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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Westerners Will “Scream In Horror” When “Deliberately-Provoked War” Real Truths Known

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation reporting that the national debt reached $206 billion accounting for 16.7% of gross domestic product (GDP), says in comparison, socialist European Union national debt reached a staggering $14 trillion accounting for 84.36% of its GDP, while United States national debt reached a beyond all belief over $33 trillion accounting for 122.8% of its GDP.

Causing the socialist Western colonial powers led by the United States to commit economic suicide with crushing national debt, this report notes, is their unrestrained borrowing to fuel an offensive proxy war against Russia using its puppet state Ukraine—in response, Russia is waging a defensive military campaign against these socialist warmongers, as exampled by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealing today: “Battlegroup South units have repelled eight attacks by Ukrainian assault groups in the Artyomovsk and Avdeyevka areas…The enemy’s losses amounted to over 300 servicemen, one Krab self-propelled artillery system, a D-20 weapon, two tanks, a mechanized infantry fighting vehicle, two Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile launchers, a signals intelligence station, as well as seven vehicles and eight drones”—a Russian defensive military campaign that has cost the lives of over 83,000 Ukrainian soldiers since June, while also destroying over 10,300 pieces of Western military equipment worth hundreds-of-billions of dollars—and is a Russian defensive military campaign about which the leftist New York Times reported last week: “Only 0.2% of Ukraine's landmass has changed hands this year...From January 1 to September 25, Ukraine recaptured just 143 square miles of territory, while Russia took 331 square miles, resulting in a net gain of 188 miles for Russia”.

In the latest example of socialist Western colonial warmongering insanity, this report continues, former British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace released his unhinged lying screed “Ukraine Is Winning, Now Let’s Finish The Job” yesterday, wherein he screamed like the madman he truly is: “Whisper it if you need...Dare to think it...But champion it you must...Ukraine’s counteroffensive is succeeding...We need to give Ukraine the support it requires to see this war to the end...This war can be won...Vladimir Putin is failing...Putin is desperately grasping at the final two things that can save him – time and the splitting of the international community…Britain can do something about both...We must help Ukraine maintain its momentum – and that will require more munitions, ATACMSs and Storm Shadows...And the best way to keep the international community together is the demonstration of success...Ukraine can also play its part...The average age of the soldiers at the front is over 40...I understand President Zelensky’s desire to preserve the young for the future, but the fact is that Russia is mobilising the whole country by stealth...So just as Britain did in 1939 and 1941, perhaps it is time to reassess the scale of Ukraine’s mobilisation”.

Among those finding it repugnant that anyone would call for Ukraine to send children to replace the old men sent to die in a socialist Western colonial proxy war against Russia, this report details, are the sane peoples of European Union and NATO member nation Slovakia, who this weekend elected to power its new leader Robert Fico after he vowed “not a single round” from his country will be sent to Ukraine, and yesterday declared: “Slovakia and the people of Slovakia have bigger problems than Ukraine...We will do everything we can to start peace negotiations as quickly as possible...Further killing does not benefit anyone”—a declaration of peace joined with the news: “Fewer than half of EU citizens now totally agree with further financing of the Ukrainian war effort and receiving Ukrainian refugees into Europe”—all of which was followed by the leftist New York Times assessing today: “The victory of Robert Fico, a former prime minister who took a pro-Russian campaign stance, in Slovakia’s parliamentary elections is a further sign of eroding support for Ukraine in the West as the war drags on and the front line remains largely static...The election results come as disquiet over the billions of dollars in military aid that the West has provided to Ukraine over the past 19 months has grown more acute in the United States and the European Union, with demands increasing for the money to go to domestic priorities instead”. 

Following the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine on Saturday, this report notes, Republican Party leader House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared yesterday: “The priority for me is America and our borders...Now, I support being able to make sure Ukraine has the weapons they need, but I firmly support America’s border first”—a declaration joined by the article “Despite Growing Opposition And Serious Problems At Home, Democrats Make Ukraine Funding Their Top Priority”, wherein it observed: “Congress averted a government shutdown this weekend, agreeing to 45 days of funding to give members time to pass appropriations bills for the full year…Incredibly, Democrats seemed prepared to shut down the government over their desire for increases in Ukraine war funding”—an observation that followed top Republican Party lawmaker Senator J.D. Vance posting the message: “Sorry, this needs to be said...A lot of the anti-Russia obsession on the left has nothing to do with Ukraine...It’s a revenge fantasy over 2016...They blame Russia for Donald Trump’s election and they’ll bleed Ukraine dry for payback”—and in the just released leftist Politico article “Inside The Senate’s Looming Showdown Over The Future Of Ukraine”, sees it revealing: “From Mitch McConnell on down, the Senate’s pro-Ukraine coalition is trying to reassure the U.S. ally that help will soon be on the way — even after a bruising GOP confrontation over keeping the government open snuffed out billions in immediate new aid...But for that bipartisan group — which has served as a bulwark against growing House Republican opposition to continued aid — the past week has been a rude awakening...Not until now has the depth of division and tricky politics within the Republican Party been so apparent”.

Immediately prior to the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine, this report continues, socialist Biden Regime official Under Secretary of Defense Michael McCord warned congressional leaders: “Without additional funding now, we would have to delay or curtail assistance to meet Ukraine’s urgent requirements, including for air defense and ammunition that are critical and urgent now as Russia prepares to conduct a winter offensive”—a warning now joined by an unnamed top Pentagon official warning the American media: "The Department of Defense has exhausted nearly all available security assistance funding for Ukraine”—are warnings that followed the State Department quietly releasing with little notice its 22 page public document “Integrated Country Strategy For Ukraine” last month—a document, however, whose full version of was just leaked, as revealed in the just released leftist Politico article “Leaked Doc Shows Biden Admin Is More Worried About Ukraine Corruption Than It Says Publicly”, wherein it reveals: “Biden administration officials are far more worried about corruption in Ukraine than they publicly admit, a confidential U.S. strategy document obtained by POLITICO suggests...The “sensitive but unclassified” version of the long-term U.S. plan lays out numerous steps Washington is taking to help Kyiv root out malfeasance and otherwise reform an array of Ukrainian sectors...It stresses that corruption could cause Western allies to abandon Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion, and that Kyiv cannot put off the anti-graft effort”.

In response to the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine, this report concludes, socialist European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell traveled to Kiev and declared: “EU military aid to Ukraine will not depend on decisions taken by the United States...Our blocs military aid for Kiev is permanent structured and does not depend on the decisions of other nations or the results of Ukraine’s military efforts”—a socialist warmongering declaration that joined the news: “Ukraine hosted an international defense industry conference as part of a government effort to ramp up weapons production within the country...President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaking at the opening of the International Defense Industries Forum, said that around 250 defense companies from more than 30 countries had gathered Friday in Kyiv...Defense ministers and representatives of several countries also attended the event”—all of which caused world renowned Australian geopolitical analyst Caitlin Johnstone, in her just released open letter “The Mad Propaganda Push To Normalize War-Profiteering In Ukraine”, to warningly observe:

There’s been an astonishingly brazen propaganda push to normalize war profiteering in Ukraine as Kyiv coordinates with the arms industry and western governments to convert the war-ravaged nation into a major domestic weapons manufacturer, thereby turning Ukrainians into proxies of the military industrial complex as well as the Pentagon.

All this propaganda energy is going into normalizing the act of war profiteering because if you let the idea stand on its own, it would make people scream in horror.

The fact that a deliberately-provoked war is being used as a giant field demo to show prospective buyers and investors how effective various weapons systems can be at ripping apart human bodies in order to profit from all this death and destruction is more nightmarish than anything any dystopian novelist has ever come up with.

Ukraine is a giant advertisement for weapons of mass slaughter and the cost of that corporate ad is not money but human blood.

If you look right at this thing it absolutely chills you to the bone.

Which is why so much effort is being poured into making sure people don’t look at it.


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