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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

International Call To Prayer For The Elites

This is an invitation to all people of faith worldwide to pray for the deliverance of people born inside the satanic elites, so they will be able to break free from this evil network and become children of the light.

In recent years, hundreds of millions of people around the world have learned about the international network of so-called ‘elites’ (also called 'The Cabal'), who are responsible for most of the suffering on earth. They orchestrate pandemics, wars, terrorist attacks, food shortages, economic collapse, vaccine genocide, natural disasters aka weather warfare, media mind control, government corruption, sexual perversion, family destruction, child trafficking, extreme poverty, and so much more.

These elites are the owners of the central banks and the major financial empires worldwide, which gives them the power and funding to manipulate world events.

If you are not yet (fully) aware of this worldwide network of organized crime - which is the hidden power that controls most governments - then you can read all about it in this evidence report. Make sure to check this out, as it explains so much of what is happening in our world, and answers the question of why there is such intense suffering on earth.

The reason this international network of ‘super criminals’ is so indescribably evil is because they practice a religion referred to as ‘Satanism’ or ‘Luciferianism’. It is the worship of evil, just like good people worship the Origin of all that is good. In return for their worship of evil, they receive unlimited power and wealth, which explains why they are so astronomically wealthy and indescribably powerful.

At the heart of this dark religion is the practice of human sacrifice - in particular, the ritual torture and murder of children.

Abundant evidence for this can be found in a second in-depth evidence report, where you can hear the testimonies of many insiders and surviving victims. The report shows how this has been confirmed by law enforcement and the military worldwide. Make sure to check this in depth report as well, to see the reality of this.

Many elites are victims themselves

What most of us don’t realize is that many who are part of these worldwide satanic networks are prisoners and slaves themselves. Insiders who were born in these circles relate how they have been raped thousands of times during their youth. This is done strategically to split their personality. These different personalities are then programmed, through torture and abuse, to execute certain missions.

They are programmed to become assassins, psychics, celebrities, politicians and so on.

The American CIA, Israeli Mossad, and British MI6 have perfected ancient techniques of mind programming, using scientific knowledge. Innumerable people have been mind-programmed by these intelligence agencies to become their agents in different areas of human society. Although they may commit the most horrendous crimes, many of these people are not even aware they are doing it, because it is just a programmed part of their personality that obeys certain commands, while their true soul is in deep hypnosis as a result of extreme trauma. Abundant information about this can be found online, through the search engine Yandex, if you look for “MK Ultra” and “Monarch Mind Control”.

And so, a large percentage of the satanic elites are in fact slaves themselves - prisoners of this dark system, with no way out.

They don’t even know who or what they are. One surviving victim related to me how she never knew that she was being used to assassinate opponents of these elites. And since these victims have no conscious memory of their crimes, they also cannot feel any remorse. They are merely unfeeling executioners.

Imagine being born in such a satanic system, and being raped from birth by your own parents and a large number of strangers. What does that do to you? That’s the fate of countless members of royal families and wealthy elitists.

These people are born in hell, without any hope of ever escaping. They have no way of breaking away from this network, lest they be murdered.

Ronald Bernard worked at a high level in their worldwide financial system, where he was moving trillions of dollars for them. When he was asked to participate in child ritual sacrifice, he wanted to walk away. As a result, he was tortured to death. Amazingly, he had an encounter with the Creator who sent him back to life, with the mission to help defeat these elites and build a better world. You can watch his testimony below...

"I was tortured to death"

The inspiring testimony of Ronald Bernard, who operated at a high level in the satanic elites, and who walked out. After being tortured to death, he received a second chance and was sent back to life to build a better world. 


We don’t know who is wholeheartedly on the side of evil, and who is just so severely tortured that their soul is no longer present. When you look at the eyes of many of these public slaves of the elites (politicians, celebrities, media figures, etc.), you can see the emptiness of their soul in their eyes.

There is no life, no joy, no love, nothing. They are empty vessels without feeling, because every last bit of humanity has been ripped out of them through intense torture and abuse. They have been splintered into a multitude of personalities.

This is,  of course, not true for all wicked politicians and evil celebrities. Many of them simply choose to serve this evil, and they will pay the highest price for it. But I am talking about those that are victims and who have been forced, against their will, to become soulless, mind-controlled slaves.

Pray for their deliverance

I call all the good people of our world who read this to pray for these prisoners of the elites. The Creator alone knows who chooses to serve this dark realm, and who is only in it because they were born or forced into it.

Some people are part of the elites because they were abducted as a child, and were systematically abused and programmed. They commit the worst atrocities, yet are usually unaware of it. Only when the programming is broken do they suddenly wake up to the reality of what is going on.

There are also countless people trapped by this satanic network through sexual blackmailing. People of influence are lured into situations where they are invited to engage in sexual activities with minors. This is then recorded on camera, so they can be blackmailed for the rest of their life. These people are also prisoners with no way out.

If you are a person of faith, then I would like to invite you to join me and thousands of others worldwide, to make it a priority in your daily prayers to lift these people up before the Creator of all life, the Giver of all that is good, and pray for their deliverance.

Pray specifically for the following:

Pray that the chains of darkness will be broken from their soul and they will be able to see and feel again. Pray that they wake up from the programming, and that the cloak of darkness is removed from them.

Pray that the curses, rituals and spells that have been placed over them are nullified through the blood of Jesus Christ, who gave his own life to set mankind free from the chains of darkness. There are countless religions, but only One gave His life to break the hold of evil over the human race.

Pray that the light of God will shine into the darkness of the elites, and that many of them will choose to leave the darkness behind and become children of the light. This is an incredible struggle for them, and they desperately need our prayers.

Pray that many of them will come forth to speak out fearlessly about these elites, so their evil works can be exposed to the entire world.

And of course, pray as you feel inspired.

Our prayers are incredibly powerful. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think you will not be heard. We are the army of the light, the warriors of love, those who fight for the deliverance of mankind.

Let your prayers rise up. Organize prayer groups where you can pray together. And share this message far and wide.

Also ask for compassion to come into your own heart for the prisoners of the elites. We are angry at them, and we want them all to be punished. And indeed, those who consciously choose this realm of darkness will be punished in due time, and will eternally regret their choices. But those who are victims and prisoners need to be set free.

Let’s speak grace, forgiveness, deliverance and healing over them.

Invitation to healing

If there are people within the elites or any satanic circle reading this, then I want to tell you that there is a love so great and a compassion so deep, that you can find total forgiveness for anything that has ever happened in your life.

There is grace and mercy and there is a second chance. You don’t have to remain in this darkness. You do have a choice. If you don’t have the strength to break out on your own, just cry out to Jesus Christ.

He is the chain breaker, the prison opener, the demon slayer - and He can do what nothing or nobody else can do.

You are loved more than you can imagine. You are incredibly precious, and once you find this indescribable love, you will begin to heal.

There is hope. The light does not condemn those that seek forgiveness. There is a way out.

Take the pierced hand that is reaching out to you. It may not be easy, but struggle on, keep pushing forward, and the door will open up. A beautiful world full of love, goodness, hope and joy awaits you.

Let the Giver of Life heal you, and let His love cleanse you.

You were not born to be a slave of demons. You were born to discover the love that heals and cleanses you and makes all things new.

The old is past, and the new is here.

Choose now.

 Stop World Control

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