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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Shocking Truth becomes known

The story of what is about to happen is the biggest news story in human history on planet Earth. The Deep State Cabal oppressors with their criminal puppets and mendacious stories of debt-banking, inside jobs, mass murders, mass surveillance, terror attacks, plane drownings and religious deception, are falling apart. More than 13 centuries of elite-led misinformation will soon come to an end. Disclosure means LIGHT and change for the healing of humanity and our planet.

People, inside and outside governments, are beginning to speak the truth with more energy and clarity, with less fear than ever before in human history. Their words will be heard, preserved and multiplied beyond the reach of our oppressors. Many things will come to light, to see the world in a different image, revelation of these truths shows how humanity has been deceived.

Many historical facts will be scrutinised to find the exact truth. Such as how tsunamis, abnormal weather conditions and earthquakes in Japan, Central America and Haiti were deliberately caused by the cabal through secret government agencies. The fate of thousands of missing children worldwide will be known. Also, how and why diseases like Cancer, Ebola, AIDS, SARS, MERS, H5N1, Zika and Morgellons were deliberately created.

Ending the global warming hoax or climate change charades for deliberate environmental destruction, such as poverty, wars, diseases in order to restore the planet and humanity for optimum health.

Further increasing understanding of how deliberate bio terrorism, including GMO, chemtrails, food poisoning, etc, are practised by government agencies seeking to decimate the world’s population.

The 188-country BRICS alliance, led by China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa, will become central to worldwide delivery of truthful news.

New “crowd-sourced” media channels will be launched. To disseminate hatched whistleblowing testimonies. Revelation of more effective and patriotic remedies to readjust scientific research, banking, security and military culture.

Major revelations are coming

More major revelations are expected about endemic professional corruption in healthcare. It will be shown that pharmaceutical medicine is a manipulative tool designed to make people sick instead of curing them.

Tools of this manipulation are sophisticated poisons disguised as expensive drugs or vaccines. In are prescribed as necessary medicine, as are radical surgeries, which in turn necessitate expensive drugs.

If the trail of money is followed, it is clear why alternative herbal remedies, which cure better and cost less, are suppressed or banned. Learn more about unnecessary Ritalin Conspiracy, and Statin Scam to inhibit production of cholesterol, when cholesterol is actually good for the body. Moreover, cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, there is no problem at all.

Statins are good for doctors but bad for patients. The name of this game is; Hypercholesterolemia, which requires assistance from doctors to detect its presence. It is a health problem that makes patients dependent on doctors. Doctors have become salesmen for the drug industry. Medicines that make money for the invisible Deep State that sits at the top of the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to, eliminate all fraud and dishonesty for good, the new international QFS payment system is being introduced worldwide for gold-backed national and international payments, making market manipulation and paper derivatives impossible and unusable.

QFS is unlike anything that has ever been presented to the world before. It has no competition; it has no equivalent in advanced technology that any other system previously possessed.

It was designed outside our globe by the Palladians, and brand new on planet Earth. It is superior in applied technology, ensuring 100 per cent financial security and transparency to all currency account holders.

With QFS, the world can easily be transformed into value-backed currencies that completely side-lines the functioning of the old central banking system.

There is no comparable technology to explain and understand the exclusivity of QFS.

Khazarian mafia largest organised crime syndicate

The Khazarian Mafia is the world’s largest Organised Crime Syndicate, which infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913. A century earlier, this mafia gang was brought to Europe by the Bauer banking star family, who changed their name to Rothschild. Based on Babylonian Talmudic “Money Magic” known as “making money out of nothing”. So, they obtained absolute control over the global Ponzi banking system. Which will eventually be fully exposed to bring the Global Supremacists to justice.

The identity of the hidden Khazarian Zionist bosses embedded in corporate America will be revealed. The use of human clones in running European royal families, international banksters, religious spiritual fascism, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be exposed for all to see.

Even, the fact that mind-controlled human clones are “democratically elected” into national leaderships, signed state and religious papers, and removed at will to be replaced by others, will all be revealed. The current Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, called “Francis”, will be executed. Like, Queen Elizabeth II of England has already been removed.

People trust blindly their government and consequently go along with devastating mandates and destructive measures, because they believe political leaders have their best interest at heart. This false belief is the main reason for the realisation of the evil operations of criminal governments.

Awakening means being enlightened! Let the light not only enter your room, but penetrate every cell of your brain and body. The process is much broader than you can imagine. It is so profound that it actually increases the consciousness of every awakened person. In fact, much has already changed! And it is this change that troubles the non-awakened person.

Your patience and steadfastness in the light will be well rewarded with the welcome changes visible on the horizon, added with many miraculous changes in the near future!  All the light beings in this universe are cheering you on and supporting you with unparalleled power of unconditional love.

Every now and then, something comes along that can change everything. And now is such a moment. The battle lines have been drawn for the purpose to save the world from these evil, vile satanic beings who have no respect for anyone.

George Herbert Walker Bush said in 1992:

“If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will haunt us down in the streets and lynch us.”

Now the people have a chance to do so!

Banking crisis is imminent

Global debt is growing by over a dozen trillion every day, due to huge deficits that have destroyed all financial obligations. So there is no way out of this misery other than abolishing all paper backed currency!

The people must know that this is a rigged game; the Central Banks are deliberately ruining confidence in their own currencies. This means the end of the global financial system.

Until people wake up and realise what is happening, this ridiculous game will never be able to be ended.

Mr. Market has his say. He always does. Beneath the fake market, created by artificial intervention, lies a real market of real buyers and real sellers.

This madness will not stop, until the breakthrough is fact!

The Central Banks collectively create over 10 billion new Euros/Dollars every day, this is inflation or purchasing power reduction of your money, with other words being stolen by your government.

At some point, the supply of money exceeds demand. Then the smartest businessmen get worried. They quietly head for the exit. Then the next smartest people notice that the geniuses are gone – and they too go through the exit. Then come the short sellers. Prices fall. And soon the market is in free fall.

It happens all the time; Bubbles burst without a second thought. It happened with the dotcoms, with houses, with subprime mortgages, with oil and with debt. We are now in what appears to be the last gasp. It may continue for a while … even a little longer. Often a boom of this magnitude needs an all-consuming, final phase, a ‘super-duper’ before it explodes!

HELLSTORM Is Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

After WW2, the Allies on purpose murdered four times more innocent Germans in one year at the behest of Eisenhower and Churchill than had been killed in all of WW2! Watch this instructive previously unpublished documentary to lift the veils of oblivion once and for all.

The Biggest Cover-Up In History

This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.

The untold story of the genocide of Germany. Based on Thomas Goodrich's book, Hellstorm, this is an account of allied war crimes committed on the German people. German civilian populations were blanketed with incendiary bombs, causing millions to burn to death. The soviets organized mass gang rapes and murders of German women and children. Refugees were massacred by the allies as they attempted to escape. Millions of Germans were displaced and enslaved, POWs were tortured and killed, germany was looted, and more.

Hellstorm is a direct refutation of 70 years of lies and propaganda created by the Jewish media, Hollywood, and academia. Thanks to Thomas Goodrich and those who suffered blacklisting and social shame for bringing this to us. We will not forget the horrors committed on our people, nor the subversives who tried to convince us they were the victims and not the perpetrators.

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