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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Wise man engage brain before engaging mouth

Being around the awakening community for over a decade, I have learned that all claims are based on perception.

There’s a video of an alien being interrogated by some military types and the human interrogator seems to be genuine, in having an attitude of your basic military industrial complex kinda guy. He has a classic accent of some military Midwesterner of the late 50’s or early 60’s. The film, is supposed to be from 1964. This footage has been around for awhile, I saw it first around 2015.

The being that’s being interrogated is a grey alien. The alien looks like a tall gray. I believe there’s Zeta Reticuli beings that fit the description. The being is clearly irked by the questions of the military guy. But he is to their best ability answering the questions. Perhaps reluctantly. Can’t say that we know what the being is thinking completely, but some of more interesting questions is when the being is asked about God.

The being replies, “We evolved past a need for superstition.”

Video Player

In the conversation, it gets established that the being is from our future, to which the interviewer is somewhat incredulous. In the esoteric fields, one of the more prevailing narratives is that: 1. There is no time – that everything exists all at once, but is in different realities and parallel universes. 2. We don’t have the consciousness or understanding of all that is, meaning there is much to learn and that our reality is based on our perceptions. And 3. That everything exists all at once. The being in the interrogation gets into this.

So, in the conversation, the being tells the questioner that he’s from our future and gives us a warning to prevent us from blowing up our planet. The Venusians that have communicated with Raymond Keller say the same thing. They actually show some humans the path that we were on, and that it leads to a cataclysmic destruction. Another trope that goes around the esoteric community is that our galaxy will not allow for anyone else in our solar system to blow up a planet again. This blown-up planet theory accounts for the asteroid belt, which are the remnants of the planet Maldek and its moon Tiamat.

Thus, this being, it is reported, is here for a couple of reasons, to abduct humans and do genetic tests on them (assumedly their genetics got messed up in the cataclysm), and to stop us from blowing ourselves up. Though the being seems to be observing us as he says that he is an evolutionary cousin of ours. Them being the result of radiation and nuclear war. In an interesting exchange, the military guy asks, why we blow up our planet. The being says, “Dogma.”

Dogma that the being is referring to is similar to this moment in time where we just narrowly avoided this timeline. The dark forces had wanted to control everything on our planet. And if they couldn’t control it all, they’d have been happy to blow it all up. The dogma it describes as being political and religious. Asked if we could avoid the situation, the being says we must protect democracy by protecting rejection of objective facts. This confusion, again, was the wet dream of the defeated dark forces who wanted to create a new order from confusion. Or, Ordo ab Chao – Order out of chaos.

Not that this was going to happen, but if the video is to be believed, it should be shown to others in our history as a warning to us. Again, this would be a much more important UFO disclosure than what’s currently public. But, the seeds are being spread.

BTW, the don’t like being called aliens. They prefer extraterrestrials. I guess that this is because they exist on the same planet, just in the future. Again, just passing along info here. Perhaps this is what David Grusch was referring to when he kept saying “biologics”, though there are also beings called EBENS, who are extraterrestrial biological entities. Which I recall meaning that they have a biology but not a soul, so they are non-organic. Sounds kinda like our leaders, eh?

There’s actually another video that comes to mind as I write this, and that’s the classic, “This is the voice of Vrillon, representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command…”, that appeared on the BBC in 1977 at 5:10 pm interrupting the local ITM News Summary broadcast on the Southern Network.

Here is the audio of the broadcast:

Video Player

This same warning was given to General Eisenhower reportedly by Grays, and the MIC back in the late 50’s by Commander Valiant Thor in his warning to who chronicled Valiant Thors visit Dr. Frank Stranges in his book, Stranger at the Pentagon.

Valiant Thor is a contact of Prepare for Change co-founder Rob Potter. As are others in his fleet. Though this sounds astounding, it’s really par for the course around the awakened contactees. In fact, Thor and his contingent made the promise to return at a later time to stop us from harming ourselves and the planet, which in turn would harm the solar system and universe.

These are the bigger stories among the extraterrestrial lore. Perhaps in the top 10 of incidents. We’ll have to see if they get confirmed soon?

But, I wouldn’t hold my breath of it coming from the team that’s currently bringing out disclosure. Or at least, give them a pass as to why.

But, for now, let’s assume that the stories of extraterrestrials among us is true and that they are benevolent. As we are all connected and per the Law of Divine Oneness are linked together, we have to be watched more closely.

Of course, the time for graduation for some of us is near. So, the Thor contingent who represent Venus and an aspect of the Galactic Federation are returning and helping us liberate ourselves. This promise of returning, I’d like to suggest, is really why the elites are freaking out. I’d go so far as to say their return is why Space Force was created, to thwart their return. Why would we use Space Force to thwart their return?

Here’s some info from the contingent given to Rob Potter:

Space Force is a wing of the global planetary control system. The planetary control system is the system of old that was under rule of dark leaders. So corrupted had these leaders become, that they never thought of giving up power as was mandated reportedly by Source when contracting the balance and prime directive of this earthly experience. Dark and light were supposed to switch off rule every 1000 years the occultists say to execute this experiment in duality.

But absolute power corrupts absolutely

It turned out that power had been abused. Does this come as a surprise? Power by every ruler in our world has been abused. In reality, you have to be an abuser of power to be allowed to rule. Even Trump is now suspect to this abuse of power.

The story goes that Trump is dead and his being is being portrayed by actors. Thus, I call them Team Trump. Trump had a bite at the apple and infected he became. The Trump family also had their bites at the apple and figured that they stood much to gain by keeping the Trump act going. So, a little actor here and there wouldn’t be too bad. Reports are out that the Biden actors and Trump actors were each promised $1 billion. Of course, we can’t prove this. But, we can say that every man has their price. That is an accepted rule among the cabal. And we can also understand the technology that could be used by actors:

Video Player
They say it is all a show. We can also understand the psychology of the sociopathic elite. Tears for Fears had the song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” In those elite circles, they’ve done such unimaginable things to be in the ruling class, that we should be able to see them for who they are. If things were transparent, then we would. And we wouldn’t like it.
Deception is the devil’s greatest weapon

What the elite are capable of doing is so far out from human, that humans who have any semblance of a beating heart can’t understand it. But having a beating heart is foreign to many of the rulers of the planet. Like the Grinch, their hearts are too small to be of any influence. Many elites believe that caring and love are weaknesses.

Because of this belief, they teach their young at very early ages that everyone is trying to harm you, so it is a gift to teach you this from your family. If you’re able to learn this lesson, then you too can take advantage of others by fooling them into believing in you. Sometimes as a savior, which goes back to Trump, Biden, Clinton, Obama, etc. They try to win you over with promises and orchestrate coordinated attacks to your consciousness.

There is a very real war going on and the indictments against Trump are part of it. The “white hats” are part of it. Galactics are part of it. You are part of it. Disinformation and misinformation are part of it. Truth will eventually prevail.

You who are on this path will see through the game more and more quickly. If you’re even looking. It might be better to focus on yourself and keep things simple. I’m waiting for the “larger-bodied” lady to sing.

Which brings me back to my opening premise

I take the position of sharing things that I’ve come across over the years that add to the fabric of reality. I would like to show more things that I come across, but it would be too much – at least for the majority of people. And even I think I’ve seen too much.

As I’m in a few threads and groups, I will say that there’s always one commentator that thinks they know everything. With the UFO stuff coming out, boy, are many people going to be in for a surprise! That’s putting it mildly.

There’s a whole lot of stuff out there right now. And stuff that is intended to deceive. So, do we engage with everything we see, or do we observe it and pay attention to our reactions? I think you know my advice.

Take it in and let it roll over you. Let it seep in a little bit at a time, but don’t get emotionally worked up right away. Though there’s times and places to get emotional – it shows that you do really care about something. But, we need to try to see the world and meet them where they are. Not everybody is going to share the same perspective as you. Or the guy in the video interviewing the alien… it’s actually kinda funny the way the guy is show assured of himself!

It's as though he’s saying to himself, “What do you know future alien mother f’r?” And that’s the lesson. Sometimes we need to allow others the lessons to learn for themselves. But at some point, there has to be an adult in the room.

Is it more adult to engage with the bait? Or thoughtfully collect your thoughts and offer a kind-hearted comment? As we engage dark forces, we can offer them lessons or observe them. When they stop acting like children or take things too far, we have a duty to interject. For the things that children do, do affect us all.

We could observe this with the immigrant riots on the streets of NYC this week, and with the city politicians who let it go on, and we can observe it with the military people who think they know everything. Well, this male ego has had its time. It’s time for wisdom to prevail.

Video Player
And it is going to be. There’s no stopping it. The sooner they are told this, and all realize it, the better we will be. As we exit the age of confusion and enter the age of enlightenment, we will see the children take heed to the adults in the room. The adults now have to once again show themselves.

Will this be in the form of higher intelligence beings? Angels? Etherics? You? Or me? I think we’re gonna find out soon.

For the ones that are taking up all the oxygen in the room, it will soon shift. Remember the topic of this piece. Those who say don’t know. Or should I rephrase as, those who are screaming right now, aren’t necessarily the ones you should be listening to. 

Wisdom doesn’t need to raise its voice. It just is and carries weight when it talks.

By Gerry Gomez, Aug 7, 2023

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