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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Divide and Conquer: The Occult Game of Stalking

We don’t learn from history [be it the hidden, alternative, actual, or official history] because an intellectual understanding of it is useless if it is not matched with the individuation process of shadow integration and the rebirth of the true Self, which is part of the Great Work to anchor the Divine force [or Kingdom] within.

Despite the deceptive external technological progress, human consciousness [the inner life] has undergone no significant transformation.

Hence, “history repeats” in different disguises as “fate” because we try to fight shadows on the wall like in Plato’s allegory of the cave; just as people fight now shadows manifested from the collective unconscious as everyone desperately cheers/identifies with their chosen side they are manipulated to select.

The revolutionary impulse at any given time and age provides some relief and apparent “change,” but only on the superficial surface and in the short term.

Gurdjieff called this deception the trap of the revolutionary mind because it is a mechanical revolt by masses of people who are acting mechanically and are not conscious but easily emotionally manipulated. There is no change in Being and consciousness.

There is only externalization and projections as if evil only exists “out there” but not within oneself, unconscious. Religions, especially Christianity, have been hijacked a long time ago and made God into a human image who supposedly favors one nation over another, punishes and rewards with literal concepts of heaven and hell based on human morals. But the Divine doesn’t act on nor judge according to human morals or logic.

As Satprem noted:

“…But the supramental [divine] power does not obey our logic or morality; it sees far into space and time, and it does not try to do away with evil in order to save the good, nor does it work through miracles.

It frees the good that is within the evil, applying its force and light on the dark half so it consents to its luminous counterpart. Wherever it is applied, the immediate effect is to touch off a crisis; that is, to place the shadow in front of its own light. It is a stupendous evolutionary ferment.”

Dogmatic religion has also wrongfully [but by design] externalized evil as a personification of “Satan” along with the “Jesus savior program.” It is a brilliant move of the occult matrix architects behind the major religions and cleverly mix truth with lies, so people also take the bait and swallow the lies.

As Michael Topper wrote in 1994, published in the “The Matrix” books by V. Valerian (nothing to do with the film that came later):

“…The important thing to remember is this: there is NOT a “unified conspiratorial activity” going on here in the hierarchy of government. The “divide and conquer” effect is also manifest at this level and suits the [non-human occult hostile forces] purposes to a “T.”

Such activity at ALL levels is consistent with their program of STALKING, in which confusion and cross-purpose prevents a clear perception on the part of the Stalkees. [Any] “secret superiors” are just that: SECRET. Any organization you can name, or about which you are AWARE, are merely “outer circles.”

What is the designed objective of this STALKING? It is two-fold:

First, the effect of Stalking is sort of like stampeding a herd of cattle. Bit by bit, they are consolidated into a “negative mode” which consists of the idea of “us vs them.”

Even though, on the surface, it may seem that this “mode” is positive , (i.e. save the world because it is “wrong” or flawed, or blighted with original sin or whatever) the very fact that it is formed in the “dominator” mode of perceiving salvation “outside,” means that it can more easily be “taken over” body, mind and soul at a level that is “unseen and unseeable.” In other words: Satan CAN and most often DOES appear as an Angel of Light!

It is only at the lower levels of the power structure that many still believe they are playing out the basic’ antagonism’ and’ self- protection’ roles. They believe that “sending love and light” to those “in need” is appropriate, without realizing that this activity is predicated upon a deep belief that there is something wrong, in error, in rebellion, and thus becomes again, “us vs them.”

The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence.

…Thus we see that the efforts to “save the world” via “punishment of the wicked,” or “conversion to the light” or “spiritualizing matter with love,” are all expressions of the fundamental desire to UNDO CREATION; to KILL GOD!

Through the idea that “evil/darkness” is a rebellion, a fault, a thing to be done away with, the “twist” is introduced that lays the groundwork for domination and absorption.

This is why, even though promulgated “Christian principles” seem to be good and uplifting, and, in fact, CAN be, the fundamental reason is flawed and also expresses itself in Christian history in such ways as the many slaughter that have been instituted in the name of Christianity….”

– Michael Topper, The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities

It is always much easier to project evil/darkness externally instead of facing your own darkness and the lies you tell yourself about yourself and your life. The battle within requires a more courageous warrior attitude than any battle “out there.”

This doesn’t mean refraining from outward action. Far from it, but it needs to come from within, grounded in the real “I,” not the conditioned/wounded ego-personality with its programmed identifications (with a group, flag, religion, ideology, etc.), which is easily misled, tempted, and manipulated via the trap of identification.

This mechanical revolt is also what the matrix forces and ‘powers that be’ count on with their classical tactics of Problem-Reaction-Solution and Divide & Conquer agenda, which we see happening once again right in front of our eyes as people choose their sides, either standing up for Palestine and wanting to crush Zionism or demonizing Hamas and supporting Israel’s “right to defend itself.”

The ones just “praying” for peace without any effort to engage in the Work are also easily misled.

Both sides are played by occult forces pitting humans against humans for maximum “loosh” output to be fed upon and create the right conditions for absolute “domination and absorption,” as Michael Topper alluded to—the end game.

This game has been going on for thousands of years, and we are reaching its climax. “It’s either Truth or Abyss,” as Sri Aurobindo and The Mother foresaw.

As long as humans mistake physical reality as the only reality [stuck in the outdated age of materialism] or that they are the only higher intelligent “lifeform” and deny the supra-physical [metaphyscial] nature of forces [I’m not talking about “aliens” or ETs] that move and act on humans outside their awareness [and have so for thousands of years], nothing will change fundamentally, and humans keep being puppets for occult [hidden] forces under the illusion of “free will.”

Sri Aurobindo hinted at it over 100 years ago:

“Look at what happened in 1914 – or for that matter at all that is and has been happening in human history – the eye of the Yogin [spiritual seeker] sees not only the outward events and persons and causes but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action.

If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, these, in turn, were mere puppets in the clutch of those [occult] forces.

The apparent freedom and self-assertion of our personal being to which we are so profoundly attached conceal a most pitiable subjection to a thousand suggestions, impulsions, and forces which we have made extraneous to our little person.

Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy, and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, and influences in universal Nature.

When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional, or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of a [Divine] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”

We will “repeat history” in endless time loops over lifetimes and lifetimes like in a frequency prison caught in the illusion of change or experience a collective cataclysm similar to ancient Atlantis until a significant part of humanity starts to look within sincerely and begins the Great Work of nothing short, but the transformation of consciousness and anchoring the divine supramental force for ONLY THAT will bring true change.

As within, so without. Any blaming, complaining, punishing, retaliation, and victimizing will only prolong the inevitable…and waste a lot of time and energy while feeding the matrix forces, literally and figuratively speaking.

We don’t get to move on until we have learned our [soul] lessons, individually and collectively.

By Bernhard Guenther 

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