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Friday, November 25, 2022

Transition of Planet Earth has Begun

The Light has won

The transformation now is actually a timetable of events and procedures of events, which is called timeline. Humanity is now on a timeline where something significant is about to happen; that is, noteworthy events are now taking place in this Universe Age; which qualifies as historical turning point.

Planet Earth is making its transition from 3D to 5D, many of the contemporary souls incarnated on Earth are now also making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in the entire planetary or even in the history of the Universe, but above all, this is the greatest moment on Earth with the awakening of Humanity.

The oft-publicised already ancient Armageddon prophecies will not happen! We are going to experience incredible times. However, there is still a major obstacle that undoubtedly concerns the fate of humanity itself; but at this moment in time, this is the most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth.

Two new well-defined Timelines will determine the future: one will lead part of humanity to the New 5D Earth; the other will lead the rest into exile to another 3D planet.

Only a third of humanity is capable of performing and completing the ascension necessary for this transition; the other part is not. Eventually, a New Cycle and a New Earth will emerge. Where no authority or superior exists to influence our free will and choices. Everyone will be their own judge. No one will interfere with individual preferences of others.

The Light has won. Where everyone creates their own reality. The fate of humanity has now been definitively decided. The wheat has been separated from the chaff. Only 5-dimensional beings will go to the New 5-D Earth. This process is expected to be completed, cleared and settled around 2025.

The light will become more intense, making it impossible for sleepers to sleep through. It is certain, that many, even if awakened by the high Light intensity, will choose another dark planet to continue their soul’s deep sleep there. Therefore, this article is only for those who are truly awake and have chosen the path of the New 5D Earth.

Humanity is awakening

Be prepared and be on your guard, because things are moving fast now. The banks are closing, make sure you stock up on basic necessities. The transition could take up to three weeks. The corrupt cabal cronies and their backers will be removed. They are part of the Deep State because of the money and work they did for them. This made them feel important, but will now pay a high price.

Before the endless wars of the Deep State Cabal, the objectives were never told, such as the destruction of ancient and modern cities, maximisation of casualties and massive damages to earn money for interest on borrowed money for reconstruction.

For thousands of years, our history has largely been made a deception, especially since 1706, the Khazarian Zionist Mafia has manipulated and changed almost every fact and aspect to keep the population completely in the dark, better controlled and oppressed, but that has ended now. The truth is coming out and every day more people understand what is happening now, and are slowly waking up.

Unsecured paper money and banks will eventually disappear. Real gold-backed money will not; money and banks are tools of the cabal to oppress the population through their debt-based economy that ensures humans can never thrive.

Unrest and insecurity are spreading and more and more people are losing their grip on their world and orientation. Especially people who have no inner connection to themselves and their eternal soul are now caught in the maelstrom of disinformation, confusion and deception. They are unable to see what is going on, and they are unable to see through what is being played. So these people will remain the playthings of the corrupt rulers.

Many will disappear from planet earth or leave. The unity of all people together can only be achieved with souls who are ripe for it. So it happens now, that oppressed people have to leave this earth with the oppressors.

What is hailed as a blessing brings death, what is clothed with a promise of salvation brings disease. Many succumb or will succumb to the gene therapy of the Corona vaccination.

Warnings regarding its danger were ignored by immature souls, neither seen nor recognised. So, it happens that people end or shorten their lifespan by their free choice. These are people who are not ready for the coming changes.

Greatest moment on earth

Many other things will be settled in the same way at the soul level. For everyone chooses when they end life on earth or when mastery is achieved. Very few are ready for this.

So, don’t worry if many people leave this earth. It happens in harmony and in the knowledge of one’s own soul plan. Each soul chooses and decides before human life, the kind of experiences to be had and the abilities to be acquired. So each soul knows when and how to end its life.

While these changes are taking place on Earth, many Beings from the Extraterrestrial Realms are watching us awakeners with admiration and recognition.

You awakeners are the ones we have been waiting for, and you are also the ones leaving the old behind to create the new life with people who want peace and trust and appreciate each other.

This effort requires mature and tested souls. A young soul with little experience on planet Earth will find it difficult to find its way, even under optimal 3D conditions. Such a soul will be overwhelmed by what is now manifesting on planet earth.

So it happens that some wake up and others slip into a deep sleep:

They are They;

  • Who could not see or understand the evil behind the Corona theatre.
  • Who refused any clarification and believed the lies presented.
  • And, who have no discernment between the good from the bad.

For these people, the circle of this life closes, they are those who do not engage in change, and now end their last life cycle on earth.

Evil disappears as soon as you recognise it and put it in its place. Satan no longer has power over those who see through the wiles and tricks and/or did not succumb to the lure of temptation.

Today’s new timeline has been prepared for mature souls; the time has come for those who want to crown their lives and serve planet Earth as fully conscious human beings.

We are now at the turning point. As Earth as Planet makes its Transition, many of the souls incarnated here are simultaneously making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in all planetary history, but above all, it is the greatest moment of planet Earth and in the awakening of Humanity.

Below, our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi provides additional information he received on this subject, and now being published on FWC sites.

Parallel or Simultaneous Timelines

Dear people!

When we talk about timelines, we mean a particular situation that deviates from what was considered normal so far, or the continuation of what always was. So when we say that a change has taken place in a timeline, we are talking about what is going to change, namely that nothing will be the same again.

Normally, a timeline affects the collectivity. It is of little consequence when it affects only one person or a very small part of the collective. Such Timelines can also interfere with the Planet as a whole, that is, change enough to cause a Planetary Transition.

We have talked about this before. We said that a New Timeline in 2010, changed the fate of Earth. The old Line that determined Armageddon was extinguished, and in its place emerged a Timeline that makes the Planetary Transition smoother and more harmonious.

All Planets and their Humanity undergo deep transformations in a period of infinite time. Like, for example, that we are experiencing now on Planet Earth. This is part of the plan of reconciliation for all worlds.

But today we are going to talk about something very interesting happening now in these final months of 2022. We are experiencing a situation that has never happened before: where we are living in two simultaneous timelines.

Let us first understand that Timelines can be Antagonistic (contradictory), parallel or simultaneous. The difference between these three is easy to understand. Antagonistic is when you live a totally different reality from other people. Parallel is when you live two different realities, but sometimes clearly one, sometimes the other. You realise exactly what the difference between the two is. Simultaneous Timelines are a jumble of things like a fruit salad.

Today we are going to elucidate on simultaneous timelines, because that is what comes most into focus in late 2022. Chances are that after understanding this, you will be able to gain some relief from the tension that the current times bring.

Understanding what is going on will give you some peace in the turmoil we are going through. When you were told in previous messages that everyone chooses a timeline according to their frequency, and that it will very soon send you in opposite directions, it was actually about the present moment, concerning the days that are about to come.

If it is the frequency of each consciousness that determines who will ascend their souls now, it is clear that it will also be that frequency which will guide each to one Timeline or the other. But this is not an event that can be observed in a day. Such a fact may take several years, but it will not last long. We are on the cusp of that moment.

The year 2022 will indeed be a demarcation as was said at the end of 2021. Even if this is not very clear yet, we will see further down the road how it all worked out.

Individual choices will determine the final line.

Pay attention to your feelings. You are not the same creature as before. There is something intriguing in your feelings. Forget the old beliefs for a while, and allow yourself the new. At least accept the possibility that nothing will be the same again. Don’t resist what your intuition says. Believe in the many possibilities. Nothing that was until now will stay that way from now on.

Do short meditations and feel your body, your inner voice and your heart. Learn to listen to the voice of your soul. It is guiding you now as never before. And you must separate yourself from old beliefs to allow new ones.

New realities are emerging faster and faster, and you may find yourself in mental confusion or existential conflict. This confusion is caused precisely because you are experiencing two timelines simultaneously.

It is easy to identify this. Notice how there are moments when it feels like you are no longer yourself. Then, things seem to return to normal. There are situations that seem to have happened in old times, and then you understand that it is in fact real; that it is happening now. There are also moments that seem like you are dreaming, but which you see and recognise that it is not a dream. In short, the sense of what is real and what is not is constantly confused.

These are two simultaneous timelines, which at times can also be two parallel timelines. The difference is that the simultaneous timeline is shorter and more confusing. The parallel timeline, on the other hand, is longer felt and the difference between the two becomes clearer.

What we have to say today is that simultaneous Timelines of today will soon lock into parallel Timelines. And later they will in fact be two opposite (antagonistic) Timelines that will determine the course of each incarnated soul here on Planet Earth. It depends on the adjustment each can still make in terms of vibrational frequency.

Every human being incarnated now has one last choice. It will be decisive because this is also the last incarnation in duality on this Planet. The opportunity offered by the Divine Plan is so great that it allows each incarnated soul to feel the many vibrations, so that each can choose his path without doubt.

This “imbroglio” (turmoil) of feeling is what gives each the direction to choose according to the current stage in the evolution of each incarnated soul. Remember that everything is frequency, and the universal laws do not read words.

No one can cheat their own conscience. We still have some time left, but the funnel is getting narrower. The Timelines are available to everyone, and everyone can make their choice now.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


The transformation of the world has begun

Something big is about to happen

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