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Friday, November 3, 2023

A major purge going on in China that is slipping under most people’s radars

October 30, 2023

Fake President Biden declares World War III but he has no army

(Second Part of the Above Article)

Speaking about execution by firing squad, there is a major purge going on in China that is slipping under most people’s radars. Chinese intelligence sources say “very many” top leaders were killed at a hotel before, during and after the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party that ended on October 22nd.

Most notably Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China central committees and former Premier was killed because he was responsible for the mass murder of many Chinese via vaccine, the intelligence agency sources say. The official cause of death was “sudden heart attack” at age 68.

His death follows the firing of China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu, another member of the Tang dynasty Li family. Their symbol is the green dragon.

The Chinese intelligence source warned though to not read too much into all this because “purges happen all the time in China.”

Regardless, the Chinese are still not planning to fork over any more money to keep the Rockefeller-run Biden circus afloat. That is why fake US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is looking so unhappy in this photo taken after his meeting last week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Blinken knows his Rockefeller bosses are headed for the gallows and him along with them. Without more Chinese bribe money they won’t be able to pay their FBI protective goons.

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Colonel Douglas MacGregor says Blinken,is now trying to push the US into war with Iran with promises the US will support Israel in destroying Hamas. Blinken is leading us into “Armageddon,” he warns.

Of course, as mentioned above, the US military is not taking the bait.

That is why the US political puppet theater is trying to move away from the entire Biden show. The Satanists are now trying to stay in charge with a Trojan horse known as the new speaker of the house Mike Johnson.

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At first glance, Johnson appears to tick off all the right-wing boxes. He has consistently voted against aid to Ukraine. He is a staunch ally of President Donald Trump. He says the 2020 election was rigged. He has been actively involved in investigations into Biden’s crime family. Also, the corporate propaganda media attacks him viciously.

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“They are crying, they are hand-wringing, they are bed-wetting over [in the swamp] because we have an honorable, righteous man…He’s going to do great things for the country,” representative Matt Gaetz says of him.

Sounds good right? The only problem is that he failed to tick the biggest box and that is to be against the Satanic plan to kill 90% of humanity. As soon as he got in office this Zionist fanatic told Sean Hannity: – “We can’t allow Putin to prevail in Ukraine” – US “boots on the ground” may be required to “stand with Israel” – Supports Israel directly attacking Iran and calls Russia, China, and Iran “the new Axis of Evil.”

In a related move, the Satanists are running Ukraine talks in Malta using “all means, including fraud, blackmail and threats, in order to lure in as many countries as possible, especially those who have a neutral position on the Ukrainian crisis,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

We also see multiple reports Vladimir Putin is preparing a “massive” retaliatory nuclear strike to wipe out Russia’s enemies.

In other words, the entire Washington DC circus is still trying to pull a Hail Mary pass and usher in Armageddon by starting a Gog versus Magog war between the G7 and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Russians are having none of it. “Putin died on Thursday at around 8:40 p.m. and is now in a freezer in Valdai,” Russian political scientist Valery Soloviei told Polish intelligence. Let us see if that means they finally give up the Putin avatar show.

The other point to make is that the whole political show is just a movie being played on our screens. The US Army has fenced off the entire DC Government District with metal fencing & concertina wire.

The Washington Times, which is actually based there, reports the  Government Accountability Office surveyed two dozen federal agencies and found they averaged a roughly 80% vacancy rate during the study period earlier this year.

Just how long the fake show will continue on our screens is questionable, CNN has just announced it will be closing its headquarters in Atlanta in the wake of plunging viewership and a lack of money. This means the entire AT&T communications center there is being taken over by white hats.

Something has also happened at Google which has now stopped criminally censoring the truth about such things as toxic vaccines and stolen elections.

There is also massive debunking of Zionist propaganda lies going on now:

30+ Israel lies debunked in 3 weeks

No dead babies

No burnt babies

No beheaded babies

No children in cages

No raped women

No ripped breasts

No paraded captives

No tortured captives

No mutilating dead bodies

No “Global Day of Jihad” No planned cyanide attacks

No Hamas coming through US border

No all-female Israeli unit killing 100 Hamas

No October 7 was not “unprovoked”

No Biden did not see pictures of dead babies

No Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies

No small blasts do not prove Israel did not bomb the hospital

No “misfired” rocket was destroyed by Iron Dome before the hospital bombing

No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with the IDF version of events

No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from the cemetery and southwest of the hospital

No Hamas charter published in 2017 is anti-Zionist,

not anti-Jewish Fake baby crib photo

Fake blood splatter photo

Fake booby-trapped school bags

Fake Al Jazeera journalist twitter account

Fake audio tape about bombing hospital

Fake AI-generated images of Hamas leaders

Fake “official Al Qaeda material” on dead Hamas fighters

Fake antisemitic controversy over Greta’s toy octopus

False titles for Palestine protest chants

False labels on a Gaza 4-year-old baby martyred in airstrike as a doll

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of West Bank raid survivor

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Thai children in ghost costumes Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by crossfire at the festival, not by mass shooting

Yes many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives

Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli tanks at kibbutz

Now Mosab Hassan Yousef -the son of the founding leader of Hamas- says it is not Muslim but is rather a globalist psy-op designed to “terrorize the world into accepting forever wars in the Middle East.”

Hamas is also sitting on a stockpile of Western weapons that had previously been shipped to Ukraine.

Revelations like this mean so many Jews have woken up to the truth that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been forced to admit he would “have to give answers” for security lapses exposed in the deadly October 7 attacks by Hamas.

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The answer he will be forced to give is that “Israel’s 9/11” was an attempt to avoid bankruptcy by starting a war just like the original 911 was for the US,

“Israel was created by The Khazarian Rothschild Mafia Banksters in 1948 but their contract as an independent sovereign nation expires at the end of October 2023. (the day after the eclipse no coincidence) That means that the timing of the war is completely planned strategically to coincide with the time they could be dissolved with the rest of the central bankers and all the other bankrupt corporations,” Mossad sources explain.

An Asian royal offered this explanation:

The reason why the Zionist bankers must take over Persia is that they need the Central Bank of Iran in order to save their financial system. The Central Bank of Iran has untold reserves in gold and holds the Imperial Crown jewels, both of which the country has been accumulating for eons. The modern version of the Central Bank was created in 1960. This is why they keep antagonizing Persia, the latest is to get the country involved in the Gaza-Israeli conflict. The Zionist bankers need a war. It won’t happen. Russia and Persia are protecting each other.

Israel is now incorporated and registered in the UK. They filed as a new business entity in February of this year. Their registered address is the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, London. The beneficial owner of the company is the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem.

We have talked to the Jewish head of MI6 who claims to be the new owner. He says they will soon rebuild the third Temple on the site of the original temple built by King David. They say the site is nowhere near the Al Aqsa Mosque.

If this is true it means the Jews have are being liberated from thousands of years of slavery. We shall soon see.

Regardless, there are countless signs the old order is collapsing. Last week the world’s oldest central bank, Sweden’s Riksbank went bankrupt. The now insolvent central bank needs at least SEK80 billion or US $7 billion (about 1% of Swedes’ GDP) to get back in business. The Swedes would be better off to just pull the plug.

Another central bank struggling to survive is the one in Argentina. Their puppet economy minister Massa, who was responsible for 140% inflation, has “defied expectations” and beaten libertarian candidate Javier Milei. Milei promised to scrap the peso and close the central bank. In other words, the Khazarian mafia is trying to steal the Argentine election in order to keep their debt slavery racket going there.

Something similar is happening in Mexico. Last week it was hit with a weather modification weapon.

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President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accused his opponents of trying to exploit Hurricane Otis ahead of next year’s presidential election.

A Senior Mexican source says the KM is trying to impose a “Jewish” woman as president. He says he met her and “She did not look like a human being.”

Similar struggles are taking place in many countries as the KM fight a losing battle to keep their puppets in power as their rule collapses.

We are also seeing major corporate collapses. This is especially true of the pharmaceutical industry.

Johnson & Johnson is planning for bankruptcy as it faces over 500,000 thousand lawsuits linking baby powder to cancer. Other pharmaceutical companies are facing similar lawsuits for other cancer-causing products.

Now the vaccine lawsuits and war crimes trials are coming.

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were COVID-19 injected and all 30 have died.

Similar stories are emerging from Canada, the US and many other countries.

“They will all be tried found guilty of crimes against humanity and executed,” CIA sources promise.

It’s class action lawsuit time. Here’s a list of 90 lawyers that you can contact if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers:

There are also going to be lawsuits over missing children. Polish intelligence informs us:

We know a lot about various models of “child protection” because Ordo Iuris experts have been saving families from the hands of heartless Norwegian, German, Dutch, Belgian and Swedish officials for years. Even newborns are separated from their breastfeeding mothers if officials notice behavior that they consider disturbing, such as an irregular lifestyle, frequent trips abroad of the child with its mother, or… a baby’s diaper being too wet. Each of these stories has been documented in litigation.

This sort of thing has been going on in the US as well to the tune of 40,000 missing children every year. It is time for a reckoning over this too.

The days where they can drag people out of Hillary Clinton rallies for asking about Bill’s trips to Epstein Island are ending.

There is also an electric vehicle purge coming. In a victory for auto workers, Ford is halting $12 billion in EV investment, saying they are too expensive

“People are finally seeing reality,” Toyota Motor Chairman Akio Toyoda said.

Speaking about reality, we are also now getting closer to the truth about mass shootings staged by the KM in an ongoing attempt to seize firearms from Americans.

It seems the tinfoil hat people were on to something. Look at how many shooters heard voices before taking action.

The technology to make people hear voices in their heads that nobody else can hear has been around at least since the 1970s. In the video below you can watch a college professor bounce sound waves carrying music that can’t be heard aloud but can be heard in your head. This experiment was carried out at a university using equipment that cost a few hundred dollars, Look at the students’ reactions.

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Of course, governments have been using this technology. Now I feel bad I dismissed all those people who came to me with such reports in the past as delusional.

Finally, here is a video sent to me by the Russians just as this report was about to go live. It shows Donald Trump being obsequious to the Crown Prince of Morocco Moulay Hassan. Morocco controls 70% of the world’s phosphate supply needed for all agriculture. The Moroccan Royal Family crest features two lions of Judah, meaning they are crypto-Jews. If the Hassan family tries (God forbid) to engineer a starvation crisis, they will be eliminated permanently from the human gene pool.

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