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Friday, March 15, 2024

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

March 11, 2024

Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax

(Second Part of the Above Article)

No matter what though, the entire fake US Presidential and European political theater is about to be shut down.

A hint of this came when the new Financial Report of the United States Government (February 2024) admitted Social Security and Medicare are under funded by $175 Trillion. If you add that to the $34 trillion in debt you see the US government is $209 trillion under water.

This number has been put out before by private economists and the St. Louis US Fed. The important point is the Treasury Department is formally admitting the US Corporation is de facto bankrupt.

Combine this with the fact the Fed Bank bailout program is ending this month. Also, note that moves to keep the US government running only last until the middle of this month. Then add that billionaires are all selling their stocks and buying underground shelters. From this, you can deduce some sort of major financial announcement is coming.

Our own sources in the Japanese royal family say a financial black swan is scheduled for March 15th. Rothschild family sources say all bank accounts will be reset with each person getting a one-time deposit of $500,000. Billionaires and millionaires will lose money but for 90% of the people it will be a bonanza.

Such an event is necessary because the income needed to afford a home in the US has leapt 80% since 2020. Home buyers today need to make more than $106,000 a year, up $47,000 from 2020, a change driven largely by higher prices and borrowing costs. This is just another confirmation the current financial system has ceased to function and needs to be rebooted.

However, we are not sure the Rothschilds are in any position to stage such an event. The Japanese royal family sources say when Princess Mako left the royal family, she was given a severance check that was signed by David Rothschild who died 15 years ago. The creator of the Quantum financial system says “Someone is attempting to defraud my estate.”

Clearly, there is still a fight going on over who will control the financial system. All we know for sure is the United States cannot continue as it is.

It is probably going to take military action to solve this. On this front, we have evidence a massive attack is planned to target Silicon Valley. The gnostic Illuminati say they have no choice but to destroy the computer nexus at Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake to sink it into the ocean.

There can be no doubt Silicon Valley is being attacked. There have been swarms of earthquakes there recently as well as unusual massive waves hitting the California coastline.

There have also been massive internet outages affecting the entire US West Coast, especially Mark Zuckerberg Rockefellers’ Meta (Facebook), Instagram and Messenger.

The White Dragon Society is arguing that sending in special forces to seize the headquarters of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. would have far less collateral damage than using earthquake or electromagnetic weapons.

There is also the possibility of shutting down the entire internet, and talk of a “massive solar flare” shows this is being planned as this headline says:

NASA preparing for ‘internet apocalypse’ as huge solar storm could hit Earth by 2025

What they mean is they will blame a solar storm on the electrical grid going down.

The KM is also hiring foreign mercenaries to try to stop the American people from rebelling.

A hint of this was found in the most recent US jobs report. As Zerohedge reports: Last month we thought that the January jobs report was the “most ridiculous in recent history” but, boy, were we wrong because this morning the Biden Department of goalseeked propaganda (aka BLS) published the February jobs report, and holy crap was that something else. Even Goebbels would blush.

The key takeaway for me was a near-record 2.4 million native-born workers lost their jobs in just the past 3 months. At the same time a record 1.2 million (mostly illegal) immigrant workers were added just in February. You can be sure most of those were government jobs as mercenaries hired to fight against the American people.

This is the kind of people they are hiring: “The brother of the migrant accused of murdering nursing student Laken Riley is in court for possessing a fake ID and…he has ties with a vicious Venezuelan gang behind a terrifying wave of violence…”

Video Player

It looks like they are also hiring whores. Florida Sheriff Grady Judd tells us illegal sex workers are being given ID and paper work by the Department of Homeland Security that allows them to fly around the US for free on the taxpayers’ dime. All they have to do is pay a weekly fee of $3000 to their DHS pimps.

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Alex Jones predicts “They’re planning to torch the country when [Trump] is president-elect before he’s in and try to intimidate everyone…So, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and all of this Hezbollah, Hamas protests…to burn the country down…Thinking they can terrorize the American people and the establishment into removing Trump somehow during that period.”

Video Player

The US is mired down in impunity, corruption and civil strife. Endless flows of migrants storm the southern borders of the United States. And many of them aren’t Latin Americans at all; they come from regions that fell victim to the neo-imperialist wars unleashed by Washington.

Just like it was at the feast at Babylonian King Belshazzar’s house “God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it. You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” (Daniel 5: 25-27) says Russian FSB Lieutenant General L Reshetnikov.

He adds “The blossoming diversity of the world is substituted with a conflict of two models of governance existent only in American fantasies.”

The head of MI6 agrees saying the mutual Russian and Anglo goal is “The ultimate final defeat of world fascism [government controlled by corporations] and that the people are sovereign.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador to Moscow Lynne Tracy on Thursday to say “attempts to interfere in Russia’s domestic affairs, including acts of sabotage and the spread of disinformation…would be severely suppressed.”

Too bad they didn’t demand they do the same for the US. As Field Marshal Douglas MacGregor says:

“When I listen to the comments coming out of the Senate or the House let alone from the White House I am reminded of that famous statement in Vietnam ‘in order to save the village we had to destroy it,” I get the impression that’s the plan in Washington ‘we have to destroy the country in order to save it.,’”

The KM is also trying very hard to starve us all to death or at least into submission.

The EU has just confirmed former Club of Rome President Calin Georgescu’s claim they KM are planning a food crisis for 2025. Last month  “some 60 European Union and government officials, food security experts, industry representatives and a few journalists gathered to confront the possibility of something barely on the radar a few years ago: a full-blown food crisis.” The conference envisions a food shortage in Europe from 2024 to 2025.

Remember, they had similar exercises just before the pandemic was staged in 2020. In other words, they are trying to bankrupt farmers in Europe in order to orchestrate a food crisis.

In the US a DEW attack on Texas just destroyed 80% of the grazing land for cattle.

Video Player

Now the utility provider Xcel Energy says its facilities appeared have played a role in igniting a massive wildfire in the Texas Panhandle that grew to the largest blaze in state history.

Look who owns Xcel: BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard. The usual suspects.

A document from another of their subsidiaries, the UN, explains why they want to starve us:

“Starvation is essential for the economy because it creates cheap labor” a 2008 UN article entitled “The Benefits of World Hunger” says. “No one works harder than hungry people,” the report says.

The European farmers are not going to let that happen. Here is the latest from their war on the WEF Satanists:

Czech farmers dump manure outside government offices.

Video Player

Belgian farmers spray police with wastewater.

Video Player

The Largest army in Europe now is the farmers.

Video Player

It says it all.

Russia will also make sure there is enough food. President Vladimir Putin says Russia’s “Food of the future” is not bugs and moths, as in the West.

Video Player

The White hats are also taking down more KM operatives. Here are some examples:

The rapper P Diddy is now being accused of sex trafficking akin to Jeffrey Epstein, eliciting underage sex workers, RICO racketeering, and grooming men for sex. Britney Spears and Justin Bieber may have been victims.

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is being taken down over nursing home deaths so that he will sing like a canary implicating his KM puppet masters.

Video Player

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has become the “first leader of a Western nation to be referred to the [International Criminal Court] under Article 15 of the Rome Statute,” as an “accessory to genocide” in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

“This is the real deal,” Pentagon sources say.

The Canadian police are also finally going after Justin Castrudeau. The final straw was this:

‘Project Brisa’ led to 182 charges, 20 arrests and drugs seized with an estimated value of roughly $61M. However, according to Canadian intelligence sources, Castrudeau ordered the gangsters freed and their drugs returned to them.

Video Player

“Is Castrudeau a criminal?


Looks like the RCMP thinks he may be. Obviously, he is being investigated with a little push from the WH Alliance,” a Mossad source comments.

Video Player

We also note the white hats now appear to control the masked avatar pretending to be Pope Francis. This “Pope” caused a hysterical reaction among KM puppet politicians (who self-identified by calling for the war to continue) when he urged Ukraine to “have the courage to fly the white flag”.

We also have an anti-globalist revolt in the UK Parliament with MP Andrew Bridgen asking:

“Why is the UK giving sovereign powers away to an unelected, unaccountable, diplomatically immune organization; WHO’s Director General was appointed from an unholy alliance of Bill Gates & the Chinese Communist Party…The petition calling for a debate on this issue hasn’t been granted despite easily reaching 100,000 signature threshold.”

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene did her part when she told Parasite Media BBC News Anchor Emily Maitlis to “fuck off” after she tried to label her as a conspiracy theorist. Notice it was the BBC that mentioned “Jewish space lasers.”

Video Player

We also note top KM Satanist general Netanyahu is soon going to be leaving this world.

French journalist Thierry Meyssan reports “Netanyahu, son of Vladimir Jabotinsky’s private secretary, has not hesitated to compare the Palestinians to the ancient Amalekites. The implication is that they must all be exterminated.”

Jabotinsky’s revisionist Zionists are the ones who claim sovereignty over all the territories from the “Nile to the Euphrates”.

Netanyahu is angered by the War Cabinet minister Benny Gantz’s trip to Washington, telling him that “there is only one prime minister.”

“Oops, the avatar Bibi is really nervous. It looks like a deal is being made with the KM Deep State in DC, to toss him under the bus. I smell division in the Israeli ranks,” a Mossad source comments.

The rest of the world is forcing action. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the war in Gaza a “disgrace for civilization”.

He was speaking at a big annual Chinese political gathering. To confirm China has purged the KM from its politics, notice nobody is wearing masks, unlike at the previous such gathering.

Also, with the removal of KM agent Ayatollah Khameini, Iran is now taking an effective stance instead of trying to promote Armageddon.

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei has called on Muslim countries to sever their relations with Israel and sue the occupying regime at international courts over its crimes against Palestinians.

This is an example of a war criminal who will be facing the death penalty:

Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, director of Yeshiva Shirat Moshe (religious school) in the occupied city of Jaffa, called the Israeli army to kill everyone in Gaza, including children.

Of course, the KM is still fighting to the bitter end. For example, they are still trying to vaccinate us all to death.

“We need to see everyone get an updated flu shot and an updated Covid vaccine,” Mandy Cohen CDC KM puppet director says while spreading fear porn to promote vax poisoning.

Video Player

They are also trying to suppress free speech. Eduard Pröls, Director of CitizenGO in Germany was found guilty for sharing this image on his Facebook page.

He now has a criminal record and has been order to pay a fine of 6,000 Euros. It is the judge who needs to go to jail in this case, and in due time he will.

It also appears the KM is now trying to use Moldova to start their long-planned World War III.

Moldova signed a defense cooperation agreement with France. Just as this happened Polish intelligence informs us “Pro-Russian rebels in Moldova’s separatist Transnistria region appealed to Russia for ‘protection’ on Wednesday, fearing the territory could become a new flashpoint in Moscow’s conflict with neighboring Ukraine,”

One cue the fake Biden compared the current situation regarding the war in Ukraine to 1941 and himself to Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt of course, brought a reluctant US population into WWII.

As Polish intelligence tells us:

“There are very few Poles in the Polish government, and no Russians in the Russian one. Facts are facts.” They might have added there are no Americans in the US Corporate government.

The Germans appear to have had enough. This came after NATO’s recent “staunch defender” exercise was literally paralyzed because the Russians disabled all their high-tech GPS-controlled weapons, according to German intelligence sources.

They inform us:

The German Government has made a radical decision regarding energy production in Germany. Hydrogen power plants are now set to write history and finally solve the problem of high electricity costs and lack of security of supply. If this gigantic plan succeeds, Germany will be able to produce and even export electricity at cent rates, even without natural gas, coal and nuclear power! They would then no longer be dependent on other countries for electricity supplies. The upcoming hydrogen power plant technology is unique on a global scale. Germany is considered a global pioneer and driving force of innovation in this field. The new technology is baseload capable, environmentally friendly, flexible, controllable, inexhaustible and inexpensive. The perfect solution for our electrical network.

If the Germans unleash hydrogen power, that is the end of the road for environmentally harmful EVs.

The German magazine “Stern” reports that since March 2023, Tesla has already been warned five times that it exceeds the permitted amount of wastewater released into the environment.

The move to hydrogen would also put a big dent in Chinese plans to monopolize the batteries essential for EVs.

China has 70 thousand workers on Sulawesi Island working in the nickel mining industry. China controls the industry. Since nickel is essential for battery production it means China is about to get complete control over all the batteries used in electric vehicles etc.

Video Player

Japan could have the last laugh along with Germany though. Listen to why Toyota doesn’t believe EVs will save the environment.

Video Player

Toyota also has all the technology needed to start the hydrogen age.

To conclude let us post an anonymous statement sent to us:

”Today we have no choice but to face the truth…

That our governments lie

That our education is indoctrinated

That our doctors are misinformed

That our viruses are patented

That our diseases are created

That our medicines are poisons

That our media is propaganda

That our elections are rigged

That our water is toxic

That our banks are dishonest

That our taxes are illegal

That our wars are planned in advance

That our countries are corporations

That our history was hidden

That our religions are hypocritical

That our children were sacrificed

That our division is being incited

That our opinions are being manipulated

That our cancers can be cured

That our energy can be free

That everything in our external world is not what we have been told it is…. that is why we are determined to find the truth, which we do every day and will continue to do until it is revealed.”

The truth shall set us free.


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