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Monday, October 1, 2018

A War in the Heavens: In the Far Reaches of Outer and Inner Space

Is there a war going on out there in the far reaches of outer and therefore inner space, a War in the Heavens as many have alluded? If there is such a war, what would that mean to us here on planet Earth in terms of our belief systems, our safety and sovereignty?

In 1995 Courtney Brown started the Farsight Institute to teach remote viewing techniques. In the early days of his endeavors, he was very open about what he was doing and what he was ‘seeing’. For a time he posted the most amazing reports that were emerging from his and others remote viewing events. These reports often concerned governments, the ETs, and catastrophic occurrences that would knock-the-socks-off most of us readers. One day such mind blowing accounts stopped cold, and many concluded that Courtney had been approached and after some ‘discussion’ was persuaded – like so many others – that it was in the best interest of everyone concerned to curtail the disclosure of such sensitive material.

In 1999 Courtney Brown published a book entitled, COSMIC EXPLORERS: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind – now out of print – in which he posed the reality of a war in space:

"There is a war in space and beyond. This war has just now reached our borders. What is at stake is not the awakening of a foolish humanity that wants to keep its head buried in the sand, but a future of our children that is free from fear, imprisonment, and possibly genetic slavery or even genocide. We are entering a new stage in a long battle in which we must fight for the survival of our species. We are now living in an age that requires courage above all things. If fortune favors the bold, so must be our destiny."

COSMIC EXPLORERS: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind
Courtney Brown; Dutton, 1999

This naturally brings up the question of why extraterrestrials would still be involved in war when they are seemingly so far in advance, at least technologically, of we earthlings? The implication here is that the ETs are at varying levels of evolution. Some are indeed very spiritually advanced, while others are perhaps more Borg-like or operating primarily from the classic reptilian brain. So-called insiders often report that our governments are dealing with over 80 different ET races.

The ancient Sanskrit text, The Mahabharata, describes many strange races of beings and their lineages. There are the antigods, the Asuras and within the Asuras are the daityas (genii), the danavas (giants), the dasyus (barbarians), the kalakanjas (stellar spirits), the kalejas (demons of Time), khalins (threshers), nagas (serpents), nivata-kavacas (wearers of impenetrable armor), paulomas (sons of the Sage Pulastya), pisacas (eaters of raw flesh), and the Raksasas (night wanderers). The extensive lineages of these beings are often listed. [‘The Gods of India’/Alain Danielou]

The concept of other worlds is an accepted part of Hindu metaphysics. The Puranas give rich descriptions of these worlds known as LOKAS. The seven Higher Lokas are Bhur Loka, Bhuvar Loka, Svar Loka, Mahar Loka, Jana Loka, Tapo Loka, and Satya Loka. The seven Lower Lokas are Atalam, Vitalam, Sutalam, Tala-Talam, Rasa-Talam, Maha-Talam, and Patalam. All of these Loka Worlds are often vividly described and this last one, the Patala Loka is a real blood-drinking ghoulish reptilian nightmare.

Are these Loka worlds merely astral realms, or are they actual planetary civilizations? The better question is – Is there a difference? If the universe is a hologram, then all the worlds contained within this particular universe express varying rates of vibratory frequencies and thus dimensional localities.

Just as the duration of time, meaning the manner in which you experience time is a consequence of your consciousness – so is your location also a function of your consciousness. You are where you are, based what you think because your thoughts emit specific frequencies.


Around the year 1995, Courtney Brown gave a lecture, which I personally attended. One of the subjects he discussed was that the little Grey aliens had intentionally mutated their own genome and suffered unintended dire consequences. According to Mr. Brown, the Greys had gone through a period of extreme violence, greed, and excess that had wrought terrible destruction in their world. Thus they had made a collective decision to unplug the portion of their DNA that could produce so much ‘evil’ in their holographic matrix. Sadly this had also cut them off from exalted spiritual experiences. Part of their hybridization program with our human genome is to hopefully resurrect the capacity of their emotional bodily forms to experience a wide variety of spiritual states of consciousness.

I naturally found this very interesting because it was evidence that the other races of beings in this universe are also evolving and moving through the Cycles of Time just as we are here in 3rd dimensional planet Earth.

I feel that at this time it is now crucial for us to realize that not all ETs are alike – just as there is a wide spectrum of human behavior, so the ETs are living in their own unique frequency of consciousness and each of these has their own point of view based on their own agenda. Thus what is good for them may not necessarily be good for us as humans.

When the ETs reveal themselves, it will be very tempting for many of us here to deify, idealize, and follow them. Some of them may be offering everything from miracle technologies to space travel to spiritual salvation. We must learn to feel their real intentions and hone our own powers of discernment.

The human species has been entrained for centuries to worship an external deity and passively await salvation. This Kali Yuga entrainment leaves us very vulnerable to the Darkside ETs. We will bow down and worship just about anything – from movie stars to idols to consumption.


“I dwell in the heart of everyone.”
-Bhagavad Gita, [37.15.15]

“… I, the SELF, dwell in the heart.”
-Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 15. 29

God is within the Heart of each and every man, woman and child. An adamantine connection with the God-within us all will protect mankind from any possible manipulation and deception from any of the pernicious tyrannical ETs. Already there are a myriad of cults emerging around ET transmissions.


Trust only the God-within you. This is why I have placed the Sanskrit text from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad at the top of this website. I remember the first time I read this passage years ago I was completely bewildered by it. I couldn’t imagine what it could mean, and only after years of study and research did it hit me like the proverbial bullet train.

What happens metaphysically with this bow-down-worship thing is that you in fact give whatever you worship, in the external illusory hologram, your energy. So whoever worships another - meaning any other being on this earth or from the myriad denizens of the Invisible Realms, gods, angels, or ETs - his energy becomes ‘sacrificial’ food for that entity. The current way of saying this is - You give your power away!

This entire universe – only one of many others – is a temporal illusory hologram. Beneath the illusion of holographic multiplicities is Oneness, Source, the Immeasurable Immensity, the Immutable Creator. You are a portion of the Unified Field of that Love which is also Divine Power as energy, as the Force.

TAT TWAM ASI – Thou Art That!

Lift up the ‘curtain of each atom’ and you will find your SELF – ATMA.

When you realize your Oneness with Isness you will be amazed at how powerful the Illusion has to be to delude you into the momentary idea of Separation from the One. This power of illusion is the art of MAYA and allows Isness to play in this universe as multiplicity.

When you are connected to the Oneness none can use you and your energy, and make you a sacrificial lamb for their own needs. But as long as you feel that he is one and I another, he knows not – meaning when you see another as God and think that you are not, then you know not and are vulnerable.

The only difference between you and the sublimely enlightened ones you worship is that through their own endeavors, they experienced God Realization, they REMEMBERED who they are and know God is within the Heart – and perhaps you do not, yet!

The purpose of Life, especially now in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga is to Remember who you are.

It is obvious to me that in a War in the Heavens, we human beings simply do not have the technology to fight entities that have the power to move from one dimension into another.

Our sanctuary lies within – in consciousness.


The Bhagavadgita in the Mahabharata
Translated by J.A.B. van Buitene, University of Chicago Press, 1981

The Uddhava Gita, The Final Teaching of Krishna
Translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati; 2002, Ulysses Press

The Gods of India/Hindu Polytheism
Alain Danielou, 1964, Inner traditions International; 1985, New York 

Imagination: Your Door to Hyper-Dimensional Realities

A veil of illusion lies over this planet. For the past 6,000 years, we in human flesh and blood have been mired in a miasma of amnesia. This collective forgetting has left us relegated to the limitations of the five senses.

Refusing or unable to see that we are but a fragment of what we once were, we are descending further and further into the stupor of density. Until we begin to accept the possibility that we are not in fact making progress, that we are not evolving, we will remain as slaves faced with an ever narrowing frequency of expression, dull and diminished, controlled lives.

Courageous souls through the centuries have labored to reveal ‘hidden’ realities and have tried to encourage others to see them by exposing the mechanics of our invisible prison. While many people have become aware, most remain in ignorance - and even those who do know the truth often feel powerless in the face of the accelerating movement towards an uncertain future.

So what can we do?

Those of us who have the Will to do so must begin to access the hidden realities within and build a higher consciousness on this, our planet. We cannot defeat the Darkside from without. It is all too obvious that they are too powerful. Anger and hatred only increase in intensity, and make our lives worse. Rather we must go within and create energies of a higher frequency so pure and powerful as to balance and eventually, neutralize and dissolve the Lords of Tyranny.

The word IMAGINATION remains undefined. No one knows what imagination is or where it comes from, or why some have more than others. Those of who are born with the gift of sight, who are sensitive to the invisible realms, are often ridiculed - and because they want to be normal, to be loved, they shut down their God-given abilities.

How many of you had imaginary friends as children?

What do you think that was?

If we along with our children watch TV for untold hours, what chance will imagination have to flourish? Our future will be reduced and limited to those experiences, which have been programmed and formulated by our controllers, which guarantee a numbing somnolence, selective forgetfulness, and Mall World profits.

Our imaginations will never stretch beyond our corporate media programmers. We will become more malleable and more manipulated, dull, and worse - boring.

The billion-dollar drug industry provides an endless array of life-style-drugs to smooth things out. These unnatural molecules shut down our imagination. The vast array of toxic chemicals - preservatives, insecticides, and 1000s of others - in our food, air, & water serve to further shut us off from the Invisible Realms because they confuse our endocrine system.

The Eye of the Mind, or as it is known in eastern metaphysics, the Third Eye, is nourished and activated by our hormones especially from the pineal and pituitary glands. Your focused concentration in a meditative state causes these glands to emit specific molecules, which open your consciousness to the Invisible Realms.

On the highest level, a truly perfected imagination will even allow you to merge with the image in your mind. In other words, you can become ONE with what you focus on - which means that you become the precise vibratory frequency of your focus by lifting your consciousness to that rate.

Your imagination is your door to hyper-dimensional realities and the key to all creativity.

Every great piece of classical music comes from traditional folk melodies. This folk music emerges naturally from people who live close to the earth and the sky. Sadly, our western culture is being used to conquer and choke every remnant of rural individual expression all across this planet. How much longer will such music of the earth find expression? Soon everyone will watch identical television programs, wear identical clothes, sing identical songs, think identical thoughts – to perhaps one day join our voices in the sacred anthem to Mall World.

The sooner the multinational corporations can get into these innocent places and stop this kind ‘living imagination’ - the better for their profit margins. These so-called ignorant people will be so much happier when they have jobs and can consume mass quantities of stuff - and forget about their spirit gods, their visions, their ancestors, and any such nonsense.

I pause to assert that I personally have nothing against entrepreneurship or capitalism – unless and until it becomes tyranny and used to strangle the creative possibilities of the beings residing here on planet Earth. I neither hate civilization nor science, but I have come to understand its limitations, its confusion.

How many of you have been laughed at for your imagination? How many of us conceal our visions to avoid the pain of ridicule? The monopoly media conditions our levels of acceptance at every turn.

Imagine for a moment that you could travel through dimensions, through space and time, and explore creation in all its myriad forms. This ability is natural to us all and is our God-given right.

How could it be possible that with over 300 million galaxies out there, we humans are all there is? How could it happen that we here on planet Earth - who for the past 6,000 years, all of written history, cannot stop killing, torturing, suppressing, and stealing from one another - are the only life forms in all of space? How could it be that within the vast amazing, awesome, perfection of the Creator’s endless mind-defying Beauty that we, lost in our miasma of amnesia, we, are all there is?

In the mechanics of the Invisible Realms, location is a function of consciousness. You are precisely where your consciousness is – exactly. Lift your consciousness and you will be beyond the reach of any and all unpleasant forms. When you move through the Invisible Realms, you don’t have to get stuck anywhere - unless you want to. Location is a direct result of consciousness.

There are many, many layers of holographic realities connected to this planet from the millions of years of thought as life experiences, religions, philosophies, etc. You could spend your time checking these realities out, if you want to. You will be attracted to and magnetized by your own proclivities developed over all your lives.

Remember this is not the only planet and that you may find yourself somewhere else. Watch out for noisy advertisers! - and don’t get stuck unless it is your choice.

There is no ‘one way’ to do this. Listen to your own intuitive reason, your own discreet imagination. Your imagination is the door to hyper-dimensional realities. There are as many ways to go Home as there are you.

Why Hindu Metaphysics?

The ancient Sanskrit texts have been amazingly well preserved and guarded from the distortions of Kali Yuga consciousness because the Sanskrit language itself has served as a protective obstacle, being arduous for most to master. The texts were thoughtfully designed in such a way that they could be memorized by transmitters who, even if they did not understand the meaning, could pass the text on through the literally hundreds of years from generation to generation.

Translations into English have been few until recent times - and one often wonders if some of the western translators fully understand the true meaning.

When one endeavors to study the underlying metaphysics of many other systems, there is inevitably the use of oblique obscuring symbolism and even the intentional ‘veiling’ of meaning to protect the author from the persecution of tyrannical rulers and insane institutions, such as the infamous Inquisition.

Rather than trudging through endless hidden meanings mired in mysterious vague metaphors, the Sanskrit texts often offer up pure illuminating diamonds of consciousness in a perfectly clear manner – for those who have the “ears to hear”.

Hinduism is also very rare in the sense that it is not a closed dogma. Life is fluid, creative, and always on the move looking for new and happier expressions. Closed carved-in-stone, dogmatic religious rules choke the free spirit within us all and often leave the faithful feeling empty and confused, vulnerable to control, and worse – BORED!

In fact there is no Sanskrit word that is the equivalent to the word ‘religion’. Instead Hinduism sees itself as an approach to understanding our place in the universe.

The innumerable commentaries so lovingly written on these ancient texts are there to express a new point of view on eternal truths – views that may reflect the times of the author more accurately. Hinduism understands that each of us needs freedom to find our own way Home to the God-within.

Thus India has embraced many other forms of faith, including the religions of their conquerors - the Vedic Aryans, the Moghul Muslims, and the English Christians. All these came and left, while eternal India remained the preserver of her sacred Sanskrit texts.

This genius of open-ness has allowed Hinduism to be a treasured source for timeless and seemingly ‘lost’ metaphysical truth.


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