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How to Fight Monsters and Win

A Guidebook to Defeating Human, Alien, and Demonic Oppressors

[Editor's Note: This is an important tutorial on how to fight etheric attackers on their own turf ~ and win. There is an untold number of people around the world who are daily combating intense assault by negative alien beings, government/military psychics and remote viewers, black magicians, psionic technology, and demonic entities. They can all be defeated if you learn how to use your own inner connection to God and your heart chakra's energy center to turn the tables on these craven bullies. The author is based in England and has been battling with these negative forces for some time-and winning- as he has armored himself to the point of becoming invulnerable to attack-and the Nazi intelligence agencies and the negative aliens know it (as his attackers have now become frightened of him). We are all capable of learning how to defend ourselves and turning the NWO and its etheric goons on their heads. Study this tutorial carefully and and learn how to slay dragons-and all from the comfort of an easy chair. ...Ken Adachi]

By Jack London

July 4, 2009

The Basics

An often-used method of the Elite to control dissidents is to employ psychics and black magicians for long-distance attacks, saving on the manpower and time resources required to actually send a legbreaker round to your house without alerting the police. If you start doing anything interesting (like getting a chembuster to clear up atmospheric pollution) then you might well receive a visit from them. This will manifest in a variety of ways, usually a “sinking feeling” followed by vivid, waking hallucinations of figures trying to hurt you, or show you horrific images to traumatise you, or telling you upbeat life-affirming messages such as “We will kill you and everyone you love” or “You cannot win!”

If they really hate you, and are persistent, they can use these paranormal abilities to wear down your defences and shut down your brain or heart (heart is the most common way) and kill you while you sleep. Pretty scary stuff, all in all.

Except that it all rests on a single premise: that you don’t fight back.

This guide aims to change that. If you know the right techniques you can overcome psychic/magical attack and remain healthy and upbeat. I learnt these techniques myself. I didn’t get them from a book or a spiritual guru figure. I don’t have membership to any mystery schools. I’m not a freemason or an intelligence asset. I have, however, had some pretty interesting experiences, which taught me how to fight back and win.

In the first chapter I’m going to walk you through techniques useful to repel enemy psychics assaults and banish them from your space so you can recover.

It’s extremely important to be aware when you are actually being attacked. Passively accepting the attack and/or ignoring the attack will not resolve anything. I think a lot of people will pretend that “it’s just a nightmare” or that they’re hallucinating, or having mental health problems, when in reality someone in the real world is attacking them on the aetheric level and doing them harm. It’s up to you to cultivate discernment and figure out when it’s actually happening.


To be able to defend from psychic attack, the first key message is that you need to practise visualisation.

Close your eyes and “feel” a different eye or set of eyes opening inside your head. See in your minds eye (imagination) an indigo circle swirling clockwise. Just watch the circle as it spins and see it as clearly as you can. Gradually watch as the circle moves closer to you, then further away as if you were looking down a long dark tunnel.

When I write, “see” things, I don’t mean to “think” or strain with effort. It’s about just looking through your inner eyes and observing the things that actually happen. At first you’ll find yourself only seeing blackness. Think of how when you step into the dark, it takes a moment to be able to see, as your pupils dilate. Allow yourself time to adjust. You probably haven't used your inner eye much before, so it will be weak, like an unused muscle.

The circle technique will let you get used to the idea of closing your eyes, opening your inner eye and looking around. The next step is to create a Safe Space for yourself on the aetheric. The aetheric is the frequency of reality you are seeing when you see with your inner eye. It's a different plane of existence.

It’s extremely rare for anyone targeted for an aetheric assault to only get hit once, so you should be prepared to be hit in waves, spaced hours apart (usually each night). During the breaks (when the psychics go outside for a cigarette and a cup of tea to recharge) you should take time to practise visualising to improve your ability to defend yourself.

Close your eyes, open your inner eye and SEE yourself in a place that is peaceful and relaxing for you. This could be anything, depending on the individual. For example, you might see yourself on a tropical beach, in a peaceful forest clearing, or by a roaring fire at a campsite at night. Whatever you see, this place is your safe zone that you can return to and recover your energy from.

Visualise your safe zone and see it, then move around in it. Have a look around. Pick things up. You can interact with anything there and the overall idea is to get used to moving around and manipulating your environment while visualising such things.

It helps massively if you lie on your back, taking slow deep breaths while you do this. Breath through your nose.

When psychics attack you it’s best to pick a neutral ground to do so. A nice big empty room the size of a football pitch should do the trick.

There are ways to attack people, even hurt people, aetherically, but for now let us concentrate on a proactive defence. You need some kind of protection, to make yourself immune to whatever they throw at you. A simple trick is to visualise a sphere around yourself, like a bubble. This bubble will protect you because no matter what hits it, or flies around it, nothing can get at you within the bubble.


It’s a massive subject in itself, but the aetheric body interacts with the physical body at several key points. These are called chakras. You have seven main ones, three lower, three higher, and one in the middle called your heart chakra. This is located in the center of your chest and is the most powerful of all the chakras.

I don’t want to overload people with lots of side information, but suffice to say if you can harness the energy of your heart chakra then you’ll have nothing to worry about, as the power it gives you outclasses anything a black magician or government psychic could ever do to you. I will elaborate on why that is - and the precise aspects of all the chakras - at a later point.

Visualise a green sphere inside your chest, spinning clockwise. That’s clockwise from your perspective [as viewed from your back towards your front], not clockwise from the view of someone looking at you. This sphere is your visual signifier of the heart chakra. Allow yourself to focus on something positive. Find something that’s happened in your life – a memory, or a feeling – that was genuinely positive. Something that made you laugh, or cheer, or feel good. Not everyone has had an easy life, but I’m sure there has to be something truly positive you can draw upon. This purely positive vibe is the frequency you’re trying to harness.

You allow that feeling, that energy, to pool in your chest like warm water. To be stored up as energy inside your heart chakra. That’s your source of power, ok? Like an engine filled up with fuel.

Now, your protective bubble will be made out of this energy, this green heart glow. Visualise energy flowing out of your heart into a sphere which surrounds your entire body, a cartoon green-tinted bubble about six feet high and six feet across. As you breathe slowly in and out the sphere becomes “pumped up” with energy. After you’ve done this enough the sphere will “feel” (or rather you will sense it as) solid.

If you can do one thing in your defence against aetheric attack, do this. You will be invulnerable to any attack on that level. I cannot stress this enough: done properly, a heart chakra-boosted shield makes you invulnerable to all psychic/magical attack.

By continuing to breathe slowly and deeply, charging the shield, you can now calm down a bit and relax – since you’re invulnerable, there’s really no way you can lose unless you specifically choose to surrender or flail about panicking.

What the enemy will most likely do at this point is push its luck because the bad guys are stupid and arrogant and think that aetheric/psychic/magic stuff is about hierarchy and genetic lineage and twaddle like that, when it’s not, it’s about opening a connection between yourself and higher dimensional energy, thus having access to the power of God.

So: they’ll push their luck, by continuing to bang (fruitlessly) on the outside of your sphere, or summon scary images/emotions to make you surrender.

By scary images I mean they’ll do things like, for instance, show your loved ones/family being killed, your kids tortured, your partner being eaten alive, any insects/arachnids that you have a phobia of swarming around you, skull/blood/death imagery. You have to bear in mind this is all just like looking “at pictures in a book” (to quote The Shining). They can’t hurt you. It’s an illusion designed to throw you off balance and frighten you.

Keep focusing on your heart chakra. Keep breathing. Keep pooling the energy in your chest and sending it into the bubble.

You’ll end up in a situation where all these illusions are flying around outside your shield and you’re getting a bit bored and just want to go to bed or get on with watching television or whatever it was you were up to prior to getting attacked. At this point, you need to BANISH them from your personal space.

Up, Up and Away

Visualise another green bubble surrounding each of them, which due to its impervious nature, now has them trapped. Focus, concentrate on the second bubble and watch it float up into the air, so fast, so quick that in the space of a minute (or less) you can no longer see it. This harmlessly removes the threat. If there are multiple opponents, then simply imagine/visualise bubbles around them as well.

You might find it useful at this point to have a look around the Neutral Ground and “sense” for anything hostile. I mean by this that you feel on a “gut” or intuitive level that you are now safe, as opposed to being unsure or still scared.

If anything crops up, simply put a bubble around it and banish them too. When all is quiet, you might want to return to your “safe space” or power space to relax. Otherwise, open your eyes and carry on with your life.

You might be pretty freaked out to have just defeated an opponent on that level, so I’d recommend writing down the experience in a word document or in a journal so that you can “vent” your system a bit and have the notes to look back on. I’d also recommend having a good sense of humour.

Remember: use the heart chakra and visualise an impervious shield.


Fear vs. Love is a bit of a simplistic way to view the universe, but there’s a nugget of truth to it. I’m going to use an analogy of turning the dial on a radio (credit to David Icke for the next bit).

You’ve got a radio sat on a table in front of you. You turn the dial and tune into a specific radio station. This is you incarnating in a body prior to birth, locking into a specific frequency and experiencing life. You can tune the dial of a radio and leave one station and travel to a different station – either on a higher or lower frequency – and listen to something else but the previous station doesn’t cease to exist. It’s still there, it’s just that you can’t hear it anymore.

Physical reality is energy resonating at a certain frequency. You can interact with it because you’re resonating along with it. Your body is made of condensed energy, like a hologram, which is constantly buffed up by energy coming into it from sunlight, food, water etc.

Entities exist on different frequencies. Some are on a “higher” frequency and resonate faster than we do. Others are on lower frequencies. Lower dimensional (or lower frequency) entities are things like the Reptilians, who are bipedal humanoid lizards that feed on the lymphatic and spiritual energy of humans because to them, our energy is incredibly high frequency and gives them great strength when consumed.

Rather like a leech drinking in a bigger, stronger animal's blood in order to take all the vitamins and nutrients from it, a Reptilian drinks blood (and eats your heart and pituitary gland and so on) because it’s rather like us humans enjoying a delicious, nutrient-packed salad nicoise. You can’t blame them really. Or rather, you can blame them for being a vicious bunch who want to enslave and eat humanity, BUT that would be like blaming the shark for eating a swimmer--who went swimming at night--and with a cut on his toe.

Ok, so maybe the analogy breaks down a bit there. Reptilians are still Bad News, especially with all the rape and torture and eating people alive and so on. I’m being flippant because that helps me process horrible truths; but this is how it is. They rape and eat people. You’re probably going to read that and not register it properly. That’ll happen a lot with this. I’ll say things to you multiple times and it won’t resonate properly because your brain is going to edit it out because it’s unpleasant information. Eventually you’ll have a tipping point where you suddenly realise it’s true (most likely when an actual Reptilian shows up) and your brain suddenly goes “Oh God, it’s all real!”. Remember to take a moment and calm down when that happens.

Anyway. So we have a scale of energy, as already stated. At the lower end of the scale you’ve got these lizard monsters and at the higher end you have more enlightened spiritual beings. Enlightened: - filled with light. Lifted. A lessening of weight. A lessening of the physical frequency.

You move up higher and higher up the scale and eventually the barriers between things collapse and you’ve just got one big incomprehensibly mass of energy vibrating at speeds beyond anything we can measure, existing outside of time and space (which are dimensions, and this energy is so high frequency, it exists outside of such restrictions). This energy is positive, infinite, all-knowing (because it’s outside of time so it’s everywhere at once and all things at once), all-seeing (because it’s outside of time so it has infinity to track and observe things happening and – huzzah – benevolent. Loving.

Why loving? Because it’s all things and all times. It doesn’t hate itself, it just wants to grow. But unfortunately, if you’re infinite and time doesn’t exist, you can’t experience anything as an individual. You have no arc; you can’t grow. You’re already everything.

So what do you do, being this infinite mass of infinite energy? Well, you fracture yourself and embed aspects of yourself, fractal chunks of yourself that contain everything within, but are isolated in moments of space and time. And you fire that into the physical realm and watch it grow planting seeds.

And then you get a bit annoyed that these Reptilians (which are aspects of the totality, after all, but are isolated and have free will just like anything sentient) are tearing things up on the physical with wars and mind control and so on, trying to stop the aspects (condensed energy with form and size and ego) growing up. But it’s ok, because they can’t fight the infinite and win. It’s all just a ride, a process to allow the infinite to grow and learn and have fun.

So we live and die and incarnate over multiple lives growing and learning and playing on this planet and others. And every time we do something positive it moves us forward towards the tipping point of... flowering.

That’s pretty much what God and the meaning of life is. In case you wondered.

So no, it’s not a puppet-show of a Cernunnos rip-off called Satan who wants to drag you to Hell versus a bearded white man on a cloud. And it’s not about being a monkey on a rock, in a void, who lives and dies and it’s meaningless. It’s not about endless suffering, desperately trying to find the true death of nirvana. God is not separate. There is not a hierarchy. We are one-thing learning about our collective self and the infinite. You don’t have to pray for forgiveness, ok? It’s cool. You’re here for a reason. We all are.

“So where’s my connection to God, then?” you’re probably wondering.

Well, it’s inside. Where do you speak to God? In a temple. Where are your temples? On either side of your head. Yeah, I know, Jordan Maxwell did that one first, but it’s a good one.

But it’s not quite right because we speak to the higher dimensional consciousness of infinity (or God for short) through our hearts. Specifically, our heart chakras, which are like internal stargates to this energy wavelength. All the “gut instincts” and “intuition” we know and love? That’s your heart chakra. Think of it as a compass while you’re lost on the high seas, or a radio communicator back to NASA while you’re waddling across the moon.

As Bill Hicks liked to scream at his audience: "There is a living God and it will talk directly to you!" So bear that in mind if you need a compass. That said, you don’t have to talk to God or do anything that anyone else wants you to do. You are free, right? That includes the right to defy every authority.

Fear and Love.

Fear is what they use. That’s their bread and butter. They’ll use fear to wrap you up in layers of control, subtle and clever until you’ve forgotten who you are and what you stand for. The whole system runs on fear. Be afraid, America! Terrorists are after you! Be afraid, white man! That black guy is looking at your girlfriend funny! Be afraid, Christian! There’s a girl at the back of the class with black lipstick and a skull on her handbag. She’s clearly a threat to everything you hold dear.

And it’s hate too. That flows from fear, ultimately. You take a person, make them ignorant and scared and then make them angry, push their buttons. Simmer for thirty minutes and – ping! – you get hate. This is a very effective way to make people forget their true path and do stupid things that leads to genocide and rape and whatnot. There are boiling waves of hate on this planet with all the stupidity and ignorance and fear swirling around making people tear each others throats out just because their priest or scientist or politician or army officer told them to do it. But if you cut out the fear and get a bit of knowledge, then that hate evaporates like morning dew.

Love binds things together. Fear breaks things apart. We’re all one thing, seeing itself from new angles. If you can get your head around that, you can start to relax. Things are under control. We aren’t going to be taken over by a lizard-worshipping cult. We definitely don’t need to fear being killed by psychics. We can stop this, individually or collectively.

You are not weak. You think you’re weak. You are not vulnerable to them. You are accepting of the idea that you are vulnerable.

Stop it. It’s ridiculous. You’re invulnerable and strong. You always have had, and always will have, the potential to be that. It’s up to you choosing it.

As a final point for this chapter, when it all gets a bit much and you’re not feeling cosmically entwined because it’s 4 a.m. and you’re exhausted and the enemies are swarming around the house wanting to get in:


So don’t give up.


Weapons and Enemies

Visualisation in fighting the Elite’s psi-ops monkeys can be as simple or as complex as you wish. It's just that for beginners, it’s harder to focus on multiple things happening at once.

For instance, you could visualise an enormous panda bear attacking your opponent with a croquet mallet, but that would quite likely break your concentration and throw you out of the mindset needed to win the psychic duel.

On the other hand, pleasant imagery is useful as it acts as a neat opposition to the satanic imagery you get from the black magicians. Instead of a constant bombardment of laughing demonic faces, reptilians eating children etc. why not use positive, cartoonish imagery to help you?

To give an example, when the Elite were using psiops to freak my girlfriend out, they would show up waving guns and mutilating babies as part of their warm-up routine. My girlfriend countered by visualising her pet ginger cat (now in giant form, as big as a lion) pouncing on them and keeping them pinned. Much swearing ensued and the Satanists had to surrender.

Other ideas I’ll throw out for you to visualise:

Visualising a pool of sticky glue appearing underneath your enemies’ feet to prevent them moving, with them becoming more enmeshed the more they move. Variations on this could be banana skins for them to slip on, grease, a swamp filled with mud, etc.

A heavy weight (like a fat ginger cat or a cartoon Acme Anvil) that falls from above, pinning them to the ground

Horses (or even more superior), a Bear Cavalry ( that charge your enemies and knock them over.

Sometimes your opponents will be there (i.e. you can sense them, but not see them to get a visual lock on). There are tricks to deal with this, the two most straightforward I’ve found being:

Create an expanding circle of white light that “pings” the location of anything hostile like radar, allowing you to spot anything hiding.
Visualise pulling a dynamite-stick-style signal flare out of your pocket and ignite with your willpower. Chuck the flare into the air to reveal cloaked or hidden enemies.

The Tranquilizer gun is a noble alternative to having to hurt people. Visualise a pistol that fires darts that knock people out a few seconds after impact, then blast away at your opponents as they crop up. This is a non-violent way to quickly clear the room.

You should also appreciate that you’re not restricted by conventional rules or physics on this level or reality. It’s like a lucid dream. So if you want to run as fast as a bullet or perform acrobatics or martial arts or shape-shift into Godzilla then… you can. And if this helps you feel more comfortable about fending off your attackers then do so.

If your opponent is a demonic type that is flying overhead shrieking at you, then grow some wings (or wear a jetpack or just jump) and get them. If a Satanist appears in the form of a man made of lightning, then throw a bucket of water over him. If they appear as a sandstorm, then use a vacuum cleaner. If they send a pack of dogs after you, blow a dog whistle to make them all roll over and beg for kibble.

Don’t let them limit you. There is a way through every confrontation.

You’ll come across a variety of opponents, the most common being humans (I’ll get to them in a minute). The other factors are demonic creatures, negative aliens, and natural aetheric parasites (Yes, I sound barking mad writing this, don’t I?).


I hate using this word because it makes us slip into the Christian duality mindset and implies that somewhere is LUCIFER (OMG!) the Devil sat on a throne chortling to himself listening to the Rolling Stones. That’s nonsense. I’ve been to the underworld and there’s no Hell, it’s just extremely bloody cold, there’s an inverted ziggurat city of corpses and Death has a no-nonsense Jamaican woman as her secretary. Don’t take my word for it, you’ll find out one day.

I’m digressing. They could be classed as “low-frequency extra-dimensional entities” but that sounds a bit wanky so I’ll stick with demons. Demons come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, they’ll look like gargoyles, bat-humanoids and red-skinned people with horns, but they can look like pretty much anything. As a general rule of thumb, they’ll have lots of teeth and claws and spikes. I’d recommend visualising some kind of automatic firearm full of bullets formed from heart-chakra energy. Just keep moving and shooting at them until they die. The bullets will hurt them and kill them by overloading their energy grid with higher-frequency energy.

The bulk of demons are feral beasts that just run at you snarling. If you can fly as well, I’d recommend that, but then you’ll have to watch out for the ones with wings or tentacles. Just stay in your bubble and keep shooting until they don’t move. Repeat as often as necessary until you are safe. Unlike humans, they quite enjoy a bit of death and violence, so their morale doesn’t break as easily. They tend to keep swarming you in packs until they’re all snuffed out. That’s fine though – you’re invulnerable in your bubble -so you can hold out as long as it takes.

More intelligent demons might show up. These ones walk upright and have speech faculties. I’d recommend just shooting them as well, but if you do want to have a civilised conversation, then don’t fear them. You’re not committing a sin by talking to these creatures. They’re just another form of life, ultimately. You might be able to talk them down from a fight, but I tend to find they’re quite annoying and end up hanging around for ages.

As in real life, if you kill the leader of a squad then the squad’s morale breaks quite nicely. So always shoot the officers first.


Now for the lizards. Reptilians are vicious bastards who should not be taken lightly. Always keep your bubble up; do not use violence against them; do not hate them; and do not fear them. Stay completely neutral if you can’t feel love towards them. They feed off negative energy output from humans, so you’re just making them stronger if you project hate/fear at them.

Put them in a bubble. Keep feeding energy into the bubble. Make the bubble thick as treacle inside with heart chakra energy. Drown them in green energy until they start to freak out a bit and then make the bubble carry them somewhere far, far away (I recommend the centre of our Sun). Hold them in the centre of the Sun until they’re incinerated. Don’t listen to anything they say and don’t make any agreements with them. Do not trust them. Do not barter or bargain with them. Just quickly and methodically kill them before they get a chance to abduct/kill you.


Nordics are a species of alien from the Pleiades (apparently). They all look like white Aryan Swedish supermodel types with high cheekbones, blonde hair and blue eyes. That said, they do have similar human physiology (as my contribution to science I’ve learned that if you kick them in the genitals very hard, then they fall over and clutch themselves just like humans do). Allegedly the Nordics are supposed to be, as a species, enlightened and friendly but the ones I’ve met are arrogant arseholes that use sleep rays and psionics to abduct and surgically operate on people.

As an aside, there were twenty-two high-ranking Nordics working for British Intelligence underneath MI5. If you live in the UK then it’s likely that negative Nordic encounters were from them. I hunted them down and killed them around 11pm on June 25th 2009


Grey aliens are the classic almond-heads from UFO lore. Apparently they are a slave race to the Reptiles and get cloned repeatedly because they can’t reproduce anymore. Being physically short, rather weak and overly reliant on technology Greys are extremely easy to fight. Just tranquilise them or bubble them until they’re gone.

Natural Aetheric Parasites

Aetheric Parasites is a general umbrella term for anything living on the aetheric plane as a natural inhabitant – the flora and fauna of this frequency. These, generally speaking, have a biology that requires them to drain other life forms of energy and as such will flock to humans like moths to a lightbulb. Examples of parasites are spider-like creatures that chomp on your arms and legs sucking the energy from you and leaving you sickly and pale; a bit like leeches. Just tear them off and stamp on them. If they’re on you, you’ll see them on the aetheric when you go to your Safe Space or Neutral Ground. Another example of aetheric fauna is the Barghest Dog – a black Rottweiler-esque creature that roams around the dark feeding off dying people. I’ve actually made a Barghest into a pet so I can say that they’re not all bad and quite a nice deterrent to intruders. Don’t be too quick to judge things on the aetheric based on how they look – it’s far more important to gauge their “vibe” and what they want to do to you --unless it’s a Reptilian. You either kill Reptilians, or you retreat to a safe place. There’s no middle ground.

Some psychics are smart enough to realise that if they reveal their true position, then you’ll get them; so instead, they use Projections to fox you. This is just a complex visualisation that is designed to make you think you’ve found your attacker, when in fact the attacker is elsewhere and cloaked (i.e. putting the bulk of their energy into defensively masking their own signal so you can’t see them).

Thought Forms

If you find yourself fighting identical copies of the same thing over and over again, it’s quite possible you’re up against a thought-form projection. When you attack, visualise that your bubble/tranq dart is not only hitting the projection, but “The Person Behind The Person”. You’ll have done it right when the projection falls over AND a startled looking psychic suddenly falls into view.

Psychics and Black Magicians

Human psychics and black magicians are nice and easy because mostly they’re relying on the assumption that you don’t know anything about their motivations or how they’re appearing in your mind's eye to torment you.

When they actually encounter someone who can simply entrap/annihilate them in a split second, their morale falls apart and they run away. They’re big cowards really. It's all about the black robes and knives, but nothing in the way of backbone. The older, more vicious ones will stick around and use infant sacrifices to boost their power.

It is possible for you to hurt people aetherically, but that’s not what this guide is about. This is about solid, dignified self-defence where you don’t end up killing anyone human. It’s pretty depressing when you kill someone, even when it’s justifiable self-defence against a child-murdering psychopath.

A nasty, cynical part of me feel that some among you are thinking, “I don’t have a problem with violence. These are the BAD guys and I’m one of the GOOD guys, so it’s justified. Like it's done on “Power Rangers”. I bet I can kill people and be fine with it. I’m tough and don’t give a shit!”

To those people, I’d remark that if you go down that route then, actually, you’ll end up staring at your bedroom wall at three in the morning with half a bottle of Jack Daniels by the bed, unable to sleep because you keep seeing the faces of corpses every time you blink. So don’t be an idiot. Stay peaceful and don’t murder people. Just quickly and decisively cap them in bubbles and send them off on a long journey through deep space. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend the potentially violent aspect doesn’t exist, nor am I going to glamorise it and pretend it’s awesome. I want to treat you like adults and allow you to make informed decisions.

Actually, on that note I want to go into Black Magic and explain to you a bit more about what they’re actually doing and why.

Insights on Black Magic

Why kill babies? Why sacrifice anyone, indeed? Well, it boils down to energy generation. If you tap into your heart chakra, opening a pathway to higher dimensional energy, then you have infinite energy. That’s what the good guys do. It makes them very powerful. The Elite scum have little understanding of love and no desire to connect to a higher source of power because they’d rather worship some outdated myth like Lucifer and think they can get greater support from lower-frequency species.

They’ve got it wrong, basically. You can’t get infinite energy from lower dimensional realms. Their energy is finite, hoarded. Demonic (lower-frequency life-form) entities have to steal energy from other things or else they don’t have any energy for themselves. As such, their society is likely based on (-wait for it-) resource scarcity, a rigid caste-based political system with a dictatorial hierarchy (determining who gets what), a religious system that is mainly aimed at controlling said masses, and an expansionist military philosophy of “invade, pillage, expand”.

Does that mentality sound familiar?

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t very intelligent, long-lived demonic creatures that have successfully hoarded energy and appear to be these mighty “Dark Masters” of the netherworld. I wouldn’t underestimate those creatures. They’re not stupid – at least the successful ones aren’t. The problem I have with people wanting to ally themselves to these powers is twofold:

Firstly, you’re always going to be betrayed by a creature that is inherently a junkie constantly looking for the next fix and secondly, a single blip of higher dimensional energy from the heart chakra and these beings are blown out of the water.

To emphasise that: heart chakra energy wins out over demonic energy. Really. Use it, because if one of the old potent ones want to kill you, then it’s your only defence. You can’t use other frequencies of energy to beat them (unlike with humans). This is why I’ve been saying from the beginning that you need to learn how to harness heart chakra energy and use it. If the Elite call in the big guns on you and get a powerful demon or reptilian out for your blood, then as long as you use heart chakra energy to defend yourself, you’ll be fine.

So if you want POWER and SEX and MONEY and suchlike (and we all want a bit of that, if we’re honest), you’ll be better off going with the higher dimensional forces anyway because heart chakra energy IS stronger.

Satanists/Black Magician types like to murder people as part of ritual sacrifice. How cool, you slaughtered a baby, or raped and killed an underage girl. Great job guys! They do this because they’re copying the techniques of lower frequency creatures and hoarding the energy, the aetheric life energy that is stored in living things (especially living things with a consciousness) and trapping it in a magic circle, which is effectively an acoustic chamber to the life-energies sound waves (i.e it’ll bounce around inside but won’t get out, so they have time to absorb it into themselves).

I met one guy in the northeast of the USA a couple years back who had been stealing life energy of people and using it to hold off the cancerous growths in his body and keep his heart beating a bit longer. It was tragic: the old guy just wanted to see his grand-daughter grow old and was scared of dying, so he was stealing people’s life energy to buy him time. It was messed up, but I could understand why he’d go to such lengths. He was arrested by the Dolphin Police in the end (but that’s a whole other story).

This is the thing: they need to cheat, to get all this energy to do aetheric work because they’re disconnected from higher dimensional energy. You, if you’re in your right mind, can simply open up that link that lies dormant inside you and have all the energy you need to win. Abundance… the ability to do what you need to do when you have the need to do it.

Groups/ Covens/ Circles

So their aetheric “battery” gets boosted by sacrifice – that’s one way. Another method is to work in groups/covens/circles. You might find that responding to an attack, your viewpoint shifts to a living room or basement somewhere and the guy you were fighting turns out to be just one of about six people (or eight, it varies but usually it’s six) sitting in a meditation circle. These are annoying because it basically makes one guy six times as strong as he’d normally be. I call foul. Anyway: a simple trick is to focus on one of the other meditating people and punch them in the side of the head, or make a nerve twinge in his leg, or stamp on his foot or something like that. If you do it with conviction, then the sharp jolt of pain will shock them out of their zen-like concentration and break the circle. The moment the collective concentration breaks, they are all just a bunch of defenceless chimps and easy to knock out.

(As an aside, since you’re being sensible and not killing babies to boost your aetheric stamina you’ll need to make sure you get plenty of food, water and sleep. Aetheric work will make you extremely hungry very quickly. Bring a packed lunch.)

Regarding breaking of concentration, I tend to find that it’s easier to accomplish with our Western friends. The Chinese remote viewers/psychic attackers that I’ve met, have that creepy, psychotic “everything I am is to serve” hive-mind thing going on, so they’re a lot tougher to make them lose focus. I’d switch tactics with them and not use pain (because they’re conditioned repeatedly to be disassociated from violence) and use good humour, conversation, mime and amateur dramatics to throw them off guard. Quote Shakespeare. Re-enact a scene from “Will & Grace” (gay, New York sitcom zingers will freak the hell out of communists). If you’re a bad singer, like me, I’d also suggest impromptu karaoke renditions of your favourite songs. That annoys them tremendously because you’re actually having fun and not being appropriately respectful.


Pentagrams are rubbish. Stop being scared of them if you’ve already been programmed to associate them as fearful. Draw a pentagram, right now, look at it. It’s ridiculous. “But why?” you say. Well: because it’s lopsided.

To explain: a pentagram is a sigil, or a drawn representation of something else used in magical circumstances. Sigils are quite cool actually and have their uses, but we won’t get into that. Google it if you’re interested. If we made a map of the human chakra system, we would have three lower points symbolising the lower three chakras (base, sacrum, gut) shaped like an upward pointing triangle. This triangle (go on, draw it) would interlock with three upper points symbolising the upper three chakras (throat, brow, crown) shaped like a downward pointing triangle.

These interlock, creating… the Star of David! No, wait, it makes… the Heart Chakra hexagram. This isn’t about being Jewish. I think somebody else obviously knew about this stuff and used the hexagram as a symbol of power long before anything happened in the Levant.

So the heart chakra is literally made from the interlocking energies of all the other chakras, but is also a thing unto itself, a source of infinite power for the individual. The pentagram meanwhile, is what you get when you take away one of the six points and mess up the precision balance. My guess is they’ve either taken off the point symbolising the crown chakra, or higher spiritual connection, so you’re left with a power sigil that brings you no higher wisdom or they removed the base chakra point thus making a power sigil where you lose all personal sovereignty and individual responsibility [think of the Pentagon]. Either way, it’s stupid and inefficient. But try telling that to a group of Satanist types when you crash their next infant sacrifice.

When dealing with child sacrifice, reptiles or demons, I think it’s worth mentioning that even a manly, red-blooded, meat-eater will get a bit… unsettled--scared. It will get easier over time (as with anything), but the first couple of times you encounter one of these things, you’ll likely be freaked out. I mention this because it’s something to factor into your encounters. Give yourself space to recover afterwards. Reptilians especially are a bit of a catch-22 if you get it wrong: if you get scared of them, then they feed off that and become stronger, so they become scarier, etc. Nip that one in the bud now and focus on your heart chakra boosting your shield and keep taking slow, deep breaths. Ultimately, it’s pointless getting into a negative mindset about them, because low frequency emotions (hate/fear) only help them, not hinder them.

Physical Confrontation

I thought it would be useful to include a section on the physical, mundane-plane side of how the Elite try and mess with you.

Before we go into all that, however, it’s important to understand the Correct Mental Attitude to have. This largely revolves around being Upbeat and Contemptuous.

That is, you are upbeat about your situation, your capacity to resolve problems and overcome your foes. You are contemptuous of the Elite and their minions and are capable of taking the piss out of them, as opposed to being scared of them. You are trying to help yourself and the rest of humanity overcome the Elite who want to destroy you and everything you love. The rest of humanity is your ally, as is the higher dimensions and other entities (like Sylphs and Cetaceans) that want to help.

The Elite are going to lose. This is because they are much less powerful than we are, and the only reason they got this far up till now was because they were doing it covertly, with the information on how to fight them suppressed. This is no longer the case, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re strung up on the gallows. Although it could still be a couple of years – a lot of people can’t even get their heads around the idea of 9/11 being an inside job, let alone deal with wider metaphysical concepts – we are going to defeat them.


To start off, understand that if you’re a dissident targeted by the Elite, then you’re being tracked. This can come in several flavours. There’s psionic tracking with remote viewers watching you as you go. This is very effective, but requires someone to sit in a sensory deprivation tank and watch you. As you can imagine, this isn’t the most cost-effective way to track someone. Their standard way is to track you with some form of electronic implant to function as a GPS chip. This is extremely effective as they can then follow you wherever you go. The chip also exists in your mobile phone, so unless you take the battery out they’ll have at least one other way of watching you.

As for online communication, every webpage, email and instant message you’ve made is in their files. If you’re stupid enough to be part of Facebook or MySpace then they’ve got a portfolio of you so comprehensive that they can start doing a psychological profile and work out what your weaknesses are.

You, for your part, will be open and honest with yourself and acknowledge what your fears and weaknesses are, thus pre-empting the Elite exploiting that down the line. Make a list if that helps.

If you’re a psychic (as in, you’re innately good at doing things aetherically without lots of practise), then because of how you’re wired up your body is generating a slightly different electromagnetic signature, which they can see on specialised cameras rather like how the Predator (in that classic 1987 Arnie action-horror) watches people by their heat bloom.

They can listen in on you with audio bugs, hidden cameras in your television, tracking chips in your mobile phone… the list is pretty much endless. My perspective (and I’m possibly not being proactive enough here) is that because I don’t want to live like a hermit I’ll just put up with being monitored, as it doesn’t make much difference to me. If you have enough disposable income to buy an expensive bug-detector then fair play to you, but I’d suggest they’d only switch tactics to something that the detector can’t detect.

When you’re out of your home environment, then they’ll use helicopters, mostly. At least I’ve found that to be the case in the UK. You might have it different in your country. The helicopters are the small twin-seater models used by the police for chasing after criminals, although you also get the classy “black” helicopter with no markings. It’s obvious when they’re after you because they hover at low altitude (sometimes just above rooftop level) and track you wherever you go, keeping tabs on you with a large spherical camera like a giant eyeball mounted on underside of the helicopters snout. If you’re like me you’ll get LOTS of these, constantly getting in your face (oh, what I’d give for a heat-seeking missile…).

The thing to bear in mind with helicopters is that they’re stuffed if you go inside large buildings with multiple exits or you go underground. If you’re in an urban environment use subway systems, overhanging shop-fronts, thick crowds and utility tunnels. If you’re in a rural environment then find the thickest foliage you can and stay under it. It needs to be thick so that when they switch to thermal imaging they can’t see your signal through all the leaves. At least helicopters make lots of noise so it’s easy to keep track of when they’re about.

The only time I’ve ever had a helicopter do anything hostile to me was when one turned up with an underslung antennae/cannon thing. This proceeded to shoot me through the gut with some kind of invisible beam weapon. It really hurt but when I got up and started walking towards the helicopter they panicked and flew off. I’m still not sure what that was, but whatever it is it’s nonlethal.


It’s easy enough for a beginner to get freaked out by people following them everywhere they go. You should try and get a grip on the instinct to “run away” from the “pursuers” and instead realise that you have a lot of power in this situation. If the Elite wanted you dead then they would send assassins. The muppets following you are tasked only with watching where you go. If they killed you, or hurt you in any way that would be failing their mission. Understand? They get in trouble with their employer if they do anything to you! If you spot them, or “make” them (i.e. identify them) then they have to leave, pronto.

I actually think this can be a pretty fun game to be honest, like Hide and Seek, but for grown ups. The people with more engorged heart chakras and better intuition will get sixth sense alerts when a Tracker is about, which makes it easier. Otherwise, this is just one of those things you’ll get better at spotting the more you do it (and the more it happens to you).

If one of them tries to talk to you and give you a Message of Doom (they love their messages of doom, always a variation on “We are Legion! An unstoppable darkness that you cannot escape!”), then for God's sake don’t just take it and walk away – hold your ground and give your best verbal smackdown back. Or be a ham actor and deliver the most over-the-top “I will smite your evil!” speech you can muster, then burst out laughing and go about your business.


There have been reports on the Elite using groups of people to pretend to be normal civilians and stage street theatre that is designed to freak you out. Evil actors, basically. I haven’t experienced this myself (which I’m surprised by, because I’ve had the full nine yards up to and including a Jet fighter practically land in my garden and threaten to bombard my house), but I’m aware that some people will be experiencing it.

I wanted to mention it to say that, ultimately, as long as it’s non-violent towards you this technique only really works on a psychological level. Which means that if you have correct context and mindset (so you don’t feel like you’re going crazy), then it shouldn’t really affect you; you can just laugh at them and possibly get a bit rough with them if there’s no CCTV cameras or cops around.

People will potentially also experience Time Loss as a result of getting their memories wiped with implants/hypnosis after abduction. This is really annoying and can mess you up if you don’t know what to do.

Make notes of when you experienced Time Loss, trying to work out specifically WHEN you were most likely to be abducted and how long this went on for.
Keep these notes as a record and try and spot patterns of times/places that the abductions occur. If they keep grabbing you on the first of the month while you’re in bed, then make a point of getting up early on that day.

Disarming Implants

Implants are annoying because they can do about a million things to you, all bad. Luckily, you can destroy ALL implants through Focused Intent. In the aetheric visualise a duplicate of yourself lying on an operating table. Inspect this duplicate of yourself with the thought held that “Any implants will glow, visible like in an X-ray”.

This way you can see implants and – visualising your hands as being ghost-like and permeable to a physical body – reach into the visualised body to get a hold of the implant. When you’ve gotten a firm “hold” of the implant, pump enormous amounts of heart chakra energy through your arms and hands into the device. Do one at a time; imagine millions of volts of electricity frying the implant. You’ll start to see the implant melting/frying. Keep doing it until you sense the implant is deactivated.

This is made remarkably easier if you have an orgonite Powerwand device, as it’ll boost your energy levels and allow you to channel more energy at the implants to destroy them quicker.

Another really vital point to make is how useful orgonite pendants are. Think of them as a stab-proof vest. I’d always encourage people not to rely on a gadget to help them through tricky aetheric operations but my pendant has stopped me from dying at least once already, so I will mention them as being extremely useful. Also, they’re a lot cheaper than most orgonite stuff. Buy a quality one and wear it when you’re in tough situations.

Going on a Walkabout

I was going to write about the chakra system and what every chakra does and what it means on both a symbolic and a practical level, but then I realised two things: The first thing was that I would need to write an entire book just to cover that topic in sufficient detail and the second (more serious) point was that it's actually a lot more useful if I just teach each you how to fix your entire energy grid yourself and let those who want to give it a shot, go for it.

When you’ve repaired your energy grid you’ll know a lot more about it than most mystics, just like someone who’s taken their motorbike apart and put it back together again. That person REALLY knows how it works and won’t accept any BS from a dodgy mechanic.

So what I’m talking about is going on “Quests”. Words cannot get across how useful this was for me to learn about the aetheric, about myself, to overcome any emotional/spiritual issues in my life, and become who I am today.


Ok. Let’s take it from the top.

You get into a meditative frame of mind and lie down on your bed, somewhere quiet, safe and warm. You lie flat on your back and close your eyes. You open your inner eye and see your Safe Space (let’s say a forest clearing as an example).

There are two ways of doing the next bit. One method is to have a core issue – e.g. “Why do I keep failing at X” or “Why can’t I get a girlfriend” or “I have anger problems, what can I do?” or “How do I improve my psychic ability?”. The other way is to think that you’ve probably got a whole hive of problems that need sorting out and the universe is the best of judge of what problem to sort out first.

So you either have a preconceived specific goal to accomplish or you’re open to whatever possibility the universe throws at you. Either way works fine, although perhaps the latter option is the smarter route.

So you chill out in your Safe Zone for a while. Time works a bit differently here – time in visualisation works a lot faster than real time, so you can do a lot in just an hour or two’s meditation. Naturally if you get aetherically attacked during this time then it will interrupt your Quest so you’ll need to take care of the attack before you can return to the journey.

You stay in the Safe Zone until you get a sign of which way to go. There might be a path, or a bridge, or a wolf leading you off into the woods or whatever. Follow the path. You’ll now be travelling through a landscape made out of the aetheric, the dreamworld and parts of your own soul. It’s complicated and difficult to explain. It’s not necessary that I completely explain it though. It’s about you actually doing this – lying down and meditating and going for a Walkabout on the aetheric and having experiences, going places and meeting people. Having adventures.

These adventures will lead to you overcoming problems in your own life, because the space will become a place for you to really look at and deal with these spiritual/emotional/mental issues and FIX THEM. Actually fix them. No counsellor bill required.

The hardest part of this is to actually do it, because you won’t be in the habit of doing it. The second hardest part is to record your adventures accurately. Keep a notebook, or a word document, and write down the date and time when something happens. Then write at least a paragraph about what happened. It can be as detailed as you like, as long as at a bare minimum it means that if you completely forgot the vision then you could read that paragraph and remember it clearly again.

So for example:

8pm, 11/06/05

Dropped into meditation. Saw myself in the Forest clearing. A white wolf came out of the trees and looked at me – I got the impression to “follow” in my mind. I went after it and ended up walking along a riverbank. After ages spent walking, I became tired and sat against a tree to sleep.

See? Not hard to do, but it’s extremely important. You WILL forget these visions not long after they’ve happened, so that’s why it’s crucial for you to record them.

When you next go to meditate, read the previous diary entry to refresh your memory and then visualise the point where you last left off – NOT starting from scratch in the Safe Space. You’ll fade back into the moment you were and can then continue on the same adventure, even though days/weeks may have passed in the meantime.

Continue your adventure. Eventually you’ll become tired and sleep. In the morning, write down what happened. That’s your new “left off” point. Repeat.

In this way you can (by trancing out for an hour or so per night) link up the experiences and have a continuous alternative life going on. What you experience and what you choose to do will very much depend on who you are, what lessons you need to learn, your personality and how well you document your experiences.

I know that’s a bit vague, but honestly the process is a general framework to allow individuals to have their own individual journey to enlightenment – it’s not a mass production method where everyone has the same things happen twice.

After testing the water a few times, may I suggest you ask the universe to “help me activate my base chakra”? Your walkabouts after that should then be geared towards finding your chakra temple (a metaphorical place which symbolises one of your chakras), which will have lessons and tasks to solve, culminating in clearing that chakra of all associated blockages and problems. This will boost the energy flowing through that chakra/lymph node/aspect of your life and improve things considerably. Then move on to the second chakra. And the next. And the next. There are seven in all and something quite interesting happens after you do that.

Anyway, that’s all there is to it really. It’s incredibly useful, but it isn’t complicated once you understand the method. Rather like fighting the Elite aetherically actually. I’ve said my piece and I hope it helped. If someone out there reads this and finds it gives them the moves to fend off a psychic then it’s been worth my time writing it.

If there’s any problems or whatnot, or if you have any tips and suggestions then send me an email at <>. Please refrain from contacting me if you just want to say something along the line of “You’re a tinfoil hat wearing fool, LOL” though. I’m already anticipating a couple dozen of those.

Remember folks:


There were nine Avatars. One is dead. One has turned. Seven remain.


Preparing for the Shift. Helping where they can.



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