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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Common Sense and Critical Thinking

This newsletter may be my last on this subject. It is not for those who know necessarily it is a last attempt to help those on the fence that feel something just isn’t and hasn’t been right. It is also ammunition for those who want facts and insights to state their case. We realize there are some folks may not be able to comprehend or desire to face the obvious. The problem with common sense and critical thinking both are no longer common. In fact, both are extinct within the majority of the democratic party, mainstream and social media. Anyone using common sense or critical thinking has been silenced, banned, soon to be banned or shamed for pointing out the obvious. Especially if it goes against the Left controlled media. There are a minimum of 75% of the people who support Trump. With 80 million votes the most popular president in history how did he loose? Where did all those voters come from? Did you see the thousands of people attending Trump rallies verses the 10 to 25 people painfully attending the Biden rallies? Their only message is we hate Trump, their entire platform was run on it. Trumps numbers are rising despite the left controlled medias ongoing attempt to demonize him to protect not democracy but their power base and socialist agenda. Despite their socially engineered false image of Trump with 98% of the media being negative his support is growing some say up to 85%. This is unprecedented. There is a saying a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Set aside the socially engineered images, smear campaigns, and blatant lies never redacted, Trumps actions speak for themselves. Booming economy, lowest unemployment rate helping the Blacks, Hispanics, all cultures, acted swiftly in the Covid crises a biological weapon originating in China used to shut down America. A plandemic making the test kits and vaccine companies rich who owned the patent on the virus, the test kits and vaccines as early as 2005, figure that one out. Do they have a crystal ball or was this all preplanned? What do the new vaccines have to do with covid, mutating covid, what is in them and do the makers believe in population control. Are they eugenicists?

Where is the critical thinking?

How does this sound I am going to inject myself with a vaccine created by a computer guy, not a medical doctor who is a known eugenicist who said on Ted Talks vaccines will be the solution to population control with a history of promoting deadly and debilitating vaccines in India, Africa filled with, get this Luciferase, dead male fetus dna, a host of other toxic chemicals, nanobots after which the test subjects and now others have dropped dead, some on mainstream TV, others a few hours later. Does this sound like common sense or critical thinking? Did you hear any of this in the main stream media? Do they want you dead or crippled? Are they looking after your best interests or is there another agenda?

Here is another one, you are forced to wear a mask that says on the box will not protect from covid or virus, the government sent a warning the masks will not protect you from smoke during the fires. Smoke particles 1000 times bigger than a virus. Then Fauci writes a paper that says during the Spanish flu most people died from bacterial secondary pneumonia from wearing the masks not the flu. Then scientists are now saying there are extreme hazards from wearing a mask, oxygen levels drop below the healthy minimum, immune systems are compromised and other serious diseases are popping up directly related to wearing the masks. Virus die almost immediately when exposed to sunlight, oxygen, saltwater but we have to lock down everyone cram them together in their homes void of all the above. Fear, distancing, shaming, the loss of freedom all create emotional trauma. They close down stores and restaurants except it is okay for them to dine, get their hair done, do whatever they desire mask-less. WTF, all of this is creating and extending the problem. Do the heavy handed Governors, mostly democrats really have your best interests in hand? Who do they get their orders from, owe their allegiance too? Most countries are already done with the virus that did not make masks mandatory, did limited social distancing with no lockdowns. They also did not fill the rest homes and elderly establishments with infected people. How did that bring down the numbers? The last gem is the tests. A goat, pau pau fruit, 200 unused tests sent in by nurses and a can of coke all came up positive. They are now saying the tests show an 85+ percent false positive. The man who invented the tests said it was not reliable or to be used in the pandemic, meeting his demise soon after. Labs across the world are not finding the virus, they are finding the usual A and B influenza, no covid 19. When asked for an isolate the CDC said we can’t find one therefore they cannot make the standard vaccine. So, what are people injecting themselves with? Now they are saying the virus they cannot find has mutated? But they still don’t have an isolate and labs cannot find it. They are however finding the usual A and B influenza and the usual death rates accompanying them. The death rate has not gone up despite this pandemic. Where are all the dead bodies, refridgerator trucks filled to the brim? Why can’t they find the virus, an isolate there? Why did they pay hospitals up to 35,000 a patient to say they died of the virus? Heart attacks, strokes, organ failures, fatal accidents all became corona fatalities. How come during the pandemic most hospitals claimed to be spilling by the main stream media over looked like ghost towns when investigated by citizen journalists? Is common sense and critical thinking kicking in? Are we not in an economic war with China? Where did the pandemic originate, who financed the Wuhan labs? Again who has the patents on the virus and test kits? Who stands to make billions and who sold out the American people? Follow the money who stands to gain, who is in bed with China, how does a pandemic and the lockdowns destroy America? If you are not angry yet your not paying attention or have become so socially engineered, in denial, or of such vested interest not even God can reach you.

Trump has made Peace agreements in the middle east ending thousands of years of war. Putting an end to Isis and created major road blocks to China, the CCP taking over America. Securing the borders created a huge dent in drug and child trafficking. Then there are massive arrests for child trafficking rings involving high level officials something previous presidents seemed to ignore. Common sense would dictate these are all good things but the mainstream media has ignored or twisted every accomplishment. Let’s not forget who owns the media globally just 24 companies, most aligned with democrats, the left and deep state with major investments from China and the global elite. Their influence is blatantly shown recently where social media the banned republican politicians including the President from accessing the people. Election tampering at its best.

With the latest news concerning the electronic and ballot fraud in the elections with the President of Italy, the Pope and a host of other operatives who used military satellites, computers and dominion to shift votes from Trump to Biden arrested. Treasonous politicians and media moguls are scurrying to other countries and doing damage control to a ship that now looks like swiss cheese. Affidavits taken as irrefutable evidence prove without a doubt extreme electronic tampering and voter fraud occurred. Counties with 120% turnout when 60% is normal, hundreds of thousands of preprinted ballots dumped in the wee hours of the morning mysteriously 98% + all for Biden. States where Trump had a major lead overnight shifted to Biden statistically impossible, again common sense and critical thinking would demand something is wrong with this picture. Have you heard any of this in the lame stream media? Whether you are Democrat or Republican the hijacking of the media and the elections should be met with outrage. To put it simply they have been blatantly lying to you and stole the election. This is Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Nazi and third world county tactics are shoved right in your face yet many still deny the obvious. What adds salt to the wound is the Dems, Rhinos and far left are accusing Trump of what they have and are doing. Creating a socialist dictatorship, a corporate dictatorial democracy with extreme foreign interference by hostile countries is their doing. Remember Russia, Russia, Russia with no evidence yet Beijing Biden and Ukraine Biden bribes has a mountain of evidence. Biden is extremely compromised. Add the proof of bribes, photos on his son’s laptop involving drugs, sex with minors all of which could be used at any time for leverage and blackmail again is grounds for removal. Why does the lame stream media jam the lie constantly down your throat while ignoring the truth?

Trump is the last stand to preserving and restoring the Republic. He has exhausted all avenues to find justice only to find all avenues corrupted. He has endured the weaponization of the agencies who’s mandate is to enforce the law only to find a two tiered Justice system. If you are a democrat you can lie to congress, the FBI, perform treasonous acts, destroy phones, servers, lap tops under subpoena, even murder whistle blowers, but if you are a republican you go to prison for misspelling a word or not remembering an exact date. This is what is referred to as the swamp heavily invested in by hostile foreign governments along with the global elite. With the present election fraud, the extreme foreign intervention from China, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, England, corrupt politicians and compromised agencies, along with compromised court system he has only one option left. The white hats in the military who have remained true to their oath backed by the silent majority, the 80% of the people who who are no longer silent. Did they really think 80% of the people in America would stand by and watch an election be stolen, support the thieves, and watch corrupt politicians and foreign governments take over America? Did they really believe they could turn America into a socialist country, a dictatorial false democracy run by the global and corporate elite? The Insurrection Act. With all the evidence in the hands of the military and military tribunals is the Trump card that will save America. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. The round up has begun. Trump will go down in history as the greatest and last president of USA Inc. He will emerge as the President of the restored Constitutional Republic. The global elite and central bankers strangle hold, the tyrants, war and disease profiteers will come to an end and the fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, med beds, energetic and natural cures along with disclosure will unfold. The beast consumes itself and rainbow tribes will come together. That is how it is now seen.

Golden Wolf

Between the Democrats accusations and the main stream and social media one would think the world has gone insane. It has. At least a portion of it. Their entire narrative the radical left, main stream and social media are pushing can be destroyed by just a few simple questions. The second impeachment attempt which will be as successful and the first has no foundation or merit and won’t make it through the Senate. Trump was never impeached if he was he would not be there despite the Democrats and the press claims. The only thing in each case Trump is guilty of is telling the truth something most politicians feel goes against their code. He stated the obvious with brutal honesty. They wanted to impeach him for calling the Russian Hoax a witch hunt, a vicious attack on him and his staff. It was and now after declassification it is proven. They wanted to impeach him for suggesting Hunter Biden received massive donations, “Bribes” on his father’s name from Russia, Ukraine and China. Now that has proven to be true with further investigations directly implicating Joe. Wait till the rest of that story comes out, he understated the corruption and decadence of what is on Hunter’s laptop. They attacked him for pointing out the deep state, the two tiered justice system asked where is the Anthony Weiner laptop, Why has nothing been done for years with the Hunter laptop. Why can Hilary who started the Russian hoax and paid for the fake Russian dossier, destroy subpoenaed phones, servers and lap tops followed by the special council erasing their phones? Now he is charged with starting a violent protest. He called for, which is in every Americans right, a peaceful demonstration concerning what now according to the DNI reports given to both houses was massive election fraud, extreme interference by foreign governments. Italy, China, Pakistan, Iran, Germany were all involved electronically switching votes through the Dominion voting system and using scorecard and hammer CIA systems designed to rig elections in other countries. They printed millions of fraudulent ballots drove them across state lines, inserted them in the wee hours of the morning after the polls closed showing Trump the clear winner in a landslide. The politicians refused to acknowledge the foreign intervention and the massive fraud, why? Why would so many politicians ban together on both sides and certify an election they knew to be fraudulent. Why would the main stream and social media viciously attack anyone who questioned the obvious? Before shaming this as a right wing conspiracy theory by some deplorable and jumping on the band wagon to censor, punish, shame, or in some cases physically harm people who see the elephant in the room why not take the time to research, investigate. This is a big event, if your vote does not count then America is gone. This is not a Democrat or a Republican problem this is an American problem. Those involved in this serve their own agendas and the agendas of hostile foreign governments…..

“Why do corrupt politicians, the global elite, the deep state and the mainstream and social media hate trump?”

The answer is obvious. Why are they scrambling to get him out if they won fair and square? Is the trump card undeniable evidence of seditious and treasonous behavior, extreme corruption against the American People? Those screaming the loudest are the most corrupt and have the most to hide. Why have both sides turned against him? Could they all have a lot to hide? He did promise to drain the swamp and now the swamp and its creatures have been clearly defined. There are more Trump cards the biggest of which are the 80% of the people that support him, the silent majority the mainstream and social media are arduously trying to keep silent. This does not and will not fair well in America. In fact it is anti-American. This does not fair well with the military either many who fought and died to insure our freedom against socialist and communist dictators. Do you really think everyone is going to lie down, submit to draconian laws, breeches of the Constitution, the end of free speech, freedom? To think so one would have to be mad, power hungry, arrogant, narcissistic completely insane out of touch with the people. And that my friends is the problem. We still have a choice.

James Gilliland

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