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Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Breakthrough Arrives

All Ruling Powers Removed

Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroad in civilisation. With the aim of enriching themselves, the globalists, with the help of the political establishment, have caused great damage to our planet, society, industry, culture, etc. Now, they begin to panic as their corruption is recognised and confirmed all over the world.

The oppressors, the cheaters, the exploiters, the enslavers, in short the minority that oppress the majority will cease to exist. Mother Earth, as the source of feminine energy, will give her children everything they need.

When all ruling powers are removed for good and forever, competition gives way to co-operation; then, finally, time will turn into Abundance and Prosperity!

It is either or both that will trigger the long-awaited breakthrough for the liberation of planet Earth. Namely ‘mass awakening’ or ‘collapse of the current cabal money system’;

We have long awaited for the mass awakening to bring about the big breakthrough, otherwise we would long ago have been freed from our age-old money slavery and oppression. In the event people don’t wake up in sufficient numbers, our second option is the breakdown of the cabal worthless paper money system.

There is not any greater swindle than from the central bankers. The Federal Reserve and ECB and the Bank of Japan BoJ, etc. have ‘illegally’ obtained a monopoly for the issuing of worthless money. and control over its supply. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet at no cost anytime they like, by buying assets with fake money, which most of the time is perpetual government debt.

Paper money is only valuable as long there is not too much of it. The market can absorb a little counterfeited money. But that has a limit. And this limit has been reached now!

This debt-money scam was created by people to enrich the cabal and their cronies; money stolen from working people’s earnings. Governments knowingly participate in this crime and are thus collectively responsible for this inhuman fraud.

Pledging citizens’ ‘trust money’ without the consent of the people, as ‘collateral’ to the central bank for the creation of debt money, is a shameful criminal act by our governments. This is exchanging guaranteed valuable energy money for worthless debt money created out of thin air but backed by the trust of real earned trust money.

Perpetual Public Debt

The cabal has invented “perpetual” public debt, which in itself is an impossibility! This is mixed with the people’s trust money, which is already in circulation and makes this scam invisible. This alone is proof enough that all governments are notorious criminals!!

The cabal’s house of cards is about to collapse; the consequences will be both catastrophic and irreversible. Although the criminal cabal already has plans ready to replace all existing money systems worldwide with their equally worthless one-world digital SDR money currency, issued and controlled by the IMF. This is the final step in the preparation for their long-awaited New World Order where people will be transformed through the following directives;

Gay marriages will be legalised – Parents will not be allowed to raise their own children, the state will do that – All women will be employed by the state and will not be allowed to be housewives – Divorces will be easier than ever, while monogamous marriages will slowly disappear – All property will be handed over to the state as private property will be outlawed – All religions will be outlawed by law as everyone believes in the New World Order religion.

In their greed, however, they have counted beyond their means, because fortunately, this crash is necessary and is being used to introduce the new QFS money system that has been waiting in the wings for two years. This ‘big change’ in favour of the people is expected to take place around 25 June next or soon after. The final decision will be taken by Father/Mother God.

Remember; This is our only and unique opportunity for successful and irreversible removal of the criminal Deep State Cabal.

If all the awakened, wake up one sleeper, sufficient majority for our complete success is guaranteed. At least 70% awake participation guarantees a smooth transition. Without major chaotic complications.

We have already won this battle, but the actual breakthrough can only come without a fight if the cabal collapses of its own accord or if the sleeping crowd awakens and rises in sufficient numbers. The moment when either will happen is GOD’s decision. Only GOD knows when His final choice will be implemented. At that moment the breakthrough is a fact and irreversible.

Anunnaki’s Material Evolution

The birth of the New 5D-World has been delayed, by the Invisible Master called Yahweh, also named the bad God, in contrast with our Good GOD, who we can connect with only through “gnosis”, according to the Gnostic bloodline members present on Earth.

Plato was the one who, for the first time, used the term Gnostikos, meaning having knowledge, or the art of knowing, or alternatively the art of managing all things known.

The good God is contrasted with the Ancient Greek god Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind. This god has been identified as Lucifer, the spirit of evil and the adversary of the God in the Christian and Islamic religion, according to author and teacher John Lash.

The relationship with the invisible world is very complex. The Gnostics consider the Son of God concept to be a delusional idea, imprinted into the human mind by an alien species of aberrant, nonhuman entities or mental parasites, called the Archons, together with the underlying concept of Good versus Evil, especially concocted for mainstream humans.

The fact of the matter is; that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the illuminati would like us to believe. They only manipulated us into being their slaves.

The Anunnaki participated in our material evolution as a human species, through their genetic manipulation in ancient times, but they only helped to enhance our physical bodies, not our soul.

The Anunnaki are in no way the source of our spiritual beings, which were created out of pure Love-energy by the Source-God, according to Zecharia Sitchin.

The invisible masters belong to an invisible extra-dimensional realm of immortal beings, who only impart esoteric teachings through carefully chosen disciples in secret societies. – Jesus and also Buddha before him fulfilled this role model.

The real Hidden Masters, in contrast with what we have been taught in popular culture, are believed to be good aliens, not aliens from the dark side. The good ones don’t have the desire to rule or control our lives. This goes against universal occult laws.

Aliens are higher-dimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perception and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to planet Earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions, protected by an inter dimensional reality. We the people are disconnected from, in order not to be able to see them, due to tinkering of our DNA.

Change of Course

Government is the problem, not the solution. After more than 20 years of dragging and deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are chosen by the people to serve them, but not to play authoritarian dictators, as is always the case. Governments use all power and resources to influence your way of life.

They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture and use young men and women to fight wars in other countries that pose no threat to their own. They regulate and impede businesses, distribute money, make trade more difficult through embargoes and sanctions, and control everything that comes to mind. Governments are clearly not serving the people, worse, they are the enemy of the people.

People no longer read, only watch pictures and videos they quickly forget. FWC-articles are deliberately written to be easy understandable. But are apparently not sufficiently understood, due to so-called scanning reading; resulting that the core of the text does not penetrate the brain. It is sad to observe this! Watch and read again the three earlier articles in this range. BrainwashingSlave Chain, and Deception.

Even less understood is the fact that economic law requires ‘fair exchange’, using only things of real value as money, which cannot be revoked.

Think about it, wake up, and act on it!

A new financial system awaits us

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is waiting in the wings. NESARA is radically changing the financial landscape and what that means for your money! Read all about the new financial system QFS here.

The Quantum Financial System has a megalithic financial structure given to Mankind by our Exterrestrial brothers and sisters. It is called megalithic because it stands out as the most advanced financial system anyone can imagine. Currently, this technology has no analogues on planet Earth. This is an amazing system designed to take over the entire accounting needed to balance every financial transaction in the world in real time.


Quantum Financial System (QFS)


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