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Monday, April 17, 2023

The Dalai Lama “Suck My Tongue” Incident, Tibetan Tradition/History, And The Shadow

April 14, 2023

Watch this video first if you haven’t seen it yet:

This incident has received MSM (MainStreamMedia) attention, and some people say it’s just a distraction and there is too much “outrage porn” about a “harmless” event, so why even give it any more attention? However, the many defenses of his “holiness” raised even just as a red flag as the incident itself and points at much deeper issues during this Kali Yuga, how evil operates in our world [which most people have zero awareness of], the distortion of history, and the [conditioned] worship/admiration of religious/spiritual celebrities.

I want to address some things, in particular, the claim that it was all just a Tibetan cultural tradition which we “ignorant Westerners” don’t get based on a video called “Stop Sensationalizing the Dalai Lama’s Innocent Interactions: A Tibetan’s Perspective” that many people have posted to defend his “holiness.” I’ve watched this whole “unedited” video.

[NOTE: This video is actually not “unedited” at all. It’s cut into pieces with breaks where he [the narrator] excuses the behavior of the Dalai Lama, talks about “tradition,” etc. Only toward the end do you see the important disturbing part after 15 min of the narrator talking, “conditioning” [manipulating] the viewer already to see it a certain way. A truly unedited version would just show the raw footage of the boy and the Dalai Lama, the whole sequence uninterrupted without any commentary on top of it or between it.]

It doesn’t change my view one single bit. There are lots of justifications, rationalizations, gas-lighting, and mental gymnastics some people engage in to label it as “harmless play.”

As I wrote before [on social media], a good example of how pedophilia has become more normalized and unchecked in the world at large is how some people defend or excuse the Dalai Lama’s “suck my tongue” incident.

If you feel disturbed by it, your conscience and psychic-somatic intelligence are intact. If you believe this was just “innocent and playful teasing” [as he publicly excused it], then you contribute to the normalization of sexual pathology and child abuse, especially by people in power.

Anyone with a grounded sensitivity can see and feel the predatory energy of his “holiness,” especially seconds before he asks the boy to suck his tongue his energy shifts [when he touches his shoulder]. It’s like he forgot where he was, forgot himself, and gave in to his lower nature and whatever entity was riding him and came through at that moment. You can also clearly see the discomfort of the kid, which some people just claim is “shyness.”

All the intellectual rationalizations and arguments of why “it is just a tradition we don’t understand” are reactions based on denial, cognitive dissonance, and spiritual bypassing based on a “Hollywood” version of the public image of the Dalai Lama and a very distorted history of Tibet.

The “it’s just a tradition” argument is nonsense and even taken out of context. There is a huge difference between sticking out a tongue to a kid for fun as opposed to asking to “suck my tongue,” ESPECIALLY (and that’s the MOST IMPORTANT PART) considering the disturbing energy coming from and through the “holy man” as mentioned above and the reaction of the boy. It is NATURAL to feel disgusted when seeing and sensing that.

The claim that he meant to say “Eat my tongue” referencing some “tradition” as the woke “Elephant Journal” wrote about and people reference is also more just contrived damage control. It also doesn’t hold up in light of the occult [hidden] energetic impressions AND the real history of Tibet and the Dalai Lama [more below].

ADDED: Not surprised. Looks like this “eat my tongue” Tibetan “tradition” is made up and added for damage control [hello CIA]:

“In the previous 4 days, hundreds of entries for the brand new Tibetan custom “Eat My Tongue” have been added to Google search. Before April 9th, there was no result for “Tibet Eat My Tongue” on Google…Wikipedia, quiet for weeks, sees mysterious editors swing into action on April 10th to explain the Dalai Lama “tongue sucking”. A topic which has never, ever, been mentioned before”

– from Twitter Thread [see screenhsots]

As my wife Laura Matsue pointed out:

“What I’ve learned through healing my own trauma is that disgust and anger are a natural response to abuse, whether it was done to you or it’s something you’ve witnessed. On a somatic level, sexual assault survivors often need to get into their feelings of disgust and anger in order to heal.

What isn’t a normal response to abuse (but is sadly quite common): having adults say that it’s ok and do nothing, cheering, laughing. Bystanders who watch the abuse happen and don’t protect the child tend to cause a type of secondary trauma.

There is nothing normal about an adult asking a child to suck his tongue. It’s not a cultural thing. What we all witnessed was abuse of a child by a spiritual leader while a crowd of people watched and did nothing. Don’t get gaslit. Look at the child’s body language and trust your instincts.”

Let me be as clear as possible. If you use the “cultural tradition we don’t understand” argument to excuse this behavior, you are out of touch with reality and out of touch with yourself, for you let your intellect over-ride psychic, energetic, and somatic impressions that can pierce through any appearance, mask or rationalization.

Now, why do some people use this “tradition argument” to normalize what happened? Two factors come in:

1. Denial And Cognitive Dissonance

Admitting that the Dalai Lama may have acted inappropriately indeed in a predatory fashion and even considering that his “holiness” may be a pedophile with a very dark shadow/secret (who knows what happens behind closed doors) is impossible for anyone who has this very socially mainstream conditioned view of him as “kind, good, spiritual” person who would “never” do anything like that. These positive [programmed] projections that are socially acceptable in many pop-spiritual and mainstream circles will override the DISCOMFORT that comes up when the core belief within oneself is questioned.

In order to buffer up and mask up the discomfort and friction within, the brain automatically looks for any excuse/rationalization to make it all good so the core [conditioned] belief and view about the Dalai “loving-kindness” Lama is not threatened. Hence, the “it’s just a tradition” argument. It closes off any deeper insight and impression on a psychic/energetic/somatic level.

Now, keep in mind that this mechanism of cognitive dissonance is completely unconscious and mechanical. In other words, people who react that way have no idea that they are doing it and would only deny it even more if pointed out to them. That’s also why it is virtually impossible to reach people suffering from cognitive dissonance.

It’s an unconscious psychological defense mechanism to keep their rose-colored glasses on so as not to face the lies they are telling themselves, for it would open up a can of worms leading to a disillusionment their psyche may not be able to handle. It’s literally a mechanical unconscious survival mechanism on a psychological level.

This is especially true for anyone who is a “follower” of the Dalai Lama, believes the mainstream socially accepted version of him, and has put him on a pedestal [more positive projections]. In extreme cases, people who blindly defend him have developed a spiritual identity and how are very attached to a lineage they got initiated into and were even potentially given a “spiritual name.” For example, here is a person’s justification to defend his “holiness: “For those who do not know I am an initiated Chodpah in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and my practice – through the spiritual lineage and religion the Dali Lama holds – means THE WORLD to me.”

It’s a cult mindset based on spiritual bypassing and cognitive dissonance. Her whole persona and ego/self-importance [false self] is caught up in the identification. It’s not about truth. It’s only about herself. Admitting that the Dalai Lama is not who she thought (projected) he was would result in a shocking, painful disillusionment that would put into question her whole life and identity. But this relates to any form of identification with any lineage, teaching, faith, religion, belief, or political side/party, or system, as I addressed in more depth in my article 

“Divide & Conquer and the Trap of Identification”.

Once you stop calling yourself a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever Faith, Scripture, or Religion you identify yourself with, only then is the path to the Divine of full embodied Self-Realization completely open without external man-made distortions and savior projections,

No church, no temple, no “holy place,” no lineage, costumes, and dresses, and no rituals are needed to find or communicate with God. It is your unique relationship to the Divine that cannot be possibly defined or contained within any Faith that can be named. The age of religions, temples, and churches is over. Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces will show the futility and limitations of any religious [or spiritual] identifications or attachments to any lineage, scripture, or bible.

Most important is your sincere aspiration and surrender [which is easier said than done, for one sign of being sincere is to realize how insincere you actually are], for the battle is within you between your lower and higher nature intermixed with your shadow and traumas [hence the necessity for deep psychological work as well] as you are a transducer for many forces from the higher to the lower. Don’t give away your power via the trap of identification or externalizing God and Evil It’s all within you too.

2. The Inability To Face Evil In The World, In Oneself, And Even Denying Evil

That’s a huge topic in itself. Cognitive dissonance/denial can also relate to the inability to face the darkness/evil in the world, ESPECIALLY in people who are considered “good” and “spiritual” on a mainstream level. The masses admire and look up to all kinds of famous people who have a very cunning “mask of sanity” and even a spiritual mask” but have a very dark evil shadow within which they act out outside the public domain [especially pedophilia and sexual pathologies] but every so often the mask slips and that’s what happened with the Dalai Lama.

The Dark History Of Tibet And Tibetan “Tradition”

On a personal level, I’m not the least surprised by this incident, and the Dalai Lama is not the only one. Fifteen years ago, I already spoke out about his fake spiritual “rock star” persona being a CIA asset, including the romanticized Hollywood pop-version most people have of Tibet. Sexual abuse in monasteries, pedophilia, slavery, and oppressive feudalism in traditional Tibetan culture has been conveniently ignored or “edited out” in the mainstream Western view of  Tibet.

“Tibet seems like as a celestial paradise held in chains, but the west’s tendency to romanticise the country’s Buddhist culture has distorted our view. Popular belief is that under the Dalai Lama, Tibetans lived contentedly in a spiritual non-violent culture, uncorrupted by lust or greed: but in reality society was far more brutal than that vision.”

– from “What we don’t hear about Tibet” by Betsy Reed

“Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their peasant families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they were bonded for life. Tashì-Tsering, a monk, reports that it was common for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. He himself was a victim of repeated rape, beginning at age nine. The monastic estates also conscripted children for lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers[…]

Kim Lewis, who studied healing methods with a Buddhist monk in Berkeley, California, had occasion to talk at length with more than a dozen Tibetan women who lived in the monk’s building. When she asked how they felt about returning to their homeland, the sentiment was unanimously negative. At first, Lewis assumed that their reluctance had to do with the Chinese occupation, but they quickly informed her otherwise. They said they were extremely grateful “not to have to marry 4 or 5 men, be pregnant almost all the time,” or deal with sexually transmitted diseases contracted from a straying husband. The younger women “were delighted to be getting an education, wanted absolutely nothing to do with any religion, and wondered why Americans were so naïve [about Tibet].

The women interviewed by Lewis recounted stories of their grandmothers’ ordeals with monks who used them as “wisdom consorts.” By sleeping with the monks, the grandmothers were told, they gained “the means to enlightenment” — after all, the Buddha himself had to be with a woman to reach enlightenment.[…]

The women also mentioned the “rampant” sex that the supposedly spiritual and abstemious monks practiced with each other in the Gelugpa sect. The women who were mothers spoke bitterly about the monastery’s confiscation of their young boys in Tibet. They claimed that when a boy cried for his mother, he would be told “Why do you cry for her, she gave you up — she’s just a woman.[…]

In 1959, Anna Louise Strong visited an exhibition of torture equipment that had been used by the Tibetan overlords. There were handcuffs of all sizes, including small ones for children, and instruments for cutting off noses and ears, gouging out eyes, breaking off hands, and hamstringing legs. There were hot brands, whips, and special implements for disemboweling. The exhibition presented photographs and testimonies of victims who had been blinded or crippled or suffered amputations for thievery….”

– from “Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth” by Michael Parenti

Some of what is mentioned above were also considered or justified as “cultural traditions” by the Tibetan monks. Just because something is traditional doesn’t make it ok. Just like circumcision [sexual abuse to an infant] is a “tradition” in some cultures and religions.

The Tibetan Buddhist “traditions” and their sexual pathologies of raping women, taking away their sons, and pedophilia with young boys didn’t just “go away” when the CIA attempted to “free” Tibet as if they ever consciously worked on it. The dark past is embedded in their shadow and psyche, and putting a “spiritual costume/mask” over it with pop-spiritual Buddhist ideas of “loving-kindness” with a smiley face and “humor” only pushes it darker in the shadow. I’m not implying that ALL Tibetan Buddhists have sexual pathologies, but nothing is black or white. it’s Psychology 101. The Dalai Lama has a huge shadow that showed itself a tiny bit when he was taken over by it for a few seconds in the public.

The Dalai Lama also plays the role given to him by the CIA as he schmoozes with all the [psychopathic] globalists and openly took and pushed for the Covid Vaxx, which is a HUGE red flag for any “spiritual teacher” to take, especially considering the detrimental spiritual consequences of the Covid vaxx for the soul, spirit, and life after death as I wrote about in my article based on Thomas Mayer’s book.

Did you altos notice in the video that the monks around his “holiness” were wearing masks to protect themselves and him from Covid while he asked for tongue contact with a child? The hypocrisy and insanity are astonishing. The fact that some people and especially “spiritual monks,” still wear masks is insanity or continuing virtue signaling to keep pushing the faux COVID narrative. But then again, The Dalai Lama publicly got the shot and promoted it too. That alone is already a failed litmus test for anyone considered “spiritual.” Here’s our recent podcast episode on that topic:

On another note, wait until you see and hear about the disturbing shadow of “Mother Theresa” or “Gandhi,” which also goes contrary to the romanticized “Hollywood” image both have. But that’s a story for another time.

Facing Evil Within & Without And The Shadow

Now, VERY important, and I have said it over and over again, the trap from the occult level is, as always, to project hate on him or any abuser, which only feeds the Asura riding him. We also need to be aware not to project our shadow on the Dalai Lama or anyone else. We need to be careful of “psychological splitting” and only see things in black or white. It doesn’t imply taking a New Age cop-out and just being silent or not saying anything “negative” or trying to be “politically correct” with a watered-down superficial “spirituality.” No, evil is very real, it needs to be faced, and most often, “Satan appears as an Angel”

This is also about facing evil within (our own unacknowledged shadow) and evil without in the world. The more you are in touch with your own shadow and have integrated it, all the “potential of evil” within you, the more you can face the evil in the world with grounded conscience without denying it, excusing it, or overlaying it with your negative projections.

Conversely, the less you have faced your shadow and unconscious evil within you, the more you will deny it in the world and not see it based on cognitive dissonance, OR you will project it only externally via virtue signaling, only seeing evil into the world while you believe (lie to yourself) that you are only “good.”

More on that topic in our podcast episode: “What Facing Evil Can Teach You,” where Laura and I discuss this topic from a psychological, esoteric, and occult perspective:

We see the denial and normalization of sexual pathologies, pedophilia, and the sexualization of children exponentially in our society:

  • The same goes for all the shoulder rubbing, hugging, and sniffing Biden engages in on little children who clearly feel uncomfortable.
  • Or all the “family-friendly” and sexually explicit drag queen shows for children.
  • Or the mutualization of children’s genitals [including circumcision] and promoting trans-surgeries for kids, etc.

Beware who normalizes, promotes, or excuses this stuff. Moreover, check your own denial and where you may be lying to yourself in order not to feel the friction of disillusionment.

Denial, Cognitive Dissonance, and lack of shadow work [facing the evil within you) keep evil operating in the world in the disguise of “goodness,” “kindness,” “charity,” “equality,” “inclusivity,” “sustainability,” “tradition,” “spirituality,” “harmless fun,” and overall “cult-ure.”

 By Bernhard Guenther, April 14, 2023


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