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Thursday, April 4, 2024

The Khazarian Mafia Are Looking For An Escape From This Universe

April 1, 2024

Western governments are a sick April fools’ joke even as war looms

(Second Part of the Above Article)

In any case, the situation is so tense an emergency meeting has been called this week with representatives of the Habsburg family (European Royalty), the Pentagon, the CIA, the Russian FSB, the people in Antarctica and Asian royals. A person who will be attending the meeting says they will discuss replacing the WEF and UN-based Khazarian mafia-controlled international system. They say construction has already begun in South East Asia for a new headquarters for a UN replacement organization.

The meeting will also discuss a White Dragon Society proposal to issue $100 trillion worth of bonds to kick-start a new age. As mentioned before, the process would start with a jubilee involving a one-off cancellation of all debt, public and private. It would also involve a one-off redistribution of assets stolen over the decades by fraudulent central banking. After this meritocratically staffed future planning organizations (one global and seven regional) would figure out how best to deploy the $100 trillion.

The WDS proposal also calls for the Western military-industrial complex to stop stealing resources for Satan-worshipping KM oligarchs and start protecting the living creatures of this planet. Generous funding will be made for this purpose in order to prevent war.

The West will also start making amends for centuries of pillage, conquest and murder around the world by carrying out a massive campaign to end poverty, disease and environmental destruction. It will also release technology that will allow us all to live like millionaires for thousands of years.

No matter what comes of this meeting, the current Western-led financial system is mathematically doomed.

The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates up to 385 American banks could fail over commercial real estate loans alone. “Major cities such as San Francisco are already sporting zombie-apocalypse downtowns, with abandoned office buildings baking in the sun.” Half of downtown Pittsburgh office space is expected to be vacant in four years.

This real estate apocalypse comes on top of the 45% devaluation of all bond holdings caused when the Fed panic-hiked interest rates.

The US Stock market is also a giant hallucination with such things as the tiny car company Tesla supposedly worth more than all the other car companies in the world combined.

More and more pundits are coming to the conclusion that “America may be on the brink of its Minsky moment…This process, which moves from slowly, slowly, to suddenly and now, goes back decades.”

The FRB is in no position to bail out banks, it hasn’t printed new money since 2019 and lost a record $114 billion last year.

High-level insiders know it is all coming to an end. For example, Bill Gates Bill Gates just sold off all of his “Magnificent Seven,” (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla) stock holdings.

It looks like the people controlling the fake Biden administration have been looting all they can before the collapse.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates the Biden administration made off with $236 billion last year. Furthermore, the GAO believes the $236 billion estimate “potentially does not represent the full extent of improper payments.”

The amount of such payments under the Biden administration since 2021 totaled more than $764 billion. GAO estimates the cumulative incorrect payments since fiscal year 2003 to total around $2.7 trillion……….

Similar waste is being seen in Canada. A Canadian intelligence agent sent us the video below with the following comment:

Video Player

Watch and listen to how arrogant this KM – WEF Nazi puppet is as she evades the question again and again. Chrystia Freeland refuses to answer how much the government has collected in carbon tax when called out on $2 billion that has not been accounted for.

The Nazi Feeland will be tried for treason and crimes against humanity. Found guilty and the rope will be waiting.

This is the sort of thing that happens at the end of a regime.

The KM thought they got funding until September after FRB’s US slave government promised a UN “Summit of the Future” in September to create a “better more fair and peaceful world.” The problem is they just tried to murder us all with vaccines and bioweapons so nobody trusts their promises to suddenly do good.

The Asians, for good reason, don’t want to finance the people behind Ukraine’s criminal regime. Secretary General of the National Defense and Security Council, Oleksiy Danilov says Russians are “less human” than other people because they are “Asian”. Last week, he provoked a very serious diplomatic incident with China when made an obscene pun on the name of China’s special envoy, Li Hui.

Not only that, more and more government-run media are reporting now on the organ trafficking and killing of babies being carried out by that regime.

Even the BBC is reporting healthy newborn babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells.

The Russians should have eliminated the criminal Ukrainian regime a long time ago. It will fall soon for sure.

The Nazi government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel is also about to fall. The public genocide in Gaza has made sure of that. So have comments by the likes of Michigan Republican Congressman Tim Walberg that, instead of sending aid to Gaza, the US government should consider using a nuclear bomb on the region.

Video Player

We have Trump’s Zionist Son-in-Law Jared Kushner calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza to ‘Finish the Job’…Kushner, who served as a key Middle East adviser to Trump, said that Gaza’s “waterfront property could be very valuable” and urged Israel to “clean it up.”

“What we are seeing in Gaza now, represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale,” Irish Foreign Minister Miche├íl Martin said as he announced his country would help South Africa with its war crimes charges against Israel.

Under threat of an international trade boycott, the US government refused to veto a call by 14 members of the United Nations Security Council for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas and the “unconditional release of all hostages”.

US politicians who still support the current Israeli cannot appear in public without triggering riots as this scene outside President Biden’s re-election fundraiser in Manhattan shows.

Video Player

In Israel “Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated Saturday night in front of the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, in the biggest protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the terrorist attack of Oct. 7.”

Now an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that freezes funding to ultra-Orthodox seminaries unless their students serve in the military is forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to contend with its survival as the war in Gaza deepens the country’s political divisions.

Also now Netanyahu “has been diagnosed with a severe hernia, and he will undergo emergency surgery tonight under full anesthesia; his deputy will take his duties.”

A Mossad source comments: “Is this the end of the Avatar Netanyahu? The ole gone to the hospital story. Maybe he is planning his escape? I doubt if the same man comes out of sick bay. If he comes out?”

No matter what though, Israel is bankrupt because its’ US sponsor is no longer getting Asian money to waste on it.

The US government has been using Asian money for many other immoral causes as well. For example, the National Science Foundation has been spending taxpayer money to create AI tools for censoring Americans on various social media platforms. They targeted conservatives, minorities, rural Americans, older adults, and military families. This censorship, for example, targeted people, such as this writer, who cite scientific evidence showing COVID-19 vaccines are harmful. In other words, the government was using AI to hide the fact they have been trying to kill us.

This fact-based report on massive Covid-linked corruption is the sort of thing they have been trying to censor.

Billions spent on Covid deals….. Innova Medical Group a US company gets 9 contracts for lateral flow tests worth £3.7 Billion. Of course an inside deal. Number 10 Downing Street was involved of course.

Video Player

Meanwhile, Scottish Police are planning to stop investigating crimes like theft and criminal damage so they can investigate every report they receive under the new Hate Crime Act, such as posting an anti-LGTB comment on Facebook.

Pro LGTB speech is another thing. During a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in LA Sunday, Jill Biden suggested that not having gay porno books available in children’s libraries in schools is akin to Nazi Germany.

We are further not supposed to criticize illegal immigrants. For example, we are not supposed to say foreigners are responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases and 57.4% of all crimes in Frankfurt, Germany.

The KM media is also trying to silence things like this riot that broke out at Paris airport as illegals try to stop deportation.

Video Player

As the guy in the image below says, people are realizing the Moloch-worshipping, blood-drinking pedophiles who run Western governments do not have the people’s best interests in mind.

Despite this awakening, the KM is desperately trying to make it seem it is business as usual by trotting out “King Charles” and “Pope Francis” in public after long disappearances.

Video Player

Also judging from the German Press report linked below it looks like all the British Royals have been trotted out after not being seen in public for months. It is impossible to confirm if they are real or not in this age of digital fakery and rubber masks. What we can confirm is that while we got analog confirmation from Queen Elizabeth in the form of signed letters, no such thing has been received since her murder.

Our own MI6 sources say King Charles or whoever controls his avatar has been charged with high treason. Something fundamental has changed. Guillotines are being called for and with good reason.

Criminality and corruption aside, the KM are incompetent managers of the countries they control.

An Ipsos survey shows widespread distrust of government in most Western countries. In France, the UK and Canada 82%, 79% and 70% respectively of citizens believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, a new historic low.

KM-controlled governments are very worried. A secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are. The report notes for example many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.”

Think about that, in a country with the second biggest land area on earth (after Russia) a small population and huge lumber supplies, the government is so incompetent it cannot even provide basic housing.

Another Canadian government report says:

Threats against politicians have become “increasingly normalized” due to extremist narratives prompted by personal grievances and fuelled by misinformation or deliberate lies…[Canada] has seen the proliferation of conspiracy theories, a growing lack of trust in the integrity of the state and more political polarization…Baseless theories, disinformation and misinformation have spread to larger audiences, exposing online users to a vast network of narratives that undermine science, systems of government and traditional figures of authority, the report says.

Never mind that the Castrudeau government embezzled billions of dollars while trying to kill people with toxic vaccines eh.

People are starting to take direct action. For example, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson is telling citizens to shoot to kill home invaders to ‘save taxpayers money’

During a press conference in April 2022, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said, “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot. We prefer you to do that, actually.” The comments have gone viral again in juxtaposition to a story in New York where a woman was arrested for trying to remove squatters from her property.

“I said [at the press conference] if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money. And I also said that if somebody gets killed during a home invasion, the odds of them re-offending are zero. And we like those odds, which we do,” he told Fox News Digital.

And in Santa Rosa County, we have a very high percentage of the population that have weapons, and I promote the use of them if you’re in your house. And somebody kicks your door in because they’re not coming in to give you a hug or to give you cookies, they’re coming in to commit felonies,” he continued.

Since he made the remarks, he claims there has not been a single home invasion. “You don’t have to retreat. You don’t have to give them a warning. You don’t have to go barricade yourself in a room. You can shoot and kill them. And in the state of Florida, that’s perfectly legal,” he said. “And in these other states where they don’t have that, people are afraid to own guns, and they’re afraid to protect themselves. That’s why you have the crime rate in New York, in California.”

The KM are looking for an escape. It might even involve an attempt to escape from this universe.

CERN has restarted the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -the world’s most powerful particle accelerator- after a two-year hibernation to “search for ‘invisible’ matter that secretly powers our universe” during April’s solar eclipse.

“Activating CERN is a Huge Deal. Yeah you know the one they say is looking for the God particle while in reality it has been opening portals and crashing timelines,” a US Space Force official comments.

Also, is it a mere coincidence that NASA chose the April 8 solar eclipse to unveil Mission APEP?

APEP is also the name of the serpent deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, the nemesis of the Sun deity Ra. It was said that Apep pursued Ra and every so often nearly consumed him, resulting in an eclipse.

NASA is launching 3 rockets into this eclipse: Ra, Ba, and Sekhmet.

1. Ra leads the charge, launching 45 minutes before the eclipse.

Ra, the Sun god in ancient Egyptian mythology, represents light, warmth, and vitality. Ra’s interactions with Apep, the serpent deity, were often depicted as a battle between light and darkness.

2. Ba will be launched into the darkness of the peak of this eclipse.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ba represents the individual’s personality or soul, often depicted as a bird with a human head. Ba was believed to be a part of a person’s identity that could separate from the body after death and journey to the afterlife.

3. Sekhmet will trail the eclipse by 45 minutes.

Sekhmet was another ancient Egyptian deity, often associated with fire, war, and healing. She was believed to have the power to repel Apep and protect Ra during his journey through the underworld.

Next week’s report will go live immediately before the eclipse but we will try to give you heads up on what to expect. 

All we know for sure is the world is about to change dramatically. We will fight hard to make sure the change is one of vast improvement.


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