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Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Alliance Just Put an End to Satan Worship on May Day

2 May 2020

The Alliance Just Put an End to Ba’al Worship on May Day: The Rule of Law and Respect for the Divine is Being Restored

Why is the rule of law so important? Why is May 1st such a significant occult holiday? Why does Q and the patriots talk about the rule of law and God so much? What is the connection between God, Law, and the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? The answers to these questions are some of the most significant things we could discuss, especially during this time of transition between the old way of tyranny and the new way of freedom.

Historically, the dark occult groups who created the deep state use May 1st to worship Ba’al, a dark solar god that demands the sacrifice of innocents. But Q and the alliance, through Trump, proclaimed May 1st as Law Day. This is huge development.

The deep state satanists believe in the power of occult holidays and they believe that they need to use sacrifices on these days to effect their agenda. They want us to abandon the truth, justice, and the law in favor of selfish indulgence. To do this, they use mass trauma and fake flags to drive the people into a traumatized state. They then use that energy in their dark rituals because they believe they can influence events by invoking the will of Ba’al on May 1st and other days.

Whether you think this is all nonsense or not doesn’t matter. The cabal believe in these things and as such, what the alliance effectively did was ruin and destroy the underlying black magic basis of the deep state by asking us to pay respect to the rule of law. Instead of people spending the day indulging in consumerism, we’re asked to pay respect to the laws of freedom that the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence speak to.

Do you see how powerful this is? I would say, this is a positive spiritual “attack”—for lack of a better term—on the dark occult satanists of the deep state.

I am going to lay out some of the principles of what a true lawful system is. And once you understand this, you’ll see that the current systems of justice and legal systems we use on earth are not truly lawful.

Axiom of Law: To be a true lawful system, the law must coherent, consistent, and apply to all equally.


Because ultimately, the law is a system of rules that does not change.

To understand this you can think of the law like the rules of a game.

For instance, to play baseball one needs to follow the rules of baseball. If they don’t, they might be playing another game, but it isn’t baseball. And, the rules of baseball have to apply to all, equally. For instance, if one player wants 5 strikes at the bat instead of 3, then this player wouldn’t be honoring the rules of the game. And if you were playing with someone who tried to assert that different rules apply to them, you’d likely feel the sentiment of unfairness and tell them that their suggestion is unfair.

The takeaway here is that, like the rules of a game, to be fair and just, the law has to apply to all equally, as I said. The other takeaway is that humans possess innate systems in their brain that seek to make social life, civilized life, fair for all people. As such, deep within each of us is the urge, the instinct, the passion for justice, honor, and fairness. But to make a truly fair society, we need, as humans, to seek for the ultimate fair system: the laws of existence.

Now that we’ve established why a law system has to be consistent to be truly lawful, we can make the connection between law and God’s will.

Let’s begin by exploring the evolution of law and the concept of god in history.

For as long as humans have been alive on this world, we’ve explained the events we observe in our lives and in nature in as the will of this or that god. This seemed random and chaotic to our primitive minds, as such, the gods we invoked to explain these events were whimsical and inconsistent. We assumed that if we believe in a god, we were subject to being judged by the rules coming forth from that god.

And so, tribes and societies formed around their chosen versions of gods. Each society had a different set of laws founded on their belief in their chosen deity.

But as time went on we began to see that the same basic set of rules were at work everywhere; and that, no matter what god you chose to believe in and worship, the rules of life were essentially the same. Eventually, the logical aspect of humanity reconciled this recognition into a concept of a singular set of natural laws that explain events in reality, which helped ancient humans discover the idea of a singular monotheistic God.

When it comes to a theory of everything, which is a scientific pursuit, a universe centered around a monotheistic God is a better theory than a pantheistic universe of many gods because the laws of the universe are consistent. The logic is, if a lesser god can change their will then the rules that govern lesser gods must, themselves, be consistent, and therefore, there must be a higher all powerful God that rules over these lesser gods.

The old idea that men and women can be judged by different laws because of different gods was replaced by a belief that there was a single set of rules and laws for all people, due to the fact there was truly only one God of all creation. And this means that all people had the same rights and set of laws they were subject to.

This concept became the basis of an enlightened society. And when this idea of the laws of the “one true God” applying to all was accepted, something truly remarkable happened.

Heretofore, those who claimed a divine right to rule, kings and queens, made up the laws as they saw fit. And this means that during that time law was constantly in flux, a whim depending on the mood of the king in question. And the same problem was as at work. The laws coming from these despots were not consistent.

Once the people started to understand the grander truth that the laws that govern their lives don’t come from a king but God itself, the all mighty power of royals and despots began to dissolve.

Eventually this gave way to the first nation in history that formed their society, not on the might of a king, or the letters patent from the church, but on the Creator itself—the United States of America.

This is the foundational concept expressed in the Declaration of Independence when it is said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …”

This is the punchline: the true laws of existence are literally the will of the Creator in action.

The Creator, who is a perfect, infinite and eternal being, has will. And unlike human beings, the true Creator is all knowing and all wise. Thus, when this infinitely perfect being does something, that thing is perfect and that action remains perfect in all times and all places. The creator doesn’t make mistakes. When the creator’s will is expressed it is, for humans, perceivable as a law of existence. This categorical definition is conceptually valid because it properly describes what kind of being would be required to create a universe with consistent laws.

And, as a side note, modern atheistic physics and science has never explained where the laws of existence come from. They avoid that question because the only explanation that makes any sense is that these laws come from a being. Thus, the superior theory that explains where these laws come from is a theistic theory.

The first critical point of this writing is that: you know a true law system because it is fair and it applies to all equally and fairly.

The second critical point is that the only theory that explains where laws come from is a theistic theory.

The third critical point is that a people or society that recognize these facts and enshrines in their society a respect and reverence for the source of law as the Creator is the foundation of an enlightened society.

Why, might you be wondering, does a society have to acknowledge the Creator as the source of law to be enlightened?

Because if you don’t say that the source of rules come from the Creator, then you have to say they come from another being, which is either a lesser god or a king. And these other sources of rules are inconsistent. And since what makes a society fair and prosperous is that it has consistent and fair laws, we would do well to found society on the recognition. Go look at history. Ask yourself, what society lasted the longest and was the most free and prosperous. And the answer you’ll come to is that only societies that recognized a true and valid higher power lasted over time.

Thus, if you want to form a society that is constantly becoming more free, prosperous, and defends the rights of all people, consistently, you need to form your society around the source of all perfection and consistency, which is monotheistic God concept.

And since no one knows exactly what the will of God is, each person has to have the freedom to worship as they see fit, and in doing so, bring their unique perspective to the table to form a society that is itself perfected as a result of each individual contributing to that enlightened society. In this way, we the people become the protectors and upholders of society, inspired by our contact with the divine Creator.

This is the dream of the founders, in its purest form.

Hopefully all of this has helped you understand why the founders of the US enshrined these rights and acknowledgements the way they did. They weren’t done by accident or randomly. They were carefully thought out and were itself an evolution of many minds working to form a perfect society.

Now let’s consider May 1st.

May first is a day of occult significance, called Walpurgisnacht. Historically, it represents, “fertility, the emergence of life, and an offering of sacrifice of some kind to ensure a bountiful harvest).

The reason why is that in the ancient system of astrotheology, the day when the sun is accelerating the fastest to reach the solar peak of June 21st is May 1st. You can get a sense of what this means in the below image.

Notice that Taurus, or the sign of the Bull, is the midpoint between the first day of spring and the first day of summer. The dark god of Ba’al can be represented as a bull. Hence, Moloch, which is another representation of this dark solar deity, is also represented as a bull.

Without going into all the details, the astrotheological school of thought is a divination system wherein it is believed the will of the Creator can be partially gleaned by understanding the story of the sun and planets as they move in the heavens.

Whether you believe that or not isn’t important. What is important is that the Cabal believe it, and for this reason, their fake flags and mass ritual events often take place on occult holidays and points of astrotheological significance. Specifically, they believe that if they venerate Ba’al using blood sacrifice and engage in mass sin to offend the true divine creator, lessor gods, like lucifer will protect them from divine justice and favor their works. This is an aspect of the satanic philosophy, which you can see for yourself by studying the Sabbatean cult.

There’s a much deeper meaning behind May 1st that I’ll explain now.

For humans, in the past, we invoked a reverence and recognition of the laws and rules that help us manifest success by paying homage to a deity, such as a god of nature. It was believed that gods favored the work of man, and that we earned favor with the gods by performing sacraments.

Within the more enlightened view of a divine Creator, which the founders believed in, sacraments and rituals are not to change the will of God, because that is an arrogant and fruitless effort. The God of all existence doesn’t change its mind because we burn sage or sacrifice a chicken, or even a human being. No. In truth, a sacrament is for us. It’s for human beings to come to terms with the truth that to be successful in life, in any respect, one has to use knowledge of the rules of existence.

And therefore, the true purpose of May 1st, astrotheologically, is for humans to personally and socially pay respect to the rules they use to manifest prosperity. It might sound like a strange and overly religious idea, but it’s pretty simple.

When you want to be successful at something you should identify the steps required to be successful. And if you take this idea to its ultimate end then paying respect to the God of all success, the Creator, you also open yourself up via humility and open mindedness to receive more wisdom for success in the future.

Taking all this into consideration, POTUS issued a Proclamation declaring May 1st as Law Day:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, in accordance with Public Law 87–20, as amended, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2020, as Law Day, U.S.A. I urge all Americans, including government officials, to observe this day by reflecting upon the importance of the rule of law in our Nation and displaying the flag of the United States in support of this national observance; and I especially urge the legal profession, the press, and the radio, television, and media industries to promote and to participate in the observance of this day.

Given what I just described, that May day has historically been associated with invoking respect for the laws of success so as to ensure a good harvest in the fall, Trump’s proclamation deals a blow to deep state dark occultists.


Because, for hundreds of years, dark occultists have hijacked these days of astrotheological significance and used them for fake flag events. I wrote an article breaking all this down, which you can read here. And many other respected researches have correctly identified the fact the cabal use these days to further their agenda.

They believe that if they invoke Ba’al, or other dark versions of deities, that dark forces will favor their works. But more than this, these dark occultists believe that insulting the divine creator by using these scared days to dishonor life and law, helps elevate them over the divine Creator.

The point of this article is to tell you that the alliance against the deep state is most likely aware of everything I just described.

And that by invoking a national day of observance of the law on May day is, in effect, it’s the alliance’s way of taking back these sacred days. What’s more, that if we as a people pay respect and honor to the law, we’re also, by extension, paying respect to the Creator. And this goes directly against what the dark occult groups do when they perform rituals on these days in secret.

When this is done on a massive scale it has a palpable effect in consciousness. Specifically, it will infuse within the people a remembrance of the core truths that made America what it is. That, to speak to the beginning of what we discussed in this article, when we revere and acknowledge that all people have the same rights due to the fact we’re all subject to the same laws it means all are equal. And that we should remember this as events unfold with respect to the deep state takedown operation unfolding now.

If major disclosures about the deep state are finally going to emerge, which appears to be happening right now, given the release of the Flynn documents, then we’ll need to remember these truths to avoid toxic and destructive reactions.

The cabal will try to use the fear and upset about these truths to their advantage. They’ll try to incite mob mentality to ensure we don’t remake society in honor of the founding principles of truth, justice, and equal treatment under the law.

But if we honor and respect the rule of law, then we won’t use injustice in our quest to restore justice to our cabal-tained world.

In closing, this is a major event of huge significance for the deep state dark occultists. The positive forces of spiritual power on earth are putting a stop to satanic influence. The proclamation, in this sense, is a spiritual sword of truth.

It’s a great time to be alive!

Much love,

» Source » By Justin Deschamps
Deep Inside Bohemian Grove Documentary

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