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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Invisible Rulers

Honest money has value of its own

Over the centuries, many objects have been used as money, the main ones being cows, salt, and shells. In the 4th century BC, Aristotle reflected on this and concluded that honest money has five characteristics; 
-value of itself, to be exchanged for valuable goods or services,
-durable, e.g. wheat rots
-divisible, makes works of art inappropriate
-convenient, e.g. lead needs too much of it
-structural, why land objects do not qualify as money, because each land object is different.

Of the 92 elements found in nature, gold has proven to be the best money and silver the next best.

The Dark Powers

The Patriots are fighting for an exceptional future that is real and coming. To name a few things; Free energy, interstellar travel, Tele Time Travel, asset-backed monetary system, natural medicine instead of money-grubbing corrupt pathogenic system perpetuated by creation of chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s among others, new methodology to cleanse our atmosphere of toxic catastrophic effects by chemtrails, and exposure to dangers of GMO foods.

A return to 100% organic food, or in short; food without poisons;

a true golden age lies ahead.

Much of hidden history will be recovered and revealed.

On one side are the Dark Powers who have taken almost unlimited liberty to rule the surface of our planet, for tens of thousands of years, with on the other side the Forces of Light, the Patriots who are making great efforts to remove all negative forces from our planet.

Emerging mass arrests will show the world the truth about banking institutions, government and all heinous actions by the cabal against humanity.

The Light is literally coming to Earth for all. Much activity is going on behind the scenes, making it now safer for benevolent helpers to act according to instructions, to remove the dark powers that make up the Deep State.

The Cabal’s financial system is on the verge of collapse. The Cabal has spent trillions of euros/dollars every year to give us the impression that nothing has changed and nothing undesirable can ever happen.

If the Deep State had the choice, they would start World War III with the sole purpose of restarting their Fiat Money System, this time with the SDR as the base currency instead of the US dollar as the reserve currency. Everything we have been told are lies and pure nonsense.

“Products are bought with products”

Not with money alone, said the great 19th-century French economist, Jean-Baptiste Say. He described the real world, as the win-win world. If you want something, you have to give something of value in return. That means you have to produce something to give – and not just a piece of paper with some ink on it.

The reality is that financial authorities not only tell soothing and incoherent lies; they also prevent people from seeing the truth. Optimistic views and comments are not enough. Their principles are absurd and outrageous deceptions. They tell people they are getting richer by their magic; namely, by increasing the amount of money, lowering interest rates, falsifying statistics and stealing from future generations by creating inflation and obscene debt levels.

All this is deliberately undertaken to continuously tighten their grip on humanity for permanent enslavement of the people. The ultimate goal is to have planet Earth to themselves: such are the 13 Bloodline Families, the so-called One Percent Ultra Empires, of Earth. These consist of criminal bankers and multinational corporate gurus.

Another part of their script is the implosion of the stock market. For the financial institutions owned by the rulers to demand all loans, followed by defaults and bankruptcies, to further enrich the one per cent.

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, assists humanity below to prepare for our new world.



As the Planetary Transition comes to an end, human consciousness also continues to expand in the same way, so everyone can understand that definitively a Cycle is closing on our Planet Earth.

Of course, each consciousness has its own individual capacity to process this information, which is why there are still conflicting and arbitrary understandings.

But as has been said here on other occasions, we can clearly see the formation of two Timelines every day, and it will be these Timelines that will gather souls, whether they are ready for ascension or not. Each will go with the group that suits their frequency.

In recent years, when consciousness allowed itself to be new, human beings have received guidance, information and directions that were in line with their capacity for perception and understanding. Only after understanding can you truly perceive the changes taking place. Everything is now accelerating towards the final moments of this Planetary Transition.

The Plan for the Worlds is so vast that the human mind is not yet able to comprehend it. Only a few very superficial indications become available, and even then, only to those who are aware and open to receive this information. Fortunately, every day the group capable of explaining these incredible changes for humanity on Earth is growing.

In previous posts since 2015, we have provided guidance and analysis on how to grasp this moment of Planetary Transition. Those of you who have followed it so far already have a clear picture of the evolution of this transition process and the eventual changes. We speak in a simple and objective way and bring a crescendo of information step by step, so that everyone can understand and process it in their own way.

The interpretation does not have to be the same for every consciousness, but the understanding that each has allows them to make the best choices and also gives confidence that the path is being walked in the best ways and that the end is truly near.

Many already see on the horizon the flag separating the two Dimensions 3 and 5.

All systems known in 3D will no longer exist on the 5D world. As we said a few weeks ago, we will not forget the past, for it was the treadmill of our learning, but let us allow ourselves the new, for nothing will ever be the same again.

Since the Transition takes place over a period of about 3 Centuries, and started around 1750, we can now understand that we are in fact in the final phase.

The best and most incredible years within the Transition are now being experienced by the current generation of incarnates on Earth. You, me and almost 8 billion other souls are privileged to be present for this and experience the long-awaited Transition together with planet Earth.

There will be plenty of challenges, but there is nothing greater than the reward of this experience. We will take this legacy into the cosmos, beyond the infinity of time. You will be noted in the cosmic annals forever with your story. You will forever be able to say: I was there.

Coming back to the last change of the Transition, when all the Systems are changed, one of them will be very impactful: namely, the system of government. No system was part of the curriculum of this School of Souls. They were all created and developed by man himself. Indeed, learning here was unlimited with free choice to create, develop and reap the results of all, always within Duality, polarities and subject to reasonable Divine Justice, within the Laws of Action and Reaction.

The system of government had its origins at the beginning of human civilisation, when people left the caves and started living in groups or collectives. From the beginning, the idea was to lead and organise these groups and regulate everyone’s destiny.

However, the ego and desire for power was introduced into human DNA through the genetic experiments of the invading races (among others the Anunnaki). Since these races were not allowed to incarnate in physical bodies on Earth, they used humans to their own advantage, controlling them and exploiting them for service.

So the current system of government was born out of these very ancient interests. That over time was supported by extraterrestrial physical entities, and so more and more humans were reworked with reptilian DNA.

Such incarnated souls with this profile possess an insatiable desire for power and greed. They are devoid of compassion and emotions. As reported earlier, they are cold-blooded. They do not care about consequences as long as their goals are achieved.

In a sense, over the centuries, almost all humans have, to a greater or lesser extent, acquired some traces of reptilian DNA. This is to some extent allowed within the Divine Plan for several reasons, one being that it has prepared people to seek ever greater advancement, for even those who are not led to positions of governance or collective responsibility strive for success in their endeavours in daily activities.

But the head of the government pyramid has become too big and needs an ever-widening base. Over time, geographical divisions, countries, states, autarchies, conglomerates, organisations, NGO ‘s, trade unions, courts, forums, municipalities, congresses, secretariats and a paraphernalia of opportunities have been created to satisfy the ever-increasing number of power-hungry people.

Each public office created also requires more financial resources from those actually working in the Productive System. And so was born what has already been referred to here as the Law of Slavery through Labour and Debt.

Only those who leave the productive functions and join those who profit from them remain outside the grip of this law. Thus, the state became increasingly bloated as many discovered they could switch sides.

Today, we have a reality like a bubble. One small blow and it will explode, and thus cease to exist. Both the System and all other resources created not to serve but to profit will cease to exist in a short time.

The exchange of all Systems will take place over a few years in the known linear time. This is the most important part of the Planetary Transition.

When the frequency of the Earth leaves behind the vibration of the Third Dimension, these energies will also no longer feed the old Systems.

Humanity will no longer need to be governed, as each consciousness will be autonomous, independent and responsible for itself.

On the New Earth, cooperation will replace competition, so no one will lose or another can win. Everyone will always win, because their consciousnesses are pure. This purity is already present in every soul. It was hidden by the veils so that every incarnate could experience the polarities within the duality that exists here in the Third Dimension.

By lifting the veils, all truth and innate knowledge in the full consciousness of every ascended human being will reveal itself. Of course, this will not be the case for those who have not yet completed their apprenticeship in this school.

All worlds from the Fifth Dimension onwards do not use dominating systems. Nor do they need rulers. There will be hierarchies, such as Councils of Elders, where decisions have to be made, but these decisions will be for collective discipline and organisation only.

Consciousness itself, which will be higher in these Worlds, is its own government. Everyone will know its authority and responsibility at all times.

It is a New Age that is finally approaching! We can already see clearly that governments are truly redundant. There is no point in continuing with this secretive and bankrupt system, which oppresses more than it adds.

We don’t need to give examples; we just need to observe them, because they are everywhere and always. The storm is finally subsiding. A time of prosperity is dawning and the meek and pure in heart will enjoy it.

Earn this new time. It depends on you alone. Nothing and no one has the power to stop you.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


The New Age has finally begun!

It is clear to see, governments are redundant. It is pointless to continue with the current cryptically bankrupt system, that oppresses and contributes nothing. 

Many will ask when? If the protests of farmers, trucker, citizens and others active today continue to manifest worldwide, the breakthrough occurs at the end of this March.

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