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Saturday, July 15, 2023

They have nowhere left to hide on this planet

July 10, 2023

Octagon leaders told to buzz off after failed beg-threat mission to China

(Second Part of the Above Article)

When Bill Gates failed (in China), the next thing we saw was Bill Clinton Rockefeller and Alex Soros visiting the fake Pope Francis to seek protection. If you recall Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. visited Pope Maledict XVI after the Iraq war in a similar bid to get protection from war crimes prosecution. In that case, Blair was given witness protection after singing like a canary while Bush was executed.

This time, however, they were supplicating to a fake who replaced Pope Francis after he was murdered in 2020. In case you haven’t seen it, a link showing the current “Pope Francis” to be a rubber-masked phony can be seen here:

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We asked the P3 Freemasons to explain who was giving orders to the fake Pope. They told us it was Jeane-Babtiste de Franssu, the head of the Vatican Bank. If you follow his career before becoming head of the Vatican Bank the trail will lead to a company called “Invesco” and from there to Wilbur Ross [child] and from there to the Octagon group in Switzerland.

That hijacking of the Papacy by Octagon Satanists is why Archbishop Carlo Vigano is setting up a new entity to protect true Christians inside the Catholic Church who are being persecuted by the fake Pope.

In any case, by going to a fake pope Clinton Rockefeller and Alex Soros were in fact asking the Rothschilds for protection. The problem is the Rothschilds themselves are in no position to save them. That is why they in turn went to the Chinese and were rebuffed. This means they have nowhere left to hide on this planet.

Of course, a lot of us are impatient for war crimes tribunals to begin and want to know why they have not started already. The answer we got both from British MI6 and the Russian FSB was something known as power transition theory. They explained that it was better to wait for a wounded lion to die than to attack it when it can still hurt you. The current Western power structure is imploding and it is better to wait for the implosion before building a replacement can begin, they argue.

For sure, even the Federal Reserve Board is now admitting –in a huge understatement- that “back of the envelope calculations indicate” the recent rate hikes will have “large” effects on investment and employment. Anyone with a calculator can figure out going from 0% to 5% interest will destroy the financial system over time.

Nonetheless, waiting for the system to implode is not very satisfying because we are seeing so many efforts by the KM to buy time by promising all sorts of good things in 2025. At the same time we see them still pushing New Age nonsense about some sort of photon belt or ascension to the 5th dimension that will eliminate 90% of the population. Then, the survivors will get “med-beds,” and magic machines that will make anything etc. In other words “please wait until we can kill you.”

They are also in the midst of a last minute power grab. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on governments around the globe to eliminate physical cash and roll out digital “money.” An MI6 source promises that it will require a court order for any government to interfere in a digital currency transaction.

However, as we saw with truckers in Canada having their bank accounts frozen because they didn’t want mandatory vaccines, we do not trust them. Here you can watch a WEF flunky explain how the government could use digital currency to prevent people from buying things like ammunition, drugs or pornography. I don’t know about you but I am sure a lot of us do not want to be prevented by the government from buying ammunition, drugs and pornography.

Polish intelligence warns the EU is now taking the final steps towards a digital identity for every citizen that will be stored in an app on their smartphones. Soon it will be no vaccine, no groceries.

Some banks in NZ and Australia have begun to not hold ANY physical cash. These psychopaths want to get rid of cash so people are forced to go digital.

You can be sure they will try something similar in Canada soon. Take a look at the criminal Chrystia Freeland as she introduces grocery saving rebates the SAME WEEK as the 2nd Carbon Tax implementation.

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The other power grab is by the WHO, which is still pushing for the right to grab global totalitarian power for any “emergency” they decide. “The WHO is an unelected, diplomatically immune tax-exempt group…the richest men in the world control 84% of the money that goes to the WHO,” MP Andrew Brigden told the EU Parliament before urging governments around the world to resist this power grab.

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We’re getting what we deserve now. We were a flock of sheep, thinking we could ignore politics, not study law, live for our own pleasure, a Russian FSB source agrees.

Resistance is happening now though, as countries like Russia, the UK and the US have begun defunding the WHO.

The US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, for example, has recommended cutting funding for the WHO and terminating its involvement with the WEF.

With the failure of the WHO power grab, now the UN itself is asking for emergency powers that would allow it to lead a “common agenda” for all nations during any “complex global shocks” such as a new pandemic.

Of course, they themselves will be the source of these “shocks.” The following is a video of military-aged male “refugees” arriving, wearing very nice clothes and given thousands in free cash. They’re not your “tired, your poor, your huddled masses” as we are led to believe. Funded by your treasonous U.S. government, they are heading to your neighborhoods to murder, rape, pillage and replace you.

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This is why we strongly encourage anybody and everybody who has it in their power to make sure the KM are not given until 2025 but are removed NOW.

There are plenty of signs the resistance is close to victory. The Hunter Biden story is a case in point. Here you can see him zooted as hell on the White House balcony. This same guy has ownership of Biolabs in Ukraine that studied bat coronaviruses BEFORE the pandemic.

Video Player
Video Player

So it is interesting to hear cocaine was discovered in the White House around the same time Hunter was there. The fact the secret service could not cover this up and it appeared in the corporate media is a sign of the resistance at work.

For another sign, watch illegal Arizona “Governor” Katie Hobbs at being confronted at the gym about the stolen election that put her into power.

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Citizen journalists, do not let these people in public without being confronted by the truth.

Another truth the elite are being confronted with is mass murder, organ theft and pedophilia.

For example, at the link below you can see an organ theft operation, presumably by the KM in Ukraine. In it, you can see multiple bodies of people who have had their organs removed. As the person who sent it notes. “you can see from the partially coagulated blood that this is not a fake. Also, many jaws are open, feet are already turned blue. This is all real.” Warning this is extremely graphic.

GRAPHIC CONTENT - Center for THEFT of organs from dead

Also, it was brought to my attention that in the 1978 French pornographic movie Sex Roulette, there is a scene where a pregnant woman is tied up and her nearly mature fetus is cut out. It is presented as a dream but it looks like a realistic depiction of adrenochrome being harvested.

This is not a rare occurrence. Currently, in the US alone at least 85,000 children are believed to be missing….the US Government has become the middleman in a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.

In a sign of mass resistance Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom” movie about rescuing children from human traffickers took the top spot at the U.S. box office on July 4th when the film finally hit theaters across the nation. Did you know that Disney blocked the release of this movie for five years and attempted to block it permanently? Ask yourselves why.

The lead actor in the movie, Jim Caviezel is now blowing the whistle on many things. For example, he says the Scamdemic allowed the KM Cabal to collect people’s DNA, which they can use to make more bioweapons.

Video Player

These criminals ARE BEING HUNTED DOWN. 

In Hungary, an Antifa activist committed suicide after police raided his house and found 70,000 graphic pedophilia recordings, with many of them depicting the torture and rape of small children. The case, which is connected to the German Antifa scene, has spooked Hungary, with police discovering signs of a strange ritual close to where the man hung himself. The police are uncovering the network behind this.

In the US, meanwhile, Marie Laughton, born Barry Charles Laughton Jr. -the nation’s first elected transgender state official- was arrested on child pornography charges. Laughton is now testifying about the network that provided him with the material.

We also note that Johnny Depp was seen wearing a medical boot. Is this a GPS tracker?

Last week also saw the fall of a KM leader as Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned citing “irreconcilable” differences within his four-party coalition over migration policy.

His resignation came after Indonesia decided to ban mineral exports, effectively bankrupting Holland. Indonesia made this decision after the BRICS alliance promised to protect it from Dutch threats to use earthquake weapons unless it handed over its mineral wealth. Of course Octagon group entities like the IMF and WTO protested.

In France meanwhile, riots and mayhem stopped after fake President Emmanuelle Macron suddenly agreed that France did not want to leave NATO after all. He also called for new “international taxation” on top of current taxes to fund “climate efforts.” This confirms the “muslim riots” were a NATO (Octagon) fascist operation Gladio.

Video Player
Video Player

Nonetheless, NATO itself is likely to fall soon. They are now openly admitting they are war criminals. That came as the US hypocritically admitted they were sending illegal cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Video Player

Here you can watch fake White House Spokestrans Jens Psaki Rockefeller condemn cluster bombs as a war crime.

Next, you can see US House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby de facto admit the US has committed war crimes during the Ukrainian conflict by saying civilians would die from the US cluster munitions.

Video Player
Video Player

While the West is beginning to deal with its own criminals the rest of the world is also fighting for freedom. Below is a list of countries where major protests of 10,000 to a million kicked off in 2023, specifically against the escalating cost of living.

1. Algeria

2. Argentina

3. Armenia

4. Bangladesh

5. Belgium

6. Brazil

7. Columbia

8. Croatia

9. Czech Republic

10. France

11. Germany

12. Greece

13. Honduras

14. India

15. Iran

16. Kazakhstan

17. Lebanon

18. Pakistan

19. Portugal

20. Russia

21. Solomon Islands

22. South Africa

23. Spain

24. Sudan

25. Tunisia

26. United Kingdom

27. United States

28. Uruguay

29. Venezuela

Source: The Global Protest Tracker[i]

In another sign of KM isolation, the 33-member Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) has purged every reference to Ukraine from a joint declaration proposed by the EU.

In view of this situation, NATO representatives had discussions with a White Dragon Society representative last week. They explained NATO was an arms-dealing organization and that they needed wars and explosions in order to stay in business. The WDS recommended they try something like the jousts and tournaments that were staged to keep medieval knights employed during times of peace. NATO said they will discuss this proposal at their meeting this week. Don’t hold your breath.

Finally this week, we’ve decided to stop posting the latest UFO videos. Our view is that enough is enough, we want to actually ride flying saucers ourselves and not just look at videos of them.

However, we warn Operation Bluebeam is real. Countless trillions of dollars have been spent preparing for a fake alien invasion that could involve lots of real death. Maybe this is why the KM are trying to buy time until 2025? 

Let us not give them that time.

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