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Thursday, January 18, 2024

The US, Russian, Chinese and other space forces need to identify and destroy all earthquake weapons

January 15, 2024 

Chabad human sacrifice exposed as Europe revolts and Texas declares civil war

(Second Part of the Above Article) 

The Jews are in fact now trying to negotiate a surrender on behalf of the KM. The head of the Committee of 300 sent the following message to the Iranian leadership vis a vis the existential threat now facing Israel:

Whilst we recognize the legitimate concerns of Tehran and The Muslim People as a whole in the face of excessive aggression which is an expression of the existential struggles of The Jewish People troubled by internal struggles planted in Arab Lands we would respectfully ask that shipping routes would be protected and that thereafter meaningful (in person) discussions would resume amongst the three great faiths with a view to a lasting peaceful co-existing of us all. Salam E III R I

From an Asian perspective, all of the monotheistic religions - even those with a “good shepherd” leading the flock - are still human animal farms. As the saying goes, the sheep spends his life in fear of the wolf but it is the shepherd who kills him.

In any case, the long-term monotheistic plan to put all of humanity under the control of a single god king must end. The Asians are proposing a small village council for the world as a more benign alternative. This needs to be negotiated.

OK, now let us look more closely at the very intense activity in the world, especially the Western world, in the past week. The biggest sign is the mass public awakening about the KM and their WEF as this Fox News comment reflects:

The WEF is a fanatical political organization that uses fear and manipulation, like COVID hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they’re the saviors, but all you’re doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them. They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruling over us… That’s what they’re aiming for.

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The KM is still desperately trying to stay in power by murdering most of us and intimidating the survivors into submission.

They telegraph these intentions. We now have a third movie coming out this year about either a civil war, a nuclear holocaust, and/or a nationwide blackout. ISS is a movie about astronauts who witness a nuclear holocaust happening between Russia and America.

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The KM propaganda outlet Google, for its part, is preparing for a “Sensitive Event.” A “Sensitive Event” is an “unforeseen event or development that creates a significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality, relevant information and ground truth.” In other words, expect more Covid 19 type censorship from Google following some new engineered disaster.

Also, the KM at Davos are talking about “disease X” that would result in “20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.” This is followed by reports about a new lab-created disease out of China (Disease X) has a 100% fatality rate in humanized mice by infecting the nervous system.

This is linked to a WHO attempt to permanently enslave us with gene-altering vaccines, digital vaccine passports and digital slavery.

There is another X they are also pushing. NASA (Not A Space Agency) is predicting a massive solar eclipse on April 8th (the first day of the new year in the Jewish calendar) that will form an X over the New Madrid fault line that will likely create “a series of absolutely enormous earthquakes.” So they are basically threatening to hit the Christian US heartland with an earthquake weapon. The KM are also threatening once again to blow up Mt. Fuji in Japan.

This by the way is what is happening in Hawaii months after it was hit with weather weapons.

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The US, Russian, Chinese and other space forces need to identify and destroy all earthquake weapons to prevent any more mass murders using this technology.

By the way, it is interesting to note Elon Musk renamed Twitter as X. This lends credence to claims that X is being used as a limited hangout of truth aimed at identifying aware people for future elimination as in “X marks the spot.” We admit Musk has recently been doing good by helping spread the truth to large amounts of people but, he definitely needs to be watched carefully. Musk is called the “richest man in the world” because he owns a tiny automobile company selling fatally flawed technology.

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The reality is he is one of the top money launderers for KM funny money. The KM uses selected oligarchs to launder fiat money via the stock market. That is why more than half of U.S. households’ stock market wealth is held by the top 1%.

In any case, the KM thugs are also still desperately trying to kill most of us by starting World War III. The ongoing genocide in Gaza is the most obvious and has been covered exhaustively elsewhere so we will only touch on a couple of points. The first is that instead of starting WWIII, the Israelis are now being charged with genocide at the International Court of Justice. Russia has joined South Africa and many other countries in charging Israel with genocide.

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The other is that only 9% of Israelis think they are winning their “war” in Gaza.

Our sources say Benyamin Netanyahu and his KM backers have run out of money and were hoping to start WWIII to avoid bankruptcy. In a sign of this, Netanyahu tried to beg the United Arab Emirates for money last week and was told to “ask Zelensky.” “The notion that Arab countries will come in to rebuild and pay the bill for what’s currently happening is wishful thinking,” an Emirati official told Axios.

A death warrant has been issued on Netanyahu so he is basically a dead man walking, intelligence agency sources say. Mossad sources say he has less than a month to live.

There was also an attempt by fake US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and top Marine General Eric Smith to stage some sort of massive false flag operation to blame on Iran and start WWIII. They were stopped, MI6 says. The cover story being put out is Austin is in the hospital for prostate cancer while Smith is having “heart surgery.”

These increasingly desperate attempts to kill enough people to stay in power reflect a loss of power.

For example, the United Nations has been forced to shutter its European HQ in Geneva due to electricity costs. The UN is being shut down all over the world because it has been proven to be corrupt, dysfunctional and not democratic. More than 50 nations have stopped making payments to it. The others are calling for drastic reform.

The KM are also losing power in Europe. Germany has been completely shut down by the biggest protests in German history.

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Farmers, truckers and train drivers have paralyzed commerce. The protests started because of various attempts to drive farmers out of business but now have escalated to demands for the removal of the German slave government.

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Similar scenes have played out in Holland, France, Poland etc.

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With the help of the Alliance, the people are rising up against the globalists and their destructive policies.

This is one of the things that triggered it. Unelected globalist technocrat, Bill Gates, at COP 28: “The issue of food systems and how with climate change, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a tragedy for them. We’ll talk about using innovation to absolutely solve that problem.”

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Globalist doublespeak translation: Due to our deliberate war on farmers, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a blessing for us, because it allows us to replace traditional agriculture with insect farms and fake meat laboratories, and assume total control of the global food supply, under the pretext of tackling “climate change”.

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There is also a growing revolt against their social engineering. The huge influx of unaccompanied military-age men into Europe and the US is fueling the general revolt against the KM.

In Germany, rapes and other crimes by these foreigners is putting patriotic German parties on the cusp of power. MP Rene Springer of the popular AfD says: “We will return foreigners to their homeland. By the millions. This is not a secret plan. This is a promise. For more security. For more justice. To preserve our identity. For Germany.”

In New York, hordes of migrants have been going door to door begging for money, causing the mayor to consider curfews.

In Chicago, shelters have been filled to capacity and now migrants are being put in buses at night to avoid being frozen to death and spend their days rummaging through garbage cans for food.

Stopping this flow of migrants is one of the reasons the government of Texas has kicked out Federal forces from the border with Mexico. This is a de facto declaration of war against the KM in Washington DC.

Texas has also declared war against the FRB and their funny money by deciding to “administer access to gold and silver through the Texas Bullion Depository for use as legal tender.” Other states like Florida and Oklahoma are taking similar measures.

There is also a battle being waged against the sexual perversion being encouraged by KM puppet governments. The new government of KM agent Donald Tusk in Poland shows this at work. Polish sources report a massive campaign to groom children to become sex objects. The Ministry of Education teaches young people, among other things, how to prepare for anal sex, which “can be safe, pleasant and does not have to involve pain.” There are texts containing tips on how to hide, absorb, promote and support LGBT content from your family, as well as how to choose erotic gadgets and take care of their hygiene. Children are encouraged to have casual sex. In one case a speaker talks to children about his first masturbation at the age of 6. A moment later, we hear, among other things, that “young boys masturbate together.” The new director of the children’s hospital in Lublin for his part announced plans for “genital transplants.”

The Polish sources warn gender indoctrination inevitably leads to a growing wave of gender identity disorders, which in many children ends in irreversible mutilation of their own bodies. “We have been dealing with a real epidemic of gender identity disorders in the West for years. In Sweden, the number of such cases among children increased by 19,700% in eight years, in Australia by 12,650% and in Italy by 7,200%,” the sources say.

They note that while Christian priests are actively being charged with crimes of pedophilia, charges are impossible to lay against anyone who is not a priest.

This is not limited to Poland. Archbishop Carlo Vigano says the fake Pope Francis has shown “such a level of perversion and alienation to the Faith” that the Swiss guards must do their job and expel him and his handlers from the Vatican. The Catholic hierarchy in Latin America and Africa agrees with him, having been triggered into revolt by his blessings for homosexual couples.

They argue the creator has made it so only men and women can produce children. This is the purpose of marriage.

It is not just about sex. The former Prime Minister of Poland says: “For the first time since the dark days of totalitarian rule, we have political prisoners in Poland.”

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There are already political prisoners in most other Western countries, notably the victims of the J6 entrapment operation in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, genocide continues in the Ukraine. After losing over 500,000 men in combat, KM mass murderer Vladimir Zelensky wants to draft WOMEN and DISABLED people. These people will be sent to designated areas to be killed with artillery unless Zelensky and his Chabad handlers are DEALT WITH.

We promise that Zelensky and his henchman will face justice for the murder of the Journalist Gonzalo Lira.

We are also seeing a sign the KM is trying to get protection from Russia. The KM BlackRock and Vanguard-owned PepsiCo banned Ukrainian advertising agencies from mentioning hostilities, the Ukrainian armed forces and support for Kiev in advertisements of its products. This was followed by a huge jump in the value of the Russian Rouble against the US dollar. It looks like they sent frozen Russian assets back to Russia to pay for protection.

This protection is likely to be only temporary; our Russian FSB sources promise Chabad will be destroyed there too.

We are also seeing the first signs of war crimes tribunals. Testifying behind closed doors on Capitol Hill on Monday, war criminal Anthony Fauci said over 100 times that he “did not recall” important information and conversations relevant to the origins of COVID-19 and the U.S. pandemic response he presided over.

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