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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

China just proved they can take out American with EMP balloons

China just proved they can take out American with EMP balloons

Health Ranger Report

The recent sightings of Chinese "spy" balloons over the United States could be test runs by Beijing for a sneak attack on America using small nuclear explosions that set off massive power outages due to electromagnetic pulse bursts.

Now we know that Joe Biden and the Pentagon will not defend America against China's EMP balloons. They will just stand by and do nothing while the balloons take out America's power grid, leading to a total collapse of modern civilization across the continental United States.

Once the EMP attack is complete, China could easily invade and occupy the USA with relatively little effort. Most Americans would be fighting just to survive in a collapsed society.

- China now knows it can detonate multiple EMP weapons over North America

- EMP weapon could be used to soften up America before China's land INVASION

- We are now in a two-front war with two superpowers: #China and #Russia

- Biden and Pentagon are murdering troops with #vaccines and sending weapons stockpiles to #Ukraine

- The USA is being left defenseless with almost no weapons or munitions

- Former top UK military official says UK would run out of ammunition in ONE DAY of fighting Russia

- America's culture collapses into a trifecta of cults: The COVID cult, the trans cult and the Luciferian cult

- Taylor Swift says all Christians should support baby murder (she is a demon)

- Russia declares the USA is the "anti-Christ civilization"

- Medvedev warns that America and the West will BURN

- No more negotiations, just nuclear strikes

- Western Europe is DONE... ruled by woke idiots and collapsing by the day

- Possible timing of events: Russia launches first strike, China detonates EMP weapons, then invades

- America's cities to be transformed into collapsed wastelands of mass chaos and death

- Rigged elections have catastrophic consequences

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Key Findings

The following report is a summary of mining giant Adani's track record, based on research into hundreds of court documents by Environmental Justice Australia and Earthjustice and other publicly available evidence.
-In 2011, a ship carrying Adani coal sank off the coast of Mumbai, devastating beaches, tourism and marine life. Adani did nothing to clean up the mess for five years. Adani can't be trusted to operate in the Great Barrier Reef.

-Adani's Australian CEO was Director of Operations at another mining company when it  poisoned a river in Zambia that people relied on to survive. Adani hid this from the Australian government. Adani can't be trusted with Queensland's water.

-There have been deaths, illness and injuries at Adani workplaces. Reports show Adani have exploited and underpaid their workforce, including using child labour. Adani can't be trusted to follow the rules and look after workers in Australia.

-Adani uses dodgy tax havens in the Cayman Islands to hide assets and revenue. 13 of the 26 Adani subsidiaries registered in Australia are ultimately owned in the Cayman Islands. Companies who pay their taxes don't register themselves in the Cayman Islands.  

-Adani was involved in a bribery scandal that involved bribing customs officials, the police, the State pollution control board and more. Companies who obey the law don't have to pay bribes.


Who is Adani and what do they want?

Adani is an Indian mining and energy company seeking to build the world's biggest new coal mine in central Queensland's Galilee Basin -- the Carmichael mine.

Adani's Carmichael coal mine has become notorious for its sheer scale, and for the damage it will cause to the Great Barrier Reef, to vast quantities of groundwater, to the world's climate, and to threatened species.

But the project's proponent is also fast becoming one of the most controversial companies in the world.

Adani has a documented history of corruption, bribery, and human rights abuses across the world. It's currently facing further criminal investigations for alleged involvement in multi-billion dollar fraud in India.

Despite Adani's appalling track record, the mine's unpopularity, and its enormous environmental and social impacts, Australian Queensland and Federal governments continue to support the Adani project.

Malcolm Turnbull's Federal Government is now preparing to give Adani a $1 billion taxpayer-subsidised loan to build a rail line from the mine site to the associated coal port, Abbot Point. Polling shows 74.4% of Australians oppose public money being used in this way.

This report brings together new and previously documented evidence that shows Adani are, at their core, a dangerous, criminal organisation, not a viable proponent to be trusted with one of the most environmentally destructive projects in Australian history.
Adani's corporate structure is deliberately convoluted and opaque. There are 26 Adani subsidiaries registered in Australia, 13 of which are ultimately owned through the Cayman Islands.

Many of the incidents, criminal charges and allegations outlined in this report involve various Adani subsidiaries. For this report, we'll refer to them all simply as Adani.
If you are interested in finding out more about which particular Adani entity is culpable for, or stands accused of, the various crimes detailed in this report, please click here to download a detailed legal research briefing from Environmental Justice Australia and Earthjustice.

The truth about Adani

The Khazarian Mafia has been comprehensively defeated, mopping up continues

February 6, 2023

Events over the coming weeks will make it obvious even to the most brainwashed sheeple in the West that something fundamental and historic has taken place. There can be no doubt the Khazarian Mafia has been defeated and the mopping up of their last leaders has begun. 

The arrest of New Zealand cross-dressing Prime Minister Jack Adern, criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset and Pfizer, mass arrests of Ukrainian government officials and many other events all point to this.

Another sign the KM is losing it is that it is now becoming mainstream to talk about Mossad and Israeli founding Prime Minister David Ben Gurions’ involvement in the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Video Player

Israel meanwhile is trying to negotiate a surrender to the Russians via France. The bankrupt US Corporate Government, for its part, became the laughing stock of the world by using “a balloon ate my homework” excuse after Rockefeller slave Secretary of State Antony Blinken was told not to bother coming to China on a begging mission.

The war in Ukraine is also ending with the last Satanists now surrounded in Bahmut where they are expected to fight to the death over the coming weeks.

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Most importantly of all, the KM lost control of the world’s financial system on January 31st and the quantum financial system is now operating (more about that later).

However, it is not over until it is over and there is a strong possibility the desperate and cornered KM will try some sort of black swan mega-terror event, most likely either an EMP or nuclear attack.

Turkey’s interior minister Suleyman Soylu told the US ambassador to take his “dirty hands off of Turkey” after Washington and eight European countries issued travel warnings over possible terror attacks there. Similar warnings were made about Iran.

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The order by Western governments to evacuate their citizens means it’s likely the cornered Israeli regime is launching a massive attack there. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by dozens more as this report was being written indicates it has already begun. “This is a weather modification weapon being used to show Erdogan who is still in charge,” a CIA source says.

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The attack took place as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov landed in Iraq to launch “military-technical” cooperation with Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq along with the Gulf States. Since Egypt is also a de facto Russian ally this represents an existential threat to the KM regime in Israel (not to the Jews though).

The Iranian government has now warned Israel’s neighbors that in order to “maintain their security,” they should “stay away from the regime that is dying every day.”

The KM is desperately trying to blow up the whole planet (using agents in both Iran and Israel) because the KM-controlled Vatican and their US Corporate Subsidiary lost control of the financial system on January 31st. 

That is why the entire Italian internet shut down on February 1st, MI6 sources say. The Vatican Bank, which was used to bribe most so-called world leaders, has been cut off. Now the KM have until February 13 before their US Corporation is completely cut off.

MI6 sources say the quantum financial system took over the KM’s SWIFT interbank settlement system on February 1st

This writer experienced this on Sunday when a money transfer arrived instantly instead of the following Monday for a similar transfer made last month. The creator of the QFS says “the advancement in IT infrastructure ... ... ...

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Monday, February 6, 2023


I have a question for you alone, my brother: like a sounding-lead, cast I this question into your soul, that I may know its depth.

You are young, and desire child and marriage. But I ask you: are you a man entitled to desire a child?

Are you the victorious one, the self-conqueror, the ruler of your passions, the master of your virtues? Thus do I ask you.

Or does the animal speak in your wish, and necessity? Or isolation? Or discord in you?

I would have your victory and freedom long for a child. Living monuments shall you build to your victory and emancipation.

Beyond yourself shall you build. But first of all must you be built yourself, rectangular in body and soul.

Not only onward shall you propagate yourself, but upward! For that purpose may the garden of marriage help you!

A higher body shall you create, a first movement, a spontaneously rolling wheel - a creating one shall you create.

Marriage: so call I the will of the twain to create the one that is more than those who created it. The reverence for one another, as those exercising such a will, call I marriage.

Let this be the significance and the truth of your marriage. But that which the many-too-many call marriage, those superfluous ones - ah, what shall I call it?

Ah, the poverty of soul in the twain! Ah, the filth of soul in the twain! Ah, the pitiable self-complacency in the twain!

Marriage they call it all; and they say their marriages are made in heaven.

Well, I do not like it, that heaven of the superfluous! No, I do not like them, those animals tangled in the heavenly toils!

Far from me also be the God who limps there to bless what he has not matched!

Laugh not at such marriages! What child has not had reason to weep over its parents?

Worthy did this man seem, and ripe for the meaning of the earth: but when I saw his wife, the earth seemed to me a home for madcaps.

Yes, I would that the earth shook with convulsions when a saint and a goose mate with one another.

This one went forth in quest of truth as a hero, and at last got for himself a small decked-up lie: his marriage he calls it.

That one was reserved in intercourse and chose choicely. But one time he spoilt his company for all time: his marriage he calls it.

Another sought a handmaid with the virtues of an angel. But all at once he became the handmaid of a woman, and now would he need also to become an angel.

Careful, have I found all buyers, and all of them have astute eyes. But even the most astute of them buys his wife in a sack.

Many short follies - that is called love by you. And your marriage puts an end to many short follies, with one long stupidity.

Your love to woman, and woman's love to man - ah, would that it were sympathy for suffering and veiled deities! But generally two animals alight on one another.

But even your best love is only an enraptured simile and a painful ardour. It is a torch to light you to loftier paths.

Beyond yourselves shall you love some day! Then learn first of all to love. And on that account you had to drink the bitter cup of your love.

Bitterness is in the cup even of the best love; thus does it cause longing for the overman; thus does it cause thirst in you, the creating one!

Thirst in the creating one, arrow and longing for the overman: tell me, my brother, is this your will to marriage?

Holy call I such a will, and such a marriage.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

PsyWars: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty

PsyWars: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty

Molding, controlling, and capturing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the objectives.

The video above is from the the Pandemic Strategies Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on January 21, 2023. The text below is a transcript of that speech.

What I want to talk about is some sensitive stuff, some strong language. And I understand that here in Sweden, these words might seem very strong to some, but this is the name of this technology. I didn't invent this name. This is the technology that's been deployed on you over the last three years, and all of us. And at the start, I also want to give a shout-out for your nation and for your public health leadership.

Really, to the rest of the world, what happened here was unique. There was more of a willingness, even though nothing's perfect, to stay grounded in public health policy, sound public health policy, avoid a lot of the extreme measures that have been propagated throughout the Western world. And it's so easy for us to focus on the bad, but I just want to give a moment and acknowledge the good that's happened here. The rest of the world has benefited from the courage of those that have stood up and advocated for public health policies that did not include a lot of these harsh measures for our children. And I think because of that courage, the world has had a comparator to show that we really didn't have to have a lot of these egregiously harsh policies that have been deployed on all of us.

The COVID crisis has revealed a modern battleground in which molding, controlling, and capturing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the objective. I'm going to speak about fifth-generation warfare. This is not a term that I invented. Fifth-generation warfare is the new battleground, and it has been deployed by military largely in intelligence communities on the entire Western world in an amazingly harmonized fashion during the COVID crisis.

Fifth-generation warfare is a war of information and perception. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. The basic idea is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerillas, but in the minds of common citizens.

Your mind is the new battleground. This is not hyperbole. This is standard military strategy. And unfortunately, the United States has led in the West in our response. The European Union has largely followed American “leadership”. And in America, the management of this crisis was not primarily driven, the data now show, the documents show, was not driven by health and human services. It was driven by the US Department of Defense and basically the National Security State, Homeland Security domestically, our intelligence community, Department of Defense, the National Security Administration. That's how it came into the White House, and that's how it got delegated and managed.

And as often happens, I like to say, when you give a three-year-old a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and we have this new powerful technology that's been developed and deployed offshore for resisting fourth-generation warfare, which is the insurgencies. The United States has lost essentially every single insurgent war since Vietnam that it's engaged in. And it has now tried to transform that battlefield metaphor into what we now call fifth-generation warfare. And as they've developed those tools for offshore in information management and PSYOPs, for whatever reason, they determined that it was appropriate to deploy it on their own citizens in the context of what they determined was a national health emergency, which they responded to as if it was a national security emergency.

So my goal here is to help you to understand this new environment, the technology that was deployed, and eventually to get to the point that I want to make, which is that those of us that are awake, and I hope that this lecture will help awaken you even more, those of us that are awake can become empowered by understanding this technology and employing it for our side, for the sake of truth, honesty, for spreading the type of information that Asim just shared with you. We're in a new information ecosystem. It's a new technology space. And for protest movements, the methods that were employed during the 20th century, centralized leadership, protest movements, is now completely obsolete. We have to come, if we're going to win this, and I'm sure most of this audience, audience appreciates that the COVID crisis is just a skirmish. The battle is much, much larger than what we're just talking about here.

And if we're going to win this battle, we have to understand the battleground. We have to understand their playing field. We have to understand their technology, their strategies, their tactics. We need to assimilate them and we need to respond to them, not by as assimilating their ethics, but by deploying technology that's appropriate for this new battle space. Okay? That's where I'm coming from.

Precursors to fifth-generation warfare. The first accidental fifth-generation conflict was Arab Spring. Many people may not appreciate that Arab Spring was employed by the US government to test deploy some of their new technologies for manipulating thought, behavior, and action. Those key technologies we call social media. Twitter was intentionally deployed during Arab Spring. Twitter is a weapon. It is not a business. Facebook is used as a weapon. It has intrinsic capabilities. When you think to yourself, "I've been shadow banned," that language is kind of irrelevant. You're personalizing it. These tools are used to shape the information landscape, the cloud of information, your contacts, who's talking to who, what they're allowed to say, how they're allowed to say it with specific intentions to shape the direction of thought and emotion.

There are tools embedded within that in the analytics that extract emotional content out of every single thing you tweet, and derive from that understandings of what your emotional, personal emotional landscape is and allows that to be manipulated by what you are then exposed to, what your eyes see. Okay? These are weapons. Understand that.

In the case of Arab Spring, it was almost fifth-generational warfare, except it lacked a couple of the key elements. We actually knew who the antagonists were. In true fifth-generation warfare, you do not know who your opponent is. Example, who is responsible for... Who's the puppet master behind the COVID crisis as we've experienced it? Who is it? Anybody here know? Was it Klaus? No. There's something above Klaus. Was it Biden? Was it Tony Fauci? These are all surrogates. Okay? You don't really know who is managing the message that has been propagated on you. That's fifth-generation warfare.

Over the last three years, Western governments, non-governmental organizations, transnational organizations, pharmaceutical industry corporations, media and financial corporations have cooperated via public-private partnerships, which I assert is a euphemism for fascism, to deploy the most massive globally harmonized, psychological, and propaganda operation in the history of the world. Over the last three years, you have been subjected to the most massive harmonized, globally coordinated propaganda campaign in the history of the Western world, full stop.

My mouth is getting dry talking about these things. I do feel a little passionate. With this campaign, the governments of many Western nation states have turned, okay, this is key, military-grade, psychological operations, strategies, tactics, technologies, and capabilities developed for modern military combat against their own citizens. These are inconvenient facts. The world that many of us believed existed no longer exists if it ever did.

For me, the stunning bookend is this recent revelation on Tucker Carlson that the first thing that I remember as a young person born in 1959, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was probably propagated in significant part by the United States Intelligence Community. Okay? And we have been lied to about that my whole life.

Welcome to 5th Generation Warfare. The battlefield is your mind. There are weapons. This has been anticipated. We've had a series of writings, and I hesitate to include our own book at the end, I in no way imply that it is of equal to 1984 and Brave New World, or the work of Hannah Arendt and Mattias Desmet. It's a continuation in that theme is my point.

Before 4th and 5th generation warfare, modern warfare between states was a duel on larger scale, a continuation of politics by other means with core elements of rationality of the state probability in military command and rage of the population, Clausewitz. Okay? The only thing that remains there is the rage of the population.

Rational state actors. We're in an environment in which the nation's state is treated as an obsolete entity. We have a new vague cloud of globalist leadership that we can't even put our fingers on. We don't really know who's driving it. Probability in military command, we have an environment in which the military command is confused, it's diffuse, and the battleground is constantly shifting. And today, the very nature of 5th generation warfare is that it's difficult to define. As Clark says, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and that is the 5th gen warfare battlefield."

Now, here's the flow of the talk. The thesis is that western nations have globally deployed military grade Psy-Ops on their citizens during the COVID crisis, and my intention is to convince you of that and to help you to comprehend the inner meaning of that, and then to help you to see how that can be turned to your advantage. We're going to have evidence, a definition of common terms. This is such a bizarre psychological landscape that it's difficult to even process. We have to have language. We have to have common language and understanding to even be able to comprehend what's been done to us,

 What is meant by military grade Psy-Ops or 5th generation warfare? I'm going to give you a video example from the US military Psy-Ops so that you have a comprehension of what is being deployed globally. What are 5th generation warfare strategies and tactics that are relevant to the COVID crisis? Somebody made a joke about our book, "The lies my government told me is nowhere near long enough. It needs to be the size of an encyclopedia." Likewise, strategies and tactics for 5th gen warfare, I'm just going to give you some examples,

Observations regarding organization and leadership in this new battleground. And choosing between being a victim and a warrior. Okay, we do not have to be victims.

One of this gradients or generations of warfare, the concept of generation is really not accurate. This is a blend of gradients. In 1st generation warfare. We have the ancient battles of Europe, historically bows and arrows and swords. That was made obsolete by muskets. Then we had organized battle, battle lines, even trench warfare in 2nd gen. Then we moved to organized battle with gunpowder, and that was made obsolete by the German Blitzkrieg. Then we had mechanized warfare focused on speed and maneuverability, the German strategy that allowed them to be so dominant early in World War II.

What made that obsolete? I mean, that's what was deployed with the shock and awe campaigns in the United States against Saddam Hussein, among others. That was one of the last major tank battles. And we're still seeing some of that, for instance, going on in Ukraine right now. But that was made obsolete by terrorism, this new technology for asymmetric warfare that has beaten the United States every single time. That is 4th generation warfare. That is a mixture of kinetic and Psy-Ops, of information warfare and kinetic warfare, and it is still fighting over territory, control of territory in 4th gen.

The internet has changed everything, as we all know. Now, we're in a battle space where the battleground is literally your mind. It is what you think, it is what you feel. It is what motivates you. That can all be manipulated, and is manipulated on a daily basis. You experience it, of course, historically through, what we call in the States, Madison Avenue, advertising technology. Asim was talking about processed foods. This is taking the psychological basis for advertising and manipulation of behavior and thought, and weaponizing it against all of us, in an industrial way using this amazing information distribution platform. What's going to displace this? Who knows? But right now, that's what we're in.

The composition of warfare is changing. The traditional methods of waging war are evolving. Conventional techniques are in decline. Opportunities to use kinetic weapons have become highly restricted. This is why this has to happen. We're seeing it in Ukraine, but for the rest of the world, people are not at liberty to go ahead and engage in armed warfare in the traditional way. They've had to seek newer tactics and tools, such as information warfare, asymmetric warfare, media propaganda warfare, hybrid warfare. That's the new environment we're in. And the traditional clear divisions between combatant and non-combatant, and between war time and peace time, have become gradients. We are all both combatants and non-combatants. Everything, the entire landscape, has become a battleground. All nation states, everything.

When seeking to understand what this means, you're forced to enter this bizarre, shifting, surreal, psychological terrain. To understand it, you must temporarily suspend and restructure what you thought you knew about truth, ethics, media, information, social organization, business, government, and the military. In this total warfare landscape, there are no ethics. When Asim talks about what we've been subjected to, all of us have been subjected to, Ryan Cole has been subjected to, there are no ethics. There are no ethical boundaries to what they will do. It is all about the utilitarian means justify the ends.

And for many of us, it's shocking. You cannot conceive of the world in which there are no ethical boundaries. You can't conceive of warfare in which there's no guardrails. There's no consensus about the rules of engagement, but that's what we're in right now. You have to completely park any idea of justice, right and wrong. All that is obsolete in this battlefield environment.

As you step into this hellscape, set aside obsolete notions of fairness and rules. This is total unrestricted information warfare, and you've been subjected to it for the last three years. 20th century organizational norms and social activism methods based on centralized leadership have become outdated and obsolete. Get rid of them. That's how we lose. We are in a war of information and perception, which targets your cognitive biases, the cognitive biases of individuals and organizations. That is the target. To transform those cognitive biases in ways that are in the interests of the opponent, who in ideal 5th generation warfare, you never even know who they are.

To create new cognitive biases and propagate it out into the population without their being aware that it's being done to them. This is completely different from classical warfare. It focuses on the individual observer and decision makers. It's difficult or impossible to attribute. It is truly leaderless and decentralized, which makes it incredibly powerful because no one could be taken out. The nature of the attack is completely concealed. You never see it coming.

What are the characteristics? Ambiguity of the opposing force. I've said this. Ambiguity of the attack vector. You don't know what's being done to you and how it's being done. Dopamine loops. These are the hits that you get on social media. Click, click, click. Oh, they like that. Oh, they didn't like that. Oh, look how popular I am. Dopamine loops.

Triggering existing cognitive biases in the targets. By choosing words that trigger you in a positive and negative way is how you are manipulated and influenced, how your thinking is shaped. I mentioned Arab Spring before. This was solidified. It was the power of this technology in this approach was clearly demonstrated during the 2016 US election, and now the lessons from that have been deployed worldwide.

The 2021 Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the first example of 5GW in kinetic battle. Don't get the idea that that information 5th generation warfare exists in isolation. It is a continuance of spectrum. You can still have kinetic activities. You still have all the other portfolio, but this is a different battlefield landscape in the extreme.

An example of pure 5th generation warfare is Havana Syndrome. Do you remember the people in the embassy in the United States suddenly had these psychological effects, these headaches, nobody knew where they came from. Nobody knew how it was happening. The State Department denies that it even happens. Nobody knows who did it. This is an example of a perfect 5th Gen.

So… Who did do it? This is an example of a perfect fifth generation warfare weapon. Now, I'm going to talk just a moment about sovereignty and what this means. What is sovereignty? Supreme power over a body. Politic sovereignty is what the African states invoked to resist the international health regulations that were being propagated on them last year. Thank God for Africa and Brazil.

Sovereignty is freedom from external control. Freedom from controlling influence. Okay, now let's think about sovereignty. We talk about sovereign autonomous nation states. Those are treated as obsolete now. The World Economic Forum does not recognize that as the future of human organization. They want a globalist, unelected, centralized command economy, fourth industrial revolution, transhumanism world, and we've all seen that movie. If the unlimited warfare battleground is for control of your mind, thoughts and emotions and all rules of engagement or ethical boundaries are obsolete, then what does sovereignty even mean? What is world health when public health policy and pharmaceutical interventions are transformed into just another fifth generation warfare weapon? Here's the evidence. Militaries all over the western world have been deployed against us. They're the ones that have been managing all this propaganda we've been subjected to. What does this look like?

Do not be naive. Do you understand? That is what we're dealing with, okay? That is what is being deployed globally. There's some core terms. You have to understand what an OODA loop is. Hey, how many of you saw the new Tom Cruise movie with the Jets (Top Gun: Maverick), where they're talking about tactics: you have to feel your tactical response emotionally and act immediately. That's OODA loop strategy. Learn what this term means. Deploy it in social media. Understand the Milgram experiment and the Asch experiment. These have clearly demonstrated the ability to manipulate the human mind and human behavior in ways that are far beyond what we assimilate within our own souls as what we would do, and yet we will. Understand Lock Step, discussed in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report. Lock Step was the idea of using a pandemic to impose tighter, top-down control, modeled after this Chinese social credit system. This is not a conspiracy therapy, folks. This has been planned, discussed, and deployed.

Understand what the Five Eyes Alliance are. This is fascinating. When you think about the landscape right now, and think about what has been the most egregious deployment of totalitarian measures in response to the Corona crisis, what are the nations that come to mind? Australia, Canada, New Zealand. I argue that all three of those are now captured client states of the World Economic Forum. They are no longer functioning as autonomous national entities. The United Kingdom and the United States. What ties them together? The Five Eyes Alliance. The Security Consortium, they share data among each other and when they are prohibited from acting against their own citizens, they have reciprocal arrangements so that for instance, MI-5, it acts against the United States citizens, CIA, NSA, and other US agencies act against UK citizens.

This is this reciprocal Five Eyes Alliance. It is the most powerful, intelligence organization in the world, and its largely dominating global politics through exactly the type of strategies and tactics you just saw with that film. These people are trained to manipulate your mind. Now, I'm going to skip this one. This is a clip that just shows how actively my Wikipedia page was manipulated, but what's fascinating about that is, if you track back and look at who did the manipulation, it's a sock puppet, and the sock puppet appears to be closely allied with MI-5. The same sock puppet manipulated Pierre queries, virtually every page having to do with the use of Ivermectin on Wikipedia, same people did it, same organization.

The Overton Window, the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time is known as the window of discourse. Fifth generation information, warfare methods seek to actively manipulate the Overton Window to constrain what we are allowed to talk about. That's when you talk about gaslighting and these various techniques, the manipulation in the media, [00:31:00] the redefinition of language that's used. Vaccination is no longer vaccination, and anti-vaxxer is anybody who is against band-aids. This is active manipulation of the Overton Window, that's how it's done. What is acceptable political discourse? The Dunning-Krueger effect is employed on a daily basis. People have a tendency to think they're smarter than they are, that they're more competent than they are. That is a tool, a weapon, and opportunity. Frankly, if you want to operate effectively in this space, I argue, you have no other alternative other than humility.

You have to acknowledge your ignorance. I am profoundly ignorant about what is going on here. I have been ignorant all the way through. It's been a journey to discovery, and every day I learn something new and every day I find out about my own cognitive biases. Don't overestimate your own ability to comprehend what is being done to you. Test everything. Think for yourself. Do not believe me, do not believe Ryan. Do not believe...

Think for yourself. That is our only way to get through this. Hey, now I'm going to waste my last little fragment of time. We're dealing with some very sophisticated, well-developed techniques to destroy this movement. They're being actively deployed against us, and I'm going to give you one example, just one out of many. The strategic and tactical landscape here for defeating us is rich and detailed and staffed. Now, the good news is, remember that fourth PSYOPs group, 800 soldiers, we got more than 800 soldiers sitting here in this one room.

We got more than 800 soldiers sitting here in this one room, okay. Bad-jacketing is a well-known technique for destroying organizations and movements like ours at this more advanced stage of development. It is done again and again and again. It's known as snitch-jacketing, bad-rapping, creating suspicion by spreading rumors or unsubstantiated accusation that people are undercover, infiltrators, snitches, and cooperators. When a member of a group or a paid infiltrator accuses others without cause or evidence of being an infiltrator, threat, or security risk, that's bad-jacketing. Sometimes this is done out of fear and paranoia. Normally, those who lay jackets on others want to consolidate their control over a movement and feel threatened in their authority.

Bad-jacketing is a favorite psy-ops fifth generation warfare tactic of the state, for destroying more mature movements of liberation like the one we're dealing with right now. Decentralized organizational structures can partially neutralize the bad-jacketing strategy because it becomes whack-a-mole. This is what was discovered with Al-Qaeda, after the assassination. Al-Qaeda became completely decentralized autonomous pods with some broad strategic objectives, frankly, kill Americans, okay. And it's impossible to track down all those cells because they're no longer linked. They're completely decentralized. Centralized structures enable these classic strategies.

From The Video “Our Birthright”, By Mikki Willis

I've been a human rights activist for almost 20 years. As a documentary filmmaker, I've been on the front lines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests. From that perspective, I've been an eyewitness to the rise and fall of numerous people-powered movements. Nearly every organized resistance I've been a part of has ended just inches from victory for the same critical mistake: infighting. When members of the same group turned against each other. It often begins with whispers about the most prominent spokespeople of the cause. These rumors typically sound like, "I hear John is controlled opposition," or, "Some people are saying Jane is compromised."

While the use of infiltrators and agitators is a very real thing, I've yet to experience one scenario where such a label was accurately applied, and suspiciously, these labels are always branded on the people who are making the most progress. With the degradation of their reputation goes their contribution to your life. Prior to social media, people actually sat down to dialogue through their differences. Today, without solid evidence or sufficient inquiry, we go directly to our keyboards to vent our suspicions. Even after the rumor is proven false or simply fades away, some level of doubt and division always remains. This is all by design.

The voices of propaganda are masterful at this game. They knowingly run a false story, then retract it, knowing the lie will reach millions, but very few will see the correction.

In the words of former CIA director William Casey, "We'll know that our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." The planting of divisive rumors is one of the most common tactics used in psychological warfare. As the lies bloom, like worker bees, well-intended citizens pollinate the masses with poisonous disinformation. What the gossiping bees fail to realize is that they themselves are doing the work of controlled opposition. They're literally unwittingly working on behalf of the very forces they believe they're resisting.

Again, all of this is by design. While we've all been distracted by the latest trends and tragedies, everything that has influence on our behavior has been infiltrated by an agenda to control our thoughts. Whether their goal is to make us purchase a product, vote for a political party, or submit to experimental inoculations, there are forces at work who understand the functionalities of your mind far better than you do. Their goal is total control, but because they are the few and we are the many, they can only achieve total control through the age old tactic of divide and conquer.

Never before have we been so divided, divided by politics, religion, nation, state, race, class, gender, and now vaccine status. To better understand how we got here, consider these three quotes from the Art of War by Sun Tzu. "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war. The secret lies in confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom our real intent." Though Sun Tzu lived over 2,500 years ago, his work remains at the heart of our CIA, as well as the Chinese Communist Party's strategy today. It's no coincidence that around the same era as Sun Tzu, the words "United, we stand, divided, we fall," were first recorded. It is unity that will save our communities.

Our greatest power is our numbers, hence the relentless effort to shatter us into [00:39:00] broken fragments. As their agendas are being exposed, the dividers will stop at nothing to cover their crimes against humanity. They have bunkers. All we have is each other. The good news is that's all we need. Though we are intrinsically interconnected, our minds are being wired to obsess on our differences. Contrary to social indoctrination, we do not have to be ideologically aligned to stand together. We don't even have to like each other. There is only one thing that we must agree on, that freedom is our birthright.

Now is the time to let go of whatever it is you're holding onto that keeps you divided from your friends, family, and fellow humans. Rise above all the micro dramas and distractions to see that a much bigger story is unfolding. Swallow your pride, humble yourself. Let it go. I'm not suggesting that we look the other way when someone is clearly thwarting our forward momentum, there are people who deserve to be called out by name, especially those who are undermining our trust in each other. But even then, we should remember that there is a human life being affected by our words. We've been so conditioned to believe we are powerless, that we've become careless with our power, like toddlers with loaded guns. How many times do we need to shoot our own foot till we realize that the power is in our hands? The only thing that can stop us at this point is us.

We've all been lied to, scammed, fooled, tricked, conned, and coerced. Yes, it sucks, but here we are, wiser and stronger than we were just three years ago. This is the moment for us to activate our innate ability to create solutions that can only happen through the awareness of symbiosis, defined as a mutually beneficial relationship between different groups. All of life depends on relationships. [00:41:00] Every living thing is in communication, from the stars to the planets, the Earth, the plants, the elements, the insects, the animals, the humans, and every cell within us. Real change out there begins with real change inside. The question is, how bad does it have to get before we're willing to change?

In conclusion, you do not have to be a victim. You can learn this technology. It is not expensive. You can deploy it. Every single one of you can be leaders and warriors. You do not have to be victims. As I said, right here, we have more than 800 soldiers. Okay? Learn these methods. You learn the defensive and the offensive techniques, and I'm glad to continue to try to help you as we walk along this path, and become a force to be reckoned with, which will be able to overcome the globalist efforts to control and turn us into indentured servants. I thank you so much for your time. I hope this has been helpful, and thank you for walking the journey with me.

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Are we living inside George Orwell’s 1984?

George Orwell once famously wrote: “Almost certainly we are moving into an age of totalitarian dictatorships – an age in which freedom of thought will be at first a deadly sin and later on a meaningless abstraction. The autonomous individual is going to be stamped out of existence.”

Even though George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 was originally written as a work of fiction, much of what is portrayed in the book mirrors the realities of our bleak world.

The similarities between the totalitarian systems being implemented in a clandestine manner in our world today and that of Orwell’s 1984 are uncanny. When a centralized power disguised as the state tries to virtually control all aspects of our life, it become a totalitarian system.

Watch the article in a video format:

Originally, it was communism and fascism that gave birth to and supported totalitarianism, which now has disguised itself as various ideologies that are intended to benefit our society. Even though they are considered to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum, both communism and fascism have deep rooted attributes of a centralized all controlling power. It has been seen historically that both systems use force and propaganda to reach the pinnacles of power, crush any resistance to maintain that power, collapse economies, curb freedom of any form, poison the culture, impose mass surveillance and manufacture fear within the society with psychological tactics and brainwashing. If these aren’t enough, mass imprisonment and murder are used as a way to get their ways. Orwell was speaking of Stalin’s Communist Russia and Hitler’s Nazi Germany, when he said that “The two regimes, having started from opposite ends, are rapidly evolving towards the same system — a form of oligarchical collectivism.”

Manufactured fear was used as a tactic by the totalitarian state to control the population in the book 1984, and this is also evident historically in the communist and fascist political system. Author of the book ‘Rape of the Mind’, Joost Meerloo once said, “Totalitarian leaders, whether of the right or of the left, know better than anyone else how to make use of fear. They thrive on chaos and bewilderment. The strategy of fear is one of their most valuable tactics.”

Fear is also manufactured by the constant surveillance that the people are subjected to. Surveillance had become an integral part of the psychological warfare of the regime in Orwell’s book. Such covert surveillance allowed for efficient control, kill all protests at its infancy and induce paranoia. Under such a system, it was unlikely for people to dare to even think of doing anything that would go against the state’s interests. Orwell explains that this surveillance was carried out through the technology that was installed in everyone’s homes.

He writes, “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever the wanted to. You had to live- did live, from habit that became instinct- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”

If we compare this scenario to our modern world, we would realize that such technologies already exist in our homes and could be effectively put to use for mass surveillance.

In 1984, mass surveillance was also imposed by the citizens themselves. Each citizen was watching the others and, in turn, was being watched by everyone. Any criticism of the Big Brother, or even a subtle statement, a nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety or a harmless expression was reported and considered a ‘thoughtcrime’ or a ‘facecrime’ and presented as evidence of disloyalty to the regime.

Writing about Stalinist Russia, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn says in the book The Gulag Archipelago, “The permanent lie becomes the only safe form of existence. Every wag of the tongue can be overheard by someone, every facial expression observed by someone. Therefore every word, if it does not have to be a direct lie, is nonetheless obliged not to contradict the general, common lie. There exists a collection of ready-made phrases, of labels, a selection of ready-made lies.”

In addition to the omnipresent manufactured fear and surveillance, a state of uncertainty and mental disorientation is created among the people. Falsification of history, propagation of apparent lies and the denial of truth were the tactics adopted in 1984 to execute this. Falsification of history eliminated anything from the past that could be used as a comparative reference point to hint that life in the past was much better than the present.

Psychological warfare through incessant and conflicting information designed to confuse the public and promote lies becomes a norm in such a regime. Enslavement of the individual is presented as freedom and censoring information is justified as protection of the truth in a totalitarian system. In 1984, the Ministry of Peace indulged in unnecessary wars, the Ministry of Truth propagated lies, and the Ministry of Plenty created shortages.

Orwell called it “that shifting phantasmagoric world in which black may be white tomorrow, and yesterday’s weather can be changed by decree”. It creates a mental bewilderment that cause the average citizen to eventually stop knowing what to think. By blurring the lines between truth and lies or fact and fiction, the populace becomes completely dependent on an authority figure to feed them ideas.

In 1984, the main character Winston surrenders all logic and conscience and begins to accept the lies, after being arrested by the Thought Police and subjected to a “re-education”. He becomes an unquestioning slave to the totalitarian regime. While this ending might seem pessimistic to many, it is far from it. The ending not only cautions the reader about a dystopian future, but plants a seed in their minds to begin an awakening process within them and to inspire a revolution within people to overthrow any oppressive regime that might try to enslave humanity.


It has to be recognized that totalitarianism relies on public support, and so, we as a society desperately need more people to stand up to any brutal oppression. Orwell only had this to say: “The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”


(OfficialTEB is the creator of TheEnlightenedBeing website. He is a crystal collector, researcher of esoteric knowledge, believer in multi-dimensional beings, nature lover, animal rights activist and endorses psychedelic use for spiritual growth.)


A worldwide network of prayer warriors and churches that stand against spiritual forces of world tyranny

As we all know, ultimately the forces that assault humanity are spiritual. 

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✔︎ How the United Nations openly promotes the Lucis Trust, which was originally called the Lucifer Trust. This is a satanic organization that channels spiritual "Masters" to provide spiritual mantras and prayers to world leaders. These prayers are meant to create the right spiritual atmosphere on earth for the manifestation of a World Teacher.

✔︎ How several insiders of the satanic elites wrote me personal letters, or told me in personal conversations, that the highest level of the world rulers are not human, but are beings from other dimensions. They are called "The Absolute Rulers", gather three times a year in Davos, and are the ones who truly control the WEF, UN, WHO, BIS, IMF, etc. This is confirmed by several insiders who don't know each other, and all related the exact same information to me.

✔︎ How a religion called "Luciferianism" is the preferred spiritual practice of those who operate at the top levels of the cabal. It is this dark spirituality that inspires them to commit the horrendous acts of organizing wars, pandemics, famines, poisoning of air, soil, and water, child trafficking, transgenderism, force injecting humanity with toxic substances, and much more.

✔︎ How the ancient horrors of human sacrifice (especially children) are still daily practice of these elites. The demonic entities are dependent on human sacrifice because without it, they lose their energy. That's why they demand it. When humanity would put a permanent on any and all child trafficking, these demons would simply crumble.

✔︎ And so much more.

Among the thousands of organizations who oppose world tyranny there is only a handful who have the courage to talk about this.

I have been contacted by several insiders from the cabal, who all told me that nobody wants to hear their story. That is why I have decided to take a stand, and tell it all, not hiding anything, because humanity has to wake up for real. Not just be aware of the superficial symptoms like vaccines, planned pandemics, and rigged elections, but we must understand what the root of these crimes against humanity are. It is far more than just money and control... 

The push for genetic editing of humanity, and the agenda to replace living humans with lifeless cyborgs, A.I. and digital fake realities has a dark spiritual origin, that we must uncover, and deal with.

This is truly a battle between the forces of darkness, and the Kingdom of light.

The earth is a battlefield, and humanity is the prize.

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You will also learn why the doctrine that we are in the “last days” and “evil is destined to rule the earth” is a strategic deception of the dark realm, injected into the Church to disarm the warriors of the Most High. When we believe that the agenda for world tyranny is the fulfillment of “Bible prophecy” and therefore “inevitable”, we will not rise to prevent it.

This religious mind control needs to be dismantled, before we can rise up in our full authority and power, as children of the Most High. Only when we are freed in our mind from every stronghold that blinds us, can we fully enter our position of royal authority with the King of kings, and be maximum effective in this battle.

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SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS - What everyone should know!

SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS - What everyone should know!

The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious "sustainability goals". This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! 

A former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades, tells a different story. He explains that the UN is controlled by criminals who use it to enrich themselves, and enslave humanity.

More information:

Shocking whistleblower confessions, leaked video footage and secret recordings expose extreme crimes by media.

With Project Veritas, Charlie Chester from CNN, Udo Ulfkotte, Julian Assange from WikeLeaks, and more...
David Sorensen

Secrets of the Vatican: Manuscript reveals that human beings have supernatural powers

Secrets of the Vatican: Manuscript reveals that human beings have supernatural powers
The Divine Matrix is the network of energy that connects our entire universe, is made up of a network of many filaments similar to those present in our brain.