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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jesuit Order of Liars, Terrorists, and Infiltrators

The Society of Jesus also called the Jesuits function as Roman intelligence for the Italian Nobility. The Jesuits are a military order established under the Papal Bull called “Regimini Militantis Eclessiae” which means the Military Regiment of the Church. The head of the Jesuits is called the Superior General currently held by Arturo Sosa. The official definition of a Jesuit is one of intrigue or equivocation defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. Intrigue means trickery and equivocation means to lie. Jesuits are trained in deception and are entangled with everything in society. The Farnese family established the Jesuits and this is why Farnesivs is engraved at their headquarters called the Gesu Church in Rome. The Society of Jesus was involved with the genocide of Native Americans. One example was the Jesuit priest Pierre-Jean De Smet who infiltrated the Iroquois. He requested “Black Robes” for the natives which were carrying diseases as a form of biological warfare. He provided intelligence on them which was used in massacres all while pretending to be their ally. The Jesuit photographer Francis Browne was on the Titanic and managed to get off before it sank. The Titanic was switched with its damaged twin sister ship the Olympic which was intentionally sunk as insurance fraud. The Jesuits who were previously banished from Japan were in Hiroshima when the “atomic bomb” was dropped. Pedro Arrupe along with seven other Jesuits were within miles of the “nuclear” blast zone in Hiroshima and all survived untouched. SJ Pedro Arrupe is in video testifying about Hiroshima before he was later made the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. The Allies actually strategically firebombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima and claimed that they were nuclear bombs as a form of intimidation.

The Jesuits were involved with establishing Romanized communist settlements in South America known as the “Jesuit Reductions” which were funded by the monarchs of Spain and Portugal. The Jesuits were paying their dues back to the Italian Nobility which angered the kings of Spain and Portugal and lead to the Jesuits being banished from Europe. Although the monarchies are corrupt and tyrannical the Jesuits are even worse and manipulate royal families and infiltrate them for the Black Nobility. Jesuits and their agents were used as Confessors to the monarchs. Confession is a way the Catholic Church gathers intelligence on people used for blackmail and psychological warfare. Jesuits are deeply involved with science and astronomy. They run major telescopes and set the policies for NASA who reinterpret space. They created the flat earth deception and influence people to deny that space even exists. The Earth is not flat and that is why you can get to the same location by traveling in a straight line from two opposite directions. Sean O’Keefe was Jesuit educated from Loyola University in New Orleans and was former Administrator of NASA. The Jesuits are dangerous liars, brainwashers, and trained illusionists. The Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed some of the modern New Age belief system through his book The Phenomenon of Man. They are masters in deception, alchemy, and mind control and seek to dominate over every aspect in society. Jesuit use their universities for recruiting agents for Rome. The Jesuits also have the Ninth Circle death cult operating within their universities. The Ninth Circle Cult is in reference to Dante’s Inferno and the last stage of hell before Hades the Devil.

John J. DeGioia President of Georgetown
Paul J. Fitzgerald SJ President of San Francisco
Joseph Michael McShane SJ President of Fordham
Michael J. Graham SJ President of Xavier
Mark R. Nemec President of Fairfield
Michael Eric Engh President of Santa Clara
Antoine M. Garibaldi President of Detroit Mercy
Kevin William Wildes SJ President of Loyola New Orleans
William P. Leahy SJ President of Boston College
Philip L. Boroughs SJ President of Holy Cross
Mark Reed President of Saint Josephs
Robert L. Niehoff SJ President of John Carroll
John P. Fitzgibbons SJ President of Regis
Thayne McCulloh President of Gonzaga
Stephen Vincent Sundborg SJ President of Seattle
Thomas B. Curran SJ President of Rockhurst
Daniel S. Hendrickson SJ President of Creighton
John J. Hurley President of Canisius
Timothy Law Snyder President of Loyola Marymount
Jo Ann Rooney President of Loyola Chicago
Brian F. Linnane SJ President of Loyola Maryland
Herbert B. Keller SH President of Scranton
Debra Townsley President of Wheeling-Jesuit
Fred Pestello President of Saint Louis
Christopher Puto President of Spring Hill
Michael R. Lovell President of Marquette
Thomas D. Stegman, SJ Dean of Boston Theology
Kevin O’Brien SJ Dean of Santa Clara Theology

Jesuits have infiltrated into every aspect of society including law, politics, education, science, military, intelligence, and banking. The former Archbishop of New York Cardinal Francis Spellman was Jesuit educated at the Fordham University. Cardinal Spellman was known for supporting the Vietnam War so much that they nicknamed the war “Spelly’s War.” The Jesuits established Al-Hikma University and Baghdad College in Baghdad, Iraq. The Iraqi government kicked out the Jesuits and then absorbed the Jesuit colleges into the University of Baghdad. Jesuits have been kicked out of an estimated 80 nations because they are infiltrators that subvert societies and cultures. Some believe the US war on Iraq was partly due to the Jesuits being banished. The Jesuits were banished from most of Europe and this was known as the “Suppression of the Society of Jesus.” They were sent to Corsica. A few decades later Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica and rose up as a military dictator and specifically made war on all the European nations that banished the Jesuits. Once Napoleon conquered Europe the Society of Jesus was reinstated by the Congress of Vienna in 1814. After the Black Nobility were done using Napoleon their agents of the Treaty of Fontainebleau moved Napoleon to the island of Elba so he could evade punishment and retaliation from the other monarchs. IHS is a Christian monogram mostly used by the Jesuits and means In Hoc Signo Vinces or “In this sign you will conquer.” The Jesuits use a specific styled IHS monogram which is also used on the coat of arms of Geneva, Switzerland along with their rising sun symbol and their IHS symbol is also used on the Swedish royal family’s Royal Order of the Seraphim. The Swedish House of Bernadotte were allied with Napoleon Bonaparte. The Swedish royal family are Protestant Lutherans and Jesuits were banished from Switzerland. Jesuits are infiltrators meaning that they do not always pose as Jesuit priests or as Catholics. The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and House of Bourbon-Parma are the continuations of the Farnese family which created the Jesuits and their Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George oversees the Society of Jesus.

Bill Clinton – Georgetown (Former US President)
John Podesta – Georgetown (Former Chief of Staff)
Donald Trump – Fordham (US President)
Eric Trump – Georgetown
Ivanka Trump – Georgetown
Steve Bannon – Georgetown (Trump adviser)
John F. Kelly – Georgetown (Chief of Staff and former Secretary of Homeland Security)
King Abduallah II of Jordan – Georgetown
King Felipe VI of Spain – Georgetown
Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece – Georgetown
Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg – Georgetown
Joe Biden – Honorary degrees from University of Scranton and Saint Joseph’s University (Former US Vice President)
John Kerry – Boston College (Former Secretary of State)
John Boehner – Xavier University (Former Speaker of the House)
Denis McDonough – Georgetown (Former Chief of Staff)
Andrew Cuomo – Fordham (Governor of New York)
Dannel Malloy – Boston College (Governor of Connecticut)
Alexander Haig – Georgetown ( Former Secretary of State and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Forces)
William J. Casey – Fordham (Former Director of Central Intelligence)
Robert Gates – Georgetown (Former Secretary of Defense and former Director of Central Intelligence)
George Tenet – Georgetown (Former Director of Central Intelligence)
Leon Panetta – Santa Clara (Former Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director)
James Clapper – Professor at Georgetown (Former CIA Director)
Robert B. Murrett – Georgetown (Former Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Robert Cardillo – Georgetown (Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Viet Dihn – Georgetown Professor (Author of the Patriot Act)
Donald Rumsfeld – Georgetown (Former Secretary of Defense)
John Brennan – Fordham (Former Director of CIA)
Michael Morell -Georgetown (Former Deputy Director of CIA)
Avril Haines – Georgetown (Former Deputy Director of CIA)
Janet Napolitano – Santa Clara (Secretary of Homeland Security)
Joseph Dunford – Georgetown (Marine Corp General and Current Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff)
David Petraeus – Georgetown School of Foreign Service (Former Commander of US Central Command and former Director of CIA)
James L. Jones – Georgetown (Former Marine Corp General and former National Security Adviser)
John R. Allen – Georgetown (Former US Marine Corp General and former Commander of International Security Assistance Force)
Sean O’Keefe – Loyola of New Orleans (Former Secretary of Navy and former Administrator of NASA)
Michael D. Griffin – Loyola of Maryland (Former Administrator of NASA)
John Roberts – Professor at Georgetown (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court)
Clarence Thomas – Holy Cross (Supreme Court Justice)
Antonin Scalia – Georgetown (Former Supreme Court Justice)
John Farmer Jr. – Georgetown (Former Attorney General of New Jersey and Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission)
John Lehman – Saint Joseph’s (Banker and member of the 9/11 Commission)
Michael Copps – Professor at Loyola New Orleans (Former Commissioner of the FCC)
Peter Oppenheimer – Santa Clara (Former Chief financial officer of Apple and Director for Goldman Sachs)
Philip Bilden – Georgetown (Investor and Naval and Cyber Security philanthropist)
Ernest Moniz – Boston College (Former Secretary of Energy)
William Joseph McDonough – Holy Cross/Georgetown (Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and banker)
Edward Gerald Corrigan – Fairfield/Fordham (Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and banker)
Jack Lew – Georgetown (Former US Secretary of the Treasury)
William M. Daley – Loyola Chicago (Former Chief of Staff and former Secretary of Commerce)
Edwin Feulner – Regis (President of the Heritage Foundation)
Andrew von Eschenbach – Georgetown/St Joseph’s (Former Commissioner of the FDA) 

Ahuwah Zeus 

Layers of Conspiracy

At the core of the physical Cabal there is a group of 13 Archons that keep controlling our planet for the last 26,000 years. They are responsible for the fall of Atlantis, for the collapse of peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures 5000 years ago and for the destruction of the mystery schools in late antiquity. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine and keep humanity hostage so that the positive ETs could not intervene until now. They are mostly incarnated into key positions inside the Italian black nobility.

Their leader was arrested in Rome on May 5th, removed from this planet and taken to the Galactic Central Sun immediately. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.

About 2500 years ago, the Archons created a special task group and infiltrated it into the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt:

This task group was responsible for mind programming and mass control of humanity through organized religions in the last 2500 years. After the death of Cleopatra, their power was transferred from Ptolemaic bloodline towards Julio-Claudean dynasty in Rome, then to Flavians, then to Constantinian dynasty, then to Theodosian dynasty and then to Byzantine Giustiniani family. After the middle ages, members of this group incarnated mostly into positions of power within the Italian black nobility families. The Resistance has taken strong actions against this group in 2010 and it lost a lot of its power then.

Anyway, this group has created the Jesuits and Jesuits are running the show on this planet for the last 500 years as you can read in this fairly accurate, although a little outdated report:

Please note that Hans Kolvenbach is the old black Pope, the new one is Adolfo Nicolas.

This is how the Jesuits run the USA corporation:

Rothschilds are the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries. The most influential are: Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, David de Rothschild and lately also Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild.

The Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:

The key players of the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction are: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney, Jay Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.

The Jesuit Agenda

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