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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Planetary Transition Biggest Event Ever

Crossroad in our Civilisation

Planet Earth and its humanity are now experiencing a unique moment of change called Planetary Transition. Everything will be very intense! Profound changes are taking place in all known and unknown sectors, as Old Earth dissolves to make way for replacement by our New Planetary Home.

Everything that has been taught, known, believed and practised will gradually cease to exist in a few years. Much has already changed, but because these changes are dosed and timed, most people don’t notice.

Compare it to your hair or fingernails: they grow constantly, but you don’t notice it until they are too long. This is how the change from the Old Earth to the New Earth happens.

The world has arrived at a crossroad in our civilisation. The globalists with the aim of enriching themselves, through the political establishment, have wreaked huge havoc in our society, industry, culture, etc.. They are now panicking as all over the world their corruption is being recognised and confirmed.

Nobody Seems To Notice, Nobody Seems To Care

This is our last chance to save our interests and civilisation. It is now or never, by now the whole world knows that the world powers with their New World Order are bent on destroying humanity among others through Covid poison injections recommended by the corporate media, which is not in the least interested in journalism, but exclusively carries out the promotion of political agendas; with the goal; the destruction of civilisation and humanity.

They will undertake whatever it takes, to further their widespread criminality at our expense. They will stop at nothing, in their intention to destroy every living being on earth.

Repairing the damage done to all peoples on our planet in particular may take a long time. But everything will eventually be corrected, at least if humanity wakes up en masse and takes back its control, with the introduction of the new QFS money system and land law.

No state of pain and suffering will exist on the New Earth, nor will any form of scarcity. There will be abundance without limits; those who currently unbalance finances will no longer exist.

At last, dawns the time of Abundance and Prosperity! All dominant powers are dissolved, competition ceases to exist and gives way to cooperation.

The QFS is a transitory financial system, used during a transitional period between now and the coming decades. 
In the somewhat further future, there will no longer be a need for any kind of currency.

With the emerging activation of the QFS, the Galactics Alliance is completely destroying the cabal’s Central Banking System. It was designed to destroy the global economy and keep the world’s population in debt bondage.

The little known reality is, that QFS has been running for over a year, in parallel with the Central Banking System and has withstood many attempts at hacking by the Cabal. As a result; many bankers were caught red-handed with illegal money transfers and consistently arrested.

It is even less known that this new money transfer system was invented in preparation for the central banks’ takeover of the debt money system to end their financial debt enslavement and control over the population on Earth.

Our returning alien author Vital Frosi, posts below about our future even more.



When we realise that the universe moves in a spiral, as well as the galaxies, as well as all solar systems and their stars, it becomes easier to understand that everything is cyclical. Permanent motion sustains life everywhere in the infinite cosmos. It is no different here on planet Earth. Nor is it any different for humanity living here.

Souls still in Earth’s Psychosphere, be it in the Astral or the Crust, can now also experience the acceleration of this galactic spiral.

Our Solar System is consolidated in a position within the Orion arm, corresponding to an octave further inwards towards the Milky Way’s Central Sun.

Since the Aquarius Age began, in addition to being within the Photon Belt as always, not only in the Aquarius Age but also in the Leo Age, the spiral has now pulled our Solar System inwards into a range corresponding to an octave. This means we are now closer to the Light emanating from the Central Sun, and this will make all the difference from now on.

An octave means just over 12 per cent, but when it comes to light or energy, it is an awfully big difference. Moreover, the Light that was first classified as Photonic is now classified as Adamantine Light, also known as Crystalline Light.

The Light creates everything that exists on every planet. Is it also natural that from now on everything here changes.

When we say now, this means the present time, not necessarily today, this month or this year. It has been said here before that the Earth Transition is estimated to last three Centuries and started around 1750. So we are heading towards the end of the Planetary Transition which means everything is now accelerating.

Regardless of whether souls make their ascension or not, Earth is going to fulfil its transition project because it is part of the Divine Plan, which in turn encompasses the entire Galaxy and all Universes within the infinite Cosmos.

Consider the spiral movement that changes the positions and energy of everything and everyone, everywhere.

You are not separate from it all. Contrary to what you might imagine, you are part that of this whole, and the whole is the part you are. I once wrote here that you are a mini-universe. It is true, for every incarnated soul is a Divine Seed Atom.

You are a Spark of Light from this Creator Source. You just don’t remember it now, but soon you will.

The soul is in fact the consciousness that resides in every human body. So you are a consciousness incarnated in this body that you can see with your physical eyes.

A temporary carnal shell that allows you to experience this school of souls called the World of Trials and Atonements. This school is now also going to change to a higher level, in other words, to a World of Regeneration. Think of the spiral movement.

According to your frequency in this current incarnation, you as immortal consciousness will be lifted to a higher level, which is nothing more than what we call Ascension.

A large part of humanity is in this group that will go one round higher in the evolutionary spiral. However, many have not yet reached the lightness of consciousness that allows them to fly to a higher level.

If you are on the New Earth timeline, it is only natural that you will go through moments of great turbulence, as the exchange of energy in this spiral brings you various symptoms, especially the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We have also talked about ascension symptoms here before. Despite the discomfort they bring, it is a necessary and very interesting phase for the ascending soul.

But there is another issue that has not been mentioned here before. It is the change that every human who is ready for ascension feels in himself in the emotional body.

It is not uncertainty as in ordinary practical life, but an inner discomfort, as if it were a mixture of fear, dread, anxiety and uncertainty. And in this search for affirmations, everyone finds a range of information that largely contradicts itself.

These contradictions in information cause even more discomfort, which you may already be feeling. Who should you believe? What should you believe? Which side is really true? I realise these are the most horrible doubts many people feel. But it is also normal to experience all this because it is part of the final lessons of this Cycle that is about to end.

Our recommendation is to trust in the Divine Plan. He has provided for all possibilities and will always offer you the best, as long as you choose to do your part and your best.

Trust your own individual soul plan too, for this plan was set up by you before you incarnated in this present physical existence on earth. There, on the astral plane, your consciousness was expanded because you were then in the fourth dimension, and in evaluating your own evolutionary path, you chose the best options that come to elevate you now in your ascension.

Trust your intuition, for it is the voice of the soul. Only your soul truly knows what is best for you now. Allow yourself the New, but know how to step back when you feel you need to.

Seek information, but discard certain concepts if you realise they don’t fit your soul’s desires. Don’t doubt anything, but know how to wait for signs that will point you in the right direction for your soul’s needs.

Avoid comparisons because what suits someone else may not suit you and vice versa. Don’t impose anything on anyone and don’t let anyone persuade you.

You are an incarnated soul, that is, a unique consciousness within the infinite Universe. You came here to have this unique experience, just like all other souls who have come here through time.

No two experiences will be the same, because if they were, one of them would be discarded. So acknowledge your importance, without comparisons. Never feel inferior, let alone superior to others.

You are unique, for you are a star seed that will recreate all that the Source that created you can create. You are a Divine Spark, you just haven’t discovered it yet.

But the times of revelation are already at hand. Trust the Divine Plan! You have already come so far! In fact, you are already a winner!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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