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Thursday, February 8, 2024


The truth will ripple out from the lie for decades to come

 First off I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been sharing, commenting and supporting my latest articles and research.

It might seem like I have become a little obsessed with this Epstein Zorro Ranch situation, but in-between researching this global and perhaps other worldly cover up I have been editing content about alien encounters, Ukraine Nazi factions and their connections to Zionism and tonight I am interviewing a chap about inter-dimensional Sasquatch spotted in New Mexico.

So a varied gaggle of information to say the least, and the incredible thing is…it really does all connect, not least around New Mexico, New York and the Lurianic Kabbalah.

One of the most memorable images of Epstein’s New Mexico Zorro Ranch (alongside the Z which connects to recent events across the US/Mexico Southern Boarder) is the helipad which you can see above. 


Of course this could be put down to just being a fancy design by a predatory rich man for his toy helicopters, but we question everything especially when it comes to the likes of Jeffery Epstein. Remember these occultists and their brethren Satanists are steeped in ritual. Just look at the Sigil of Saturn on the Crest of the British Royals Balmoral Castle (Baal being another name for Moloch). Baal could be another version of the Ass headed God Yahweh, who in some Jewish mystic cults is really a cover for Set or Seth-Typhon.

The Sigil of Saturn Encoded in the Balmoral Crest

So these occultists by their very nature are steeped in symbology, even down to the design of the main Masonic Temples being modelled on the Temple of Solomon.

With this in mind I was draw to looking into any and all symbology surrounding Epstein’s Zorro Ranch. I came across a great little video that talked about what the helipad might represent, by Youtuber CaliforniaPickin who had some interesting takes on what it might mean.

His conclusion was that this concentric symbol was a symbol for “The Lost City of Atlantis” and I can understand why he has come to this conclusion, though it is not one I fully share.

Below is one of a fair few symbols for the Lost City of Atlantis, and although this is of course an intriguing theory and I do believe it certainly has some mythological validity, I just don’t think its close enough for me.

Drawing of an Atlantis Cross - The Museum of Witch Craft and Magic

Having said that, it could well be that BOTH are correct and that ultimately the Lost City of Atlantis and the Hollow Earth are the actually the same thing? Remember we are asking questions here, and not making statements, and there’s no such thing as a stupid or wrong question.

Thanks to California Pickin for this insight into what this symbol might mean as I certainly believe he is onto something and as my previous articles suggest, there are likely many underground facilities underneath the vast expanse of New Mexico.

Dulce Base, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Manzano Base to name just a few.

For the sake of this article let’s go with the premise that this helipad may be a birds eye (Ra- Gods Eye) view of a symbol for a hollow earth. It is my belief that the number of rings can be equated to the depth or levels of the facility below.

In the above images the Orange would represent the mass between the levels as would the Grass areas of the Epstein helipad. The middle would represent the core of the facility at it’s deepest level with the circles within the mass/grass areas being the levels themselves.

This also reminds me of the Panopticon prison system where all prisoners can be monitored at all times from the central point.

The plan of Millbank Prison has six pentagons with a tower at the centre arranged around a chapel.

Which also has connotations of the “All Seeing Eye” on the dollar bill at the apex of the Illuminati pyramid as well as the biblical ‘Screech Owl’ which I believe could be at least one element of the Owl at Bohemian Grove that is said to be used in the creation of care ceremony where a young virgin (child) is “mock” scarified.

The Screech Owl - Isaiah 34:11

Unfortunately all of this symbology comes back to the same disturbing information, that of secret underground facility or cities and the possible connection to missing children. Remember that 85,000 children have gone missing over the US/Mexico boarder in 2022 alone and that this boarder is not too far away from New Mexico and ultimately Zorro Ranch itself. I am not suggesting they are going to the ranch, but I do believe this is something that needs looking into in regards to other underground facilities in the New Mexico area.

The notion of a hollow earth was proposed by non-fiction writer Anthanasius Kircher in his book Mundus Subterraneus published in 1666. Kircher was a Jesuit and was compared to fellow Jesuit Leonardo Da Vinci and was honoured with the title “Master of a Hundred Arts”.

The theory of Kircher was that the earth might consist of a hollow shell, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core. Kircher is said to have “came up” with this theory to explain “anomalous compass readings”.

In 1781 Le Clerc Milford led a group of hundred of Muscogee people to a vast expanse of caverns near the Red River by the Mississippi River where it is claimed they discovered 15,000 - 20,000 families. The Muscogee people may have “emerged out to the surface from the Earth in ancient times”.

In more recent times we have heard of these hollow earth communities and the vast cities they live in. I recently interview Stewart Swerdlow who is famous for being a survivor of the Montauk Project, a secret government programme connected to both the MK Ultra Mind Control CIA projects as well as the Philadelphia Experiment.
The Montauk, Philadelphia and MK Ultra link Together

Video above - Classified with Stewart Swerdlow ‘Blue Blood True Blood” on

The above interview concentrates more on Stewarts accounts of his more recent work with NASA, though are forthcoming interview covers the importance of New Mexico, Epstein’s Zorro Ranch and the Hollow Earth information he has been privy to for over 30 years, since his time in the Montauk Project.

For more information I would highly recommend his book ‘Blue Blood, True Blood’. 

In this new interview on Stewart speaks in depth (great pun) about the realities of our Hollow Earth and what he believes goes on in these deep and dark facilities.

Of course the mainstream media and “scholars” will laugh at the concept of a hollow earth and label it as “pseudoscience” whilst at the same time swearing by an actual pseudoscience such as psychology with its DSM Bible at the ready to convince you of how mental you are for believing anything outside of the allowed narrative.

Much has been written about the hollow earth theory such as the legends of Agatha which became a fascination of the likes of the Thule Society. An organisation that later sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers' Party), which was later reorganized by Adolf Hitler into the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party).

This all fits into the breeding of a Super Race or as Hitler called it the Ubermensch (Friedrich Nietzsche). What is fascinating here is that Hitler also had a corresponding term for those who he deemed the lesser people. He called them the Untermensch which literally means “Sub Human” or “Sub Man”.

Now most people would read this and think he was only making a reference to what he deemed as inferior races of people such as the Jews (it’s a faith not a race btw) but what if he was actually making an occult dog whistle to some other “Sub-Men” ? perhaps those who live within the earth, the subterranean (existing or occurring under the earths surface).

Let’s get back to Epstein shall we? Apologies but the nature of this research takes you all over the place at times.

We know that Ghislaine Maxwell had both a helicopter and submarine licence and we know that the Island of Little St James is very close to Water Island which was purchased by the US in 1944 to protect the Submarine base on nearby Saint Thomas Island.

Another avenue to investigate would be that Joe Biden’s brother James once purchased land on Water Island reportedly for $150,000. That would give himself great access to the Submarine port on Saint Thomas Island and possible an underwater root to Epstein’s island itself ?

Perhaps we are being distracted by Epstein’s Little Black Book ? and whilst we are all looking up to the sky, clients are coming and going under the Shekhinah deep blue see and the tunnels under New Mexico around Zorro Ranch ?….It’s a valid question at the very least. 

For more info on Epstein island check out the video below by my friend and fellow research Christopher Jon Bjerknes and his fascinating research into the possibility that Epstein not only had access to a hollow earth, as I am suggesting, but also followed the theory of a flat earth as well which can be seen in his infamous temple.

It is my belief as well as Epstein survivor Juliette Bryant that Epstein was up to something else and the trafficking of young women to other men seems to be just a tiny part of his deep dark crimes. Indeed most of the accounts that I have read have talk about these young children being found and groomed for Epstein’s own personal sexual depravity.

Watch the full interview on my weekly show Classified exclusive to

All of this background and what I call “satellite” information begins to build a picture that maybe something very dark and nefarious could be going on not only under Epstein Island and Zorro Ranch, but under vast landscapes of the New Mexico terrain.

Below is an example of the Hollow Earth from "Interior World" of Atvatabar, from William R. Bradshaw's 1892 science-fiction novel The Goddess of Atvatabar.

What I find incredible about the above image is that on the left we have countries such as India, Australia, China and Siberia. But on the right we have more specific locations and incredibly they fit in with my research into the Messianic Sect Chabad Lubavitch who reside in Brooklyn New York.

Major Political Names all connected to Chabad Lubavitch

Why would William R Bradshaw put New York in the image? as a specific location when all the rest are either countries or vast land masses such as South America and North America.

Was he trying to focus us in on where this is all being orchestrated from?

New York …. New York….New Mexico….New EARTH.

On another point, Epstein was raised in a gated community near Brooklyn called ‘Sea Gate’ . His home was across the road from the Keneses Israel which is Sea Gate’s oldest Hassidic Orthodox synagogue. Sea Gate has become home to a large community of Orthodox Jews including many Chabad followers. Chabad Lubavitch followers study Lurianic Kabbalah believes and believe in a Messiah and “World To Come”.

Whatever the truth, it seems to me that we would do well to keep investigating Epstein, Zorro Ranch and his circles in the sand.

Richard Willett


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