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Friday, February 3, 2023

Operations against the Vatican and the Octagon headquarters in Switzerland

January 30, 2023

The Ukraine has fallen, Israel and Switzerland are next

(Second Part of the Above Article) 

... People who did not participate in blackmailable crimes were kept out of top jobs while those guilty rose to the top. We now know there are over 400,000 of these blackmail files, which explains why it has been so hard to drain the swamp.

However, the swamp is being drained. Western and Russian white hat special forces are now cooperating in operations against the Vatican and the Octagon headquarters in Switzerland thanks to detailed intelligence about their leaders.

For example, an insider who participated in “rituals performed at night in dark rooms,” overseen by Klaus Schwab Rothschild at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says “the energy of darkness, suffering reigns there.” At these meetings of self-proclaimed “Gods on Olympus,” Klaus Schwab said “the old world won’t come back” and declared himself “Pope of the New World Order.” Schwab told the participants they could “consider themselves gods.” He said the WEF created five crises to prove God did not exist because if he did he would have prevented them. (It is interesting to note that huge flocks of black birds, an omen of disaster, are now being seen over KM strongholds like Vatican city and Kiev: is God about to strike?).

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WEF publications describe these crises as follows:

“The world’s collective focus is being channeled into the “survival” of today’s crises: cost of living, social and political polarization, food and energy supplies, tepid growth, and geopolitical confrontation, among others,”

At the meetings Schwab also bragged the “Catholic church is collapsing and the Pope doesn’t matter.” Vatican insiders confirm the actor pretending to be Pope Francis takes orders from Shwab and the KM. That is why “Francis” published a letter saying “As the World Economic Forum celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, I send greetings and prayerful good wishes to all taking part in this year’s gathering.”

One of the key people behind the KM control of the fake Francis and the Vatican is the disgraced former Archishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick, who runs a massive blackmail operation, according to George Neumayr, an American Catholic Journalist. “Teddy can get all the deep-pocketed prelates under his spell of blackmail to ostracize and financially starve any bishop who defies him: He still runs things in the Church,” Neumayr said. Neumayr was murdered on January 19th while investigating Freemason infiltration of the Church in Africa.

The people who murdered him are among the targets of white hat special forces. They will be hunted down and sent below to meet their master.

US Naval intelligence, an arm of the white hats, has now moved against other top traitors including Michael Chertoff, Robert Mueller, Congressman Adam Schiff, Senator Mark Warner, Alex Soros, Senator Mitch McConnel and Special Counsel John Durham, MI6 sources say.

The Russians are doing some hunting of their own. Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner groups says “I have witnesses who remember how CIA officials trained Osama Bin Laden and brought bags of money and weapons to ISIS in Syria and other countries. They were preparing outlaws and terrorists all over the world so that there would be trouble everywhere – in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America.”

Many of these criminals are gathered in the Ukraine where they are being systematically hunted down and destroyed.

Chinese sources estimate the Ukrainian estimate the total losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past 11 months of the conflict at 680,000 people. This means the Ukraine has already lost the war. Grabbing 14 year old boys and old men off the streets and sending them to be slaughtered will make no difference.

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The situation has reached the point where even war mongering think tanks like the Rand Corporation are backing off the war. It says “studies of past conflicts and a close look at the course of this one suggest” that an “optimistic scenario is improbable.”

Remember Rand are the rabid dogs who suggested the US take on a “medium sized country” like Japan or Brazil in order to stimulate its economy.

In other words, they are bullies who only want to attack someone they are sure they can beat but run away from real opponents.

If fact MI6 sources say the Ango Saxons and Russians have already reached a deal on the Ukraine and that as a part of this, the Western tanks reportedly being sent to the Ukraine are actually going to Russia.

The head of MI6 says:

We have heard back from Moscow by way of the back channel. What is far more expert is the diplomatic back channel. Military intelligence run the Armed Forces and not the other way around.

The tanks you mentioned we sent are very well equipped and we understand it was some kind of technology transfer type arrangement. What is envisaged is the delineation of Ukraine along the Dneiper from north to south down from Kiev to Crimea and that will be the end of it by March. The tanks rely upon artillery first to penetrate and then infantry to hold, the tanks only break through, that is all they are designed to do. All river crossings will be blown up [to create] an iron curtain.

The Russo Ukrainian Conflagration is their own cat fight and dragging everyone else in will end in tears, mark my words Benjamin. Boris Johnson had no business being there last week. We have had to take in our politicians and read them the riot act. This is some kind KM pseudo Jewish Tom Whackery yet again.

The KM wolf in Jewish sheep’s clothing as it were. If you took your eye off them for a single second they would rob the breath from your mouth the self same scoundrels.

In other words the West is going to stand by while Russia finishes of the last of the Satanic forces in the Ukraine.

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As another part of the back channel with Russia, the arms dealer Victor Bout gave his first interview to a Western source since his release from prison. It is well worth the listen.

Basically, he says the US spent $150 million to frame him and used the exact same plot to frame many other people around the world. He also says what the West [KM] is doing to Russia would be like Russia taking over Mexico and then trying to take California, Florida, New Mexico and Texas away from the United States.

However, Bout did not talk about a meeting in Pattaya, Thailand around 2008 where he showed a nuclear warhead stolen from the Russian Submarine Kursk to Sasha Zaric, aka Illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov. That warhead was subsequently used for the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror mass murder attack on Japan. How about it Victor, can you please shed light on this?

In any case, there will also be joint Russian and Anglo operations to decapitate the KM leadership in Switzerland the Israel, both MI6 and Russian FSB sources say. Needless to say, the home addresses of Schwab and the other self-proclaimed “gods on Olympus” are known to them.

To prepare the public for Nuremberg style war crimes tribunals, the crimes of NATO are also now being raised in Parliaments and other public forums around the world as this video shows:

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The KM are freaking out and have been desperately trying to start their long planned World War III with massive attacks on Syria and Iran. These involve hundreds of warplanes.

Iranian intelligence sources say Iran was also attacked by forces coming from the Ukraine. “This will have heavy consequences for the government of the Ukraine,” the source says.

No matter what though, this attack will not start WWIII because the worlds’ military forces no longer obey the KM.

The attack on Iran was also a desperate move by the criminal KM regime of Benyamin Netanyahu to stave off a civil war inside Israel by invoking an external enemy.

However, the Jewish people are waking up to the KM criminals hiding in their midst and will hunt them down, Mossad sources promise.

The KM is also being forced out of the closet. Last week the Anti-Defamation League officially came out in support of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis. “We already know the KM  ‘Jews’ were always Nazis to begin with,” a Mossad source says.

The desperation of the KM is also coming from the fact the world has rejected their plan to stay in control of the financial system with the introduction of their mark of the beast central back digital currency.

This is why Rockefeller servant Janet Yellen went on a begging trip to Africa.  “Officially, the trip was designed to persuade Africans, including elected officials, business leaders and farmers, that the U.S. is looking for a long-term relationship on everything from food security to rural electrification.”

However, the real story was Yellen threatening the Africans that if they did not accept the new digital currency, “a full-on U.S. default would have ripple effects across the globe, making it more expensive to borrow money in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

This is a lie of course, because what will really happen is that all those exploitative IMF etc. loans to Africa will be eliminated as part of a jubilee on the US Corporate government defaults. Following that, the Africans will finally get paid a fair price for their labour and resources.

It is not just the US government that is defaulting. House and car loans in the private sector are also leading an implosion of the banking system.

Jeremy Cross, the president of a car repo company says he can’t find enough repo men to meet demand or space to hold all the cars his company has been tasked with repossessing.

According to Bankrate’s Annual Emergency Fund Report, 68% of people are worried they wouldn’t be able to cover their living expenses for just one month if they lost their primary source of income. And when push comes to shove, the majority (57%) of U.S. adults are currently unable to afford a $1,000 emergency expense.

Nearly three-quarters, or 72%, of middle-income families say their earnings are falling behind the cost of living, up from 68% a year ago,

The situation has reached the point where millions of Americans are about to go hungry as their food stamps get cut off.

The American people, like the Africans, will also be freed from debt slavery and see their incomes jump as soon as the KM’s FRB parasite is removed.

Facing military defeat, economic collapse and war crimes trials, the big question now is if the KM finally try to play their “alien invasion card.”

Polish intelligence sources say “the G7 will take their weapons from extraterrestrial Arsenals and drop them on Russia and Iran because the US is and the EU are puppets of extraterrestrial occupiers.” They use a “dehumanization slave system for acquiring less intelligent people without awareness controlling their animal mental instincts mentally similar to dogs or reptiles are trained as soldiers to carry out anti-human decisions.” They are referring to what are known as fallen angels and their human slaves.

Speaking about fallen angels, here are the latest appearances in our skies of “otherwordly entities.”

Also here’s the latest evidence the international space station is fake and we ourselves are under some sort of quarantine. Presumably that will end when the satanist are defeated.

1. 4 UFO drones over Lusaka, Zambia-January 20, 2023

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2. UFO over Chile

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3.  Light ships over Canada

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4. A Multi dimensional Light ship seen over Hawaii January 18, 2023

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