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Monday, December 18, 2017

Why has the Deep State gone to war against Donald Trump?

Some people say Trump is nothing more than another Globalist puppet. Is that the whole story?

Is Trump worse than his supporters want him to be, and better than his enemies claim he is?

December 17, 2017

Trump is unpredictable. He shoots his mouth off.

No one is sure what he might do next.

That is not the Deep State’s version of what a president is supposed to be.

Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama—they were good boys. Globalists. The intelligence establishment and the military industrial complex knew “the situation” was well in hand. Trump is the strange intruder. The “crazy one.”

If his swaggering indifference to the Deep State’s agenda is merely a pose—a formidable acting job—then why is he subjected to withering attacks every day, even from his own Party? After all, he has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs big shots—can’t they be relied on to keep him in check? What’s the problem?

Well, one huge problem is he keeps attacking mainstream media. He lashes out and calls them Fake News. He takes every opportunity to accuse them of lying. No president in modern history has dared to work that angle. Understand that the intelligence establishment—a major component of the Deep State—uses major media to shape public perception on an ongoing basis. Gunslinger Trump is upsetting that applecart, at a time when public trust in mainstream news is, all on its own, eroding. He isn’t supposed to be piling on.

If Trump’s attacks on The News are a carefully crafted theatrical ploy, somehow designed to serve the Deep State, where is the payoff?

I keep bringing up Trump vs. the Media, because, for the past 35 years, working as a reporter, I’ve seen the media damage and the mind control, the brainwashing and the corruption, the collusion between The News and the Deep State, and the resulting destruction of human life. Just to name two areas of major crimes: viciously lying war press coverage, and viciously lying medical coverage. Anyone—especially a president—who wades in and disrupts the seamless hypnotic flow of mainstream news, whatever his motives, deserves praise.

For the record, I believe Trump is, and will be, a complete and utter disaster for the environment, as regards corporate pollution. I see no evidence he will lessen medical crimes. He is out to lunch, when it comes to appointing people to forward his agendas and support his presidency. Who on his team ISN’T talking out of school? Who isn’t betraying him? Why did he extend the utterly failed war in Afghanistan? Some of his most ardent supporters saw, in him, a foreign policy man with the guts and intelligence of Ron Paul. They certainly aren’t happy.

The big lynchpin issue is immigration. It always was. Ideologues from the Left, and the Deep State, are outraged, because they want open borders. Forever. Their masters, who are far more cynical and calculating, are forcing the unending migrant flood as a method for erasing separate nations—a prime plank in the Globalist platform. Any fool should be able to see this. It has nothing to do with “humane” motives. The heaping of financial burdens on states and nations, as an outcome of the migrant flood, is also intentional. So is the resultant crime. These are not illusions. How serious Trump is about stemming the flood—that is up for grabs. But the fact that he has spoken out, time and time again, even if you assume he is lying about what he intends to do, has galvanized people all over the world. They are waking up to the resurrection of sovereign nations, as opposed to a one world-nation, under the ministrations of Globalist utopian tyrants. If Trump’s stance on the immigration issue is merely a con, it has certainly had a massive blowback effect against the new world order. For those who claim that top-down control of the planet is a given, with no exceptions, why didn’t the controllers make sure someone other than Trump was elected in 2016? If these controller-gods are so powerful, why didn’t they dump the flaccid useless Hillary Clinton and nominate a dynamic Democrat who would have taken Trump to the cleaners? Why didn’t they launch a really convincing Trump dossier and cut him off at the knees before the election?

For all the “Hegelian dialectic” people, who insist that Trump was put into office to whipsaw the public to the other side, after the socialist Obama had done his assigned job: consider the fact that any corporatist Republican candidate could have served that function—instead of a fast-talking, shooting-from-the-hip, swaggering narcissist cowboy Crazy, who suddenly began spouting anti-Globalist pro-nationalist rhetoric to a worldwide audience.

“Well, you see, they needed a really strong America-first nationalist guy, Trump, so they could take him down and snuff out the flames of separate nations, once and for all. They also wanted to exacerbate the divide-and-conquer strategy for America—causing the deepest conflicts to come to the surface and rip America apart at the seams”—

I’m not rejecting those arguments completely; but I am saying elite controllers would be taking quite a gamble with that strategy, because the Trump effect vis-à-vis nationalism is formidable, and elite Globalists aren’t in the habit of encouraging all the points that defeat their own stance. They aren’t in the habit of pushing a man into the spotlight (and the Oval Office) who talks those points endlessly and puts dangerous ideas into millions of minds. Whether fake or real, Trump is that man, he talks that talk, and he does it relentlessly. There was no way to stage the 2016 election without spawning all this anti-Globalist rhetoric?

Trump has also attacked the intelligence establishment and the FBI. Not just once, but many times. Yes, you could say his appointments to headline jobs in those agencies belie his words—but why allow such a president to exist in the first place? Trump is actually mirroring a few of the major charges the political Left has leveled at the intel establishment for decades. And people out in the real world are agreeing with his harsh criticisms. When Trump first started this drumbeat, Senator Chuck Schumer said it was big mistake, because the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday getting back at you.” Schumer didn’t say Trump was wrong. He just said Trump was crazy.

And that may be a clue. Trump just doesn’t care. He grew up hustling in the real estate field. He rubbed elbows with the Mob. He made deals however they could be made, with whoever showed up with money. He survived, went broke, survived again. He developed a giant ego. He promoted himself ceaselessly, once he’d achieved a bit of fame. In his world, bureaucrats are the lowest form of human life. He’s a hard charging asshole, and after a few drinks, he might gleefully admit it.

This is not a character the Deep State wants around, and especially not in the White House. “I’m the president and you just handed me this CIA assessment? It reads like sheer bullshit. Why don’t you fill me in on the real facts, if you know what they are, or is your problem stemming from the fact you’re ignorant?” Even on that level, the intel community doesn’t want Trump around. Face it, Washington is full of bullshitters on every conceivable platform. These people have never done a thing to justify their existence, much less their jobs. They skate all day, every day, and they expect to skate all the way into their pensions. Now along comes this bull in the china shop. No one really knows when he’s telling the truth and when he’s lying, but he does seem to have a nose for spotting fakers—maybe because he’s faked it for so long himself. And done it well. Done it better than most. Certainly done it better than jive analysts at the CIA, who really have faint knowledge about what’s going on in hots spots across the globe, but try to talk a good game.

Don’t kid a kidder.

On this level alone, Trump has not endeared himself to denizens of the Deep State.

Continuing with the theme of “Trump just doesn’t care,” it’s possible he’s willing to be drummed out of office. He’s daring the press and his other enemies to try it, and his position is: “If you can carry it off, go ahead. See what trouble and disaster you bring down on your own heads, if you win.” He’s willing to fly away from the White House, as Nixon did, and go back to Trump Tower in New York and pick up from where he left off. That’s a strong position. He’s always been a go-for-broke character, and if this president thing doesn’t work out, there are other worlds to conquer. Such a stance would make his enemies nervous. He’s quite able to call their bluff.

Meanwhile, as long as he’s in office, he’s a proponent of President Calvin Coolidge’s famous “the business of America is business.” This is, at once, a gift to, and a theft from, Globalists. It’s a gift, because Trump intends to give mega-corporations, which are the action arms of Globalism, free reign to dominate the marketplace, horribly pollute to their hearts’ content, cooperate with government allies in stepping up surveillance of the citizenry, and pay less taxes, as long as some of these companies, or a few of them, bring jobs back to America. It’s a theft, because Trump isn’t structuring these corporations as part of the infamous Globalist trade treaties, like the TPP. (Unless he goes back on that promise, too.) He’s prone to making separate trade deals with separate nations. At least on the surface, he appears to want to prove that this tactic can succeed. And it can build up the US economy. Even, worst case, if he’s lying about opposing trade treaties, once again he’s planted an idea in many minds: you don’t need Globalist trade deals to make trade work. This is not a Deep State idea. Far from it. It’s corrosive to the Deep State.

Look at how many counties and states turned red in the 2016 election. Territorially, it was overwhelming. What were all those people on all that land thinking? It was a mixed bag. On the one hand (without mentioning it), they wanted the government benefits they were accruing, as a matter of course, to remain in place. At the same time, they wanted freedom, the right to be left alone, the right to reject political correctness, the right to celebrate America as an independent and sovereign nation, the right to feel proud of their country, the right to be able to work and find a job, the right to own guns, the right to shut down open borders, the right to uphold the traditional family, the right to reject major media as a bunch of liars and crooks (and ditto for the Washington swamp).

The Globalists deviously put a man in the White House who was stimulating that whole range of sentiment and conviction? Really?

Then we come to the Clintons. Major league bullshitters in their own right—and on a level Trump could hardly aspire to. The Deep State, with some reservations, had accepted the idea that one of their own, Hillary Clinton, with all her personal and family and political baggage, was going to be the next president of the United States. She and Bill seemed to be made of Teflon, or some similar substance that swallowed scandals whole and made them disappear. The press had played a central role there. (The press that Trump was violently attacking.) Forget the Clinton Foundation. Forget Hillary’s decades-long shameful defense of her husband’s sexual predations. Forget Mena and the cocaine trafficking and Bill’s arrangements with the CIA. Right out in the open, Hillary, with her sidekick, Barack Obama, had destroyed a whole country. Libya. They had reduced an entire nation to bloody chaos. If she could get away with that, she could get away with anything. So, for the Deep State, she still held promise. She could work a hustle beyond any hustle Trump could dream of. Good. She would do a good Globalist job as the next American president. The press would keep things reasonably quiet. She and Bill would continue their deep and long relationship with the CIA and all the CIA stands for.

But there was one major issue. Apparently, once again, the all-knowing and all-seeing and all-controlling controllers of the Deep State, who manage society flawlessly, as Hegelians par excellence, had screwed up royally. They hadn’t talked with Hillary’s doctors. These gods, who can execute the synthesis of opposites on a grand scale, who know the future decades in advance, had failed to notice Hillary was sick. Quite sick. Sick enough so that if she won the election, she might have to hide from the public for the better part of her term, and even that (absurd) tactic might not work.

So perhaps midway through the 2016 election campaign, the Globalist gods of the Deep State decided to back off and let Trump win. Not because they favored him, not because they knew they could manage his every move, and not because they had turned him into one of their own, but because they had messed up and had to scramble and make the best of an unpleasant situation. Because on a gross physical level, Hillary was toast.

But they would attack President Donald mercilessly and do whatever they could to drive him out of office and take him down. They would sink their claws into Vice President Mike Pence and reassemble however much of his brain they needed to adjust, for the moment when he would step into the presidency.

The press and sleazebag Robert Mueller would head up phase one of the raid on Trump. Violations of financial laws, sexual misdemeanors and felonies, cooperating with the enemy (Russia)—whatever could be cobbled together, true or false—was fair game. Operation Oust the President was seriously underway.

Some people believe I’m a Trump supporter. As I’ve been saying all along, I praise him on three counts: he helped keep Hillary Clinton from the Oval Office; he has relentlessly attacked major media; and he has mouthed strong anti-Globalist ideas. Everything else is up for grabs.

There has never been a doubt in my mind that he is a liar. But why is that news? Pardon me for noticing that every president is a liar. Obama, Bush, and Clinton run a close race for the recent winner on that score. My personal choice is Obama, only because he did the best work of the three in pretending he was honorable.

Bottom line for now: the Deep State has to hate Trump, because at the very least, he is a symbol and a lightning rod for anti-Globalism and pro-Nationalism.

Apparently, he has calculated (and made) a number of deals (that’s what he does) in order to (hopefully) stay in office. Deals with Goldman Sachs, deals with the military, deals with the military industrial complex, etc. These arrangements, of necessity, mean he has to walk back and discard some of his campaign promises. This is old hat for him. It’s business.

At the risk of repeating myself, most people don’t fully grasp the pernicious influence of mainstream news. Not just that influence now, not just in the past few years, but forever. The ability of the press, in concert with versions of the Deep State, to twist and deform and undermine and reverse and fragment public perception, on every major story and issue, is basically substituting death for life. If the population is, on a daily basis, under the influence of such mind control, then what kind of breakthrough is possible? No breakthrough. None. The game is over. Fortunately, through the Internet, that brainwashing is being shattered by independent media, piece by piece. And then—along came Trump. From a position of devil-may-care, extreme visibility, rudely, crudely, relentlessly, impulsively, he has attacked the press. He’s “crazy” that way. Like some wild Salvador Dali, he’s turned the tables on consensus reality. I don’t care why he’s doing it. I don’t care how he’s doing it. He’s doing it. This is an opening. This is an accelerated opportunity for all sorts of independent voices who, for their own reasons, oppose the Deep State. This opportunity must be taken.

There are certainly risks, when it comes to Donald Trump. But taking apart major media is not one of them.

Coda 1: The biggest risk is war. With North Korea. This is where cooler heads must prevail. This is where even arch Globalists must weigh in. They want control of a viable planet, not one in smoking ruins. If the business of America is business, an atmosphere in which sellers and buyers can operate is an obvious requirement. Not a nuclear atmosphere. But this isn’t just a Trump problem. It would have been a Hillary problem, if she had won the White House. Presented with a (completely insane) Pentagon “strategy” for defeating North Korea, either president would become “interested.” Given Hillary’s track record in Libya, she might be more eager than Trump…

Coda 2: Hollywood, in its own fanciful way, is marshalling its troops for yet another round of attacks on Trump, in the form of a movie, “The [Washington] Post,” which details the release of the Pentagon Papers, in 1971, as an act of defiance against corrupt government. Viewers are supposed to get the idea that the press is the hero, and their war now against Trump is a holy crusade, for which we should all be grateful. Hail to the press! We love you. We need you. There is also a report that George Clooney will produce a mini-series on the Watergate scandal for Netflix. Yet another Watergate re-run. I wonder how many lies this one will push. The theme, again, will certainly include the press exposure of the Nixon-team crimes. By extension, we are supposed to imagine the press is now the champion of truth in its anti-Trump campaign. Both these projects are oblique efforts to repair the press’ tattered image. They are Real and True. The independent media are Fake and False. Good luck with that one.

Sorry for the length of this article. It was far too short. I had to leave a lot on the cutting room floor…

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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