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Saturday, February 18, 2023

The Silent War

Did you think this war was gonna fit in with your world, your ideas? (Hacksaw Ridge)

Our war is a silent war. It cannot be measured in armaments or deployments, on geographical or topographical maps that show no discernable divisions, no potential battlefields. It is by nature a deceptive war, cloaked by belligerents who fly under the radar of populations and deploy their armaments into the bloodstream of innocents ill equipped to recognize their body as targets, having been sufficiently softened up by a lifetime of psychological disinformation shelling to their minds. These belligerents hide among their targets, masquerading as their trusted betters. They hide in plain sight on the boards of companies, in the administration of hospitals, at the captured agencies of governments, in the halls of Congress and Parliaments of the west and beside the overworked fiat printers of central banks, the greatest weapons of mass social destruction modernity has yet produced. They are the enemies of free peoples the world over. Their agenda is death and in the absence of it a subjugation to an engineered world of post humanist dystopia of their design and for their benefit.

In Silent Wars you do not recognize the enemy because you do not comprehend the war. You cannot discern the terms of battle. You are mocked and derided for entertaining conspiracies that dare recognize all its elements that have you surrounded. The victims who cannot see the frontiers of battle will suffer the brunt of the worst bombardments. There will be no nurses station, no infirmary, no last rites for the volunteers who were conscripted out of fear, and submitted through coercion the greatest sacrifice of war, their lives unawares. They will wear no scars, bear no pain, win no honors or valiant parades posthumously. Their cries of suffering will be callously ignored by the institutions entrusted with rescuing them. Their widows or widowers will receive no letters of gratitude, no flags, no benefits or pensions. There will be no trace left that they were ever a casualty of a Silent War on humanity with no autopsy, and a death certificate that shrouds their status on behalf of the global evil that presently dominates all fronts.

Mortality is the great equalizer when the combatants are congruent on the terms of battle. There is no equalizer in a Silent War waged by forces hiding in plain sight performing as public servants of the self anointed ‘expert class’, who have captured minds as flags using psychological operations to deceive and coerce. The lies and propaganda are everywhere packaged as facts, data, science and truth, all unassailable weapons that must be blindly embraced by the captured minds, who will amplify them toward capturing further flags to be absorbed into the coalition of the hypnotized willing.

Now that war is upon us again, those needed to face it and fight it are noticeably absent. Absorbed by the very machine that will eat them, they do not even recognize an enemy, the stakes, the terms of battle for they have already passively surrendered as volunteers for the cannon fodder brigade. They are working on behalf of the enemy and against their own interests and the futures of ones they love and hold dearest.

There are no schools of study for Silent War tacticians to be prepared for battles on these fronts. The guidebooks for this war are in the great tombs of literature that already line our shelves, the words of writers like Orwell, Huxley, Plato, Aristotle, Mill, Locke, Hobbes, Paine, von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Aquinas, Aurelius and Seneca to name but a few. They are in books of behavioral psychology, a preferred weapon of management, the great global evil. These can be found in staples of propaganda studies, media and communications, logic and reason, political and social philosophy. Only damn fools would omit the gospels here, the teachings of Christ, the wisdom in doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism’s dharma or ‘way of life’, Shinto’s orientation of ourselves among the natural world. There is no shortage of human knowledge or wisdom and guidance in written words that cannot be utilized to our benefit from all cultures of the world, from all faiths. It is the open mind, powered by objective reason, never closed to updating its software of new ideas nor fearful of challenging his own beliefs that will be in the greatest numbers possible, the fiercest brigade of resistance to global tyranny the world has ever known. They seek to seize these weapons with censorship and controlled demolitions of information and knowledge wherever it rises in sufficient numbers to challenge their power and undermine their agenda.

Evil In Plain Sight

悪因悪果 (evil cause, evil effect)

This great evil. Where’s it come from? How’d it ‘still into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Is this darkness in you too? (The Thin Red Line)

It was always the great failing, the justification of moral deficits for three generations who had been unmoored from the national destinies of previous generations, robbed of being tested by evil, the call to face it and fight it, to the death if needed, in wars on foreign soil. Passed over the opportunities it provides in building concrete elements of individual fortitude and social cohesion, the call of discipline, character, duty and responsibility that comes with service to something greater than oneself, a noble sacrifice to others in devotion to a common human project.

This is not the sacrifice in all wars unfortunately. Service in wars for profit, greed and industry, which includes all of them since the founding of the national security state in 1947 do not enhance but degrade a common human project. Not to denigrate the service of veterans whose sacrifice in those wars for profit and industry was no less valiant or worthy, but we must distinguish the wars of history from their combatants to speak of them in honest moral or political terms, so those that instigated them for all the wrong reasons are dragged from the historical shadows in shame and disrepute. It could be argued with little resistance from the honest historians that all wars of modernity have not been for conquest or kingdom or resistance to evil but for profit and greed, even those we considered confrontations of great evil were not without shadow banker influences playing both sides.

Even upon defeating the great evils of the twentieth century on the battlefields, they did not wither in peace. They did not run and hide away, they were not written away with intellectual contemplation and philosophical contributions in works by Arendt or Solzhenitsyn or Orwell. Rather they were rewritten into the national security states of western criminal enterprises funded by unwitting taxpayers for the new war on communist dominoes for ‘freedom’ buttressed by forces for “good”, powered by nuclear deterrence and for-profit windfalls of the parasitic military industrial complex.

Far too many comparisons made today of 1920s and 1930s evil that enveloped nations, destroyed continents, seduced the masses in its favor. Today’s paradigm is vastly different as an interconnected global evil hiding in plain sight persevering as beneficent philanthropy for the benefit of humanity, perched upon on the death beds of western democracies. They hold the chords of life support with firm grasps, ready to pull the plug when the masses have been sufficiently won over toward halting global threats that require their sacrifices to counter but are engineered by global evil for which they have prepared just the right final solutions already in progress.

The deliverers of this evil live among us. They are former western leaders, present western leaders, corporate leaders, oligarchs, bureaucrats and technocrats. Some of these could be convicted of past war crimes if we lived in just times. What is it with aged war criminals living as free citizens in plain sight, commenting on media networks, giving keynote speeches at conferences? They always live impossibly long lives like Henry Kissinger and George Soros, never suffering poor fate or luck. They survive multiple heart surgeries like Dick Cheney. They are treated as royalty and sages, invited to dine at black tie affairs where expensive wines and lean cuts will be served by white gloved veteran survivors of the wars they engineered whose beneficiaries, defense contractors will foot that evening’s bill.

The greatest evils though history were hiding in plain sight, always projecting something they were not, engineering circumstances in their favor, often cloaked by a wall of rhetorical cover. Today’s evil parades as philanthropy, the belligerents are the wealthiest men on the planet with utter disregard for humanity and the future. We are tools for manipulation, control, subjugation, elimination and conversion to a post version of humanity. We are surrounded by their forces on all fronts who will not cease in shelling us psychologically or physically. The former in obedience, compliance, hypnosis, or cynicism and despondency, the latter in self induced corporeal maladies for never ending convalescing.

Andrew Garfield as Private Desmond Doss (Hacksaw Ridge, 2016). Based on the true story of a conscientious objector and Medal of Honor winner who saved 75 men in the Battle of Okinawa without ever holding a weapon.


虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず (If you do not enter the tiger’s cave you will not catch it’s cub)

 While everybody else’s gonna be takin’ life, I’m gonna be saving it. That’s gonna be my service. (Hacksaw Ridge)

We must heed the advice of Niccolò Machiavelli and be like both the lion and the fox while recognizing the moments to embrace the powers of each to our advantage. “The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.” If you wish to survive this Silent War on humanity you must be cunning enough to recognize the traps that lay all around you, psychological landmines to be stepped on, Manchurian candidates to be celebrated, controlled opposition who lure with promises of true opposition but are merely working for the wolves to trap those who did not have the cunning of the fox to recognize them for who they really were. The fox will dance around such figures, observing keenly from a distance to see how the sheep fared in following the false shepherds. These false leaders present themselves as viable alternatives to the status quo, but are always servants to themselves first, and will, having convinced the sheep to follow them toward the wrong pastures abandon them for the wolves at the first sign of self profit. The fox will not believe their promises or be enraptured by their writings or celebratory rallies. These false profits invade your mind and ask you to pay the Dane-geld, and as Rudyard Kipling warned “…the end of that game is oppression and shame, And the person that pays it is lost!”

We are so consumed with the atrocities of the present, the spectacle of pandemic insanities, hypnotic surrenders, mass psychosis, we often fail to focus on the dozens of other viruses lurking all around as personal choices for recreation or passing time. They have released viruses and plagues for our distraction and comfort and these too are landmines of a different sort we must be skeptical of blowing us off course. These will rot your mind, extract your attention, inhibit your focus, alter your reality, destroy your spirit by engineering your physical and mental maladies that will only lead to your dependence on their further landmines for the cures, which will simply be more traps that await you when you seek them. They will be proffered in further temptations to alleviate the suffering with more of the same source that caused it, while offering others of the very expensive pharmacological kind. We must observe all these landmines from a distance like the cunning fox, never hesitating for a hasty retreat before dancing too close to the ordinances. We must take great effort to heal ourselves of the maladies we’re currently embracing for they will lead us toward the wrong pastures and be masked as sources of comfort, at our own expense. I have taken the pains to outline these real viruses, social and psychological, in another essay “The Real Virus”, and observed there that we are constantly being primed by these trappings that make us a docile, frightened and subdued populace easy for exploiting:

A confident healthy peoples with coalescing values who present a unified moral front of comparable ethical standards would not be susceptible to exterior forces tearing it from within. They would be alert, protective, grounded in reason and suspicious of global interlopers dressing up progress with utopian language, especially if those interlopers were their own elected leaders. Their suspicions would be without paranoia or hysteria. A docile, subdued, divided social body riddled with neurosis and anxieties is easy to frighten and manipulate. This goes beyond both social and respiratory viruses to include the priming of climate hysteria around common natural weather events and all the dystopian plans they’re engineering around that.

It is not paranoia to assume the enemy combatants are all around us in white coats and fine suits, and in the captured minds of family and friends. We must not allow them to see what we see in them, without first attempting to guide them away from the landmines lurking beneath their feet. In time with consistent and compassionate efforts, a subtle craftiness will win back many of them in our favor. Action and behavior is always the most convincing model. They can only cease being sheep when they recognize around them those behaving as noble shepherds. Patience and understanding that undergirds a rational skepticism and the cunning of the fox will be more persuasive than facts and evidence. The frustrated and impatient lot who upon presenting what they believe to be such irrefutable evidence in their favor and still have their overtures rejected are left despondent, as they rush off in a huff of despair and resort to flexing like lions against the sheep who are already being herded by wolves dressed as shepherds. If they see us as lions rather than noble shepherds they will only keep running in the direction of the wolves, and in due time their fields of slaughter.

There can also be no redemption in embracing the methods of the wolves, this global evil, to save the sheep. Though when the time is right tactics of deterrence in being the lions will serve us well to send the wolves back into the shadows of the forest. This is not because there is redemption in our resistance and struggle for a different future than the one being presently engineered at our expense for their gain, but because there can be no redemption in those evil acts of savagery and inhumanity they employ.

Improvisation requires we recognize our enemies when the are making continuous mistakes, and leave them to it. At present the funding of anarcho-tyranny across the west to tear down the social fabrics of western nations is a mistake, for it will reveal as has been happening for two years now (to those not subsumed by their lies and propaganda) that there exist no more democracies across the west. There is nothing liberal about state policies toward their own people under pretenses of health and safety that isolate and suffer them indignities and humiliations, that pit one against another in a locked combat for accepting the tyrannies of state authority or fiercely resisting them. One fights on the side of his own subjugation to the state while demanding his neighbors do the same and does not recognize his neighbors attempts to liberate him from his own ignorance. The state stands idly by watching this combat with glee, while it engineers social anarchy in the streets to further divide its subjects. This is other half of the anarcho-tyranny mistake to be exploited.

By allowing anarchy to flourish, through passive policing, inequalities under the law, disbanding with bail bonds, they are imploding the legal foundations of the fair and just society people believed they lived in, immolating the social contract, and showing there is no justice or fairness through this global oligarch-funded madness. While it will destroy the legitimacy of the state and all its corrupted institutions working against the people, it will also prevent the masses of people from defending what they realize was never there. They want to instigate resistance and conflict to paint dissenters as domestic terrorists, and only a fool would fall into this trap to save something that doesn’t exist. The illusion of democracy, fairness, justice, the rule of law is not worth fighting for, not worth any sacrifices of those of us who see that allowing them to burn it down in plain sight will win over more to the cause of rebuilding the aftermath in humanity’s favor, and against the intensions of global evil engineering its destruction. We must adapt to that inevitability when the time is right, align our numbers toward a different outcome, one that embraces the enemy of evil, the source of its demise, one that cries out for every good thing in this world.

San Jisas Mi Kam Long Yu Nao Ohhh, Yu Tekem Mi Distaem

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