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Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Covid "Vaccines" Injected Synthetic and Living Parasites

The claim that cancer is a micro parasitical infection and not some random overdevelopment of your bodies own healthy cells, go back centuries, more recently to the late 1800s where a German scientist named Dr. Alphonse Webber conducted experiments in the early 1860s in which he captured photos of cells being invaded by micro parasites and he also discovered that these cells were in the tumor tissue and blood of all cancer patients.

Experts in this area will tell you that not only is cancer a micro parasitic infection but that we all have it in us. Why would this be hidden from us? Because the current says that your cells just went crazy and that the treatments consisting of chemotherapy, and radiation, both highly toxic, is a $300 billion dollar industry. And given the revelation of the history of medicine in the United States and how it was hijacked by the oil barons, the architects of the private , inauditable federal reserve that's crushing our country currently, to create the pharmaceutical industry, a cash cow fed by the waste product of their processing plants, the story extends to their control over what really causes disease. This was designed to maintain control over the treatment of disease. You can't sell a multi billion dollar industry, if you don't control the etiology and the diagnosis of disease.

So the two current paradigms for cancer Our genetic meaning that uncle jeans are turned on, and the second is viral. Viral etiology is fast under scrutiny and being debunked after the Covid scam.

Countless experts now stand on cancer caused by micro parasites and that it is a micro parasite infection. That the stages of cancer progression are related to the lifecycle and proliferation of micro parasites and the ultimate incoming to cancer, wasting disease is the overpowering of these micro parasites or is Dr Lee Merritt calls them, intro cellular parasites. But clearly from some of the video clips I'm going to show you, you can see that these micro parasites in and out of various cells including our blood cells, depending on the stage of their life cycles.

These doctors go about treating cancer in a whole different way, which makes sense, if your positive factor is something other than viral or genetic, you approach parasites with anti-parasite medication. But more on that in the second half of the show.

The genetic dogma is blown apart by the reality that DNA does not exist, only chromosomes and chromosomes do not mutate. This is something that you can research on your own for validation. To the virus paradigm and cancer,, given the modern approaches to electronic magnifying microscopes , viruses have never and are not really characterized, isolated, identified, measured, or separated. The pictures you see in the media at all levels, mainstream and alternative are nothing more than cartoons created on a computer. It now appears that viruses are only tiny protein fragments resulting from the asexual micro parasites or bacterial proliferation. Another words what is being called "virus"is really a piece of dead flesh or genetic material proteins. It is the toxins from the waste matter as Dr. Merritt has said over and over, that creates the illness and disease state across many different diseases. You can see why at the turn of the century, while hijacking the medical model, to create the pharmaceutical industry, These criminals buried the parasitic condition in humans. After all you deworm your dog regularly, what makes you think you are not vulnerable to parasite invasion?

Dr. Weber's work is based on thousands of biological in vitro and in vivo experiments with tissues and blood samples collected from cancer patients during their lives and even after their deaths. Experts have found that all these blood and tissue tests were confirmed to have micro parasitic infections. Weber also emphasized that micro parasites are more pathogenic meaning disease causing than any bacteria and fungus and are the natural causes of cancer and other chronic diseases. This is mind blowing.

Here is a slide of a human blood smear normal red blood cells, with some of them damaged, but three large egg sacs full of parasites, these are in a mature stage called gametocytes, and these can cause a lot of human illness.

And as I said, micro parasites are the cause of many different human diseases. In 2011, Dr. Allen Cantwell published, "The Return of the Cancer Parasite: Bacteria and the Origin of the Cancer Cell".

Here are some interesting photos, from his incredible collection, relating to different types of cancers. This first picture is breast cancer tissue, this section of tissue shows an intracellular. Round magnified times 1000. And you can see this is a huge egg sac.

This next one is tissue from prostate cancer and it shows a cell packed with intracellular coccoid forms again at 1000 magnification.

The nest cancer biopsy was taken during an autopsy of someone with Hodgkin's lymphoma, it showed necrotic tissue sections from a fatal case and you can see intracellular and extracellular variably sized round coccoid forms bursting out of the cell in connective tissue, again at 1000 magnification.

And lastly, here is a slide that will blow your mind. Remember, I've been in this war since March 2020. I broke the story of graphene oxide in Pfizer and Moderna vials, first found by La Quinta Columna in Spain, and then I broke the first embalmer story of the white fibrous clots. But before those two big stories, I was getting contacted over and over by practicing doctors, researchers, forensic specialists, and microscopy experts from all over the world, They showed me countless photos of their patients’ blood stains, and pictures of Pfizer and Moderna vials, and many biological samples. Most of them didn't make sense to me (or them) at the time, but now they're starting to ring a bell. Have they been injecting people with parasites, synthetic parasites, and their eggs under the guise of a “vaccine?” Take a look at this compilation from my collection.

The top row appears to be various magnifications of living things, and the second row, a bit further out, shows multiple foreign objects. In then bottom row, we can see what looks like egg sacs and all of these pictures are from Pfizer and Moderna vials taken from injection centers.

Now we turn to thoughts on how this all ties in and why the mRNA story and the dreaded spike protein narrative may be the hoax upon the hoax of the Covid scam and a look at recommendations from some of the great experts, on how to remove this cause of disease from your body. Here is a brief montage of my recent discussions with former Navy surgeon, Dr. Lee Merritt.

It is taken me several months to tie together different pieces of information, sort through the claims of numerous experts in the front line of this public health hoax pulled on humanity the fake documentaries, the moneymaking scams, it takes a lot of time and effort to sort through so much information, but it's starting to become clear that we have been lied to about just about everything, and while the Covid pandemic scam was a horrific attack on all of us, it was also the gift that ripped open our eyes to the depth and breath of the corruption and how it goes back centuries. What you just saw was Dr Lee Merritt the best job of anyone I know to put these thousand pieces together and she does it with evidence, scientific reason, and outstanding credibility. She also emphasizes the need to understand the lifecycle of parasites and while there can be much variation across parasites that infect human beings, the general tenants of egg sac, maturity, adulthood, merging with other parasites to blend genetic material and not only proliferate, but grow in size and power, until some human or animal bodies fall pray, become physically and chemically overwhelmed, and die from resulting diseases. They have hidden parasites and parasitical infection from us, as the main cause, and likely in conjunction with other things but as the main cause of human disease in chronic conditions.

Of this would be meaningful without also exploring what we are quickly learning to be the treatment, the proper treatment for parasite infections. And we got a clue during Covid didn't we? I immediately questioned the governments overreach and obviously nefarious blocking of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Because it was having a rapid and powerful effect on reversing the scorch of what they told us was a deadly dangerous viral respiratory infection. my original thinking was that ivermectin and HCQ likely had different mechanisms of action that were unrelated and that they could be anti-parasitics but at the same time be antivirals. How na├»ve but… It was the beginning of my processing, my digestion of what I was being fed, and it's taken me a while and others, to figure this out. 

If they're feeding us, and infecting us with parasites, and they want to take control, it is now obvious why they were blocking anti-parasitic medication because it would've shut down their whole hoax of a program to get to the emergency use authorizations, and the injection of hundreds of millions of human beings, couple of billions most likely, with their toxic, synthetic parasites and other poisons, God knows what else they have put in these shots across the last three years. So much of this makes sense so for those of you who are injected, and the rest of us who are not, the fact remains that the best thing we can do at this point is to support the miracle of our human body design, a gift from God. And so we turn to various remedies, yes there are pharmaceuticals like ivermectin, HCC, fenbendazole, but there are also natural substances that are good for maintenance and possibly treatment, but for diagnosis and treatment I want to emphasize that you should seek the advice of a trusted, and competent naturopath and specialist in parasitic infections. The general traditional standard medical doctor or practice, is going to laugh you out of the office and now we know why. there's no money in it. So let's take a quick look as I promised, at some of the natural materials and herbs for parasites.


This is an incredible list that begins with black walnut hull extract, wormwood, and clove oil, which has been recommended in combination. Let's stop trying to rely on fake replicas of the pharmaceutical industry calling themselves natural health organizations when they're just more of the corporate Big money shysters just funneling you right back into pharma. Make your own combination of black walnut wormwood and clove oil. Frequently highlighted are Artemesia, raw garlic, olive leaf extract, ginger root, and pumpkin seeds which we're going to see in another slide for anti-parasitic foods. Most of the pungent essential oils are helpful, long fasting, and turpentine, but again I recommend the guidance of a trained naturopath for guidance in the use of these.

There are many anti-parasitic foods that can be added to the diet: papaya seeds as these kill intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms. I would imagine grinding them up into the fruit in a smoothie is a good way to incorporate it. Cayenne pepper which is a potent parasite and repellent, is a great addition. Pumpkin seeds are known to paralyze parasites so that they can be expelled from the body and we can use pomegranate that kills worms in the intestinal system. One of my personal favorites is coconut because it helps eliminate parasites from the body too and don’t forget some of the many herbs like thyme which helps to cleanse the body of worms.

Please engage in your own search and seek out books and publications like Dr. Hulda Clark, and another great author in this area is Hanna Kroeger, who wrote, "Parasites: The Enemy Within,” along with many other great researchers and natural practicing experts. We are in a transition after the Covid hoax. God has reopened the door to this incredible earth, that yields for us everything we need to be healthy, and happy. If you've enjoyed this topic and if you think it will help others I urge you to pass it on to your friends and family, take notes and then add your own investigative reading and learning to it. Please follow me on Twitter and Telegram, and please continue to support the Dr Jane Ruby Show so that I can bring you the best in Truth In Medicine. 

God bless you all.

Dr Jane Ruby Apr 30, 2024


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