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Monday, March 18, 2024

Battle Between Light and Darkness

Russia’s indestructible spirit

As you can see, the puppets of the shadow government are trying to play their last card by unleashing an all-out war on the European continent.

Why are they doing this?

Mainly because their previous attempts to completely enslave human consciousness through universal compulsory Covid vaccination did not produce the expected results.

A significant portion of the Earth’s population, about thirty percent, still managed to defend the right to live their lives freely.

The climate and food agenda has also stalled, especially in recent months as European farmers have staged mass protests against their globalist governments.

And now, in the hands of criminals who have found themselves at the helm of power in the world’s leading countries, they are playing their last “trump card”; an attempt to start World War III, for which they are trying to provoke Russia in every possible way.

That is why this year will be a turning point in the history of mankind and planet Earth. As has happened more than once, Russia will have to play a decisive role in it.

Why does Russia arouse such hatred among the globalists and their supporters in power?

Light will be the victor, it is only a question of the price

First of all, because the mentality of the Russian people has always been very different from the mentality of the inhabitants of other countries.

The name Saint Rus didn’t come out of nowhere.

It was here that the energy of Hyperborea, one of the most spiritual civilisations that ever existed on Earth, was preserved.

Hyperborea was the land in the far north of the known world, so remote that it was considered to be beyond the North Wind. It was home to a legendary race known as the Hyperboreans, who worshipped the sun god Apollo.

Hyperborea was thought to be an earthly paradise of eternal youth and abundance, but so inaccessible was this distant land to ordinary mortals that the Greeks believed that only semi-divine heroes like Hercules were capable of ever visiting it.

The instruction to Christ made perfect sense because people of the white Aryan-Slavic race were already born with consciousness and therefore it was not necessary for them to receive the Spirit in order for their consciousness to be born.

The Bible describes the origin of the Semites. Each race has completely different cultural roots of origin. In the case of the Slavic White Race, the basis of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and their divine “extraterrestrial origins” or the earlier settlement of Hyperborea by the White Race.

Although enemies both foreign and domestic have tried to destroy Russia over the centuries, Russia continues to carry her indestructible divine ‘gene’, just as pure human souls retain the divine spark even in the most difficult trials of life.

Transition to the Fifth Dimension

And now you can see it with your own eyes: only Russia, in the midst of general obscurantism and various perversions, manages to preserve the traditional moral values inherent in the people, not only at the everyday level, but also at the state level.

And this despite the fact that the globalists have managed to shoot their “tentacles” into this country, as a result of which many of their puppets have ended up in power structures in Russia as well.

Now the end of the existential crisis is beginning on all levels of human life, when everyone has to decide for himself where and with whom he wants to go: into the “abyss” – moral and physical, where the globalists are trying to drive them. or to build a new life based on the slogan of eternal and unchangeable universal human values.

This is precisely the path that Russia is now offering to all mankind: to build relations based on peace, unity, equality and fraternity, with equal consideration and respect for the interests of each country.

That is why those who profess a completely different “faith”, based on the principle of “divide and conquer”, are trying to destroy it.

And since this great battle between Light and Darkness is taking place against the background of our planet’s transition to the Fifth Dimension, its outcome is preordained: the Light will win in any case, and it is only a question of what price the inhabitants of Earth will have to pay for this victory.

Higher consciousness

The dark forces are doing everything they can to ensure that the connection with our spirit is not made. That this connection is permanently broken, or that the signal flowing to us is as weak as possible.

This cosmic parasite deliberately tries to damage our DNA, which serves as the receiving antenna for the higher consciousness. This is why the “dark forces” promote the calcification of our pineal gland in every possible way, through fluoride in drinking water, 5G networks, chemtrails, hidden toxins in food, promoting excessive mobile phone use, etc.

 This undermines our natural creative mind and overwhelms us with inaccurate, useless and false information. This process has now infected the entire media sphere through toxic information and advertising.

Meaningless goals are imposed on us. Poverty and dearth control us. This situation forces us to focus our attention on existential problems and distracts us from waking up, thinking critically and seeing things happening around us and putting them in their true context.

When people are connected to their spirit, their higher consciousness, and would connect with it, they act according to their conscience. As if by magic, their whole life is suddenly transformed and given its true meaning.

Realising this is the only way to escape the grey 3D reality and be ‘reborn’ into a world of a higher evolutionary level.

The change in personality is tremendous. From the shell of a vain, narrow-minded, materialistic and selfish individual suddenly emerges a self-aware, magnanimous personality that acts according to its conscience and not for its own benefit.

Third ‘dimensional reality’ is consciousness trap

The third ‘dimensional reality’ of today is not real. In fact, today’s reality is this consciousness trap. Who and what we really are is still hidden from us.

Our spiritual nature is our only true form. And that is the power of the secret societies to make us forget and therefore to keep us captive. If people don’t know the past, they are trapped and see only the illusion, which is not real.

It has nothing to do with reality or truth, it is a manipulated collection of lies, an untrue, deceptive illusion. Only when one becomes aware of this fact has the Great Awakening begun. To learn more about the real past, read the previous informative and well-researched articles in this series and also on Atlantis and Tartaria on this site.

The various episodes of human history on Earth have come about through a succession of alien and extraterrestrial colonies exerting their territorial and cultural influence on planet Earth. In the historical reality lie the answers to the often asked questions of ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘how we evolved’ to become the beings we are today.

It is the soul and the body, nothing more. A being that only has a soul and a body is not fully evolved. All beings of the ‘worlds of light’ are born with another element, which is consciousness.

Any being that has consciousness is able to distinguish between good and bad. For a being without Consciousness, this ability is unknown and is replaced by a decision making process that only distinguishes between what is advantageous and what is disadvantageous.

But what is advantageous can also mean cruelty and suffering for other beings, but this dimension of the predatory being is completely incomprehensible to individuals without consciousness.

Consciousness and awareness are very different dimensions

The concept of good and evil is replaced in low vibration beings by the factor of personal ‘benefit’ or ‘harm’, regardless of the impact on nature or the harm their actions may cause to those affected.

Significantly, especially in Slavic languages, the words consciousness and awareness clearly distinguish them as two very different capacities. This clear distinction is completely lost in English, for example, where the term “conscience” encompasses both meanings.

This makes it clear which language is older. The language that can distinguish and define both terms, or the language that merely conflates them. This is how deliberate ambiguity is created, which is one of the tools used by the dark forces to manipulate humanity through the degeneration of language.

In this sense, English, unlike the Slavic languages, is a much rougher, more primitive language, which leads humanity further away from its natural and sensitive compassion.

By “cutting up” the flowery and content-rich language that carries the message of the light of knowledge, is gradually transformed into a language that is austere, grey and philosophically empty.


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Many will ask when? If the protests of farmers, truckers, citizens, taxi drivers and others active today continue to manifest worldwide, the breakthrough will come at the end of this March.

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