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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Khazarian Mafia Rules the World

The ancient Khazar Empire

The beginning of a domino effect; riots collapse corrupt Government of Kazakhstan. Soon other dominos will fall, and precious metals like gold and silver will rise, when people flight to safety. People are upset with their never ending debt and have become over-stressed, they are addressing their anger in street protests.

Kazakhstan is the cradle of the global financial mafia, it has seen a wave of unrest, which began as mass protests officially triggered by a twofold hike in liquefied petroleum gas prices at the start of the new year.

Though, nowhere in recorded history was the art of making money out of thin air more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which evolved from nomadic raider clans, operating on the west caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountain region, North of Iraq and between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea region. By the tenth century the Khazarians had created a wealthy empire that stretched from north of the Black Sea to the Ural Mountains and west of the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper River.

The Khazarian Warlords decided that exchanging and loaning money would be more profitable and less hazardous than raiding caravans. There was one problem. The Khazar Empire was almost evenly divided amongst Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Both Christians and Muslims believed that charging interest on a loan, then called usury, was a sin. Only Jews could openly charge interest on loans. Whether they did it out of practical consideration, or actual religiosity, the Khazarian aristocrat professed a conversion to Judaism.

“Some scholars believe the Khazarians are the ancestors of many Eastern European Jews”

These would include the Rothschilds, who financially ruled Europe for more than a century, as they still do today by dominating the world financial system. They are the financial backers of the Rockefellers and other wealthy families. Important to note is that none of these converted Khazarians had any connection to Jews, yet they profess to be Zionist-Jews. More to the point, Jews are not Zionists, and Zionists are not Jews.

The Rothschild bankers guided by the Deep State cabal planned to take over our civilisation and exterminate up to 90% of the people through a multitude of covert actions including wars, the poisoning of our water, food, air and medicine, and by a variety of vaccination programs, nowadays converted in the Covid 19 pandemic to round up the rest of the populace. Islamic and African mercenaries are being paid handsomely to take over the EU and the US.

The “Deep State” runs this whole covert Black Magic operation, through negative Draco Reptilians, Black Nobility, the Vatican, Jesuits, the Monarchies, together with the Khazarian Mafia, that is run by Bush/Clinton Nazis, CIA factions, and corrupted FBI factions. In fact, the entire system of agencies, Judicial administrators, Judges, Lawyers and faked courts are all part of this grand façade, which has violated mankind’s undeniable rights given to us by our Creator.

Disclosure brings light, change and healing for mankind and our planet

The story of what is going to happen in 2022 will be the greatest news story in history of mankind on planet Earth. The Khazarian-robbers with their criminal cheats of debt-banking, inside jobs, mass killings, mass surveillance, terror attacks, aircraft downing, and religious deceit, are disintegrating. Thirteen centuries of élite-led misinformation are soon coming to an end.

The modern “magic” of creating money out of thin air had its roots in the ancient city of Babylon, some 600 years before the birth of Messiah – Yeshua, commonly known as Jesus Christ.

Handlers of this craft were historically known as “money changers”, more precisely; “change your money from your hand into theirs”. When Yeshua stormed into the Temple with righteous anger, overturning the money changers’ tables and whipping them severely about their heads and shoulders, they ran out of the Temple, whilst Yeshua declared “make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.”

The real reason, why Jesus Christ was crucified 

These same money changers called for His death days later. So, the real reason, Jesus Christ was crucified was because his intension to reveal and eradicate the Money Changers!

Jesus Christ and his followers were Crucified for speaking out boldly against these Evils of the Romans and their False-Israelite Pharisee Puppets. The Romans were already followers of those same Babylonian Slave-Trading Codes. This indicates that the connection between the Roman Slave-Traders and the Pharisees was more than a mere coincidence. This indicates that at some point in ancient history; the Roman Slave-Traders and the Phariseers of Israel were of Common Cultural Ancestry.

Before Jesus Christ, at around 50 B.C. it was Julius Caesar who was assassinated when attempting to take control over the money system of the kingdom by minting coins to be used in daily commerce. With plentiful supply of real money, the kingdom prospered, business flourished and everyone benefited. Everyone but the money changers that is, whose livelihood was turned upside down as their control over the nation’s finance was stripped from them.

Today’s Money Changers Operate out of Public Sight

The money-controlling methods of the Rothschilds banking dynasty have been emulated for decades by the globalist financiers, whether Jewish or otherwise. One key component of this control is total secrecy. Utilising the tactics of bought off politicians or compromised politicians through blackmail serving as front-puppets and the subject of the publics’ rage and scrutiny; major globalists are able to operate out of the public eye almost without impunity.

Energetically they strip the working class of true wealth with their fake money, and fake wars, to transfer trillions from the Main Street economy into their own pockets. And then, after perpetrating the grandest theft in all of history, they lecture their poor victims on global warming, racism, and gender issues. Be aware; these globalist Parasitecrats are described and qualified by names as; illuminati, insiders, the Deep State, Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM, Cabal, elite, establishment, or Powers That Be – PTB, these run the (Masonic Jewish) central banking cartel, the CIA, MI-6, and Mossad; to destabilising government, corporations, law enforcement, education and the media in a plot to dispossess and enslave humanity.

Money replace religion as the new control mechanism

The invention of the printing press, which allowed for the printing of money, as well as the Bible, led to the Age of Enlightenment and the decline of the Roman Church. – Money replaced religion as the new control mechanism of the wealthy elite. Wealth equals power, by forever issuing money that is taken-out of the hands of the public, and put into the hands of the international bankers. This is the main tool of suppression, creating rich Gods and poor people. Through the implementation of these covert tools of suppression, the people have lost their freedom. To regain our freedom, people must break the power of the Rothschilds, who outlawed people’s own money system by following the colonial script.

It’s all a Grand deception, from the top to the bottom, and everywhere in between. The lie is different on every level! As result – there is worldwide corruption, which includes: Bribes, blackmail, murder, drug running, money laundering, world-wide weapons sales, mind control, human sex trafficking, paedophilia and ultimately even the Satanic Ritualistic Blood Sacrifices of young children as highlighted by the PizzaGate investigation and on a broader scale, by PedoGate.

The Fear-energies harnessed from these brutal, gruesome rituals are used to feed very real discarnate beings that live on a different frequency level, just outside of our range of sight. – The world has up to 200 million chipped public “henchmen” who are either Draco hybrids, clones or shape shifters – totally corrupted minions, who have become the mid-level “management” of this bizarre Off World Control Matrix.

People slog and slave while stumbling forward, doing what they are told, with no real clue as to where this is all leading, because these look-alikes are simply not of this world, albeit difficult to comprehend and accept!

A group of Satan worshippers – Luciferianism/Satanism/Baal Worship – have managed to infiltrate the highest levels of Finance – The Vatican – Governments – the Military – Religions, and even age-old Secret Societies like the Knights Templars, the Jesuits, Freemasons, and the Knights of Malta. The lie meanwhile has become so huge; it is almost indistinguishable from the truth!

These criminals have also infiltrated the Military Leadership – Bankers – Corporate CEO’s – Clergymen – Media Executives – Top Judges – Top Law Enforcement and Top Lawyers – Hollywood Producers and Actors – along with directors and management of agencies, like NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, KGB, FSB, Mossad, MI5 and MI6.

All agencies and institutions are compartmentalised, just being told a small portion of what is being planned on a “Need-to-Know” basis, so they are able to carry out their portion of the plan with no complete overview of the ultimate goals. They are lied to about the rest! Needless to say, if they were told the entire agenda –they would not want to go along with it!

Through the World Wide Controlled Media, spreading a “continuously” negative news stream that is carefully dispensed, as it is highly important to their Control of our Reality.

“All human history is about Messianic-satanic Judaism (“Chassidim”); they´re making it. History and politics are One Big Movie, and they are the directors, bringing old-testament-prophecy into reality. They captured freemasonry by building up the illuminati meme (through Rothschild/Jacob Frank/Weishaupt); They made a pact with the British monarchy when they financed William III to become king; They placed the British royals at the head of the Freemasons; They made the modern banking system and the Fed (through Rothschild); They made Zionism, the world wars, the European Union and so on. They reign through their puppets. Rothschild (whose ancestors were part of the Chassidic cult) and Rockefeller, are the guiding force behind CFR, Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission etc. We are now in the “End of Times”; they are trying to foment a “prophesised” Third World War”. – Read more here:

Babylonian money-magic 

The Khazarian Mafia is waging a secret war against the people and all sovereign nations by the use of False-flag, Gladio-style terrorism, and via the illegal and Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and WW-central banking, to infiltrate and hijack all bank institutions using Babylonian Black-Magic, also known as Babylonian Money-Magic or the secret art of making money from nothing and using the power of pernicious usury to accumulate interest.

This Babylonian money-magic implicated the substitution of paper credit certificates for gold and silver deposits, which allowed travellers to travel with their money in a form that  offered easy replacement should they lose the certificates or have them stolen.

Interestingly the very problem that was started by the Khazarians also had a solution provided by them – Problem Reaction – Solution. Eventually the Khazarian king and his small surrounding court infiltrated Germany with a group that chose the name “Bauer”. They represented Khazarian clan to implement their Baal-powered system of evil. The Bauers of the Red Shield (Rothschild), embody their cult secret blood-based child sacrifices, for which reason they changed their name to Rothschild (aka “child of the rock” i.e.: Satan).

Once they had infiltrated and hijacked the British banking system, they interbred with the British Royals and infiltrated and completely hijacked with the battle of Waterloo (1815) all of England, including all of its major institutions. Some experts believe that the Rothschilds have genocided the British Royal Family members by staging secretly-managed, illicit and adulterous breeding with their own Khazarian men in order to replace the Royals with their own pretenders on the throne.

The British Empire

The Rothschilds then covertly ran the British Empire and crafted an evil plan to recover the vast amounts of gold and silver that the British had been paying to China for its high-quality silk and spices that were unavailable anywhere else.

The opium addictions, created by Rothschild promoted opium sales to China, which harmed China so much that China went to war on two occasions in an attempt to stop it. These wars were known as the Boxer Rebellions or the Opium Wars.

The money the Rothschilds gained from the sale of opium was so vast that they became even more addicted to easy money than the opiate addicts were to opium.

For the past 70 to 100 years – those who are working with – and in support of the Archon – Anunnaki – Draco Agenda, both human and non-human, have been working very hard behind the scenes to genetically create a brand new human body form, which can live on the surface of the Earth in an even more controlled way.

The “old” genetically downgraded human body form, which you see everywhere on the planet, is the body we all incarnate into, but is no longer able to hold our consciousness down to a very low vibrational level. The people that are awake, are literally breaking free of this hold! This was the Creator’s prime intention. Nonetheless, the cabal does not give up so easily!

Their Covid 19 pandemic is their latest plan to kill off 90 percent of the Earth’s population, to exterminate the old human body that is no longer working for them!

Then – they are going to apply the “new” body suit called human 3.0, which has already been created, and is ready to be applied in their underground labs –through a process most people cannot even conceive – literally to “force” all souls who cannot get free of the Earth’s Gravity – back into the re-incarnation cycle, and into these newly created, and very machine-like bodies. Again, problem solved for the cabal.

The Covid injections carry patented payloads for the cabal as people deliberately are scared, coerced and bullied into taking shots. The patent holders now have an excuse to claim that the injected people are GMO’s Genetically Modified Organisms, the new human 3.0.

Having secured an ownership interest the perpetrators call these people by a different name “Trans-Humans“. Then the criminals can deny rights, benefits, and guarantees-even the right to live.

Indemnified against any responsibility for the deaths of these innocents these vicious monsters stand ready to claim their belongings and estates.

The original human hybrid is a very successful creature that originated tens of thousands of years ago as an experiment of different alien groups. The truth is, when the Anunnaki came to planet Earth five hundred thousands of years ago to mine gold they didn’t want to do this job themselves, for which they created an experimental being they called “Human”.

Fortunately just in time, now, our World is changing into a wonderful place awaken to the truth of our history. To learn about the existence of the Universal Cosmic Principal of Free Will.

The realisation hereof, is our power as we push to create the world we envision, as opposed to slaving forth in apathy. Full Disclosure is on its way, even as the GCR, NESARA/GESARA, with gold-backed currencies; and enormous advances in technology. Poverty and famine will be wiped out.

Early indications are that the tide may be turning “peak-covid tyranny” may have been reached its top. Going into 2022 under these new apparent signs a rapid general awakening is arriving, reaching a critical mass of people who start doubting the billion-dollar told narrative. It’s never too late to let TRUTH come forward.

Victory is Ours

The Deep State cabal has been defeated, what remains are the cabal puppets and their henchmen, who will be removed when most of the mass has woken up. To let sleepers convince themselves who their real enemy is and that the pandemic is a propaganda lie. Until then, the awake ones among us will have to be patient.

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