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Sunday, February 6, 2022

It is only a matter of time now before all pandemic pushers are either arrested or turned

January 31, 2022

FULL ARTICLE: “The Rockefeller “rules-based world order” circles the drain of history

Payback is a bitch. The Rockefeller clan, the greatest mass murderers in human history, are finally facing justice. Mass demonstrations across occupied Europe and now action by truckers in North America is a sign their satanic rule is collapsing.


Today is January 31st, a payment deadline the Rockefellers have to make. All signs indicate their check has bounced. They now have until February 18th to come up with the money or be bankrupted.

What money are we talking about? The Rockefeller proxy fake Biden regime ran up a record $1.08 trillion trade deficit in 2021 and added more than $2 trillion to US federal debt to bring the total to $30 trillion. That means they need to come up with $3 trillion or their entire fake regime collapses.

Remember, their clan, -headed by the fugitive criminal David Rockefeller Jr,- control what they call the “rules based world order.” Whose rules? Their rules. Their servants run the UN, the World Bank, NATO, the Fortune 500 companies etc. Remember the heads of these organizations were appointed, not elected. So, when the Rockefellers are bankrupted, it will mean all of these power centers will revert to the control of the people.

Even if they manage to get their Chinese Communist Party servants to hand over the Chinese people’s money; that still will not save them. That is because the Chinese Communist Party, reeling under $118 trillion of debt, worth 833% of their GDP, is also bankrupt.

Even if they use fiat money and fake accounting to pretend they are still solvent, that will not help because they are being hunted. The Rockefellers murdered the Tsar of Russia and his family after he refused to grant them oil concessions. The Khazarian mafia then started a reign of terror that killed over 50 million Russians. Russian patriots are now getting their justice and have begun systematically hunting down the entire extended Rockefeller clan and their servants, according to FSB sources.

Speaking about servants, let us talk about their fascist/communist servant Justin Castro of Canada. Thanks to the patriotic truckers who descended on Ottawa, he is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to run into hiding from his own people.

This is a message to David McGuinty, who I went to high school with and who heads Canada’s secret services: “If you do not want to face a Nuremberg-style tribunal for war crimes, then you need to grow a pair and arrest Castro.” Just like Adolf Hitler, Castro only got 33% of the popular vote and yet he is using that to try to turn Canada into a fascist dictatorship. The Canadian military did not win at Vimy ridge just to see Canada taken over by a brother murdering fascist foreign agent. Here is my advice to the Canadian military: take Castro up on his bluff and “follow the science.” Send military police into hospitals around the country and check facts with front-line doctors. You will find Castro and his fellow fascist/communist agents have been using a renamed common cold (which is a coronavirus) to destroy democracy in Canada and vaccinate Canadians with dangerous substances. You can start your fact-checking here:

“Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing”

Remember, Canadians who support vaccinations do so only because the controlled media has told them lies about the so-called pandemic. Also, ask yourselves why your top generals were removed based on lies and innuendos, and replaced with puppets. Do not trust anyone who has not personally seen combat. Whatever you do, refuse to take action against your fellow patriot truckers and farmers now fighting to liberate Canada. Here is a message from one of the protesters in Ottawa: “Canada just woke the fuck up!!” Long live free Canada.

OK, now let us look at how Khazarian mafia rule is collapsing around the world.

The first thing we notice is that truckers around the world are now emulating Canada and preparing to stop economic activity until the Khazarian criminal puppet regimes are removed.

There are also huge, demonstrations going on all over Europe. Here is just one example from Belgium where a million-person protest is being held in a country of 11 million people.

The scale of the protests means many former top members of the Khazarian mafia are now surrendering and agreeing to a peace and reconciliation process. For example, Nathaniel Rothschild contacted us again to say he is working with [US President Donald] Trump directly. He is spending most of his time at the Thule US Space Force Center. There is a massive underground base there. (Also the underground prison is located nearby). Nat has made a deal with the Alliance and turned his fortune over to them. He has already given $50 billion for use in the project in the region. His fortune is estimated at several trillion dollars. The exact amount is classified. Nat distanced himself from the British side of the family and was nearly taken out because he wanted out of the family business. He has a body double who attends most meetings regarding his new company Volex. Take a look at the 2 attached photos. One is Nat a year ago when he went to Sri Lanka. The other photo is fairly current and is his double.

The French side of the family is called De Rothschild. They were behind the attempted coup in Kazakhstan. Their mercenaries were eliminated thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Russia is now fighting to liberate Europe from Rockefeller and NATO control. The battle over Ukraine is really a war to liberate Europe, according to the Russians and their British allies.

Over 80% of Russia’s gas exports to Europe go via Ukraine. The Rockefellers and their French De Rothschild allies installed a puppet regime there to stop the flow of gas and force the Europeans to buy expensive Rockefeller-controlled gas.

Yevgeny Fyodorov, a big-time Russian politician, explains the situation at the interview linked below.

He explains the Rockefeller battle to stop the gas from flowing directly to Germany via the Nordstream II pipeline is a battle for European independence. If the Europeans buy gas from Russia, they would be paying $300 per cubic meter in long-term, stable contracts. Instead, the Rockefellers are trying to force them to pay $1000 per cubic meter of gas they control.

Now that the Ukraine is being liberated, France and Germany, which both existed as independent countries for over 1000 years, will once again become independent, Russian FSB sources say.

Here is what Russia plans to do according to Fyodorov: Bring Ukraine back to Russia, restore the Soviet Union, restore Yugoslavia and nationalize the Russian central bank. Fyodorov explains that the current central bank is a subsidiary of the IMF.

According to MI6 and CIA sources, the capture of Swiss Rothschild family head Klaus Schwab and EU central bank head Christine Lagarde means the IMF is now ready to work with Russia to replace the EU with the 47 member Council of Europe.

This is how Russia looks at the fake pandemic.


The weapons, slave and drug dealing business known as NATO will be replaced with something that actually involves European security under this arrangement, the sources say.

MI6 is doing its part to make this happen by removing Khazarian mafia agents in the UK and the rest of Europe. A senior MI6 agent explains that the removal of Angela Hitler (Merkel) from power in Germany was the key. “If Merkel is gone then [French President Emmanuelle] Macron is gone,” the source says. That is why the French De Rothschilds tried to create a new home for themselves outside of France with their failed attempt to take over Kazakhstan.

In the UK, according to MI6, former Chief Cabinet Secretary (and secret ruler) Simon Case “has been executed.” Also former MI6/Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) head John Scarlett “was assassinated last week,” the source says. “They attempted stealth state capture, they committed high treason. The whole thing is imploding upon itself. It is a bit like dealing with an amateur Nazi force,” MI6 explains.

“It is about asserting personal sovereignty. You have to stand up to bullies. Don’t let Pfizer run around and tell you lies. They are bullies, they are paid bullies,” they continue.

The crackdown on Pfizer and other pharmacidical Khazarian lackeys is continuing worldwide multiple sources agree.

For example, Anthony Fauci, the chief pandemic pusher in the US “has been executed at Gitmo,” according to CIA sources. The one now appearing is a double, the source says. The following photograph was sent as evidence.

The fake trump who is pushing vaccines has also been exposed, as this CIA photograph shows.

Speaking about the CIA, the Rockefellers have been trotting out former CIA head Mike Pompeo to say:

“Chinese leader Xi Jinping wants global domination—hegemony for the Chinese Communist Party,” warning that the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could destroy the rules-based international order in place since the end of World War II.

The problem is this Pompeo is “a double without a doubt,” according to CIA sources, as the photos below make obvious.

“The double is wearing a boot (with a GPS monitor). The real Pompeo is totally off the radar. He has accepted the Truth and Reconciliation deal from the Alliance. He has turned over all data files, and USB drives that he acquired as Agency director and as Secretary Of State, to the Alliance. He is currently in a very safe location helping the Alliance,” the CIA says. 

We also got information from Australian intelligence about the situation in their region. First New New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, “has gone into self-isolation.” “Looks like the grin is off his/her face now. Time to decide to cooperate or go to Gitmo, sure looks like Jack Ardern to me,” the source says.

The battle to liberate Australia is also raging. The Australian intelligence source reports the situation there as follows:

“Melbourne is the dragon’s head for pedophilia and child trafficking in Australia. There is a very large underground base beneath the city. With a submarine base that goes into the sea. Melbourne and Victoria is 100% controlled by the satanic cabal, as is all of Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is under the control of the Cabal as well. He will resign soon due to health reasons. Premier Dan Andrews now has a double. The real Andrews is gone.” 

Speaking about gone, we also note that “Pop megastar Elton John on Tuesday postponed two concerts in Dallas — part of what is expected to be a lengthy farewell tour — after testing positive for Covid-19.”

“He has been arrested as well. He is a known pedophile,” a CIA source explains. 

China is also on the case, as this news item shows:

BEIJING: Chinese authorities summoned officials of AstraZeneca China regarding an investigation of suspected medical insurance fraud by the company’s employees, the National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) said on Saturday (Jan 29)…employees in the southern city of Shenzhen had altered or participated in altering patients’ testing reports, and were suspected of medical insurance fraud.

A similar series of arrests have also taken place in Japan as foreign agents and their lackeys have been rounded up for faking positive test results and murdering people in hospitals, according to Japanese police agency sources.

We also note that Rockefeller employee and WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus is now publicly saying that vaccines are being used to kill children.


Clearly he has been turned.

Rest assured, it is only a matter of time now before all pandemic pushers are either arrested or turned.

So, with the pandemic attempt to create global fascism blowing up in their faces, more signs are emerging that a space opera is next. As evidence, here are videos of some recent “UFO” sightings.



Project blue beam full steam ahead?

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