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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

History of Mankind from A to Z

The creation of mankind

The goal was to develop a barely intelligent worker who could use tools, be easily controlled and follow orders. Initially, in the first created Earth humans, the creators left the genetics above the 2nd strand of DNA dormant.

Although the overall purpose of human creation was to make servants and workers for the gods, the ancient clay tablets say that Enki had a loving emotional bond with his human creation. He described them as his blood children and cared for them as such.

After humans were created on earth, there were numerous events where Enki took care of them and protected them from the indifference of his Anunnaki family. Enki made sure to give humans the extra divine spark when he created them, so that they could eventually realise that they were their own God.

Later, in this human creation story; Enki went behind the back of his brother Enlil and family and gave the humans in Eden’s paradise the genetic fruit of the Anunnaki tree of knowledge with the divine spark of higher consciousness.

When the Annona started this whole process of creating humans, they had absolutely no idea what the result would be. The truth is that they were creating something far greater than themselves that also contained the truly divine spark. Enki had upgraded humanity to super intelligent, even higher than the Annona.

When the evil brother Enlil heard of this, he said:

“Look, man has become like one of us, he knows right and wrong; and now he can reach out his hand and also pick fruits from the tree of life, eat them, and live forever.”

Painting on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam, Vatican, Rome, Italy

Enlil banished the first two humans from the Anunnaki paradise of Eden, but overall the human genes of immortality remained dormant. Yet Enki again went to extremes and gave one of his human creations the genetic fruit of the tree of longevity, and this genetic longevity was passed on to certain human children.

This action of Enki, combined with the interbreeding of Iggy men (sons of God) with earthly women, produced hellish giant children, signalling the beginning of the end for early earth humans.

The Iggy – workers of the lower Sirian dynasty on Mars, aka the sentinels, had entered a forbidden area in space during a gold mining transport mission. When they reappeared, they were said to have been infected with the spirit of the Archons. After this, they began to crave earthly women intensely. Together, 200 Iggies swore an oath and made a secret plan to come to Earth and kidnap human women as wives.

The Iggies descended to Earth and landed at an Anunnaki facility on Mount Hermon at the southern edge of the Cedar Mountains to attend the wedding of Enki’s son Marduk.

On the mountain was a huge platform known as the Baalbek landing site, meaning “a place accessible only to gods”. After Marduk’s marriage ceremony, the Iggy kidnapped 200 human females and demanded that these women produce offspring with them.

They taught the earthly women all sorts of charms and magic, and the Iggies’ wives bore hybrid angels/humans as children who wreaked havoc at the planetary level. The Iggy were also masters of genetics, and they began to genetically combine animals and humans, contaminating all flesh on Earth.

The evil children of these sentinels continued until the entire earth was completely contaminated, so the Anunnaki high council decided to take drastic measures.

These 200 Iggies were brought to justice by the Anunnaki authorities and branded as “fallen angels”. As punishment, Enlil banished these fallen angels to the lower parts of the earth for 70 earthly generations.

Shortly afterwards, about 12,500 years ago, Nibiru moved through Earth’s solar system in its 3,600-year orbit. Lest the massive planet Nibiru come very close to Earth, leading scientists of the then Sirian dynasty proclaimed a fateful space weather message for planet Earth.

After much discussion by the councils on how to remove the wicked hybrid giant children from Earth, and after Enlil presented his case against Enki’s earthly people, it was indeed decided by father god Anu to keep the news of the impending earthly calamity hidden from all creatures on Earth, in order to exterminate them collectively by the waters of the great flood.

After the fate of humanity was decided, Enki did his utmost to save humanity from what was to come. He managed, secretly, to rescue some of his beloved human creations, Noah and his family, as well as all the DNA of the creatures on earth, to repopulate and replenish the earth after the great flood.

The great winged red destroyer, Nibiru, then came close to earth, and its magnetic force was so strong that it completely encapsulated the earth.

As the gods watched from their spaceships above the earth, the huge ice sheets from the north and south plunged into the oceans, and the mighty oceans rose 6 miles into the sky. The ice age was abruptly ended by this great deluge, wiping out all humanity and everything that existed on the earth’s surface.

During the first post-flood period, the waters receded and dry land appeared. The Sirian dynasty landed back on the earth’s surface and immediately began rebuilding their cities and their global gold mining empire.

Enki complained about his human creations, there was much discussion among the family members about everything that had happened on earth. After much thought, Enlil agreed that humans should be recreated, especially since the Anunnaki still needed workers.

It was agreed and recorded by father/king Anu that this new earth man would be less fertile, have a shorter lifespan and be less conscious than their predecessors.

It was wanted to ensure that the new earth man would never learn the story of what had happened. It was also stipulated that the divine right to rule would be transferred from the Sirian dynasty to hybrid human terrestrial rulers.

This is the true story of humanity’s origin, while prehistory underpins these accurately portrayed events. The story is bittersweet and perhaps difficult to digest, but it is the truth that everyone needs to explore and digest for themselves at a deeper level.

Our returning alien correspondent Michael Love informs humanity on Earth below about solar alchemy.

The Pléiadiens body formation, solar-empowered alchemy

Pleiadian light force transmissions

Passed on by Michael Love

A special message to New Earth’s Starseeds for immediate planetary transmission.

Over the centuries, the Pleiadians have transmitted deeper teachings to humanity, and now we bring you this special Pleiadian teaching regarding solar alchemy with its effect on the human makeup.

Beginning transmission…

Great one,

As you may know, higher levels of cosmic light have been streaming into planet Earth for some time now, and this strong light has accelerated Earth’s great awakening, creating a planetary evolution of consciousness.

The Pléiadiens teach, that light is information and darkness is the lack of information. Humanity has been kept in the dark for the last 450,000 years, devoid of any information, but all that is now thoroughly changing.

As Earth Year 2022 draws to a close, five-dimensional gamma rays from the galactic core are steadily radiating towards Earth, and these light rays are bringing packets of intelligent universal information to Earth’s surface. These cosmic rays consist of ionised particles that activate and instantly amplify the DNA of every living being. These ionising rays neutralise, cleanse, recode, vitalise, transform and rebuild the DNA, allowing all sentient beings to evolve and thereby receive more light.

The scientific definition of ionising radiation is;

“radiation consisting of particles that carry enough kinetic energy to liberate an electron from an atom. These ionising solar particles can cut through the nucleus of the human atom, shift its chemical bonds and change the entire composition of its atomic structure.

This means that billions of nuclear reactions take place in your body when this light enters, as the body is reconfigured into a more sophisticated structure. This atomic reaction within the physical light-body changes the ratio of basic compounds in the fundamental structure, bringing one into a much faster vibrational spin and freeing one forever from the outdated carbon-based atomic code.

Moreover, every time one receives these cosmic gamma rays in the physical body frame, the entire genome is rearranged and rewritten, aligning with a more complex and perfected cosmic template.

When these cosmic rays of light reach the earth, they are transported into the body through an open, rotating, resonance multidimensional chakra gateway. Chakras are non-physical energetic multidimensional portals in the stratified body that form a gravitational grip on the DNA strand and hold it in place.

This light moves through the chakra energy gateway in a quantum way beyond the parameters of space and time. When this light comes in contact with a dormant primary DNA strand, it lights it up, stimulates it, and recodes it back to its natural form for a new geometric growth path, reconnecting the strand to the right gate.

At that point, advanced cosmic data begins to flow through the DNA strand which is transmitted to the central nervous system. Trillions of tiny crystalline filaments called Nadis transmit these cosmic energies like fibre-optic cables throughout the body; the information in this light can then be interpreted by consciousness.

Step by step and cell by cell, the earth undergoes physiological growth towards faster and lighter vibrational densities. This is called body formation. This metaphorical process of solar-powered alchemy transforms our atomic bodies from a carbon-based latticework into a finely tuned silicon-crystal system through which all the information of the universe can be decoded by the human body computer.

Moreover, this crystal bio-computer is far more efficient than any quantum computer.

You now know the whole truth about humanity and what happened in the beginning.

Although, as already described above, Enki the Anunnaki creator originally intentionally left ten primary DNA strands in dormant mode. The good news is that these dormant strands are still present in the physical body and can be reactivated. As more and more light flows into the awakened human energy centre, these dormant DNA strands reconnect, and the level of consciousness is greatly increased.

As each new primary DNA strand is activated and joins the DNA helix, the human body aligns better with the originally perfect human DNA template. Many Star Children on Earth in these modern times already have three or four active DNA strands and are gradually mutating into the god-beings they actually are.

Human physics considers this body formation impossible because one cannot transfer a dense physical object (the body) to a faster vibrating non-physical realm. Physical and non-physical, are two opposites, like mixing oil and water or putting a square peg in a round hole.

You can make it fit, but serious changes have to take place to make it fit fully connected. Similarly, you can mix oil and water for a nanosecond, but you have to do some magic to mix it for good.

What is happening now is impossible according to the laws of terrestrial physics. But because you work in a multidimensional way beyond space and time, nothing is impossible, and you will be among the first beings in the universe to take their physical bodies into non-physical realms!

All the great beings of this universe have come to this galaxy to sit in the front row for this great ‘body transformation’ that you are performing, and they want to see how you do it.

Many of them have even bet that it will not succeed. We bet you will surprise them with this magnificent performance. All eyes are on you, and many in the cosmos are wondering what you will do next?

Thank you for coming to Earth at this time and for all you do for humanity.


Michael and the Pléiadiens

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