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Thursday, January 11, 2018


The Supernatural, The Razor’s Edge, and JIVANMUKTI

The ‘Supernatural’ has to get dumped in any culture that is sustained by materialistic values. It’s a threat to consensus reality. At an early age we are told that there is no Santa, that our imaginary friends aren’t there, and to stop talking to our beloved teddy’s and toys. In other words, our imagination gets trounced. The phrase of the day is to ‘Get Real!’ and become as ‘normal’ as you can to fit in with the rest. But imagination remains as the source of inspiration for great art, music, literature, and religious experience.

No one in the west has ever been able to define what imagination is and where it comes from - because in this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, we have denied and negated the Invisible Realms. Eastern metaphysics actively seeks these worlds through meditation, concentration and yogic techniques that will open the Third Eye. This mystical Eye is in the physical the pineal gland which when activated will emit certain molecules into the endocrine system that reconnect our lost ability to perceive these realities. In Buddhism these realms are called the Myriad Worlds. So-called primitive cultures all over the planet have shamans whose job it is to guide the aspirant through these worlds.

The big difference between western religions and eastern metaphysics is this: In the west, God is deemed as existing outside and external to us humans. Generally considered a benevolent and somewhat judgmental old wise man sitting on a golden throne, this God will pronounce eternal judgment on our soul at the end of the world.

In eastern metaphysics, God is simultaneously both male & female and is everywhere, in everything and everyone. Most importantly, God is within us, within the Heart of every human being, the internal eternal, waiting for us to remember and recognize this loving God-within.

Because Hinduism has been around for 1000’s of years, it knows that arguing with people about their beliefs is utterly futile and a complete waste of time. Hinduism for the most part is uniquely tolerant of so many diverse expressions of loving God.

The Path to Enlightenment and experiencing Oneness with the Creator is called THE RAZOR’S EDGE, and for good reason – not only can you cut your feet, but the deep dark Abyss lies on either side. You might think of it this way: Nature never repeats Herself, so why should God/IS-ness in all Its infinite diverse glory want us all to be the same? Why not enjoy each unique individual expression of Self Realization?

Hinduism, Islam’s Sufism, and Buddhism offer the possibility of JIVANMUKTI, liberation in life. When you achieve such states of consciousness, you won’t be wondering about the supernatural anymore. You will be seeing the Invisible Realms, the cascading rainbows of evanescent Light pouring through you and around you, in everything and everyone. You will be laughing and crying in the supreme bliss consciousness of ANANDA, Joy and Divine Love, and you will be Free, forever!

Why Hindu Metaphysics?

The ancient Sanskrit texts have been amazingly well preserved and guarded from the distortions of Kali Yuga consciousness because the Sanskrit language itself has served as a protective obstacle, being arduous for most to master. The texts were thoughtfully designed in such a way that they could be memorized by transmitters who, even if they did not understand the meaning, could pass the text on through the literally hundreds of years from generation to generation.

Translations into English have been few until recent times - and one often wonders if some of the western translators fully understand the true meaning.

When one endeavors to study the underlying metaphysics of many other systems, there is inevitably the use of oblique obscuring symbolism and even the intentional ‘veiling’ of meaning to protect the author from the persecution of tyrannical rulers and insane institutions, such as the infamous Inquisition.

Rather than trudging through endless hidden meanings mired in mysterious vague metaphors, the Sanskrit texts often offer up pure illuminating diamonds of consciousness in a perfectly clear manner – for those who have the “ears to hear”.

Hinduism is also very rare in the sense that it is not a closed dogma. Life is fluid, creative, and always on the move looking for new and happier expressions. Closed carved-in-stone, dogmatic religious rules choke the free spirit within us all and often leave the faithful feeling empty and confused, vulnerable to control, and worse – BORED!

In fact there is no Sanskrit word that is the equivalent to the word ‘religion’. Instead Hinduism sees itself as an approach to understanding our place in the universe.

The innumerable commentaries so lovingly written on these ancient texts are there to express a new point of view on eternal truths – views that may reflect the times of the author more accurately. Hinduism understands that each of us needs freedom to find our own way Home to the God-within.

Thus India has embraced many other forms of faith, including the religions of their conquerors - the Vedic Aryans, the Moghul Muslims, and the English Christians. All these came and left, while eternal India remained the preserver of her sacred Sanskrit texts.

This genius of open-ness has allowed Hinduism to be a treasured source for timeless and seemingly ‘lost’ metaphysical truth.

The Fate of Men in the Kali Yuga: Invisible Prison Webs of Tyranny

Is the world moving away from democracy? Are the giant corporations, who flagrantly control political parties with the big bucks that finance election campaigns, creating an environment tending toward plutocracy and oligarchy? Rule by and for the Rich!

For many years now there have been reports that the human race is poisoning the planet, the water, land, air, and food. Uncontrolled consumption is inadvertently killing animals, the fish and the coral reefs. The Earth is warming, the ice is melting, and no one has any real idea what this will mean for the future – or if there will be a future.

Only a few have ever dared question the fact that getting money has completely surpassed every other motivation. The old tyrant-priest caste has been replaced with tyrannical modern economists - all screaming their doctrines over the airwaves. Specific television stations are solely devoted to financial markets and many hang on every word spoken by the high priests of money.

Strangely the true genius of the most esteemed high priest of economics is his tireless ability to drone on and on in monotony, while he reveals almost nothing - just like a priest! Mysteriously and perhaps quite correctly, the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC is decorated with rather sinister wrought iron black griffins.

Is our current Economic Era a subversion of a more natural cosmic order? The Age of Conflict and Confusion is the densest and most deluded cycle of time. Most people have no knowledge of the Cycles of Time, even though they are living within the fourth one. If this knowledge had not been intentionally hidden, everyone would remember that in other Eras, life on planet Earth was very different - better.

Contrary to blinded-by-science propaganda, the human race has not continually and constantly evolved as we have been told. The truth is just the opposite. The fact that economists have become priests is itself an excellent, if somewhat darkly humorous, leading indicator of a devolved state.

People have come to measure human progress by the systems of the distribution of wealth. We have become so lost, so clueless we no longer ask the essential question: What is the meaning of life?

The entire civilization seems to be in some kind of mass hypnosis. The altar of materialism brings forth more density, more delusion, as people’s thoughts have become solidified into the holographic reality. The more people embrace the religion of economics and its priesthood, and the more of their time they surrender to the pursuit of money, the more Mammon devours their lives -- until its power becomes so great people cease to ask why.

The idea of economics as a ‘sublime and sacred destiny’ would have been an absurd joke in another cycle of time. Humans with a higher consciousness would have never considered the current obsession with the hierarchies of money as their destiny and dharma.

People continually argue about which economic system will bring them more money and more things. The culture now worships any fool, any blackguard and thief who can amass ridiculously enormous fortunes - when every day 34,000 children on this overpopulated planet starve to death.

The fractious arguments, asserting that one system is better than another, miss the point. People need to realize that they are under a spell, choking in a miasma of amnesia. The delusional myths of economics dominate our lives, to the exclusion of meaning.

There are very few places left on the planet that have not been intruded upon and have not yet experienced corporate hegemony. These few remote areas have yet to be inundated with consumer propaganda, raped and pillaged. Small pockets of consciousness, isolated tribes, remain free from the tentacles of consumption.

However these may also vanish from the planet -- and soon, at the rate the multinationals are taking over the world. As predicted, the entire world population will find itself in an invisible prison – a prison of waveforms, thought frequencies, controlling and limiting human experience.

By V.S. Ferguson

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