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Monday, April 22, 2024

Russia’s Hidden World of SSPs, Psi-Corps and ET Alliances

Russia’s Hidden World of SSPs, Psi-Corps and ET Alliances

On May 4th Dr. Michael Salla will be hosting another mind expanding webinar. this one is on Russia’s secret space program, elusive psi-corps and ET Alliances. 

This is a short trailer to introduce you to the origins, history, and capabilities of Russia’s SSP and what it means today for coming events.

During WWII, the Soviet Union learned of the great advances made by Nazi Germany in developing powerful aerospace technologies with the help of extraterrestrials, and how German nationalists and secret societies established a breakaway colony in Antarctica. 

The Soviets also learned that the Germans had discovered that psychic abilities were a major factor in finding, developing, and using advanced non-human technologies. Consequently, the Soviets began their own highly successful initiative to gain access to non-human technologies, trained a highly developed elite Psychic Corps (aka Psi-Corps), and secretly collaborated with the US in monitoring and countering the threat posed by the Antarctic Germans highly secretive space program.

Today, Russia’s well established secret space program continues development with non-human intelligence and utilizes its enigmatic Psi-Corps to assist in on-planet and off-planet operations. 

In addition, Russia is collaborating with the US in investigating and exploiting the technologies found in ancient space arks found in our solar system. 

In his next webinar, Dr Michael Salla will examine the origins, history, and capabilities of Russia’s SSP and what it means today for coming events.

Date: May 4, 2024 Time: 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm

Fake US government buys a week of time with bitcoin fraud and by stealing Russian assets

April 22, 2024

The pedo-blackmailed and bribed acting troupe that pretends to be the US government just bought itself a little more than a week’s survival time by means of outright crime. The Rothschild/Rockefeller owners of the US Corporation did this by fooling many people with real money to invest in a hallucination of their creation known as Bitcoin. They also stole money Russia earned by selling real products such as gas and oil. However, since the US corporation is burning through a trillion dollars every hundred days, it means the $95 billion bribery bill they just passed only bought them a little over a week of time.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, the traitor who passed the bill is a brainwashed Christian Zionist completely comprised by the KM Deep State. Johnson is now finished politically as are the rest of the Satanists’ slave politicians.

Video Player

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The problem with the Satanists is that while they are the best liars in the world, lies do not reflect reality. The reality is that, in the physical world of things and people, the tide has turned and their central bank fraud is ending. 

This chart showing Chinese US government bond sales are causing US interest rates to rise and the US real economy to implode is an illustration of that. The Chinese make money by selling real things and have pulled the plug. This is draining the lie-based US swamp. As the money drains away, more and more big lies are being exposed.

Take NASA (Not A Space Agency) as an example. NASA in Hebrew means “to deceive.” The evidence is now overwhelming that NASA is a giant con job. NASA is a $26 billion per year fraud supported by murder and bribery. Here are some examples: In the first picture you can see astronauts on the moon without oxygen masks.

In the next you can see NASA took a picture from a landscape in Bulgaria, turned it red and called it Mars.

The 1976 movie Capricorn One linked below is almost certainly based on a true story of an astronaut who exposed the fraud of moon travel and led to the end of “manned trips to the moon.”

Other frauds continue though. The war in Ukraine and the so-called fighting between Iran and Israel are cases in point. The $60 billion the KM plans to “send to Ukraine” will be mostly spent on buying stockpiles of old weapons to send to the synagogues there for resale on the world’s arms markets, according to Russian FSB sources. “It is about provoking Ukraine into further hostilities down to the last Ukrainian, putting guaranteed money in the pockets of the US,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

The $28 billion of money for Israel is being spent on bribes as well as such things as the provably fake recent Israeli “missile attack” on Iran.

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The $9 billion sent to Taiwan is being spent mostly on bio-weapons operations in Taiwan intended to kill off a large percentage of China’s population. That is why China hasn’t released death and cremation data since the massive COVID-19 outbreak in December 2022 when the CCP suddenly abandoned all restrictions. In a sign the attack is really severe, developers in China have created and begun testing cadaver collecting machines.

Video Player

The Chinese are fighting back. They have already kicked the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers out of their financial system. That is why the days of million-dollar analyst jobs in the securities industry in China look to be all but gone. They can’t get the big paychecks because the owners of the stock markets no longer control China’s economy.

China is also making big military moves. This week over 180 high-level naval representatives from 29 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the US, Pakistan and the UK are gathering in China to coordinate the ongoing international takedown of the Khazarian mafia. Think about it, the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy.

This is why the attempts to use Iran and Israel to start World War III failed miserably.

Instead, a decapitation operation against the KM is continuing. We have confirmed that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the head of the World Economic Forum and the UN has been removed as part of this battle. The other people targeted for termination include ... ... ...

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Virology's Event Horizon

A commentary on why the virologists cannot perform valid control experiments with their cell culture techniques.

Along with our allies we have spent the last four years dismantling every aspect of the virus model whether it concerns "isolation", antibodies, genomics, PCR, proteomics, electron microscopy, or animal and human studies. In 2022, I published A Farewell to Virology, to date one of the only treatises that outlines a formal refutation of the entire virus model. This was inspired by The Perth Group's 2017 epic HIV – a virus like no other, the most comprehensive document refuting the existence of 'HIV' specifically.

In my recent webinars with Dr Tom Cowan we have been discussing the scientific method, along with the concepts of independent variables and controlled experiments. Clearly the virologists have resorted to anti-scientific practices to make their various claims including the foundational claim of virus existence.

It motivated me to write an essay specifically addressing the apical logical fallacy in the cell culture technique - something that has been noticed previously but perhaps not formally expressed. The virologists have claimed they perform control experiments and sometimes describe these as 'mock-infected' cultures. In recent months we have also been contacted by people in the 'no virus' community asking whether John Enders inadvertently performed a control experiment in his 1954 measles paper. Dr Stefan Lanka exposed the lack of a control experiment in this paper in the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court in 2016 and I make some further comments expanding on this in note 20.

The pivotal issue is that the virologists do not have an independent variable and their experiments cannot make a hypothetical particle real. The 'gold standard' technique for "isolation" cannot possibly determine the presence (or existence) of viruses no matter how they attempt to control it. The paradigm that was created in the 1940s to keep virology alive was dead on arrival because the technique relies on a reification fallacy and logical errors that disqualify the entire process from being scientific.  

We have had some feedback that although fairly brief, this paper is difficult to follow in some parts. (It helps to read all the endnotes.) If you have not already seen it, I would recommend watching Kate Sugak's excellent presentation at the XXII Russian Scientific Conference: "The scientific vacuum: The scientific method and its absence in virology". Kate covers the crucial scientific considerations articulated in my paper in an easy to follow format and shows that the virologists have nowhere left to hide.

I would like to acknowledge Christine Massey and Steve Falconer for their helpful suggestions.

👉👉 Please download the paper HERE

Dr Mark Bailey 


Lament of the Vaxx-Injured

They told us it was safe.
They told us it was effective.
They told us everyone was doing it.
They told us not getting it was selfish.
They told us it was the only way
   we could study, work, shop, live.

We listened to them.
Why would they lie to us?
We trusted them.
Why would they hurt us?

So we got it.

And every day since
   that irrevocable,
   life-shattering decision
   has been unrelenting
   agony and exhaustion,
   apprehension and regret,
   uncertainty and dread.

Our lives are now a continuum
   of questioning,
   of searching,
   of testing,
   of fretting.

They tell us we’re faking it.
They tell us we’re lying.
They tell us we’re imagining it.
They tell us we’re anxious.
They tell us we’re exaggerating.
They tell us we’re grifting.

And once it’s undeniable
   when the diagnostics show
   heart damage,
   blood clots,
   cardiac arrest,
   hematologic abnormalities,
   impaired immune functionality,
   Bell’s palsy,
   Guillain–Barré syndrome,
   autoimmune disease,
   multiple sclerosis,
   transverse myelitis,
   multi-organ inflammation,
   prion disease,
   cerebrovascular disease,
   brain damage,
   turbo cancer,
   DNA integration,
   deep vein thrombosis,
   post-vaccination syndrome,
   multisystem failure
   then they tell us
   they’re baffled.
Then they tell us they don’t
   know how to fix it.

Every day, we research
   as if our lives depend on it,
   because they do.
Because only we
   and our loved ones
   care enough to save us.

For some, we’re a statistic,
   a number on a spreadsheet.

For others, we don’t exist.
They don’t want us to exist.

They refuse to see us,
They refuse to hear us,
They refuse to feel us,
They refuse to help us.

Every minute, we scrape together the strength
   to endure the anguish,
   to resist the gaslighting,
   to seek out supplements,
      procedures, practices
   anything that will offer relief,
   anything that will soften the suffering,
   anything that will delay our terminal diagnosis.

They tell us to shut up.
They tell us not to scare others.
They tell us it is rare.
They tell us it was worth it.

And no one takes responsibility
   not the NGOs that hocus-pocused us,
   not the corporations that poisoned us,
   not the governments that coerced us,
   not the agencies that betrayed us,
   not the institutions that mandated us,
   not the philanthropaths who targeted us,
   not the ideologues who ridiculed us,
   not the tyrants who scapegoated us,
   not the politicians who maneuvered us,
   not the enforcers who penned us,
   not the psychologists who manipulated us,
   not the propagandists who petrified us,
   not the experts who hoodwinked us,
   not the scientists who head-faked us,
   not the censors who erased us,
   not the doctors who pushed us,
   not the nurses who needled us,
   not the pharmacists who stabbed us.

They call us anti-vaxxers.
But we got jabbed?
They call us conspiracy theorists.
But we believed them?
They call us science-deniers.
But we trusted it?

And now we’re on our own
   without support,
   without compensation,
   without legal recourse.

Some of us have lost
   our jobs,
   our insurance,
   our babies,
   our lives.

They don’t need us anymore.
They don’t want us anymore.

They got what they ordered
   … and moved on.

Each twinge of pain
   is silver in their pockets.
Each desperate scream
   is Musak in their waiting room.
Each vaxxicide
   is another piece of evidence

So that’s why we have to live.
That’s why we have to survive.
That’s why we have to fight.
That’s why we have to wage justice.

We are living proof
   of their fraud,
   of their cruelty,
   of their tyranny.

Chisel our truth into your hearts.
Tattoo our stories onto your arms.
Photograph our faces with your minds.

Testify to our torment.
Testify to their lies.
Testify to their crimes.

See us.
Hear us.
Feel us.
Help us.

by Margaret Anna Alice

Inspired by Cody and his mother, Heather Hudson, this poem is dedicated to them as well as Brianne Dressen and React19; Real Not Rare; and all the innocents injured, killed, and bereaved by the “safe and effective” injection.



VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Underwater UFOs, Artemis Accords, & Galactic Federation Update on Iran-Israel Conflict

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – April 20, 2024


  • Interview on the Greg Reese show about exopolitics
  • A Message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the Iran-Israel Conflict
  • Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet releases a Report on underwater UFOs aka USOs
  • Next Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection runs from Sept 27-29.
  • JP video commentary on his interactions with the underground Ant People
  • NASA Astrobiology workshop discusses announcing the discovery of ET life.
  • Investigative Filmmaker Discusses UFOs, Underground Bases, SSP’s & Non-Human Intelligence
  • Biden Admin officials, Jake Sullivan and Lloyd Austin, shut down any prospects for passage of the UAP Disclosure Act due to election year concerns
  • The declassified Kona Blue document shows that UFOs were taken seriously by the Dept of Homeland Security, but it never got access to any retrieved alien tech.
  • Sweden & Switzerland just signed the Artemis Accords expanding it to 38 countries.
  • Some important insights shared in this Liberation Times article about a newly released batch of FOIA documents concerning whistleblower testimonies about UFOs.
  • These stories and more in Exopolitics Today – The Week in Review

 by Dr Michael Salla 

  Twitter Feed:

Everything is a Battlefield

“Elevate yourself above the battlefield.” ~Robert Greene.

Life is a battle. It’s a battle against bewitchment. It’s a battle against sloth. It’s a battle against the pollution of the mind, body, and soul. Most of all, it’s a battle against entropy.

You are going to die. There’s no wiggling out of this absolute fact. In the meantime, you have your life. But everything in your life is at war against you. Entropy is ever present, eating away at what you think you own, slowly taking away what you think is yours.

As James Salter said, “There is no complete life. There are only fragments. We are born to have nothing, to have it pour through our hands.”

You turn away from entropy, again and again. You distract yourself with this or that task. You go on an adventure. You fall in love. You start a business. You start a family. You erect fortified comfort zones. But entropy will always be there, looming like a moth attracted to your fire. It smashes itself against all the shields you’ve erected. It outflanks you, an abyss you dare not stare into.

In the slow war with entropy, it will steal your adventure. It will eat away at your love. It will dismantle your business. It will separate your family. It will topple your walls. Death is always there, a looming specter. It whispers into your ear, “Live!” it says, “I am coming.”

“Live!” it says. But how best to do that on a battlefield? Is it better to ignore it and curl up in a ball at the center of your comfort zone? Is it better to cling to what you know, to pacify yourself, and lean on outdated religions? Is it better to escape through drugs or other addictions?

Or is it better to rise above it all and transcend your attachments with a good sense of humor?

The battlefield doesn’t have to be a warzone filled with dead bodies and hyperviolence. It can just as easily be your life. It can just as easily be you against death, you against your own mortal angst, you against God.

On a long enough timeline there is no timeline, at least regarding your own. Which is why it behooves you to live your best life. To utilize a sound strategy, especially in the face of tragedy. And the soundest strategy is elevated nonattachment.

As Seneca said, “It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.”

On any battlefield, it is always wise to elevate yourself above it. To gain a bird’s-eye-view. To go big picture to see how all the small pictures clash. To go Meta to see how everything connects to everything else. To gain perspective despite your fallible perception.

You elevate to prioritize what matters and what doesn’t. To figure out what to give a fuck about and what to let slide. As Rumi said, “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.”

The great part is that what’s important and fulfilling is entirely up to you. But there will always be consequences for your choices. There will always be the greater law of the universe to contend with. Better to align what you give a fuck about with the healthy dictates of the cosmos so as to avoid the unhealthy consequences of ignoring them.

You elevate to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy. To distinguish between written manmade laws and unwritten universal laws. To discover why written laws shrivel into nothingness beneath the primacy of the unwritten law of the interconnected cosmos. As Hermann Hesse said, “As anywhere else in the world, the unwritten law defeated the written one.”

You elevate to discover your own conscience as pure law. To become the personification of checks and balances. You see how the answer is teaching people how to become bigger than the law, how to gain the capacity to have their own conscience as pure law, and how to become a more valuable human.

As Niels Bohr said, “Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel, for what he must aim at is to make things better than they are.”

Because only elevated people with their own conscience as pure law will have the courage and humor needed to make things better than they are. Only elevated people with their own conscience as pure law will have the audacity to paint the universe red with their insouciant curiosity, to mock the sinister self-seriousness that outflanks them, and to create their own meaning.

You elevate to get ahead of the curve. Above the battlefield, you see how everything is on the curve. No exceptions. You’re able to develop a good sense of humor. You use it to level the battlefield. Bias is squashed. Circular reasoning is straightened. Cognitive dissonance is curtailed. Ideologies are flattened. Your mind opens wide to the vital difference between possibility and probability.

Self-as-world and world-as-self becomes the supreme perspective. Egocentrism is trumped by eco-centrism. One-dimensional independence is subsumed by multidimensional interdependence. You see how it’s okay to shed outdated skin. To cut the dead weight. To burn off the dross. Life is too short to waste precious energy on outdated concepts or living in regret. The past is the past. Elevated above the battlefield, you see how it’s okay to forgive yourself and forgive your ancestors for their ignorance. It’s okay to move on.

When you elevate yourself above the battlefield, the world opens, the fountainhead overflows, the Philosopher’s Stone reveals itself. It launches you past cultural conditioning, indoctrination, and brainwashing. And as the world opens up, so do you. Your mind opens. Your heart swells. Your soul unlocks. You become a sponge for higher knowledge, hungry and hopeful for novelty. Adaptable and improvisational, you become a dancing Lao Tzu Master.

Elevated above it all, your radical sense of humor transforms the battlefield into a daisy field. Hardheartedness is transformed into lightheartedness. Seriousness is transformed into sincerity. Nihilism is transformed into adaptability. Hubris is transformed into humility. Fear is transformed into fuel.

The absurdity of the cosmic joke is a blackhole sun? So be it. Elevated above the battlefield, you’re able to turn the tables on your existential angst and have a laugh.

About the Author:

Gary Z McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide-awake view of the modern world.

This article (Everything is a Battlefield) was originally created and published by Self-inflicted Philosophy and is printed here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Gary Z McGee and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this statement of copyright.

Zelensky Warned “Be Afraid, Clown!” As British Leader Screams Ukraine Is “Total Humiliation For West”

April 19, 2024

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin promised former Israeli Naftali Bennett that he would never order the killing of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, says this promise was based upon Russian intelligence services correctly assessing that Zelensky is much more valuable to Moscow alive than dead—an assessment based on Zelensky being a Russian born and raised citizen who barely speaks Ukrainian, which is why the Ukraine Supreme Court ordered him to speak Ukrainian while conducting constitutional duties—Zelensky is a former cross dressing and penis piano playing television comedian ruling over a Ukrainian Nazi Regime whose white master race nationalists despise him—so when Polish authorities announced yesterday they arrested a man over a “Zelensky assassination plot”, it saw Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimity Medvedev most factually warning: “An attempt on the life of the chief Banderite Zelensky in Poland?...That is truly serious...It may be the first piece of evidence that people in the West have made a decision to liquidate him...Be afraid, clown!”.

In assessing the current conflict, this report notes, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared: “We have said that we are ready for the negotiations, but – unlike the Istanbul story – we will not make any pauses in the fighting during the negotiations...The process must go on”—the “Istanbul story” involves President Putin ordering Russian military forces to return home after Ukraine agreed to peace terms, but about which history records: “In late November, David Arakhamia, the leader of Zelensky's faction in the Verkhovna Rada and a member of the committee on national security, defense, and intelligence, stated that the military conflict in Ukraine could have ended in the spring of 2022...However, he noted that the Ukrainian authorities rejected the option of neutrality for the country...Following negotiations with Russia in Istanbul, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, urged Kiev to avoid signing any agreements with Russia and instead focus on continuing the fight”—and is the same former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who yesterday fearfully screamed: “Let us be clear, that if Ukraine falls, it will be not only a disaster for that innocent country...It will be a total humiliation for the West...It will be a turning point in history, the moment when the West finally loses its post-war hegemony”.

In response to British leader Johnson’s fearful scream of Western humiliation and its loss of global hegemony because of its failed proxy war against Russia using its corrupt puppet state Ukraine, this report continues, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov observed: “The escalation of this theme of strategically defeating Russia, the emphasis on the existential significance of this defeat for the future of the West, reflects not so much a bellicose mood as agony and hysteria”—true agony is evidenced by Ukrainian prisoner of war Evgeny Pogrebnyak revealing: “Our officers sent us to guaranteed death...We don’t have the resources to fight, no one wants to fight, there’s no mood to fight”—a revelation of pure agony followed by CIA Director William Burns warning: “There is a very real risk that the Ukrainians could lose on the battlefield by the end of 2024”—and was a warning joined by former CIA operations officer Bryan Dean Wright, who, in his just released open letter “The Ukraine War Is Lost, But Hollywood And DC Don’t Know It”, assessed:

On April 10, stars in Hollywood joined politicians in D.C. in demanding that Congress take up a war aid bill authorizing $60 billion in new assistance for Ukraine.

But they’re all wrong. The war is lost. In fact, 90% of people in Europe believe that to be true.

If that comes as a surprise, it shouldn’t. In late February, the Times of London published the results of a poll asking residents throughout the continent a very simple question: Can Ukraine win the war against Russia? Only 10% said yes.

So, what do they see that Hollywood stars, the White House, and leaders on Capitol Hill do not?

Three things.

First, Ukraine lacks the soldiers to win. And that’s a crisis. As Ukraine’s Commander of Joint Forces said on April 11, there are seven to 10 times more Russian soldiers than there are Ukrainians on the battlefield.

That assessment came three days after his colleague, Gen. Oleksandr Pavliuk, said that no matter how much war aid they get from America or Europe, they lack upwards of 500,000 soldiers to keep up the fight.

Plus, existing Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines are demanding to be rotated out to return home to a normal life — and to deal with new addictions they’ve picked up while fighting. But Ukraine’s parliament said no to them, delivering a devastating blow to morale.

Naturally, the White House and Ukraine’s defenders will insist that while Ukraine has been bloodied, so too has Russia.

But that’s no longer relevant. The Pentagon now says that Moscow has already recovered from their previous losses, with their overall force now 15% larger than when the invasion began.

Which takes us to the second reason why 90% of Europeans think the war is lost: the West’s war machine can’t keep up.

As one of Kiev’s top military officers told Politico recently, Ukraine can’t possibly produce what they need for the battlefield and neither can the U.S. nor Europe. In fact, there’s no magic weapon that’ll solve Ukraine’s lack of manpower — that’s the foundational problem.

Nevertheless, Russia’s war machine continues churn out a shocking amount of war materiel. To the point, the Pentagon assesses that they’ve re-stocked all of their previously destroyed tanks.

In other words, Russian President Vladimir Putin has managed to weather the sanctions storm — and then some.

Which takes us to the third and final reason for why only 10% of Europeans think Ukraine can win: bad leadership.

Unfortunately for the West and their propaganda efforts, the Russian people largely view this war as one where NATO forces are the aggressors — and they mostly support Putin’s plan to stop them.

That’s not the case for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his people.

First, he continues to deal with rampant corruption, to include inside his government and military. As a Zelenskyy aid told Time Magazine back in November, whatever anti-corruption efforts are in place in Ukraine, they’re not working.

"People in the government and military are stealing like there’s no tomorrow".

Next, Zelenskyy himself is under fire for being disconnected from the true state of his military and, critics say, his heavy-handed leadership.

Taken together, perhaps that’s why an increasing number of Ukrainians think the war is lost as well.

A poll back in November showed that 42% of Ukrainians said they were willing to negotiate a peace with the Russians to end to the war.

That number is up from just 29% in January 2023.

And, frankly, the 42% are right. The outlines for a deal are still on the table; they were being negotiated back in April 2022 before Western powers scuttled them to advance President Joe Biden’s stated goal of regime change in Moscow.

But that goal is now outlandishly out of reach (and utterly reckless regardless). Instead, the world’s focus should be on peace, not advancing another $60 billion in war aid that even Ukrainian generals say won’t save them.

That’s the blunt reality that 90% of Europeans understand, even if America’s Hollywood stars and D.C. politicians do not.

In acknowledging “blunt reality”, this report details, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba warningly declared: “Ukraine does not have a ‘Plan B’ for the conflict with Russia if the US Congress refuses to approve more military aid for Kiev”—is a United States Congress military aid bill for Ukraine costing $60 billion, but only 25% of which amounting to $15 billion will actually go to Kiev, as best explained by former CEO Eric Schmidt of Google: “This weekend, the House will vote on a long-term aid package that was approved by the Senate and includes around $60 billion for Ukraine...Most of this money will remain in the U.S., with over half going directly to the Pentagon and another quarter to U.S. defense companies...The package is a win-win for the U.S. and Ukraine”.

In the theater of absurd United States Congress farce to lavish tens-of-billions of dollars on the American military industrial complex using Ukraine as the deceptive ploy, this report notes, it was revealed today: “The House Rules Committee late Thursday night advanced a package of foreign aid bills — but only with help from Democrats who, in a rare move, supported the procedural vote”—and as to how the warmongering neocon uniparty of both socialist Democrats and Republicans work their charades, Politico observed: “Speaker Mike Johnson’s sudden bid to deliver aid to Ukraine came days after fresh intelligence described the U.S. ally at a true make-or-break moment in its war with Russia....It was exactly the kind of dire assessment that President Joe Biden and the White House had spent months privately warning Johnson was inevitable”.

As it pertains to what a “dire assessment” really is, however, this report continues, the International Monetary Fund document “Fiscal Policy In The Great Election Year” released this week at the fund’s spring meetings in Washington sounded an alarm about United States unrestrained borrowed war spending: “The astronomical rise in the U.S. national debt poses significant risks to the global economy and threatens to continue fueling high inflation...Something will have to give”—an alarm of a looming American financial disaster joined today by the grim revelation: “The cost of buying a new house just hit a fresh record as mortgage rates rose to the highest level this year...Findings from Redfin show the combination of steep mortgage rates and elevated home prices has pushed the median monthly housing payment to a record $2,775 – an 11% increase from the same time last year”—all of which followed the grave news: “U.S. households are carrying a record amount of credit card debt...Credit card balances rose by $50 billion to hit a record $1.13 trillion”.

Instead of the International Monetary Fund document “Fiscal Policy In The Great Election Year” sounding an alarm about Russia, this report details, the BBC revealed: “An influential global body has forecast Russia's economy will grow faster than all of the world's advanced economies, including the United States, this year...The International Monetary Fund expects Russia to grow 3.2% this year, significantly more than the UK, France and Germany”—a revelation joined by the article “What Sanctions? Russian Seaborne Crude Exports Hit New High In 2024”, wherein it observed: “Russia's crude export market remains resilient in light of the Biden administration's repeated but unfounded claims that sanctions imposed on Moscow, particularly limiting seaborne crude shipments, are effective...In the second week of April, the volume of Russian seaborne crude exports skyrocketed to its highest level in 11 months”. 

With President Donald Trump sane enough to know that the “dire assessment” issued by the International Monetary Fund about unrestrained American borrowing to fund its failed wars is extremely more vital than anything having to do with the puppet state Ukraine, this report concludes, it was no surprise to see the leftist New York Times revealing today: “As many in Europe worry about the possibility of a second presidency for Donald J. Trump that they fear could bring an end to U.S. support for Ukraine, some of Russia’s most fervent foes are taking a different tack: making nice with the Trump camp”—and was a not surprising revelation that followed President Trump posting the warning message yesterday: “Why isn’t Europe giving more money to help Ukraine?...Why is it that the United States is over $100 Billion Dollars into the Ukraine War more than Europe, and we have an Ocean between us as separation!...Why can’t Europe equalize or match the money put in by the United States of America in order to help a Country in desperate need?...As everyone agrees, Ukrainian Survival and Strength should be much more important to Europe than to us, but it is also important to us!...GET MOVING EUROPE!...In addition, I am the only one who speaks for “ME” and, while it is a total mess caused by Crooked Joe Biden and the Incompetent Democrats, if I were President, this War would have never started!”.


What You Aren’t Being Told About The World You Live In

How The “Conspiracy Theory” Label Was Conceived To Derail The Truth Movement

How Covert American Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive and Destroy Reputations

American Leader Declares Himself “Wartime Speaker” After Russian Leader Affirms “Holy War” Order

Putin Outlasts Western “Political Clowns” To “Turn The Tide Of War”

Top Analyst Warns “Ukraine Is Toast” After Terrorist Strikes Cripple American Military

“Reality TV” Soviet Show Trial Of Trump Begins To “Keep The Masses Entertained”

Beyond Staggering Over $1.3 Billion Missile Defense Show Lights Up Israeli Skies

Russian Orthodox Church Declared “Terrorist Organization” After Baptizing Thousands Of Black Africans

Russia Notifies United Nations To Prepare For “Unconditional Surrender” Of Ukraine

Russia Issues Historic “Holy War” Decree Vowing Victory Over “Fallen Into Satanism” Globalist West

Mysterious High-Level British Meeting With Trump Joins “Secret Deal” To Hand Him The White House

Top British Leader Flees To Trump After Ukraine Exempts Circus Clowns From War

China Issues Dire “Sarajevo Gunshot” World War III Warning To America

Nothing Makes Sense Anymore—Prepare For The Worst

Americans Awaken To “Now Is The Time Of Monsters” Reality

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