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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

New World Order

Government is people’s greatest enemy

If humans do not realise this, and that government oppression has been happening for centuries, we will not be able to realise the liberation of planet Earth. Wake up and take matters into your own hands by showing that freedom on planet Earth is a right that Father/Mother GOD has given us to every citizen on Earth.

Remember; the government is the problem, not the solution. After more than 20 years of lingering and deepening recession, it is now time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to play authoritarian dictator, as has always been the case. Governments use all power and resources to negatively affect your way of life.

They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture and use young men and women to fight wars in other countries that pose no threat to their own. They regulate and impede businesses, distribute money, make trade more difficult through embargoes and sanctions, and control everything that comes to mind. Governments clearly do not serve the people, worse, they are the enemy of the people.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolute. The type of person attracted to a government likes to control and oppress other people. Contrary to popular belief, this is why the worst qualified people – not the capable ones – get into government. So it is certainly not the most knowledgeable or brightest minds that are in government.

Enforcing security checks at airports without real protection is nothing but creating business for government faithful. As a result, people wonder who will protect them from theft and violence, from their own government terrorising them, robbing them and destroying their own country.

People entrust justice to an institution that is obscenely corrupt and shady. People are raised to stay under surveillance and give their freedoms and abilities to their government; they dare not do otherwise because they will be arrested.

The power of modern representative government is that it misleads the masses by making them believe that they too are insiders. They are encouraged to vote and believe that their vote really counts. Practice proves otherwise.

Moreover, voters have no idea where or for whom they are voting. They often get the opposite of what they thought they voted for. Governing is a phenomenon, not a system.

If we humans, allow those few (less than 1%) Elite to impose their evil on the rest of us, then “life” will no longer be human, nor would it be anything that could be considered “life”.

The world of Agenda 2030

People will only exist, not live, crammed into high-rise small boxes in megacities within human settlement zones of megaregions as set out in Agenda 2030. The population will be a fraction in number of what it is today, while being denied access to 95 per cent of the earth’s surface. Everyone will be microchipped and connected to a computer system that can dictate their thoughts, emotions and health, or more precisely lack thereof.

Surveillance will be 24/7 through microchips, wireless systems like smart Grids, in every building, location and form of transport within and between megacities.

Every thought will be accessed and recorded in real time. People will be watched in their own ‘home box’ by cameras through compulsory television – or ‘Orwellian Tele-screens’.

The change from analogue to digital television is the precursor to this, why this transition happened so quickly. This includes it all aspects of broadcasting – even car radios and phones at extra cost to the target audience. It also covers smart phones, televisions, etc. HAARP and other communication networks, when the overall network system is ready, they are capable of transmitting the same messages to everyone in an entire country at once, until eventually the entire planet is captured under the push of a button.

This is best understood as a battle between outsiders and insiders. The insiders are the government and use their power to control the outsiders. Why do they do this? The usual reasons are Wealth, Power and Status.

Dancing to the beat of the music

In a nutshell, government is an institution where ‘insiders’ steal the wealth, power and status of ‘outsiders’.

For most politicians, there are no boundaries or moral dilemmas about little things like integrity and personal data protection laws. The more secrets people have and leave behind in government that can destroy them if revealed, the more useful and attractive these people are to hold key positions. If they ever try to go against the official line, there is always the database.

The upper echelons of politics are full of people who dance to the beat of the music for fear of public disclosure on everything from financial fraud to paedophilia. These kinds of politicians are near or at the top of the government power system.

Total regime change is the goal; but so far there is still the threat of the Deep State bloodlines to introduce their fascist New World Order in order to take over planet Earth to make their own world of it.

This is already the world of Agenda 2030; People can exist, not live, in cash-less poverty under their rules, while the few who control them and live in unimaginable high-tech luxury on, say, cheaply obtained Greek islands.

Children will then be owned by the state and raised in the manner foreseen by Aldous Huxley back in the 1930s; because of his prescience described in his book Brave New World.

Children are technologically bred into genetic caste systems and the concept of biological parents is symbolically seen as a page from the past, meaning true history is erased.

Parents, were the father and mother. That is an unpleasant fact. Then most historical facts are also unpleasant. Because in the past, children were raised by their parents and not in state care centres. As Huxley described;

He described how these state conditioning centres programme children to accept whatever the state prescribes and anyone who does not conform will be electrocuted until he does.

He described how babies crawled to pictures of flowers and birds only to be shocked because the state does not want them to love nature. Children in Brave New World are also brainwashed even as they sleep with subliminal messages. Huxley said the child’s mind eventually, through psychological suggestions, becomes the mind of the state, or, “Suggestions” of the “state”.

How many people are already like this today? The continued erosion of parents’ rights to make decisions about their children are the stepping stones to the world that Huxley describes and that Agenda 2030 requires. As a transition to children being technologically produced by the state, parents will need state permission to have children according to strictly genetic criteria.

There will be no more cars in this new Deep State Archon world, the only transport will be local rail transport systems connecting homes and workplaces, and high-speed trains between mega-regions. People need permission to travel on these means of transport.

The carriages are equipped with units for the purpose of wireless mind control fields where passengers are watched by uniformed thugs of the State.

People have to work where they are told to work, without any choice. The word ‘choice’ is dropped from the vocabulary, in other words like freedom, exactly as Orwell envisaged from his prescience.

Transhumanisme paradise of technology

All this is called transhumanisme, the ‘paradise of technology’ better translated as ‘love your servitude’, or abolitionism. This term was used to abolish slavery and here it is used to describe a much greater slavery – the slavery of mind and emotion within technologically manipulated reality.

Other desires of Archon trans-humanism include designer babies; introducing the DNA of other species to create a trans-genetically or genetically modified ‘GMO’ human being; with brain-computer interface – already developed – in which the human mind can be connected to the internet to surf -‘serve’, download, upload and merge into a hive mind – social networking – with the global web of all minds connected.

Genetic engineering and the transhumanism agenda are very important to the Archons. The attempt to fundamentally alter human nature and the merging of man and machine has long been in the making.

Actually severing the link with our humanity by short-circuiting human creation is an obvious next step for these would-be controllers.

They have made this a carefully well-crafted acceptance, but it will die on the rubbish heap of temporal existence. It cannot endure, let alone survive, in our creative force field.

Technologies like Google Glass, an Internet-connected computer that can be worn like a pair of glasses, are a stepping stone to direct inter-connection via microchips.

As is widely known, this device is already available today. Google is the key player in the trans-humanist agenda. This is promoted as awesome smart gadgets, such as the brain tumour-inducing smartphones in widespread use, which recognise your voice patterns, which are expressions of your unique vibrational signature, or the low-frequency smart electricity meters specifically chosen to track and influence people in their own homes, systematically leading people down a dark and dangerous path to Archon system integration.

Transition and Defeat of the Deep State Cabal

Don’t expect others, more influential powers, to prevent this future for us. If a large powerful group takes the initiative, there is a danger that they will oppress us again later.

If we start for ourselves, we have the initiative and can ask powerful groups for help, without giving away our control as initiators.

If you still believe in the power of your nation, now is the time to do something now. Later is too late. Be serious, we can still win this battle, but swift action is prerequisite.

If you do nothing, you deserve what you are going to get

There is no excuse for ‘not taking action’ a first step is to learn more about

Agenda 2030, and share this knowledge with others. Therefore, create a team of like-minded people to work together to convince others of the seriousness that great participation requires reciprocal action.

Inspire them to action as well. Again, this totalitarian evil is happening all around us, most people have joined social networks, watch digital television, use a smart phone and have installed a smart electricity meter, but they don’t connect the dots, only to realise that they are under surveillance 24/7 and have already lost much of their freedom, while what is left of personal privacy is diminishing day by day.

Today, you live in the most exciting and challenging period in earth’s history. You have the opportunity to make a wonderful contribution. It is clear that humanity is facing psychopathic guided agenda dictated by other worlds.

The Deep State Archon powers have the ultimate tools of power at their disposal, so we are increasingly forced to go along with them on a daily basis, and we are thus heading straight for their totalitarian fascist nightmare.

If we do not rise up ourselves to end this oppression, this nightmare will become fact. We have now incarnated on planet Earth to put an end to this. We can count on the help of our Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. But the initiative must come from ourselves.

Planet Earth is the most beautiful and richest planet in the Universe, given to man on Earth by Father/Mother GOD. We can all live here in peace and well-being as sovereigns.

Now or Never

All of us together are in the majority and no match for the cabal, as they themselves realise! Together, we can easily win this final battle,

Wake up, get up, turn off your TV-set, take to the streets, unite and protest to defend your lives and rights and reclaim your freedom!!!!

Let this article go viral by sending it all your acquaintances and friends. Encourage them to do the same and join operation “total liberation of planet Earth!”



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