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Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Wars of Perception

PLATO ON: The Allegory of the Cave

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." — C.S. Lewis

If evil genius is a thing, how can we know when we have been deceived? For surely no matter how careful we are, there will always be a Machiavellian scheme that leverages greater cunning and longer experience at subversion than we can comprehend. This is no theoretical question, for our world is presently riven by violently opposing paradigms of what is righteous.

Over the past few years I have had a chance to step back from ordinary corporate work and learn more about the underpinnings of our technocratic society and its power base — banking, media, academia, and IT. On the surface of modernity we have Enlightenment values and scientific rationality. Yet when you take the cultural covers off, you find inside a war on objectivity — and a monumental power struggle to define reality itself.

The roots of the anti-enlightenment movement (to the extent that the Enlightenment was enlightened) are complex and diverse. A recurring theme is the influence of the Frankfurt School and its “critical theory” ideology. To oversimplify, this forces all societal phenomena to be seen through a lens of power and domination: conflict and hierarchy (rather than loving kindness and nurture) are implicitly the driving forces of economic and social life.

To say that these Frankfurt School philosophical underpinnings of Cultural Marxism are controversial would be to push the boundaries of understatement. Critical theory appears to me to be a psychopathic doctrine, embedding false assumptions about the sharing of resources, the absence of mutual care among strangers, and the presence of rigid social classes and binding affiliations. It dehumanises us, seeing us only as members of oppressor vs oppressed classes.

Modern “intersectionalism” drives this anti-individualist model to its awful conclusion of atomised competing identity groups. To progress in the world you must align to the appropriate “righteous” labels and approved Progressive sources of social privilege. This is where our deepest problems creep in, for the need to transfer power from the (alleged) oppressor to the (perceived) oppressed becomes a (wicked and tyrannical) end in itself: everyone becomes oppressed by those (in government and corporations) who arbitrate power.

This manipulation of group power in turn usurps individual ethics and scientific rationality, and with terrible consequences. Any technocratic intervention can be retrospectively justified, just as long as it aligns to the suggested oppressor/oppressed parties. One needs only to declare someone to be a victim (“an elderly person caught Covid”) and the state (acting as rescuer) can override the individual natural rights of any supposed perpetrator (“mandatory vaccination for all”).

The dysfunctional victim/persecutor/rescuer dynamic then sustains itself, with the former perpetrator becoming the new victim (“vaccine injuries”), the former rescuer becoming the new perpetrator (“tyrants with needles”), inviting the former victim to become the new rescuer (“compensation campaign”). At every turn more power is accumulated by the (often hidden) rulers of the system, and less is held by the sovereign individual. Innate Common Law rights are slowly crushed.

This (un)ethical doctrine of "socially just" power transfer is the basis of a new quasi-official religion: Scientism. This a rigid set of approved beliefs about us and our place in the cosmos. (Scientism has some difficulty fully explaining the conscious scientist observer, but that’s best not mentioned in polite company.) Experts in Scientism are anointed to produce evidence which justifies the predetermined actions of power acting in its own interests.

If you’re really good at Scientism you might get a doctorate certificate to prove your lack of heresy and acceptance into the official mainstream. This reverence for authority is the opposite of true science: as Richard Feynman said, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”. Implicit in this is the right of any individual to challenge the empirical and logical grounding of our public policy choices. Scientism is Cultural Marxism clothed in empirical rationality, and leads to “Fake Science”.

The unwelcome false conclusions of Scientism (like “Climate Change”) have to be sold to the unwilling and unwitting public, and thus "Fake Science" is twinned with “Fake News”. The real science of manipulation of human beliefs — call it PR or propaganda — leads us to the dark discipline of social engineering. Places like the Tavistock Institute stand accused of deeply unethical activities in support of a corrupt establishment in their creation of the modern media industry. We are endlessly marketed "scientific" schemes that lead us to our own doom.

Computers can automate the modification of individual belief. In the world of social media and artificial intelligence algorithms, we can deliberately generate unity — or conflict — as matters of policy. If the whole basis of your psychopathic power system is oppressors vs oppressed, then conquest of the mind is its fuel, and engineered social division is its fire. The greater the atomisation of the public realm, the more energy is expended by the public fighting among themselves, and the less ire is directed at their feudal overlord class.

Humans are naturally loving and cooperative; we raise children and care for pets. In order to sustain difference and division (and the ruling power of the Cultural Marxists), the public has to instead be persuaded to buy into alternate realities and false righteousness to reverse their natural harmony. Up has to become down, black is swapped with white, and the signposts to Heaven and Hell are reversed. A shared reality encourages undesired cultural cohesion— and thus empiricism and objectivity become the enemies of the corrupt and powerful.

It is not hard to get people to confuse fact and fiction — Orson Welles’s 1938 War Of The Worlds radio broadcasts prove this amply. Thus we enter into a kind of “Plato’s Cave Complex”, with endlessly branching caverns. Each “room” projects its own “shadow war movie” to its audience seeking relief from "identity oppression". Those in the cave complex may understand they even have a choice of shadow plays to watch, but they are never given enough understanding to exit their subterranean captivity to the movie producers.

Indeed, in order to scale this spelunking system of social control you need to shift the baseline perception of the entire population over time. A total inversion of reality is needed, where — as George Orwell said — “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength”. Indeed, sickness is health, and truth is a lie. I’ve had to admit to myself that “abortion is healthcare” falls into this category; death is objectively not life for the unborn, and is a breach of the Hippocratic Oath.

Only by re-engineering the baseline to be completely upside-down can you then create the endless “subjective virtual reality caves” by re-injecting selected parts of objective reality. Otherwise the “realities” are too close and constrained by limited divergence from a shared understanding, and the atomic division and conquest of society fails. As I understand it, this total inversion of right and wrong, fact and fiction, is the essence of the Satanic doctrine.

Each cave dweller thinks they live in The Truth™, clinging on to their small unique part of validated objectivity. Those in neighbouring cave areas, telling rival narratives, are self-evidently deluded. Heaven is your own shadow play, and Hell is anyone who talks of exiting the cave complex: they are probably violent extremists and part of a cult! Speaking of which, a rather superb essay on A Cult of Death introduces the idea of a “false synecdoche” to describe a similar observation:

…an expedient technique of manipulation of public opinion that utilizes the delivery not of false information exactly, but rather of selected details, which in the absence of all the rest come to represent the entirety of the matter at hand in the perception of the receivers.

We often see this dynamic play out in modern politics where the overriding need is to sustain a chosen power narrative, regardless of evidence to the contrary. The very concept of objectivity is redefined subjectively, and subjugated to the need to maintain control via cultural division (aka “diversity”… of anything except belief).

A good example of this comes from the British MP Madia Whittome who flashes her cultural Marxism membership credentials:

We must not fetishise “debate” as though debate is itself an innocuous, neutral act. The very act of debate in these cases is an effective rollback of assumed equality and a foot in the door for doubt and hatred.

In this post-Enlightenment world of Cultural Marxism, facts are subservient to dogmas. Ideas cannot be contested independently of those who advocate them — and their identity and power position. Detached observation and objective assessment is a form of violence (“hatred”) against those with the weaker argument.

We see this in even more extreme form in the USA, where in Seattle public workers have been sent on “undoing whiteness” training [my emphasis]:

“Internalized Racial Superiority,” was defined by perfectionism, individualism, imposition, arrogance, paternalism, silence, intellectualization, control, violence, comfort, appropriation, cognitive dissonance, objectivity and “anti-blackness.”

Conflict sells a provocative fear narrative, and the TV news offers just enough containment of their fear to give people safety to continue… until the next news bulletin. To sustain the conflict agenda the mass media needs division, and frequently manufactures it where none existed. That most of the world is objectively peaceful, and most humans are harmonious, cannot be honestly communicated.

The corporate media is involved in a full-on war against objectivity at present, and they are not in the least bit ashamed of it. The Atlantic openly mocks data-driven decision making:

The Facts Man gives it to you straight. With his college degree, with his top-quality résumé, with his insider knowledge, with his background in euclidean something-or-other—sharpened by debating with the smartest people, who never went to school—here is what he has found. These are the data. These are more data. This. Is. It. Here’s the inevitable conclusion. It’s the only conclusion possible!

Salon tells you “Americans aren't yearning for more and better "objectivity" in journalism”:

That's not a failure of "objectivity" by the mainstream media; that's a willful departure from reality by a large chunk of the population. If anything, it suggests to me that the mainstream media's "objectivity" hangup has resulted in a failure to successfully champion the truth.

The media mogul owners of Plato’s Cave Complex define what is real and objective; you in the audience are to accept it as a given and it is not to be questioned. At best you are given an opportunity to relocate to an adjoining cavern with a false shadow narrative more to your personal taste.

The Frankfurt School’s destructive War on Objectivity has run for over two centuries. We are now at the denouement of this centuries-long rollout of the philosophical invasion of civil society. Two critical events have come together right at this moment in history that force us to either halt it and live freely, or submit to it as serfs.

The first is the multitude of political "mega scandals" all breaking which involve the complicity of the mass media. Specifically, we know that President Obama and his leadership team spied on the incoming Trump administration, and launched a coup attempt via multiple fabricated efforts (Steele Dossier/Russiagate, Ukraine/Impeachment Hoax).

General Flynn was also falsely accused of crimes, then pursued by a corrupt DoJ/FBI through a compromised court system, in order to prevent him taking up his appointed role — and revealing treasonous scandals like Uranium One and Irangate. This power grab is the biggest political crime (to date) in American history.

The second is the rollout of face mask mandates for an overblown pandemic that is already over, due to herd immunity being easily reached. The economy is being shuttered, cultural activity suspended, and normal social life shattered. Occult rituals (distancing, washing, covering, mocking) are forced on the unwitting masses through a fearmongering and corrupt medics and media.

Yet Ivermectin, Budesonide, and Hydroxychloroquine have all proven to be adequate treatments for COVID-19, rendering it into a condition no more threatening than flu. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is desperate to roll out rushed vaccines with no long-term safety case in yet another transparent power (and money) grab. Combined with tens of thousands of elderly people being sent to their deaths in nursing homes, this is the biggest medical crime (to date) in American history.

In reality, both the Spygate and Coronagate scandals are just hints as to a superstorm of corruption revelations to come. The subjectivist “Fake News” and “Fake Science” have never before faced such a direct and existential challenge: the objective hard facts on both of these issues are all laid out for anyone with the eyes to see and ears to hear.

On both of these issues the large community of open source researchers and citizen journalists have been on target for years — whilst the official authorities and news sources are now completely discredited. Some of us have escaped the Plato’s Cave Complex "prison of the mind", seen the sunshine outside, and returned inside to alert the others!

All the division and bitterness over which subjective false projection was the “right” objective one was pointless and misdirected. None of them were: you have to follow the "exit" sign. Heaven is not a cavern in the media complex at all; it is the objective outdoors!

Which brings us close to our conclusion: how do we enable a “mass jailbreak” from this Hellish nightmare of Cultural Marxism, socially-engineered division, and the accelerating enslavement of humanity via medical totalitarianism? As the C S Lewis quote above suggests, the worst possibly tyranny is one done for your own health, and it’s right in our face at present — literally.

There are impending events that will inevitably occur in the real world that force many to reflect hard upon their perception of Heaven and Hell. This drives a newfound inquisitiveness to discern what is objective and grounded — given a growing understanding how evil genius has long had a deceptive reign over us.

An answer to this question is found in the much-derided QAnon movement. Q gives us a philosophical tool to determine who is naively watching a “subjective shadow play”, versus able to reflect upon their objective position inside a damp cave. For it only takes a casual glance to see how the mass media refuses to deal with the actual merits of the Q drops — and their surrounding hard evidence of widespread criminality and media collusion and cover-up.

The QAnon phenomenon is positioned by the criminal media as an insane alternative sub-reality within their "Universe Of The Official Narrative". Words like “fringe”, “debunked”, “extreme” deter the ordinary person from even examining the data. The crux of the matter is a very specific taboo: there cannot ever be media discussion of the identity of Q. For this is the philosophical point on which the whole Fake News/Fake Science subjective paradigm fails.

The moment you consider the identity of Q, you have to expand your “universe of discourse” to include the presence of a “projectionist” — and reflect upon what is a projected shadow vs the real world. The "Universe Of The Official Narrative" is too small to consider this simple question: is there a “projectionist in the room? This tells you it is not the “encompassing” narrative, but rather is the “encompassed” one.

In other words, the lies and propaganda of “Fake News” and “Fake Science” — over issues like Trump and COVID — are fully explicable within the QAnon cosmology, but the reverse is not true. We have an objective question of fact — the identity of Q — which creates a philosophical instrument to tell whose cosmology is "the cave", and whose is "just shadows".

The news is fake, the war (on objectivity) is real. The endless subjection of the public to false narratives they perceive is genuine is smashed by the Q "information bunker buster". It is a precision weapon to locate and destroy the "projectors" of faked reality — no matter how deeply they are buried.

There’s a heavenly irony to the end of hellish Cultural Marxism resting on a simple identity question.

By Martin Geddes on 09 August 2020

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