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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Cyclic Cataclysms and Pole Shift

Inside the Heads of the Apocalyptic Choreographers

The Phoenix Hypothesis is a treatise derived from my former Cassandra Hypothesis, got cleaned up, translated, expanded, relabeled, and released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. After it received encouraging remarks, I decided to publish an English version on this website. This first part is the core thesis regarding the greater picture of world affairs and the background of current events. The Nexus Magazine introduced my article with the following words:

“What if what is happening on the world stage is neither coincidence nor madness—but everything is going according to plan? An expert on the truth movement weaves alternative theories and whistleblower statements together to form an overall picture.” (NEXUS Chief Editor, Daniel Wagner)

Presenting the “Phoenix Hypothesis”

As a critical mind, one is used to the fact that one’s perception of significant world events is often diametrically opposed to the general view—you, as readers of this magazine, should not be unfamiliar with this phenomenon. But in the meantime, contradictions are multiplying even within the groups that have taken up the cause of searching for the truth, and one finds a wide diversity of interpretations as far as the larger context is concerned.

Many analysts see the WEF’s Great Reset as the primary agenda behind the transformative crises. Some focus almost exclusively on the geopolitical conflict between East and West, while others still give their full attention to the pandemic implementation and already sense a second part. Then there are the followers of the Q-movement, who usually sense a last (fourteen days enduring) gasp of the Deep State behind every anomaly. But none of the popular critical movements that have emerged in recent years can satisfactorily answer what is going on in the background and where the journey would lead—in my opinion, each excludes essential aspects of what is happening.

While none of the respective views is entirely baseless, they all have flaws, postulate other intentions, and blame different power structures behind the bigger agenda. Given what I have experienced during my research and personal encounters over a good 20 years within the alternative truth scene, I can’t help but state that the diversification of the counter-movement is intentionally designed from “above.” Or, to put it with Lenin:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself.”
Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin

What is missing is a perspective that puts all the conspicuities on the collective stage into a coherent overall picture. Is there a common denominator behind the crises that seem to grow in pandemics, economic warfare, supply shortages, geopolitical confrontations, climate change, and social dislocation? I suspect so.

My Phoenix Hypothesis presented here is intended to provide a framework for discussion for all those truth-seekers who sense that there is a larger interrelated agenda behind the current transformations. In doing so, I will return to some fundamental theses discussed in the NEXUS Magazine decades ago, before it became popular to question the establishment and call oneself a “truther.”

I usually present my arguments and puzzle pieces before putting them together into a complete picture. But this approach reaches its limits when dealing with such a complex topic. Therefore, I will describe the bigger picture as I think it is the most likely conclusion and present my arguments with a detailed collection of sources in the second part. To do this, I will choose a format that answers the most critical questions regarding the key points of the hypothesis and provides helpful research hints.

A Note regarding the System

I use the umbrella term “System” for the (possibly interdimensional) intelligence that controls the worldly structures. Within the popular definitions, “the System” is a well-documented construct of political, religious, and industrial power centers interconnected via think tanks and elitist groups such as WEF, Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. In addition, there are diffuse interconnections between occult secret societies and elite bloodlines. This is where usually the term Illuminati appears.

The Bigger Picture behind World Affairs

We can only make guesses as to the exact period, but at some point, the System became aware that our planet goes through cyclic cataclysms. This statement is independent of whether one believes in a sphere, an artificial matrix (Sanskrit: Maya), a disk, or a mixed concept. I only mention the facts because, already at this question, the skeptical minds divide.

Cyclic Cataclysms and Pole Shift

Most analysts of these cataclysmic cycles believe in a recurring pole shift accompanied by widespread Earth changes such as global quakes, volcanic eruptions, and massive floods before an abrupt redistribution of climate zones occurs. This global geophysical reset is further associated with solar flares, a concept Dr. Paul LaViolette calls the “Galactic Super Wave.” Furthermore, there is a claim that the synchronicity of events correlates with the flyby of a planet—known as Planet X or Nibiru. This event has been the topic of numerous predictions, leaked by government whistleblowers, and is well-known in our ancient history, among other names, as the Phoenix Phenomena. Hence, the title of this hypothesis.

“It leads to unforeseeable consequences when the public is informed about a fact that results in the complete destruction of civilization as we know it.”

Based on my research, I assume that the academic elites in the 1980s received conclusive evidence that we would be facing another cyclic reset shortly—within the next 40 to 70 years at that time. Fundamentally, we must assume that knowledge of these cycles was omnipresent in secret societies. On the other hand, the purely academic knowledge that emerged in the 1980s was based on known anomalies from the Earth’s history combined with records of ancient civilizations and the most recent astronomical observations.

With the increasing density of evidence concerning a cataclysmic cycle, the System decided to keep the core of its latest findings “top secret,” just as argued in the movie “2012” by Roland Emmerich. In addition to many Hollywood fireworks, the viewer in “2012” is casually advised that it leads to unforeseeable consequences when the public is informed about a fact that destroys civilization as we know it.

The System’s premise is to keep the gears turning until the coming geophysical reset and not to unnecessarily disturb the sheeple—unless it serves the larger plan. The long-term goal is to prepare civilization, from a materialistic standpoint and based on military principles, for the scenario of a pole shift in the context of an Earth crustal displacement. The System must perform a delicate balancing act for this to happen effectively. It is a balancing act between artificially generated fear to control and preoccupy the masses while avoiding panic concerning the actual event. Therefore, distraction, manipulation, and secrecy are crucial elements of the strategy to maintain control.

Panic needs to be avoided!

Global hysteria and panic would be highly counter-productive, as they would massively hinder controlled countermeasures. Nevertheless, given the expected damage and casualties, the System must proceed pragmatically and therefore care neither for individual suffering nor collective sensitivities. It only concentrates on the—soberly seen—optimal result to secure the “achievements” of our advanced civilization and the survival of the human species in general. Of course, regardless of any positive intentions, the System cannot avoid an internal scramble of the elites for the best starting position.

May it even be done out of good intentions: Once those in charge take the path of secrecy and conspiracy, they are forced to deceive and murder ruthlessly to achieve their goals and prevent the true agenda from becoming public.

“It is essential to understand that many stakeholders received limited information, were fed alternative rationales, or were deliberately misinformed.”

Given such a scenario, it becomes clear why the System has operated on certain principles and now appears uninhibited in pushing specific goals. Only a tiny elite caste was informed about the larger plan to ensure sufficient secrecy. All other circles involved are subject to the “need-to-know principle” and only comprehend specific details in a possibly fictitious overall picture.

Most individuals and groups that are and have been involved in the phased implementation of the agenda have their motivations for contributing—primarily, the target is to gain more power and wealth. It is essential to understand that many stakeholders received limited information, were fed alternative rationales, or were deliberately misinformed. This is the only way to abstract why so many theories are circulating about current events.

Fundraising for the Grand Plan

Looking at the scenario soberly from the perspective of the System’s leaders, it becomes clear that a global challenge of this category makes it necessary to collaborate even with the most corrupt individuals. In such a scenario, psychopaths must even be considered valuable assets because they know no moral barriers to implementing tough but deemed necessary steps. The same principle applies to fundraising.

The System had to drive the capitalist paradigm into the red on purpose to get as much money and resources as possible into black projects. In addition, military budgets and drug markets were siphoned off. Just recall the $2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld could not locate shortly before 9/11 or the abstract fortune in drug money cultivated in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11—a country invaded on false premises. This allowed the accumulation of enormous values that do not appear on official accounts. All means were used. In central banks, wealth was created out of thin air, resulting in gigantic financial bubbles. Mountains of debt were acceptable in this process.

“This accumulated power is used to advance secret construction planning and control public perception. In doing so, the System acts like a terminal cancer patient.”

Through various methods, the System accumulated unimaginable values in black accounts. These hidden budgets were primarily used to construct globally distributed bunker systems called DUMBs—Deep Underground Military Bases. Ghost cities in China and projects such as the seed vault on Svalbard can also be counted in the context of taxidermy. However, these installations are probably only the tip of the iceberg that is visible to the public. More exciting for me are projects whose true dimensions beneath the surface are only myths, such as the Denver Airport, the military bases in Dulce, or Pine Gap.

In this context, it is also fair to mention that well-known billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Robert Bigelow are increasingly investing in underground projects or space travel. What do they know?

As I said, against the backdrop of an abrupt disruption of our current civilization, everything is permissible to create and selectively redeploy value, utterly irrespective of the long-term consequences for the financial and economical System. Primarily, it is about using this accumulated power to advance secret construction planning and control public perception. In doing so, the System acts like a terminal cancer patient, lending the maximum amount possible in the firm conviction that it can stall the money donors (the people) until its last breath. At least that would be a plausible explanation for the exponentially growing mountains of systemic debt that no one can pay back.

DUMBs and Information Control

Apart from structural projects, it takes a lot of money to manipulate global media institutions and either bribe decision-makers or keep them under control via sex traps à la Epstein Island. The cooperation of politics and the media is essential to conceal the necessary measures from the eyes of the global public or to embed them in a limited narrative. The System needs a credible pretext for each preparatory step that distracts the public from the fact that the “Great Reset” is of cosmic nature.

“Building state-of-the-art bunker systems in secret is not the most challenging aspect of the preparation phase. A more significant endeavor is to find suitable people who can manage a rebuild after the reset.”

From a materialistic point of view, building large bunker systems is the most logical approach to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Other advanced civilizations before us relied on this tactic, for example, in Derinkuyu, Lalibela, Petra, or Rakhigarhi. If we believe the reports of whistleblowers like Phil Schneider, the construction of DUMBs has been progressing briskly for decades.

Still, building state-of-the-art bunker systems in secret is not the most challenging aspect of the preparation phase. A more significant endeavor is to find suitable people who can manage a rebuild after the reset. In addition, the System must quietly equip the facilities with specific resources that humanity needs for a controlled restart.

Inevitable Problems: Personnel & Equipment

The System has been using artificial intelligence for some time to find suitable candidates for reconstruction by filtering large amounts of data from the Internet. Through the statements of Edward Snowden, we know that the combined forces of the NSA, Google, and others have created a holistic profile of all people. This also includes a dedicated analysis of individual abilities and psychological dispositions.

We can only guess what qualities and characteristics the System is looking for. Still, it is safe to assume that detailed lists of candidates already exist, as depicted in the film “Greenland.” When the situation becomes critical, confidential invitations are issued to be evacuated. In this aspect, the blockbuster “Greenland” could provide real insight, too.

Crises as a Cover-Up Tactic

The unavoidable task of moving physical resources such as construction materials, semiconductors, and microchips underground in large quantities is not a trivial challenge. This is due to the fact that you can’t slowly but steadily fill up the bunker facilities over time because, at this critical time-point X, you want to have the latest technological generation if possible. However, a short-term transfer of goods on this scale is hardly concealable.

Did you notice which things became extremely scarce shortly after the pandemic began? Exactly: building materials, semiconductors, microchips, etc. Officially, the “V” is blamed for this, but according to the Phoenix Hypothesis, the pandemic is just a clever diversion. This does not mean, however, that the 2020 crisis was exclusively about covering up the clandestine outflow of specific resources into the DUMBs.

“In the context of a pandemic state of emergency, elites can simulate and test scenarios for future societal structures according to their transhumanistic agenda.”

Instead, the “P(l)andemic” should be viewed as a Swiss Army knife to disguise a variety of clandestine machinations in preparation for the reset. This includes the expansion of surveillance and emergency laws that allow the System more leeway in its further actions. Moreover, in the context of a pandemic state of emergency, elites can simulate and test scenarios for future societal structures according to their transhumanistic agenda.

In the meantime, we see that certain basic foodstuffs are also becoming scarce. In addition to the pandemic, other crises have emerged with which such deficiencies are justified. The Ukrainian conflict currently has the most significant impact, but the tensions with China over Taiwan also have economic consequences. We can take this as an indication that the preparatory phase is continuing.

A final Crisis of Deception

Now that the System has the goods withdrawn from the international market and a list of possible experts to enable a controlled reconstruction, the final act on the stage is missing. To distribute all the physical and human resources underground without a critical mass noticing that certain “bellwethers” are suddenly disappearing from the herd, one must once again resort to deception and distraction—this time on an epic scale. Here comes the scenario of impending World War into play.

Before I get to that, I want to make one more point: Within the framework of the Phoenix Hypothesis, I see no reason to idealize characters like Trump or Putin, as some within the truth movement do. According to my understanding, world politics is an even bigger stage play than is known anyway, and at best, comparable to professional wrestling matches. The world leaders may berate each other and metaphorically hurl themselves around the ring in front of an angry and polarized audience. Still, the outcome of the exhibition is already set. It’s all part of the big script.

“The Phoenix Hypothesis, therefore, postulates that the actual conflict between NATO and the eastern powers China and Russia is bound to become critical. Those who are directly involved in the conflict – from generals to tank drivers – may believe in a geostrategic necessity.”

Indeed, some elites may only be concerned with power. In contrast, others may act according to the instructions of their “mentors,” consisting of secret societies or structures such as the WEF, CFR, or Bilderbergers—the middle management of the System. But basically, it is irrelevant because, in the end, they all play according to the instructions of the top of the occult power pyramid.

The Phoenix Hypothesis, therefore, postulates that the actual conflict between NATO and the eastern powers China and Russia is bound to become critical. Those directly involved in the war – from generals to tank drivers – may believe in a geostrategic necessity. Many may even pursue “altruistic” ideals as they fight for their nation or the freedom of their homeland … but in the end, they are all just pawns in a game of deception and distraction.

WW3 and the decimation of the herd

According to this hypothesis, this last big step, a third World War, will escalate shortly before Earth’s cosmically induced geophysical changes become visible to everybody. In doing so, the System does not intend to unleash an uncontrolled nuclear exchange but to initiate a consequential conventional slaughter, preferably on a global scale. The primary purpose is to distract from a final displacement of physical and human resources. Second, it serves to thin the herd.

The question of why the System wants to reduce the population before an event that will cause enormous damage can only be explained by the mindset described above: The “guiding intelligence” in the background looks at the situation like a sheep farmer preparing his flock for adverse environmental conditions.

“Too many survivors in a scenario of total collapse of the world economy (which partially will even be initiated before) and the global infrastructure could turn the designated designer society into a Mad Max knock-off in no time.”

Thinning a flock in advance of a “drought” – in this case, the collapse of essential infrastructure triggered by cataclysmic earth changes – gives you more resources per sheep. War also activates all established emergency mechanisms, which run at maximum efficiency as the geophysical escalation progresses. And more importantly, if the System wants to bring the chosen ones from the underground back to the surface to rebuild the farm, there must not be too many hungry and desperate survivors waiting for them. Opposition is exceptionally inconvenient if those left behind have already become remarkably resilient, ruthless, and capable of defending themselves through a natural selection process in the struggle for survival within the context of limited resources.

Too many survivors in a scenario of total collapse of the world economy (which partially will even be initiated before) and the global infrastructure could turn the designated designer society into a Mad Max knock-off in no time. This scenario is what the System wants to prevent, especially since, from a military point of view, a large part of our society is considered “prosperity–damaged” anyway and utterly useless for reconstruction under adverse conditions. I am convinced the System has conducted simulations on this matter and knows exactly where the critical mass of reduction should be.

Suppose you understand why population reduction is beneficial in a controlled reset and rebuild scenario based on inevitable external influences. In that case, you will probably also have a unified theory on the recent global gene experiment that the establishment pushed through with all vigor and against all medical caution. I don’t want to go too far here. Still, I refer to circumstantial evidence like ADE-effect or a hydrogel interface based on nano-graphene oxide, which may have been inoculated and could be “activated” precisely in time via frequencies. If you have done your homework on this subject, you should know that this is not as abstruse as it seems at first sight. Just look at the official statistics of the global excess mortality rate. Example: New Zealand) It looks like the culling has already begun.

Concluding thoughts

From the sources available, it is clear that a pole shift is not a protracted process but can take place in a few acute weeks or months. Therefore, the reconstruction will begin promptly. Furthermore, it has to be considered that the redistribution of the climate zones is basically like Russian roulette, so not every “seed” in the form of DUMBs will come up or “sprout.” In any case, humanity will open a new chapter—however, this does not necessarily have to correspond to the ideas of our current elites, but it may well usher in a more humane age. Still, it could be an entirely fabricated and instigated “Golden Age,” which is part of the long-term agenda of transhumanism.

When the cards are reshuffled, fate or certain deterministic higher principles might have a word in the outcome. What is a catastrophe for one person may be an opportunity for another. I will deal with the possible spiritual aspects in a separate article. In the hypothesis presented here, the physical elements and the considerations of a materialistically minded elite confronted with cataclysmic cycles should be in the foreground. Let us come to the second part: Which proofs and indications exist for this hypothesis?

Argumentation of the Phoenix Hypothesis

If you read this far and could maintain a form of “suspended judgment” or “provisional faith,” but you are still missing conclusive evidence, I will not fail you. Therefore, I have split my original printed article into separate parts. I aim to prove my argumental framework and provide crucial data points. I am aware that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Accordingly, I will do my best to answer the fundamental questions and instruct you on how to gain your own set of references.

Since the “usual” search engines are cleansed of helpful information—with good reason, of course—I will try to guide your research, but you must make up your own mind. So, please challenge this thesis I presented but be aware that the System does not want the majority to know about the bigger picture. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t want that either. Still, I believe that he who wants to know should be given a straight answer. So here are the questions you might have:

Supporting Articles:

These five supporting articles are all different parts of the same printed article published in Nexus Magazine. Each treatise deals with another subject. All of them are argumental cornerstones of my Phoenix Hypothesis. You must go through these questions from top to bottom to follow the original flow organized in the original Nexus article.

How realistic is a scenario of a pole shift? >

Could Nibiru trigger a pole shift? >

Do whistleblowers have anything to contribute to the hypothesis? >

What can precognition tell us? >

What is my spiritual interpretation based on this hypothesis?

By Christian Köhlert

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