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Monday, July 10, 2023

Confidence Collapses

Deep State is in Complete Panic

This year comes our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are already long and well on our way to this goal. Trust the PLAN. Q keeps saying ‘We have all the information’- our Alliance has the luxury of waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the death blow to the Deep State.

No wonder the Deep State is in complete panic. The world is on the threshold of permanent peace. This is a feat of super high calibre organised by the patriots with the help of our Exterrestrial Brothers and Sisters. All military forces and war materiel abroad are returning to their home bases.

Will this extraordinary news make fat headlines in the mainstream media? You bet, it won’t. The Deep State still controls the MSM and they are desperate to prevent the people from knowing that the war machine and central banks are termed.

It is over and out for the cabal. For everyone, with good reason look forward to a prosperous and healthy future. Soon, for the first time, we will truly live as free citizens on planet Earth, to develop our capabilities as our Creator always intended.

Without wars, hunger, poverty, and misery. We are going to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Please spread this message to everyone you know. The sleepers who still do know of nothing may wake up and are unable to understand none of this good news.

All those incarnated here, at this time, are having their last experience in duality. This existence will determine who will go to the New 5D-Earth, that is, to the New Cycle, which is no longer a succession of reconciliation and trials. Those who are not yet in the necessary frequency will be removed from this planet and have to redo their lessons on another 3D-planet in the Universe.

There are thousands of Alien Spaceships in heaven around us, which will receive the not awakened souls. Upon receipt, they are informed that they are not yet at the necessary frequency to inherit the New 5D-Earth.

Comforted by selflessly assisting Spirits, they are guided to what awaits them. They will then know that they will leave planet Earth to complete their apprenticeship on another Planet of trial and reconciliation.

After receiving them in the Spaceships, since they are already disincarnated, they will be taken to the Astral of their new Planet. They will not reincarnate immediately as is believed. A process of energetic adaptation precedes this process.

We will see this year more clearly the removal of most world leaders, precisely that reptilian hybrid type part of the dominant Deep State Matrix. Everyone and thing that has not the right 50Hz Light Frequency will cease to exist.

The veil holding our souls captive on this planet, through the reincarnation process, will be lifted to free humanity, and evolve as the Creator has intended.

It is either or both; The mob wakes up en mass, or the cabal run money system breaks-down. For the time being it looks like the last option is their death blow!

Mismanaged Fiat Currency

Printing an avalanche of fiat money to flood the world with dollars was the solution to the bursting real estate and credit bubble in 2007. Unfortunately the Fed’s protector in chief for the value of the US Dollar – the world’s reserve currency- they didn’t solve the problems, they only made them worse.

The current monetary situation has many similarities with the historical narratives that led to the eventual collapse of currencies. The reality of the global economy is clouded by a perceptual illusion. Fiat currency only has value based on perception. It can only function with proper management and control to ensure confidence in the currency.

The most obvious thing is that the banking and monetary systems have flaws in their foundation. The base design of fiat currency is related to interest and inflation which are straight forward theft. The world is now in the situation; where reality meets the illusion of mismanaged fiat currency, the bubble will burst and what was perceived to have value will be seen for its true worth.

The entire economy functions without real money; it has practically disappeared. It has become a supply and demand for credit; it’s not money that determines the level of inflation.

After government debt, corporate debt has become the second most rapidly expanding category. Today, businesses have high debt levels too, for the time being still supported by high earnings. But the problem is, as earnings disappear steadily, they do so much faster than debt, which becomes increasingly difficult to service. Without profits, businesses have to deal with decisions they will wish they had not made, and debt they will wish they did not have.

Real Wealth

Real money is different from debt. It doesn’t need to explain itself. It doesn’t need to lay out where it’s been or what it’s been up to.

For example; Take a gold coin as it is. No backstory or balance sheet is necessary. That’s the way real money works: It closes transactions. You accept payment and the account is settled.

But debt is different. It comes with question marks: Who issued this debt? What is it really worth? Will I get paid?

The key to understanding debt money, as opposed to real money; Real money is the fruit of past efforts – distilled and preserved for future use. While debt money is a claim on wealth that has never been produced and perhaps never will be.

As the quantity of real money increases, society becomes richer and more financially stable. Because it’s real wealth. But as the supply of debt money increases, more people owe more; the economy becomes more fragile, and eventually goes broke. And that will happen soon!

Societies cannot thrive – and may not survive – especially when citizens lose faith in their basic institutions. That is exactly what is happening now. This loss of trust and a bitter ideological divide are our biggest challenges.

An increase in credit is necessary to keep growing

Banks don’t lend pre-existing money which they have in their vaults. When they lend, they create money that didn’t exist before. And over the last 30 years, the world economy has come to depend on it. This credit helped the economy expand. It allowed borrowers to command the resources needed to build their houses.

Under the gold standard, borrowing was anchored to available savings, but that is not the case in the existing credit economy. Today, the ‘sky is the limit’! In a nutshell; this is more or less an exact reflection of the state and growth of the global economy over the past five decades. Created with money out of thin air, converted into real assets for the benefit of the financial sector. Thereby keeping the citizens in bondage!

For the global economy to grow, credit had to grow by more than 2% a year. If credit falls below that growth rate, the economy is in recession. If we assume an inflation rate of 2%, this means that credit has to increase by $2.3 trillion a year in the US alone. If we add the EU and Japan, this amounts to at least $7 trillion annually. But who would want to borrow that much?

The US federal deficit is falling; it’s projected to be less than $600 billion. The Fed is in its fourth or fifth tapering spree. So, who will account for the other $1.7 trillion? As far as is known… nobody.

When non-hedonic inflation measures are applied, as was painstakingly calculated; price inflation is really running around 8 – 9 percent, meaning that real GDP, is deflated at 7% or more, based on actual price inflation!

If all what is happening comes together, the world could experience financial warfare, deflation, hyperinflation, market collapse. While yet, markets are merrily plodding along.

Do we live in a fictitious world? With all that is known, there is something bound to happen causing the world economy to collapse sooner, rather than later.

The long-Term Financial Implications are a weakening dollar, which is great for gold. A weakening dollar means higher prices for all things, especially imported goods like oil.

Higher prices will push up interest rates. As Russia expands its energy sales to China, the residual supply available for Europe will be smaller, driving European energy prices higher.

Escalating international conflicts will lead to larger military budgets, increasing future deficits and weakening not just the dollar, but also all other currencies.

Debt money is a claim on wealth that has never been produced and perhaps never will be.

In contrast, society becomes richer and more financially stable as the amount of real money increases. That is real wealth!

However, as the amount of debt money increases, more and more people owe more money; the economy becomes more fragile and eventually goes bankrupt.

If authorities want to increase the money supply, the only form of money they can increase is the fake form. Real money has to be earned; like wealth, it cannot be printed.

Likewise, Gold and silver must first be “mined” through energy, or you have to exchange it for something.

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