with a runtime of 4 minutes and 44 seconds, to be freely shared without any copyright or credits. This allows billions of people worldwide to join in and shed light on the souls lost to this tragedy.

Together, this united force of light serves as a precursor to the impending Military Justice, which will relentlessly pursue and bring to justice all those responsible for this unimaginable Democide. It is worth noting that within the US Space Force, established by President Trump on December 20th, 2019, all members are officially referred to as Guardians.

The viral masterpiece of Light, the short film titled “Cutting off the head of the Snake in Geneva,” is now rapidly circulating worldwide, disseminating a profound message that resonates with the essence of enlightenment. The enigmatic creators of this captivating visual narrative have ingeniously embedded a code, cleverly disguised as a “title” beneath my name, which subtly fades in and out as I speak candidly, devoid of any scripted content. Although many viewers may have overlooked this subtle detail, I now reveal its location, inviting you to embark on your own journey of discovery. These two words, accompanied by a single dot, serve as a gateway to meticulously researched and verifiable legal blueprints, currently in effect, that constitute an indomitable force of retribution. This collective retribution, borne out of the betrayal inflicted upon countless victims and humanity as a whole by traitors and demociders across various jurisdictions, now stands resolute and unstoppable.

To all those responsible for perpetrating this democide, manipulating the truth, wielding influence through media, practicing deceit within the medical profession, and embodying rogue elements, I have coined a proverb that shall endure beyond my time: “We are the Guardians of Humanity, and our Light obliterates the darkness of evil.” Rest assured, each and every one of you perpetrators shall face judgment, and the necessary corrections of your unreliable Justice systems shall be made in the name of Humanity.

Dear fellow divine beings, prepare yourselves and align with the Guardians who tirelessly safeguard your well-being, that of your loved ones, and the sanctity of your respective constitutions, regardless of your geographical location. Fear not the machinations of rogue governments or any other adversarial forces, for the era of light and love has dawned upon us. Their demise is imminent, and the year that shall witness their downfall is 2024. All fake democracies, traitor politicians, fake political parties and systems will be replaced by US Military Rule and Justice.

All perpetrators and traitors are trapped now and as President Trump said: “I caught them All.”

Well, I can confirm his astute statement as 100 % Truth. 

The Current Wartime President Trump is our Retribution for High Treason and Democide by corrupt rogue government element, WHO – This is the total Obliteration of the globalist Deep State.

#SemperSupra PN -2-1-2024

And you need to watch this to understand and maybe integrate parts of my statements of this interview:

DISCLOSURE We caught them all with our Stratagems, also all rogue Swiss Government elements!

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